Just Following Orders Ch. 02


Master Sergeant Andrew Thomas had been giving a lot of thought to what had happened between him and Lieutenant Colonel Debra Robinson the previous Friday. He was a soldier’s soldier, one of those troops who just naturally lived the Army’s values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage daily; what had occurred was a violation of at least half of those values in addition to being a violation of several sections of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or UCMJ. He knew all that, but for some reason it really didn’t bother him.

It was easy enough to rationalize. First of all, she was hotter than hot, a true beauty with a fabulous body. He was if nothing else a normal, red-blooded male, in excellent physical shape and not bad looking to boot. They were about the same age, thirty-six, and looked like people who belonged together.

Second, she had initiated everything, and as the senior member of this pair she stood to get into a lot more trouble than him if it ever came out publicly.

Third, as much as the military might deny it, this shit went on all the time. Fraternization between officer and enlisted was technically banned, but even military law and policy took into consideration the fact that it did occur. Military members of different ranks could be married to each other but not in the same chain of command, and in many cases one would have to leave the service. But the illicit, secret relationships also happened a lot, including with flag officers and those below them, and it even happened in war zones. It was rarely prosecuted unless there was risk of a security breach or some other party was harmed, like a spouse who found out.

So Andy wasn’t as bothered by it as one might expect. He was five years from retirement and could easily get through that time as long as they were careful, and he chuckled when he reflected on Debra’s oral abilities. She gave a world-class blowjob.


Andy was waiting for Debra the following Wednesday as agreed, standing in his uniform just outside security at SeaTac airport. Debra had flown back from Cincinnati in uniform; many soldiers did that because people just treated you better when they knew you were in the military. She’d even been upgraded to an empty Business Class seat by the cabin crew. Debra came out of the concourse and approached Andy.


“Colonel,” he responded, shaking the proffered hand professionally. Their eyes locked and a very slight smile crossed both of their faces. He took her small suitcase from her and they walked toward the skybridge to the short-term lot. He walked slightly behind her so he could fully appreciate the view. I didn’t think that uniform could look so good on anyone, he mused. Damn.

He led her to his own car, a black Jeep Wrangler. “Somehow I’m not surprised,” she commented as he unlocked the doors and opened hers for her. “A manly car for a manly man.” As she climbed in she reached toward him and surreptitiously gave his package a quick squeeze. He startled slightly but maintained his composure. He threw her bag into the back of the vehicle and climbed into the driver’s seat.

Debra was wasting no time. As soon as his door was closed, she reached over and grabbed his head, pulling his face toward her and planting a long, deep kiss on him. Her lips crushed his and her tongue explored his mouth hungrily, then as quickly as she had begun, she broke it off. She sat back into her seat.

“Debra, you’re really something,” he opined.

She just smiled. “Take me home.”

Take me home, he pondered. That could mean a lot of things. Like most military installations, there was never enough on-base housing for everyone at Fort Lewis, and her unmarried status had forced her to find lodging off base despite her senior rank.

They made small talk as he drove, talking about hometowns and former spouses and how much they liked Fort Lewis. She asked him about his deployments and he related how combat had changed him (for the better, he thought) and how it was nothing like those who had never been in it thought it was. He told her about getting his bachelor’s degree a couple of years earlier and needing only a few more classes to get his master’s in public health. Too old for an officer’s commission, they had helped him with promotion points as an NCO. He talked a lot about the grunts he used to care for, and she smiled at learning what a soft heart he really had.

She directed him to leave Interstate 5 several exits before Fort Lewis, then gave him directions that took them into Steilacoom, a small town on Puget Sound north of the base. She was renting a small home there while waiting for on-base housing. He noticed how it was well camouflaged by tall evergreens as he pulled into the driveway.

“We’ll go get my car later,” she said, opening her own door and exiting the vehicle. “Get my bag, please.” He got out, grabbed her suitcase, and followed Antalya Escort her to the door. She unlocked it and walked in with him following.

“It’s not much, but it’s home,” she said as she swept her arm from left to right. “Like it?”

