Just an Hour


I must apologise, I have been very lax in my posting and writing but I promise I will be posting more for those that would like to read. I have approx 10 to come, they are being tweaked so fingers crossed I will get them here in due time. This is a tame quickie ; )




Sighing I eased myself down into the water, the light scent of vanilla pod and almond milk body soak rising in the steam, the ripples wafting over my body as I settled down to ease the day away. I flicked off the tap and swished the water until I lent back and just ‘mmmmmm’d’ and smiled feeling the heat warming my cold bones. I’d lit the candle at the foot of the bath, something always done, one of those little habits I had, bath without a candle, pfffffffft maybe when I was 5, my bath, my time, my way!

Stretching my right foot, watching the drips run down and off my toes I lifted them and teased them towards the candle until they were close enough to the flickering flame to feel the heat, I flicked my foot, the few drops of water hissing as they landed in the hot wax, making the flame dip before it flickered back into its intoxicating life. As I slipped my foot back into the water I closed my eyes feeling you slip into the water behind me, moving me forward, the water rising until I was snuggled between your thighs, the water lapping just under my tits.

You scooped my hair across my back, exposing my left shoulder and the back of my neck, you kisses softly, my head tilted, letting your lips have free reign, across and up until I felt your breath in my ear, “Hello you, comfy?”

“Hello you, uh huh,” I uttered as I smiled and turned my face towards your lips to steal a kiss. It was the quickest of pecks because you pulled back smiling as my head dropped back forward, pushed gently by your fingers as both hands massaged my shoulders for a few moments.

“Time I got these wet, do you mind?” you asked, sliding your hands under my arms that were resting on the rim of the bath, plunging them into the water just under my tits, scooping the milky white water then my tits. Slowly you rubbed, cupping, scooping, bathing them in the white heat, smoothing your fingers over each, your thumbs brushing my nipples, teasing them between warm soft to cold and pert. The water rippled czech first video porno around us, the candle flickered, the wind howled out side, the rain hammered on the window, how perfect could this bath be.

We talked, the day just had, the little things that happened to each of us, those hey you wont ever guess but’s, the oh you would have laughed, people seen and talked too, food eaten, how work had filled.

Moving your hands they slid up under my neck then over my face, along my cheek bones and over my ears, spreading them you pulled my hair into a pony tail, you held it as I eased forward, letting a pool of water build behind me as I reached for and passed back the bottle of shampoo. I moved far enough forward until my knees were bent and there was enough of a pool between your thighs that I could lean back so you were able to soak my hair. I could feel your shaft waving in the water against the back of my neck before you lifted my head, straightening my legs I pushed back and nestled between your thighs once more.

Working your fingers, you massaged the shampoo into my hair, my scalp tingling under your touch, making sure none of the lather ran down my face by drawing your fingers across my forehead and then back into my foaming locks. “Forward please.”

I brought my knees up slowly and slid down your chest, coating you in the lather before the water took it, aided by your hands my hair was stripped of the foam. I let the water wash over my face before I popped back up a little harder than I had wanted, sloshing the water making it flow over the edge of the bath and over the floor. I peeked over the edge, “Thank the Italians for the tiled floor and the Aussies for the drain in it hu?”

I chuckled as you tutted, taking advantage of the slosh I lifted and turned so that I was kneeling, facing you between your thighs, “Well hello there again Mr. Stunning, do you come here often?” I saw the lift of your eye brow just as I lent in and kissed you, a long slow kiss, the drips running from my hair down my face, pooling around our lips until we opened our mouths so that tongues could probe. I sucked your tongue into my mouth and let you do the same to mine as the drips lessened, I pressed against you, czech gangbang porno your chest so warm, the body soak making it smooth and slippy. I broke the kiss, “Slide” I kissed again, “down” another kiss “please” a final kiss before I pulled back and watched you slither down, your legs pushing up over my hips, your chest, chin, shoulders sinking into the warmth. The grin on your face was perfect, you knew as you sunk you cock was free from the water but I was not going to touch, not yet any. I let you soak your hair, smiling, thinking to myself ‘does he know how damn sexy he is, I could lick, bite, eat him just to taste him’. I let the thoughts wander before reaching for the shampoo and squeezing out enough to fill my palm.

You blinked as the drops ran down your face, moving your legs you pushed yourself back so that your legs were under the water once more and I could kneel closer. I scooped and coated your hair in the shampoo, I dragged and pulled until every strand was coated, as I did your hands found my tits, we matched each others touch, as I pressed my fingers gently into your scalp you pressed yours into my tits. As I circled my fingers, swirling your hair, you spread yours and massaged. I gathered the foam into a crude pile on top of your head then using my hands like a bowl I filled them before grabbing your hands. We rubbed the foam all over my chest, up under my neck, covering my tits, letting it dribble down until it disappeared in the water.

I filled my hands once more, this time dropping them to your chest and rubbing, smoothing the foam over your chest before using the tip of my finger to circle your nipples, and then I drew a heart. I was lost in and sharing space with the most stunning man I had ever known and I could not have been happier, right there, right then at that very second, everything was simply perfect.

The pool between us was no longer the milky white it was frothing with shampoo so I moved back and you followed me, slipping back into the water to wash off the lather, I didn’t wait until you slide back up I lent into the water and found your lips, kissing, sealing your mouth with mine for a few seconds until you lifted, not breaking the kiss, the taste of almonds and vanilla on your lips so brazzers porno strong. You wrapped your arms around me and we held the kiss. Slow, so passionate, hands gently mauling through wet hair and over shoulders, fingers pressing into backs to hold closer until I pushed mine down your chest into the water, breaking the kiss I asked, “We both know there is conditioner to come, want to save for the soon to be had shower?” but I was not going to stop, I kissed you again, I wanted you to float in more than the water and the moments we were sharing.

You groaned into my mouth as my fingers wrapped around your cock, holding your breath to see if I was just teasing or would I wank you. I moved my hand slowly up and down your shaft, the water covering my actions but your breaths telling me I was doing it just right. I stacked my hands moving them up and down, then opened them, using one finger I brushed over the tip and then up and down your cock before closing my fingers wrapping once more. It was the slowest of wanks, your cock growing hard in the heat, our kiss moving from lips to chins to cheeks to necks, roaming over each other over and over, your breath and mine getting deeper.

You began to pant, your hand spread over the back of my head mashing my lips into yours even if they were opening and closing with each groan and gasp, I pulled back hard, wanting to see your breaths as they left your mouth, “Don’t hold back angel, cum for me.”

“Close, so close,” the words lost in your breath

I was going to cum as you did, you had not touched between my thighs, the kissing, the sound of you, wanking you, enough to take me with you. “Cum, angel, cum,” you knew from my voice, the way I was rocking my hips to match my hands around your cock, “Now, oh God now.”

Your whole body stiffened as you came, dropping your head back, one hand holding the back of your neck as you lent and let the pulses throb, my fingers wrapped over the head of your cock, feeling your cum oozing through them, disappearing in the milky white water, not letting go, panting “yes, yes, yes,” I shuddered as I came, instant heat flooding through my body, tingles felt in every nerve.

It felt like an hour but was seconds before I let my fingers slip away from your cock so that I could snuggle up against you. Pecks and little kisses shared before either of us spoke, both just hearing the world outside and nothing other than our breaths, “Conditioner in the shower?”

I opened my eyes, the candle still flickering, and hour passed, another moment spent in the bath with you, smiling and whispering, “One day angel, you own.”

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