Joys of Surveillance

Big Dick

“This is sick” I though as I stood there on the ladder, trying to figure out how to install the nanny cam inconspicuously into my daughter’s bedroom. I had spent a ton of money to get the most high-tech model available in the hopes of capturing all the stuff I shouldn’t be seeing while making sure the device was small enough to be hidden from view. I knew it was wrong, and yet I could not stop myself. I had tried to, for months, but my lust had finally taken over completely last weekend. My boss has a beach house and had invited us over for the weekend; when I saw my 18-year-old little girl run into the sea in her tiny bikini I was gone for good. It’s not like you can blame me though, I could see my boss Doug felt the same way, the perverted old sleaze ball. Somehow I could not stand other men ogling my darling Mia, but managed to rationalize me, her own father, getting a hard on whenever I glimpsed my eyes on her. The human mind’s a funny thing.

Not to say that I hadn’t felt guilty about my desires for a long time. Me and Mia had always been close and I loved my daughter as a proud father only can love his only child. She was a bright and funny kid who had always been a joy to me and my wife. But when she hit 18 it seemed that she went through a delayed puberty overnight; my sweet little girl suddenly had curves most men are only privileged to see in rude magazines. Her hips swelled out accentuating her tiny waist while her breasts grew to such proportions they seemed to be spilling out of her tops no matter how demure a shirt she was wearing. Couple that with her pouty little mouth and pretty face, and no man could keep her eyes off her. Lord knows as her father I tried, but I am only a man.

A man with a frigid wife, I though bitterly while snapping myself back to the task at hand. Ann and I had gotten married young, too young. I was naïve enough to think that the devoutly Christian girl who refused to have sex with me before marriage would turn into the sex goddess of my dreams after the nuptials, but I was in for a rude awakening. While we did occasionally have sex it was clear she only did it as see saw it as her wifely duty, not because she got any enjoyment out of it. Once she got pregnant with Mia she spurned my advantages even further, calling sex a beastly act upon a holy mother. Eventually the sex stopped bursa escort altogether, and I was left stroking myself to get even a bit of release. Sometimes divorce or cheating on her had crossed my mind, but as I was no prize looks wise I was too afraid to tear my family apart just to find myself single for the rest of my days. So I endured, and once we got a high speed internet connection things were a little better with the discovery of online porn.

And now I was setting up a link to get a live feed from my own daughter’s bedroom. The camera was finally in place, and I stepped off the ladder. My eyes caught my reflection in the full-length mirror and as I looked myself in the eye I could see how devious and pathetic I had become. However the huge bulge tenting my pants told me I no longer cared, I was going to do this.


Later that night I could not wait for Ann to get her ass into bed so I could fire up my computer. She had always been one to go to sleep early and, being a night owl myself, it was something that had always annoyed me to no end. I gave a dry little chuckle thinking how much things changed once I started living my life by listening to the needs of my cock. All through dinner I had not been able to take my eyes off my darling Mia, and once my wife had closed the bedroom door I practically ran to my study to get to my computer. I opened up the webpage the camera was linked to and took in the view. I got a clear view of Mia reading her chemistry book and had a moment of proudness at how hard my girl was working. This was instantly replaced by my throbbing cock springing to life as I saw Mia get up and walk out of the room. I had timed this perfectly. I knew her nightly ritual, and right now my baby girl was headed to the bathroom to take a shower. I had about ten minutes to kill before the show would start, and decided to watch one of my favourite porn videos. I watched as the redhead on my screen flirted with an older man before being penetrated by a monster cock and fucked to oblivion. That little slut looked so much like my Mia.

Finally my attention was turned to the small screen on the corner which showed Mia entering her room with a towel around her. Show time. My gorgeous daughter walked in front of the mirror and dropped the towel finally allowing me to see all of the bursa türbanlı escort sexy little body I had been fantasizing about for so long. I looked on in awe as she used the towel to dry her creamy, long legs and luscious ass and then wrapping the towel around her wet hair. Mia started to critically examine herself in front of the mirror, turning this way and that to see all of her body. And unknowingly giving her daddy the best view of her perfect build. My cock was ready to blow even though I wasn’t touching it.

Then Mia shifted her attention to her breasts, cupping them in her hands and pushing them on display. Her breasts were much too large for her tiny hands to cover, and she smiled a wicked little smile to herself obviously pleased about what she saw. Then she took her pink nipples and started rolling them between her fingers. I was breathing heavy as I watched while my little princess started slowly swaying her hips as her head dipped back. She was clearly enjoying herself and I imagined how her nipples must have been rock hard by now. Mia slowly moved her right hand over her tight stomach and her fingers found the visibly puffed up lips of her pussy. I saw her fingers gently tug on the little strip of hair she had left untouched during her grooming, and then her middle finger slipped between her lips. Undoubtedly she had found her hungry little clit as she now started mauling her breasts harder with her other hand while her right was speeding up between her legs.

Suddenly she stopped, turned around and bent over displaying her pussy to herself via the mirror. She looked so lustful as her finger made its way to her tight little hole and dipped in. I would have given anything for the damn camera to have a zoom function. My balls were churning for release and I finally pulled my throbbing cock out and watched as the precum dribbled down my shaft as I dreamed about plunging my dick into my own daughter’s sweet little honeypot. My thoughts were interrupted when Mia stood up, grabbed the carrot she always had as her evening snack and moved towards her bed. It instantly dawned on me why our little girl was always so adamant about us having carrots in the house for her to snack on. I chuckled as I thought about all the times her mother and I had teased her about being a little kestel escort rabbit, or the more serious concern my wife had voiced as she thought Mia was obsessed with calories due to her carrot snacks. It seems my little bunny needed the carrots for a whole different reason.

Mia laid down, spread he legs wide and slowly inched the thick vegetable into her tiny hole that was gleaming with her juices. I could no longer control myself and grabbed my cock as I watched Mia move the carrot in and out of her pussy. The pure bliss on her face was incredibly sexy. My cock head was an angry red colour and pulsing violently as I imagined it was her own daddy’s cock giving her such pleasure. It was so hot to think my little girl was just down the hall fiercely pleasuring herself while her daddy was jerking off watching her. On the screen Mia’s body tensed up and her mouth opened up in a silent scream. Seeing my little princess orgasm sent me over the edge and I came harder than I ever had before, covering the keyboard in thick white cum as my cock pulsed and my mind reeled with all my incestuous desires.

I sat there, numb and a little ashamed, but certain that I had crossed over some invisible boundary and was no longer able to curb my incestuous desires. Mia looked so beautiful, so sinfully sexy as she lay there recovering from her own orgasm. Slowly she seemed to come back to this world and removed the carrot from her happy little pussy. To my amazement Mia brought the carrot to her lips and started licking her juices off it in the most sensuous way. I could feel my cock responding to the sight and I was hard again in no time. Mia took the carrot between her lips and started sucking it in a way that would make any daddy forget their morals and wish it was their cock in that slutty little mouth. As she deepthroated the luckiest vegetable in the world I had to start jerking my cock again. I thought about how my little bunny had clearly been enjoying her carrots for a long time, and pondered if that was all she done. My cock jumped as I realized my daughter seemed to be somewhat experienced, and though about what it might mean for us if she was the insatiable little slut tonight’s performance was suggesting. This was all it took for me to come again, and I added a few more ropes of cum onto the mess I had already made.

On the screen Mia had grown tired, and now reclined back, took up her chemistry book, and started munching on the carrot that she had so recently had inside her pussy. I smiled at the screen, tucked my cock back into my pants, and killed the feed. I could not wait for tomorrow night.

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