Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 11


He looked a little sheepish as he walked in. His eyes flowed over what I was wearing. I could see he was already blushing which made me smile inside.

“Have you got my money?” I asked.

He pulled out a large brown envelope and handed it to me. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek lightly.

“Don’t you want to count it?”

I opened it and glanced inside.

“I don’t think you would cross me. Now have you done everything I asked?”

He nodded and looked away from my eyes. I knew he was embarrassed but he looked quite turned on. I bet he had been counting the minutes away until this moment.

“So do you like my outfit? Go on have a good look Barry,” I purred.

I wore a red figure hugging dress that stopped 9 inches above my knees. My long legs had been shaved just hours ago, and they now shone in a pair of bamboo coloured tights. On my feet I wore red court shoes with a 5 inch stiletto heel.

“Well do I look sexy?”

He swallowed. I could tell he was still nervous, but he had paid his money for this, and if he didn’t want it then he wouldn’t have come.

“Let’s go upstairs and get a little more comfortable,” I whispered.

He followed me out into the hall.

“You go first. I don’t want you looking up my skirt like a naughty schoolboy,” I teased.

I followed him grinning at his nervousness. He knew that he was risking so much; if his new girlfriend found out about this, she would dump him for sure.

“Uh, where are you going?”

He turned to me looking a little anxious.

“That is my bedroom now. I only invite real men in there, and you’re not a real man are you Barry?” I whispered close to his ear.

I pointed to the bathroom. “In there please, I think the toilet should be more appropriate for a wimp like you,” I said smiling at his blushing face.

He moved in slowly and turned to face me. I pulled the belt on his raincoat, and then stepped back.

“Well take it off,” I commanded.

He held it in his hand, and questioned me with his eyes as to where he should put it.

“In the bath,” I answered.

He draped it along the bath tub.

“So did you wear what I asked you to?” I whispered softly.

He nodded and wiped his hand nervously down his trousers.

“Well come on then strip and show me.”

He took off his jacket and I could already see the bumps under his shirt. I moved forward and traced a finger slowly up the ridge on his shoulder. I then followed it back down and across the lumps on his chest.

“Oh you do look sweet. Come on show me properly,” I said with a grin.

He took ages unbuttoning his shirt. It was now his embarrassment was becoming even more obvious, and his breathing was a little more noticeable. I knew what I was saying was turning him on. He pulled the shirt open with trembling fingers.

“Right off, come on,” I encouraged softly.

“Julie I don’t know if I, I can, do this,” he stuttered.

“You wanted me to humiliate you. Go on,” I cooed.

He panted nervously and pulled his shirt back. His face was red.

“So, did you stuff the cups with her panties like I told you?”

He nodded after a few seconds.

“I hope they are dirty panties from her laundry basket?”

He nodded again looking a little ashamed. I traced my finger along the bra cup. I giggled adding to his torment.

“I reckon she would wonder what sort of pervert she was dating if she saw you like this, wearing her pink bra, stuffed with her dirty panties. God what would your friends say?” I said softly.

I opened my eyes wide but continued to grin at him. I let my fingers move towards the bra. He went to stop me, but a scowl into his eyes was all it took to stop him. I just looked deep into his eyes as I unbuckled his trousers. He knew I was mocking him; I didn’t have to use words. Just a wicked grin was all it took to humiliate him further.

“So what made you choose pink? I mean a white bra would have been less embarrassing. Oh but that’s what you want isn’t it?”

I opened his trousers and knelt down. I could see my words had registered, but he couldn’t come up with an answer. I tugged his trousers down, and there they were my tights!

“Good boy,” I mocked, “but maybe you should have shaved your legs first.”

He swallowed hard.

“So tell me what it feels like wearing my tights? They are the pantyhose all those men ogled on the bus. God Barry lots of those men would probably have paid for those. Just think of them pulling my worn tights on their dicks, and then the men in the pub where I went. I sat on a bar stool and crossed my legs in those exact tights.”

I slapped his hand away from his dick

“Don’t sakarya escort you dare, that stubby little cock belongs to me, I’ll say when you can pull it,” I spat.