“Yeah, this is nice,” he answered. It was a small house, perfect for a single person or a couple. There was nothing architecturally significant about it, but the location was prime. “You have a great view out the back.” Through the large back window he could see nothing but trees and sky. No neighbors.

“I like it. I might even buy it,” she answered.

“I always feel grimy after flying,” she continued. “I’m gonna go take a quick shower. There’s beer in the fridge if you want one.” She grabbed her bag and walked down the hall to the bedroom, leaving the door open. He took a beer from the refrigerator and sat on the couch. Stone IPA, he noticed. Not bad.

He hadn’t followed her to the bedroom for very specific reasons. He was still going to let her guide things; he wasn’t sure how he wanted this to go or what her real intentions were. If she wanted him now she would call him.

Instead, he heard the shower running for a few minutes then shut off. Two minutes later she came back down the hall, wrapped in a white terry robe and drying her hair with a towel. Incredible, he thought. Little does she know how much a woman fresh from the shower turns me on. He felt a slight stirring in his nether regions.

This was Debra at her best. When let down, her ash blond hair fell to her shoulder blades, and when wet it was graced with curls and knots that added character. He could see that her skin was damn near perfect, because even without makeup her face was almost unlined, her eyes large and bright and intelligent. When a woman was born with a face like that, there wasn’t much she could do to improve it.

“Earth to Andy…”

“Oh, sorry,” he said sheepishly, realizing he had been staring.

“Don’t apologize,” she answered. “When you’re talking to me in the office I can barely concentrate sometimes either.”

He looked into her eyes, returning her gaze. “You really are an extraordinarily beautiful woman,” he told her.

She flushed slightly. She wasn’t unaware of her looks, but for a man like this to look her straight in the eye and say it was a tad unsettling. “Thank you,” she said huskily.

Without breaking their gaze, she tossed the towel she had been using to dry her hair onto the chair nearby, then loosened the wraparound belt of the terry robe she wore. Pulling it open, she shrugged it off and stood before Andy, naked as the day she was born.

Attractive enough with her clothes on, she was absolutely breathtaking without them. He couldn’t believe the vision that stood before him – tall and lean, with a flat stomach, narrow hips, and long legs. Her breasts were larger than one would expect, each about the size of a small half cantaloupe, perfectly shaped and apparently all natural. Her skin was pale but not sickly white, and the pink of her nipples and aureoles contrasted nicely with it. The narrow patch she wore below matched the hair on her head, and her finger- and toenails were professionally done and finished in light polish.

“Wow,” was all he could say. “Wow.” She had gotten all the good stuff at the gene supermarket.

“Are you going join me?” she asked softly, raising an eyebrow, “or are you just going to stare?”

Without breaking her gaze, Andy put his beer on the coffee table and reached down to unlace his boots. Damn these things, he thought. They were designed as they were for some very good reasons, but taking off 10-inch-tall laced boots with a dozen eyelets on each size took a while. He finally wrestled them off and stood.

Debra walked to him and reached for his uniform blouse, unzipping it and pulling it backward off his shoulders while he unfastened his belt, waist and fly and dropped his pants to his feet. She pulled his Army issue t-shirt over his head, then briefly knelt to pull off his boot socks. Standing back up and again looking directly into his eyes, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and sharply pulled them down. He stepped out of those too, and matched her state of complete undress.

“I think I need a shower, too,” he said softly, aware that she was much fresher than him.

“That can wait,” she said. “I love the smell and taste of a man.”

They attacked each other hungrily. Arms wrapped tightly, their lips sought the other and crushed against them, their tongues darting and playing and exploring. His hands ran all over her body, feeling her tight back and down onto her firm ass, then up her sides to grasp her insanely perfect breasts before returning to holding her as close as possible. She lifted one leg to wrap it around the back of his knee as he held her ass cheek and pulled her against him. She was taller than average, every bit of five-eight, and their bodies Antalya Escort Bayan fit together well.

