Just Mates Pt. 05


The Indian summer was well past. It was a fine day but cold, the wind biting as Dennis and Tony came out of a side lane, crossed a road and entered a half-timbered pub for lunch. A good walk in the morning but not at all the sort of day for a swim and a wander naked in the woods. The closest they had come to their companionable nudity and wanking of the summer and early autumn had been standing together having a pee. They settled into a corner with a pint each and the promise of home-made steak and ale pie on the way. They had checked and the pastry was shortcrust not puff; and not individual ones or where the crust was cooked separately and set atop what was really a stew. Proper pie with vegetables and potatoes, just the thing for rather cold men who had been walking all morning and had a lot more walking to do that afternoon. A lengthy circular walk back to Dennis’ car.

“This is the thing. A warm, cosy pie, a pint and a pie. Life is good isn’t it?” Dennis settled himself the more comfortably on the seat, perhaps as much as an hour of homely comfort stretching before him before they returned to their ramble.

Tony agreed but it was a shame, he thought, about the swimming and wanking. He had rather liked doing that, not that it had rivalled the walk with Fiona two or was it three weeks before. Had the weather not changed perhaps they might have done it again. It was England after all, though, to be fair the weather was not ‘unusual for the time of year’ at all: it was about right really. Tony did like the sex even if it was, perhaps rather odd sex, sitting and having a naked wank in the countryside with his friend. Certainly, their joint imagination was stimulating, and he found the experience superior to solitary wanking and that is all he had been doing these last two or three weeks.

“Fancy a fuck after our walk?”

“Your bottom or mine?” Tony was quick.

It was a proper guffaw from Dennis, “No, the real thing, Fiona’s coming to stay tonight, and you could join us for dinner and… a fuck — or, I suppose, two for her. One each and all that!”

Tony sipped his beer, “Really?”

“We’re not going out, Tony, it’s all about the sex and she suggested it… well on a little prompting from me. What are friends for and all that? Thought you might like to slip into something more comfortable. She’s on the Pill, of course.”

“Haven’t done it for years. Be lovely to do ‘it’ with Fiona… and you.” He grinned, “three in a bed sex, or is ‘romp’ the word?”

“Romp! What a good word. Who said anything about a bed, though she’s staying the night so we could perhaps sleep in one bed.”

“That’d be different. Not done that.”

“Me neither. How’s your cock?”


“Ditto! Cheers, here’s to a good copulation or two.”

The men raised their glasses.

“Yeah, Dennis, here’s to softening them in something comfortable!”

They laughed and drank.

A cold and rather wet afternoon after the pub. The sun of the morning had disappeared leaving just the wind and then the rain. A bit of a slog, really. But certainly, with a warm prospect at the end of the day. They picked Fiona up from the station straight after their walk. She was waiting dressed in her work clothes, complete with her overnight bag, but they were only five minutes late. Lovely to see her standing all tall and feminine. They had had to hurry the last couple of miles back to the car. Time had rather got away, or perhaps they had spent too long in the warm and cosy pub at lunchtime and Fiona was quick to comment on their dampness and the smell of wet clothing, wet men and sweat.

“I’d sort of been looking forward to seeing you both, but now…,” she wrinkled her nose, “you need a bath.”

And it was a bath they had. There was certainly something decidedly kinky about Fiona, Tony was rapidly concluding, something wonderfully kinky. Unexpected, perhaps, in women. He certainly knew Dennis had a good imagination, but he was not used to women being not quite so, what was the word they used nowadays, ‘vanilla.’

Fiona ran the bath for them; Fiona made them undress together in the bathroom as she stood there with arms folded; she even stood watching after Dennis rather plaintively said he ‘needed to do a wee’ as both men did that at the same time into the same lavatory bowl like they might have done when little boys.

“Finished? Shake.” Fiona sighed. “Look at you both, two grubby little boys.”

And they were. Hair not yet dry from the rain, knees muddy from slipping over a couple of times (and both had been wearing shorts), Dennis even having mud on his back where his shirt and jersey had rucked up when he fell.

“Looks more like you’ve been playing rugby than having a hike. Now that’d be something for me. In the changing room with fifteen big burly men straight after a game, muddy, sweaty and all fired up. Yes, joining them in the bath or showers. One girl: fifteen men — I’d better give myself up for lost! Nothing I could do. Just hope they’d Escort Sincan be gentle with a poor little girl. All those strong, naked, hard men pressing around me.”