He put his hand down by his side. I relaxed my face into a smile again.

“I’m glad to see you understand your place wimp!”

I lifted the lid on my laundry basket, and turned to face him with a pair of Nude coloured tights in my hand. I pulled them through my fingers and then wrapped them around his bare shoulders. He shuddered as I did this. The soft nylon glancing over his skin must have been a delight. I knelt down and slowly peeled his tights down so I could gain access to his cock. He shuddered and jumped as I traced a red fingernail over his cock head.

“Oh is that too much?” I cooed sexily.

He nodded with a nervous half smile, until I did it again, and again. He whimpered and pulled away, unable to take the edge of my fingernail dragging lightly over his circumcised cock.

“God I can’t stand that,” he moaned.

“Do you want me to kiss it, and suck you for a while?” I said looking up longingly into his eyes.

“Oh god yeah,” he panted.

“Oh yeah and just leave my lipstick on the tip?” I breathed, running my tongue sexily around my lips.

He nodded with his mouth hanging open; he looked just like a puppy.

“No way wimp,” I whispered softly.

I pulled the tights from around his neck; I did it very slowly so he could feel the soft nylon snake down his belly. I gathered up one leg of my tights and pushed it right over his cock. He gasped as I lined the seam of the toe with his pee hole. I pushed the rest of the leg until it trapped his balls. The nylon clung to his cock and balls like a glove. I began to run my hand loosely over his shaft. I just grazed his nylon covered cock with this slow and slight motion.

“You like that?” I moaned in a sexy voice.

He was shaking and gasping, I really didn’t need a verbal answer.

“Try this then,” I panted.

I took hold of both edges of the toe seam.

“Now hold your cock as firmly, and as still as you can.”

He nodded with an open mouth.

Slowly I pulled the toe seam along his pee hole. He jumped and pulled away gasping sharply.

“Fuck that’s too much!” he groaned.

“I don’t care, get back here,” I snapped viciously.

“Oh Julie please I can’t take that,” he whimpered.

“OK then, maybe trout face would like to see those pantyhose pictures,” I said with a sexy pout.

“No please,” he panted.

“Then let me do it again. Once for each of my sexy toes, which have spent two days rubbing on that very same seam,” I purred.

He held his cock. I lined the seam up with his pee hole again, and this time used the nail of my little finger to push it in slightly.

“Oh fucking shit!” he moaned.

I took up the ends of the seam again and dragged it from one side of his pee hole to the other. He jumped again but controlled himself. I dragged it back again. His legs shook and he licked his lips and grimaced. I pulled it back through again, and then once more. The last run I made I pushed back against his dick at the same time. I watched the seam disappear into his hole, and I ran the full length of the seam through his pee hole. This time he jumped back.

“Fuck I can’t take that!” he squeaked.

He looked down at his cock like he expected it to be split wide open.

“Relax Barry; just think I could have used something far worse.”

……………………. Now quite how that felt I don’t know. Maybe you could try it for me. I don’t know if my ex was being a wimp, or if it was really too much for anyone to handle. But what the hell it was fun watching him squirm! ………………………..

I lifted his face and kissed his cheek.

“Get on your knees and keep your hands behind your back,” I ordered.

I watched him comply. I put my foot on the toilet lid.

“Now I want you to kiss my ankle, and do it lovingly.”

He swallowed and gasped. I could see a little reluctance on his face. I knew deep down he wanted to do this, maybe he was just savouring the moment. His eyes stared at my ankle and the weave of the nylon. Finally he shuffled forward on his knees. I twisted my foot this way and that, I watched my tights wrinkle knowing he had a close up view, which must have caused his dick to twitch.

“I’ve got good ankles haven’t I?” I asked softly.

He took a deep breath and nodded.

“Kiss the back first, nice and slow,” I whispered.

“Oh,” he moaned in a very aroused state.

I felt his lips graze lightly over my nylon covered ankle. I actually shuddered a little.

“Now samsun escort the top of my foot,” I moaned after a few seconds.

I watched his head move, and his lips kissed slowly, trailing lightly all the way round my foot.

“That’s enough now.”

I lifted the lid on the toilet, and then the seat.

