Justin Ch. 01


For most people, encountering a big dick is a rare and special thing. Not for me. From the time I was eighteen, I had been able to experience one because of my brother Mark’s best friend, our next-door neighbor Justin. Both being two years older than me, we had grown up together and, by extension, Justin was like a second big brother. Further cementing his acceptance into our family was the fact that Mark and Justin’s birthdays were only days apart. From the time they were eight, they demanded having a joint birthday party to celebrate. Justin often accompanied us on family trips and, as they got older, it was not uncommon for Justin to stay over on school nights and drive to school with Mark. After they graduated, they continued to live at home for a while as they went to the local university before moving into an apartment together.

As with most young men our age, when the three of us were alone hanging out talk turned to sex. The two of them would boast of their conquests and who they wanted to be with next. I, however, was not only interested in girls. I had known for years that I was not like them – or any other boy I knew. Knowing I had to keep my bisexuality secret, I often diverted attention away from myself when they were bragging. When questioned, I simply told them about the girls I had been seeing, not the male classmates that had bent me over.

A few months before my graduation I turned eighteen. Unlike them, I never wanted big parties so we had a small celebration at home with my family and a few close friends. I had gone upstairs to change into my swim shorts. When I came out of my room and was on my way back downstairs temptation struck. The door to the bathroom was slightly open and I could hear someone peeing. Passing by, I could see via the reflection in the mirror Justin finishing his business. As I had become increasingly aware of my sexuality, I had begun to find Justin attractive and could not resist lingering to watch him.

Justin was the epitome of frat boy. He was just over six feet tall, with a lean musculature that came from years of athletic activity. His light brown hair was stylishly cut and accented his hazel eyes. According to the style of the time, he liked to sag his pants. Whether pants or shorts, they frequently hung low on his hips exposing the waistband of his boxers while in school. When we were out together without our parents, more often than not his pants rode down around his thighs, blatantly exposing the covered round globes of his ass. He liked to go topless but when he wore them, his shirts were often tight enough to outline the definition of his torso. I loved looking at him as his abs were tight and defined.

After knowing each other for so long, I had often wondered what he was packing as the outline of his cock was rarely visible. Even after all the time we had spent together, I had never seen him naked so I took advantage of this opportunity. Through the mirror’s reflection I could see the length of meat that hung between his fingers and was shocked. Completely soft, I it was longer than I expected. As his stream waned I moved off not wanting to get caught.

A few weeks later, Justin and I were in my room playing one of my new video games. Mark was in class and my parents were still at work so we were alone in the house. As usual, we were trash talking each other’s performance. The talk became pushing which led to an impromptu wrestling match. Game controllers tossed aside, we rolled from the couch onto the floor. As we grappled, I felt his cock flopping in his loose basketball shorts against my leg. Though I tried to fight it, I quickly became aroused. Luckily my jeans were loose enough to hide the visible signs of my erection. Unfortunately, my teenage body betrayed me. Justin had a leg between mine using it to hold me down. As he pressed against my crotch, my hips pushed into him and I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my lips.

He quickly jumped off me and glared. “You are fucking gay, aren’t you?” He saw right through me as I tried to deny it. “You were watching me take a piss at your party,” he spat out. “Un-fucking-believable.”

I stood and, trying to preserve the little dignity I had left, began to retreat from my room muttering words of apology as I went.

“Oh, no you don’t.” He stood and moved to block my path. He reached down and grabbed my balls in a hand and squeezed. “You are mine now. I own your ass. And right now, I’m telling you, Mac, you need to keep that shit to yourself. I’m not going to tell Mark or Mom and Dad.” My parents loved that Justin called them by the titles. “They all thought you were gay but I told them you weren’t…even after I caught you staring at my junk all those times.”

My eyes went wide. I thought I had been discreet in my observations but apparently I hadn’t been.

“I don’t ever want to hear about you with another guy,” he continued. “If I so much as think I smell someone else’s cock on your breath, I’m going to kick your ass then tell Beylikdüzü escort Mark and help him kick it, too. Got it?”

Unable to speak, I nodded.