Like many dedicated soldiers, Andy was supremely fit. She marveled at his broad back and large shoulders, and his tanned, muscular arms. He was as bulky as she was lean, but not vainly so. Large, intricate tattoos adorned both of his shoulders, reminders of a younger time, and his abs were a rippled wall of muscle. She could feel his growing erection pressing insistently against her mound. She wanted to devour all of him.

For all his strength and size, Andy knew how to handle a woman’s body. He was firm yet gentle, able to be tender when appropriate and more insistent when that was called for. He cupped her other ass cheek in his other hand and she lifted her other leg around him so he was supporting her completely. He turned around and gently sat her on the couch, then knelt down between her legs in front of her.

He kissed and nuzzled her neck, her ears, and her shoulders; he felt her damp hair against his face and inhaled the scent of the fruity body wash she had used. His hands came to her breasts and cupped each one, gently kneading them and lightly pinching her nipples with his fingertips. She gasped with pleasure.

“Damn,” she said. “Where did you learn to make love to a woman? You’re wonderful.” He smiled and bent his head to run his mouth over the skin of her delightful boobs. She closed her eyes and pulled his head tight against her chest.

Moving his large hands to her sides, he used his lips and tongue to taste her skins and stimulate her more. He ran his mouth over each breast, sucking and licking and scraping his teeth on the more sensitive areas. His head wandered onto her flat stomach and flicked into her navel. Moving even lower, he slipped his arms under her legs and kissed the inside of her thighs, brushing lightly across her pussy and he moved from one side to the other. He finally buried his face into her box, parting her lips with his tongue and pressing his upper lip against her clit. She gasped again and let out a low moan, then pulled his head as tightly as she could against her pussy.

“Ohgodyesyesyes…” Her words poured out in a torrent. “Oh fuck me yes that feels so good…”

If not an expert, Andy nonetheless knew how to give a woman pleasure. His tongue tasted every inch of her now dripping snatch, gliding its length and flicking lightly at her clit when reaching the top. He used his lip to uncover her clit, then sucked lightly on that as the blood engorged her there. While concentrating his mouth on her clit, he inserted a finger into her canal and rubbed lightly all around inside her. He curled his finger up and felt for that one spot he knew every woman had, and heard her gasp again when he found it. She spread her legs as far as she could and felt like she wanted him to crawl inside her.

She’d never gotten head like this before today. No other man had ever shown such caring technique, and most of them had in fact acted like they were doing it out of obligation rather than to give her pleasure. On the other hand, Andy was making love to her with his mouth and hand, focusing on her pleasure before his own. Where have you been all my life?, she thought fleetingly.

Her body was involuntarily responding to Andy’s ministrations by gently thrusting against his face rhythmically, so he knew her orgasm was getting close. He moved his head up her pussy and over her clit one more time, then continued up her abdomen and over her breasts, finally locking her lips in another passionate kiss. With his left arm still under her right leg, he used his other hand to guide his hard shaft unerringly into her hot, wet canal, burying it to its base. She moaned through their kiss. He moved his right arm down under her left leg, then slid her ankles up over his shoulders. She was lithe enough that even being bent in half like this was not uncomfortable; the sensation of him so far into her and his balls slapping against her ass overwhelmed everything else anyway.

Her arms were wrapped around his head and his hands cupped her beautiful ass as they moved together, each of his thrusts met with one of her own as their lips remained locked and their tongues explored each other’s mouth. Their breath became shorter and shallower as they both approached release, then they broke their kiss as they reached orgasm together and grunted like animals as it washed over them. She could feel his balls pulsing against her ass and actually sensed his hot load shooting into her. He heard her let out a slight whimper.

He buried his face in the crook of her neck and they stayed like that for several minutes while their breathing slowed and their heart rates returned to normal. He finally lifted his head and kissed her again, this time with infinite tenderness and meaning. He lowered his arms so she could bring her legs down, then moved up and sat on the couch next to her. He put his arm around Escort Antalya her as she rested her head on his chest. They sat quietly, basking in the afterglow of their passion.

Finally she spoke without looking up at him. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

The words caught him off guard and he stiffened. Was she having regrets after having initiated it? “It’s a little late to worry about that now,” he replied.