Tony listened intently, amazed again at her imagination. A woman’s fantasies — fascinating.

“Yes, like that Tony. You’ve got the idea. Clearly you like the thought. All those naked, erect men like you!”

Tony had to protest, “It’s not the men. It’s you!”

Fiona put on a delightfully innocent expression, “But I’m all dressed. It’s you and Dennis who are naked. Look at you both: two grubby boys with your cocks up in the air. Could be you and thirteen others all pointing at the ceiling. Well, there might just be room for me in the showers or bath in the changing room to give a bit of female presence but there’s no room for me in your bath, Dennis, not with the two of you in there — certainly not with those big things in the way. Mind where you put them as you get in. We wouldn’t want you surprising each other, would we?”

And she patted their bottoms as they turned to the bath. To Tony the whole thing was just so erotic. Fiona’s so delightful teasing about them having erected together and now making them get in a bath together whilst both turgid. The homo-eroticism of it and then them almost knocking their cocks together as they stepped in, was not lost on Tony; and then their trying to work out where to put their feet so as not to touch the other’s cocks with their toes quite comic as they lowered their bottoms into the hot water, leaving their cocks still sticking up above the water line. Homo-erotic maybe, but Tony had not missed Fiona rolling up her sleeves. She might not be getting into the bath with them — and there certainly was no room in the water for her, though she could have sat on one of their laps with the almost certain consequence of being plugged by that lap’s penis – which would have suited Tony just fine – but she was clearly going to do the washing. A more than stimulating thought. Fiona definitely had her kinks.

She smiled at him as she picked up the bar of soap, dipped it and her hands into the hot water and lathered them up. Tony watched fascinated as Fiona began on Dennis. His turn would come. He felt the excitement and it just so showed, not just on him but on both men, they stayed sticking up out of the water.

Feminine hands doing the washing, across backs, under arms, dealing with grubby knees, being rather tickling between toes, as Fiona moved from one body to the other.

“Stand up — on your feet I mean!” There was no question that they were not ‘standing’ in the other sense. Soapy hands to buttocks, delving between them as well and then, the best bits left to last, of course. Two soapy hands brought up to cup and gently wash hanging ball sacks, moving them around in the palms of her hands. Tony grinned at Dennis and Dennis grinned back. This was simply marvellous and they both knew what would come next — or thought they did.

And, indeed, two soapy hands then grasped, as anticipated, the two upright male ‘truncheons’ and ran them up and down moving the free skin, very much as they had expected. But then the unexpected. A giggle from the kneeling woman as she pulled the two cocks closer and closer to the other. She had them grasped firmly in her hands, Fiona had them in her control and then, all at once they touched and she was rubbing their cocks together as naturally as anything, one in each hand.

Both men look horrified.

“Fiona, I don’t think. I mean we don’t… not at all.” said Dennis.

Tony was open mouthed as he felt Dennis’ hardness being rubbed, very soapily against his own. Fiona was knocking, tapping and then rubbing the two cocks together with a great big grin on her face. She let go, reached down and scooped water up from the bath and poured it over them before pulling them back together again with her hands, pressing glans to glans, cock up against hard cock — really close together.

“Fiona! No! We don’t. This is not…”

“Oh, don’t be so silly.” Her mouth descended and absorbed them both at once. Tony and Dennis stared down, their mouths as open as Fiona’s. Something they had never done together; had never thought of doing; but now their two cocks were not merely close together but more than just touching, were tightly up against the other and, indeed, disappearing into the woman’s mouth together. Such a sight.

Wet with her saliva Fiona rubbed the two knobs together. Of course, they slid easily, sensitive skin over sensitive smooth skin, riding on a sheen of slippery female saliva, perhaps now not strictly touching but with a thin separating feminine layer!

“Aren’t I the lucky girl. Two cocks! Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve wanted to do that. Suck two cocks at once. Is that nice?”

“Not really,” replied Tony, “I mean… yes it is, but — a big but…” He was shaking his head unsure what to do. He tried pulling away from Dennis, but Fiona pulled him back. He really did not Sincan Escort want to touch Dennis like that but, there again, he hardly wanted to pull so hard that he left Fiona’s hand. It was her doing it — and he liked her hand and mouth. A dilemma.