“Put your dick on the toilet bowl,” I commanded softly.

His eyes looked up and he went to speak. I just raised my eyebrows as if I was daring him to ask why. He didn’t.

“Make sure your balls are hanging in there too.”

This time he did it without an enquiring look. I lowered the seat down trapping his cock and balls inside the edge of the bowl. He was panting a little harder. I straddled the loo facing away from him. I looked over my shoulder. Barry was gazing lustfully at the backs of my pantyhose encased legs. I took hold of the hem of my dress and pulled it up over my ass to my waist real slow. I watched him shake, but he held back much to my surprise.

“Now you must keep your head very still wimp. If you turn away, or move more than an inch, I’ll run downstairs and push the send button,” I said with a nasty chuckle.

“Oh god Julie what are you going to do?” he said with his voice full of panic.

“Oh maybe you should try and guess,” I grinned and then bit my bottom lip.

So there he was knelt 6 inches away from my ass. Wearing his girlfriends bra stuffed with her soiled panties, and my tights on his legs, with another pair on his cock and balls, which lay trapped between the loo seat and the bowl. He panted and gasped as I pushed lightly down on the loo seat. I laughed as he winced a little. I then released the pressure until he looked comfortable.

“Just so you don’t try and escape,” I grinned over my shoulder.

I looked down between my legs, and saw his cock sticking out from under the toilet seat about 2 inches. I tickled his cock head lightly with the tips of my finger nails. He jumped and gasped so I just lent on the loo seat a little more until he got the message. I chuckled wickedly again watching his face contort. I then placed my fingers around his cock, gripping it firmly but not hard.

“So are you ready?” I cooed.

“Oh, god please you can’t do this. Please Julie don’t!” he whimpered.

I laughed and pushed my backside out, until it was no more than an inch from his face. I could feel his frantic breaths on my nylon covered backside.

“You know I had a curry for tea,” I whispered suggestively.

“Julie no!” he shrieked.

I began to laugh. Then straightened up and turned to face him. He looked terrified poor thing.

“Don’t worry I wouldn’t do that, not even to you. Now why don’t you give my pussy a little kiss,” I said still smiling at his worried expression.

I lifted my dress exposing my fanny to him. Slowly his face relaxed as he gazed at my pussy covered in the thin material of my tights. His mouth dropped open and he licked his lips.

“Go on kiss her, she might be a little smelly, she got a hard pounding last night from a real man. Oh he was so rough with her, kiss her better. Pretty please,” I said with a pout.

I could almost see my softly spoken words running through his mind. As I have told you before my cunt did smell a little when I got turned on. The tights I wore for a couple of days would have also trapped my odour. Barry’s face was just inches from my pussy, and if I could smell myself then I’m bloody sure he could.

I continued to speak softly and sexily to him. “Go careful because she’s still a little sore. I mean he was so, so big.”

His trembling lips pressed into my nylon tights, and he kissed softly, maybe a little hesitantly at first.

“Oh that’s good Barry. Do you go down on her?”

He stopped and looked up. I just stared back at him with an unemotional stare. He swallowed and took a deep breath. I relaxed my face into a grin.

“Don’t worry I’m not really that interested. Anyway I bet you would rather hear about me wouldn’t you?”

I gestured for him to return to my wet pussy.

“Look at me while you are kissing her,” I instructed.

“I can smell you,” he groaned lustfully.

“Are you sure it’s me?” I said raising my eyebrows.

I smiled down at him.

“Well I’ve had quite a few cocks up her recently,” I said with a grin, “yeah quite a few.”

He panted at my words, and stuck his tongue into my cunt pushing the nylon in. It made me gasp a little.

“I reckon about 6 or 7 different cocks. Then of course the taxi driver the other night, but he didn’t fuck me so that doesn’t count,” I said vacantly.

He pulled off my pussy and looked up şanlıurfa escort into my eyes. I could see the glazed look in his eyes, and his head had gone quite red.

“What, what did you do, with the, the taxi driver?” he grunted excitedly.

“I couldn’t pay so he made me give him a blow job. You know the fat gross one? He must be nearly 20 stone. The bastard held my head. God he stank, but he wouldn’t let me up. Not until I swallowed,” I hissed.