She lifted her head and sat up slightly, looking into his eyes. “No, not that,” she said quickly. “I meant this,” she said, her hand tapping the center of her chest. He looked at her quizzically.

She continued. “I just wanted to get laid, just have some hot no-strings-attached sex with a good looking guy. You were the one guy who wasn’t all over me, which made you all the more appealing on that animal level. What I mean is that I wasn’t supposed to feel anything.” She dropped her eyes and put her head back on his chest.

He pondered her words for a few seconds. “But you do.”

“I do.”

“Then I’m not the only one.” She sat up quickly and looked at him again.


“Seriously. Debra, red flags were slapping me upside the head everywhere I turned. You’re a senior officer and I’m an NCO, you’re in my chain of command, and you and I both know how the Army feels about that.”

She nodded ruefully as he continued. “Plus, I’m a three time loser in the marriage game. No kids thankfully, but three ex-wives is enough to call my judgment into question. Luckily none of them lasted long enough to really cost me anything. But in spite of all that, I knew I was getting feelings for you. I couldn’t deny that to myself.”

She looked intently into his eyes for the longest moment. “Yeah, I knew all that, and thought about it the same way you did. I thought about it the whole time I was in Cincinnati. That’s one of the reasons I said this wasn’t supposed to happen. So what do we do now?” She put her head back on his chest.

“Nothing,” he said.


“Yes, nothing. For now everything can stay the same. If we’re careful, no one will find out anything. We’re both single, we both live off base, and people tend to leave us alone when we’re off duty. My close friends are all over BFE, and I don’t confide in anyone here.” He didn’t confide in anyone, in fact, especially about matters like this.

“What would happen if someone found out?”

“They won’t, but if they did there would be be hell to pay. I’d probably lose a stripe or two and get a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand, a GOMOR, depending on how understanding the court martial board was. You would get at least a GOMOR, if not more, and they might even threaten your commission. A GOMOR would effectively end both of our careers, and I’m only five years away from retirement.

“I’m not a professional soldier like you,” she answered. “This was a choice I made to escape my former existence, not a permanent career move.”

“I kinda figured that,” he told her. “Nonetheless, there are risks for both of us, big risks.”

“Yeah, there are. But like you said, if we’re careful, no one will be the wiser.”

She sat up again and continued, though the sight of her bare breasts only a foot from his face was threatening to become distracting. “Let me tell you something. I finished my residency before joining the Army; that’s why I’m a Lieutenant Colonel instead of a First Lieutenant or Captain. But that also means I have a career waiting for me outside the Army, and as well as the Army pays me, I stand to make a lot more on the outside. I can resign my commission any time I want and walk into a civilian career the next day.”


“Let me talk before I chicken out. I have no idea where any of this might take us, but you’re the first man I’ve had feelings for in a very, very long time. I’m not ready to call them anything more than ‘feelings,'” she said, making quotation marks in the air with her fingers, “but as of right now, I enjoy it more when I’m with you than when I’m not.”

“Debra, I’m willing to take the risks, too. I’ve never had a woman like you in my life; all of my wives barely finished high school.” She smiled at the “all of the” description. “If anything, you’re way out of my league.”

“Knock that shit off,” she commanded. He loved a woman with a salty tongue, and she could swear like a longshoreman. “I’ve seen you work, and you’ll be the guy running the hospitals I work in after you retire from this. You may not think you like your job, but that’s only because you were with the Infantry in the field for so long. You’re the best at what you do. You’ll be in your forties when you retire, and that’s when people like you need to put your skills to work on a larger scale. And you’re a genuine hero,” she added with a wide smile as she poked him in the chest.

They sat in silence for half a minute, just looking into each other’s eyes and thinking about all they had said. “I hope you’re right,” he said. “I need to seriously consider my life after the Army.”

“We’ll worry about that when the time comes,” she said. “Now, since you can’t keep your eyes off my tits, let’s see what you can do with them…” She pulled his head to her chest and he lost himself in her.

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