“I suck you both or not at all! Or, if you like, I just keep rubbing your lovely, big swollen knobs together until one of you cums. Last one to cum fucks me! How about that for a deal?”

She was watching her hand work closely. A girl clearly enjoying the chance of playing with not just one cock but two; playing with them anything but separately. Her face betraying amusement as well as arousal.

Tony watched as Fiona opened her mouth once more and pushed both knobs in, and not just the knobs, quite a bit of shaft was crammed in as well. Quite a mouthful! A mouthful of cock for a girl, indeed. She began sliding her lips, though she soon settled on not sliding quite so far, not stuffing quite so much cock into her mouth. It was, obviously, a lot to take in.

Remarkable to think Fiona had had a thing about two cocks since a teenager. Tony liked the idea of helping her act out a fantasy, even if this unexpected intimacy with Dennis was, well, unexpected. When had that idea come into her mind and why? She had said in her teens — really? She had previously mentioned a whole team of men. What other fantasies had she had about cocks plural? Perhaps he would ask her.

Warm lips, soft wet lips, wriggling tongue; gentle mock copulatory movement and the sight! The sight of two cocks in one mouth. It was good, very good. Not having come for days Tony knew he would not last long. He would need to be careful and stop Fiona if he felt too near the edge. Was it like that for his friend?

Clearly it was! It was not very long at all before Tony felt a sudden extra rush of warmth around his knob and knew his friend had come in her mouth alongside him. Fiona did not raise her head or let the cocks go but continued her steady rhythm. Was it awful to think that it was not just Fiona’s saliva swirling around his knob in her mouth; did it actually matter or was it best not to think of what his friend had just done — which was, after all, what he was about to do as well?

It was clear that was Fiona’s intention and Tony let it happen. He did not pull away, did not protest he would like to do something different and come another way, or suggest Dennis might like to withdraw first; he simply let himself go. Tony felt the building, felt his balls draw upwards and then he was doing it, releasing his semen into Fiona’s mouth. Joy! Dennis probably had spurted away but Tony just ran, his contractions pushing the stuff up and out of his penis. It was a delight, the whole feeling, the whole sight and not least because Fiona’s lips continued to slide as he came.

And she did not let the men go. Not straightway. She seemed to delight in clamping her lips around the twin penises and holding them as their rigidity softened and went away. Both men stared when she finally released, a strange animal need to see their semen in her mouth — and, indeed, it was still there. Just a glimpse. Wonderful then to see the swallowing, their male cocktail sliding, oyster like, down her throat (or at least that was what, apparently, she told Dennis later).

It was not just the washing, Fiona seemed to take pleasure in towelling them dry, clearly enjoying drying their now floppy penises, giving them each a good rub.

Tony reached for his clothes.

“Oh no, no need for that. I’m sure you boys have imagined a dinner with naked girls, well I’m going to have it my way: naked boys!”

It was not just naked dining but naked cooking. Tony helped Dennis prepare it all and Fiona took the greatest delight, it seemed, in seeing them working away both with aprons on. Not the waist only type but the full ‘bib’ type. That might well have covered genitalia and chests, but it did nothing for bottoms. Such a pleasing idea the naked waitress with exposed breasts and naked bottom revealed under the big bow of a frilly waist only apron: this, though, was the less attractive, much less attractive to the men, idea of them with their bottoms exposed but Fiona seemed to love it. Patting bottoms when they brought her a glass of cool Riesling and green stuffed-olives; coming into the kitchen to see what they were doing and actually fondling their buttocks; seeming to take great pleasure in doing so — it was, to Tony, such a masculine thing to do with, of course, female bottoms: he had not expected a woman to feel quite the same way. Moreover, having his bottom pinched was a completely new experience. What a woman Dennis had found.

The dinner was indeed naked, but for the men only. A strange experience for Tony but he was hardly complaining. Sex with Fiona was bound to follow. Perhaps even sexual intercourse would result. He was looking forward to sliding himself into a woman again and was more than happy for Fiona to be the recipient of his sliding.

Dennis Sincan Escort Bayan had done a really good job of dinner. Starter, main course and then pudding. The latter a chocolate creation he had made himself.

“Pudding?” Dennis asked as he got up to clear away the dishes. Tony leapt to help.

“Oh, please,” replied Fiona, “I saw it in the fridge; and, boys, bring it in in style.”

