Just Having Fun with a Few


Just Having Fun with a FewDuring these times not many people are out and about everything is closed or closing. Being very horny and buzzed and curious I drove by the Gloryhole/Adult Book Store and theater. I thought they would be closed but i seen only a few cars in the back parking lot and none in the front. So I would go if there is anything happening knowing i should just go on home but i was so bored and horny and needed some excitement to last for awhile. The clerk said welcome not many customers so give me 20 bucks enjoy as much as you like and long as you like. It was on 10 extra buck so why not. So I went to the theater to just look around an see what happening because i have unlimited time and i can browse all night if i want til i find something that turns me on. I see the movie playing and one guy up front vaguely just from the light of huge screen. He turns as hears me come in and sits up straight. I was thinking that he was jerkingoff and i surprised him until i seen another body spring up beside him. I kinda laughed like i was clearing my throat. Seeing what was going on turned me on really bad. So i got really bold and walked down to them and asked if the clerk charged them 20bucks for unlimited time and they said yes. I said thank you enjoy yourselves do not let me disturb you . Both of them had their pants down around their ankles it seemed. I did see the one getting sucked cock was out trying to hide that monster as i walked up on them. Very nice and thick from what I could see. So I went back a couple of row and sat down. I was watching the movie but really watching bahis siteleri as they started to go back to what they were doing. Slowly the guy eased back down and started sucking him i guess i could not see from where i was sitting. So i got up and browsed around just to come and sit closer to them on my return. While i was browsing I walked into a movie area and seen one guy naked jerkingoff he was alone. So I sat in the back of him and watched him. He had a nice sized cock very long. I play with my nipples and rubbed my cock. I felt myself about to get loose and some wild fun. So I just came out and ask him do you mind if i sit up closer to the screen to see the movie better. He said sure no problem. So i moved right beside him in the front row. He ask me did i want a drink and gave me a airplane bottle of tequilla . I cracked it open said thank you and took it down.Thats all i needed i got all warm inside and pulled my shirt off and started playing with my nipples and dick. Then I moved closer to dude and touched his leg and rubbed it a little.Then I rubbed more and went higher on his leg them his stomach. Then he leaned back and put his hand behind my head and guided me to that long dick of his. I open my mouth and took him deep and slow. He let out a long moan. I was enjoying that long dick in my throat. He was fucking my mouth good as he put both hands behind my head. I felt him getting really excited he was gonna cum soon. So I pulled his dick out and started sucking his balls and licking up and down his shaft. Then he stood up and grabbed my jaws and started to canlı bahis siteleri jerk off in my mouth. I open up so he slid his dick in and shot a load from hell in throat and mouth which i could not hold it all in so it ran out on my nipples and chest. He sat down and like”damn whooo” . I ask are you ok. He said yeah. . I got up grabbed my shirt I will be here for a while i got unlimited time. He said me too.I went to the bathroom and cleaned up some. I walk back to the other theater and the other two were still there kissing and rubbing each others body. One was completely naked the other just a t shirt. I could not resist i walk over to them dropped my sweats to my ankles and started jerking off watching them. I sat down then one guy walked over with that huge dick in my face . I knew what to do then and what he wanted. MMMMM that huge thick dick tasted so good and I was so horny and feeling so kinky. I did not expect the other guy to start playing my nipples it was really erotic. So i got down on my knees then he started to suck and bite my nipples I was in ecstasy .I was getting up i felt my self control leaving. So i sat down then i had both of those guys dicks in my face. Both guys had some huge dicks. I was licking both at the same time . Then one guy would fuck my mouth then they would switch. I was being treated like dick sucking bitch and i liked it. Then I felt lips on my dick and it felt wonderful. Then they started feeling my ass and smacking it. I think they were gonna try fuck my ass or gangbang me. I told them no dicks have been in my ass. He said no canlı bahis do you want one ? As his fingers rubbing my asshole.. No your fingers are good I told him. Now i have fingers in my ass and a dick in my mouth. No sooner than i am thinking here comes the other guy from the other theater. Everyone just froze. He says ok. I say fuck it and kept sucking.He strips down he said he was about to leave but not now. Now we are all messed up sucking fingering touching anyone that is close to you. It seems everyone is a good dick sucker that was there. One of the guys from earlier started sucking me and slid his finger in my ass and i shouted i am cummimg and he started spitting as i shot a stream in his throat. He had never had cum in his mouth. He said it came to fast before he could pull it out. I said sorry. I normally don’t get my dick suck here. I told you can cum in my mouth to make it even.So i started sucking him really hard and fast then i feel him tense up and he grunts then he starts cumming and cumming and i let drain in my throat and mouth and swallow like you supposed to do. His knees buckle and hid dick goes limp and he sits down. The other to were watching and jerking so they step up putting dicks in my face to suck . I am licking and sucking two huge dicks. They start switching so i can deep throat each one of them. I gag some and they like it.. I deep throat the other guy and starts to cum then the other guy starts jerking off and gives me a monster facial. So i have cum in my mouth and all on my face and it the wildest feeling ever and i like it. So I clear my eyes and try and find my clothes and go clean up in the bathroom. When i come everyone is gone and thats great i didn’t wanna see there faces or they see mine clearly. What a time we had probably just opportunity and frustration came out. Yummy

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