Barry was so turned on he couldn’t stop shaking. I pushed my tights down and crouched down.

“I want a piss; I’m going to pee all over your dick as you cum,” I said with a hard stare.

“OH!” He groaned and swallowed.

“Do you love me?”

“Yes,” he moaned without even thinking about it.

“Will you think of me when you are fucking her?” I whispered in my little girl hurt voice.

He nodded grunting hard, with his eyes screwed shut.

“Fuck my toilet. Go on now!” I snapped.

He began jerking back and forth. I could hear the toilet seat banging due to his rocking. His face looked tortured as he tried to hold on.

“You know if you came back to me, I could do this all the time. Every night in bed I’d make you wear the pantyhose I wore that day,”

“Oh, oh Julie,” he groaned.

“I could tell you all about the men who ogled my legs. Would you come back to me?” I purred.

“Yeah, oh yeah,” he panted.

“Really?” I asked excitedly.

He nodded and his bottom lip quivered.

I looked down between my legs, aiming for his pantyhose encased dick.

“No maybe not, I’m having too much fun on my own, with all those different men,” I enthused breathlessly.

I let go, and he moaned as my urine splashed onto his cock.

“Harder wimp! That’s all you’re good for now, fucking toilets!” I growled.

He grunted and groaned loudly. The tights covering his cock changed to a slightly darker colour, as my pee soaked into the nylon. At the tip I could see the whiteness of his come filling the toe part.

Now I moved quickly as the loo seat banging on the rubber stops slowed. Barry was still trying to squeeze every last drop of come into the nylon. I stood pulling my tights back up. Barry’s eyes were still closed but his face was starting to relax.

“Get up!” I ordered pulling his hair at the same time.

He looked shocked still trying to overcome his orgasm. I grabbed the tights he was wearing and pulled them up.

“What are you, doing?” he said shocked.

I didn’t answer him I just grabbed his shirt, jacket, and raincoat.

“Hurry up or this will be out on the pavement,” I growled.

He stumbled after me.

“Can’t I change? You pissed on my…”

“Do you want to get dressed on the street? Don’t take that fucking bra off you haven’t got time.”

I was at the foot of the stairs now. He grabbed his shirt off me and hastily put it on. I opened the door and threw his coat onto the path. He yanked his jacket out of my hand before it followed his raincoat.

“Fucking hell Julie!” he said sounding worried.

“Go on fuck off back to trout face!” I yelled.

I saw tears in his eyes as he passed me. His face looked shocked and he was shaking.

“You won’t send those pictures will you?” he whimpered sniffing back a tear.

“No not unless I get bored.” I hissed.

“Please don’t.”

I narrowed my eyes.

“You had sex with Jenny and Lin. Then you have the nerve to divorce me. I just hope you can live with yourself, you fucking prick!” I hissed viciously.

I slammed the door in his face, and pinned myself against it in case he had finally grown some balls and tried to get back in. I panted hard due to the energy I had spent. Gradually I let my tense body relax. It was 5 minutes before I left the front door.

Then I jumped out of my skin as the doorbell rang.

“Oh shit!” I moaned under my breath.

“Fuck off!” I yelled.

“Julie, it’s me, Clive.”

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I smiled as I opened the door. My face soon dropped.

“What’s she doing here?” I snapped.

I felt a hard slap land on my face, and clutched at my burning cheek. I looked into her grinning eyes.

“God I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” she said with a sneer.

“Where are you going? Get out of my house!” I yelled as she pushed past me.

Clive stepped into the doorway.

“Clive, get her out of here!” I pleaded.

He grabbed my arm and almost lifted me up. I was marched into the lounge before he let go.

I looked between them, feeling shocked and frightened.

Clive was quite expressionless. But she stood there, with a big smug grin on her face.

“What do you want?” I asked cursing my voice for breaking up.

“Scared Julie? You should be.”

“Get out,” I said swallowing hard.

Her eyes ran up my clothes.

“Look at you, dressed like a tart, but then you always do.”

I saw a knowing grin between her and Clive that frightened me even more.

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