She saw puzzlement, “guards of honour — your cocks at attention.”

In the kitchen the two men got things ready, a stack of three plates for Tony to carry along with the jug of cream and Dennis the chocolate torte from the fridge.

“She wants us…” but neither was showing the necessary turgidity.

“Like the riverbank, wanking in the sunshine in a quiet glade.”

They had only before wanked together outdoors after swimming. It was rather different reaching and flopping their cocks around in Dennis’ kitchen. They had come in Fiona’s mouth barely an hour before. They needed something to encourage. The young lady smiling and holding up a cake on the front of the cookbook had something and they looked at her. She was pretty enough and quite well bosomed, but the picture was not pornographic or titillating in any obvious sense. The men’s fingers moved at speed on their cocks, tugging away at their foreskins, seeking to encourage erection.

“Imagine icing her cake.”

“That’s an unusual expression, Dennis.”

“I didn’t mean her pussy, Tony, I did mean the cake.”

Tony’s eyes widened and moved from looking at the cover of the book to the chocolate torte, sitting there looking all dark and smooth. He looked up and saw Dennis eyes were on the torte as well and in his hand his now swollen cock pointing directly at it.

“I… it hadn’t occurred… surely Fiona wouldn’t like that sort of decoration?”

“I don’t know. She is fairly… adventurous. What she wouldn’t like is the loss of two stiff pricks. She’s looking forward to us alternately rolling on top of her in bed tonight. You are staying?”

“If I might. I’m looking forward to a real… Think I’d rather,” Tony indicated the cookbook, “do the brandy snap filling with cream, though I’m sure we’d both enjoy icing her cake. Imagine her naked, like the girl in the field, and we squirt our ‘icing’ over her.”

“Mmmm. Thoughts for another day. Think we’re both ready now.”

The two men certainly were. Their talk and thoughts had done the trick and they carried the torte, plates and some cold pouring cream into the dining room and Fiona. The torte was not decorated with warm ‘cream,’ though two ‘piping’ nozzles certainly loomed near it.

Fiona clapped her hands at the sight of both pudding and erect naked men. Before they sat down each man was treated to a short and rather wonderful fellation. Each time Fiona took a large sip of Riesling and cooled her mouth. It was a pleasant and rather exciting shock to both men to feel the cold on their swollen and rather warm knobs. It took them some time to subside under the table as they ate their pudding, not helped by Fiona’s occasional wandering hand.


Fiona nodded, “Boys, I’ll go and change into something more comfortable.” Such classic words.

The two men watched Fiona leave the room and then looked at each other. “She’s a bit…”

“Kinky,” finished Tony. “I mean, in her mouth — together…”

Dennis shrugged, “We’re going to be three in a bed soon. I’m just going with the flow. If Fiona wants to do something, that’s all right with me!”

Tony nodded, “Yes, I suppose. It was just a bit…”

“After all, if we are going to be swopping around in bed, one of us is going to come second and that very much means fucking in the other’s cum, doesn’t it?”

Again, Tony nodded, “I shouldn’t be so squeamish! Super dinner, by the way.”

“You liked the Riesling suck?”

“Not half; just the casual way Fiona leant over and…”

“I’ll make the coffee.”

Again, the men stood. It was, though, Tony’s cock which was up in the air. He made an apologetic gesture, “It was the Riesling!”

They carried the dishes out and returned with the coffee. Fiona took a little time, clearly having taken a shower as well as changing.

It was not her birthday suit, that was for the men, but a long cotton Indian dressing gown, very loosely tied at the waist so the men gained a glimpse of the valley of her breasts and just a hint of fur showing through. A definitely intended titillation. The men were, of course, very happy to be titillated.

And, of course, being a woman there was that something in the way she walked into the room, a natural grace that Dennis and Tony just did not have. They would just have clomped into the room, looking perhaps somewhat absurd in their nakedness. Fiona, though, wore her gown with style and moved with a studied charm. Perhaps, and very possibly in Fiona’s mind and opinion, there was a certain grace in the way the men’s penises swung up to the vertical on her entrance. Perhaps that had a charm all of its own.

Despite the men’s obvious enthusiasm for immediate sex, Fiona settled back at the table, and they all sat drinking their coffee.

“Nice coffee,” said Fiona, “do you know what I’d like with it?”

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