We heard a car drive up announcing Mark’s return.

Justin leaned in close and whispered to me, “We’re not done here. Got it? Your ass is mine.” He gave me an especially hard squeeze before pushing me away just as Mark entered the house.

You would think that threat would have turned me celibate but that night I masturbated thinking about what happened. Being roughly used by such a stud was a dream that I had never envisioned. More than that, the feel of Justin’s hand on my package lingered like a ghost fueling my nocturnal fantasies.

Shortly after that I graduated and worked a part time job over the summer to save up some money for the fall. I enrolled in the same school where Mark and Justin were taking classes. Before the semester started, they moved into an apartment a few minutes away but still came over frequently to do laundry, eat or hang out.

Justin began to tease me about my saying I was banging the young coeds I hung out with at the university. During the brief moments we were alone he’d remind me that if I wasn’t in fact dating any of the girls I talked about, I was not to see any of the guys. He would invite me to hang out at the apartment with him and Mark or offer to pick me up for classes because I did not yet have a car. This made avoiding him especially difficult.

Early in their college career, he and Mark had joined a frat and they would occasionally drag me to a party where Justin would try to hook me up with some drunk coed. Admittedly, they were attractive but it’s not my style to get with someone who may not remember it in the morning. I increasingly came to realize he was doing it so he could keep me from meeting up with any guys.

He and Mark were over one day that autumn doing laundry while I was upstairs studying. Intently focused on my notes, I didn’t hear Justin enter my room. Only when I heard his fingers tapping on my nightstand did I look up to see him lying on my bed.

“Funny thing,” he said seeing he had my attention. “I tell you not to fuck around with other guys, do everything I can to keep my eye on you, and what do you do? You go and start hanging out with the campus fags. What the fuck is the matter with you?”

I tried to deny it but he leveled a look at me that told me clearly he wasn’t buying it. Truth was in addition to joining the LGBT club I had started to have discreet encounters at school, mostly with friends from the club. Admittedly it had been difficult with his nearly constant hovering but I had managed it.

“Do you know how many people come up to me and say they see you with them? It’s getting harder for me to deny your tendencies.” He narrowed his eyes and his gaze bored into me. “Not only that, but you’re not exactly keeping your eyes off me. What’s up with that, Mac?”

Unwilling to say it to him, I kept silent. There was no way I could tell him that I had the hots for him and not get my ass kicked.

“Is this what you want?” He raised his shirt then reached under the exposed waistband of the boxers he was wearing to adjust his semi-hard cock to lay on his abs. The spongy length of flesh extended almost to his bellybutton.

It was the first time I had ever seen his firmed meat and I was in awe as he slowly stroked it. By this point in my life I had seen more than a few dicks but none had been as long as Justin’s appeared to be.

Hearing Mark call up, Justin yelled back that he’d be down in a minute.

“No need to say anything,” he said ominously as he stood. “I have my answer. But do us all a favor and stay away from the easy dicks on campus. I’d hate for Mark to find out from the wrong person. But I expect you’ll be thinking about a different dick for a while.” He made a show of placing his cock back under the waistband of his boxers and adjusted it to point across his left hip above the top of his sagging jeans. With his shirt lowered his erection could not be seen as he left my room.

After that Justin continued to tease me, exposing his cock to me at home or in public when others weren’t looking. With his sagging pants, it was easy for him to adjust it for my viewing. Wherever we were, he would casually rub his abs, a move that was so common for him no one paid attention to it. But when eyes were diverted, his hand would steadily move under the waistband of his boxers to stroke himself, eventually positioning the top of his erection above the waistband. When the time was right, Justin would then raise his shirt to show me, sometimes just covering it with his hand if there were an unexpected witness. If his shirt were off, he would make a show of stoking his length through his boxers. He could quickly tuck it down under the tight band of his jeans or shorts to conceal it if he had to and no one would be aware, thinking he was doing nothing more than adjusting his clothes.

Over Beylikdüzü escort a long holiday weekend our parents were out of town and I had the house to myself. Early in the day I was lying on the couch watching a movie in only my boxer shorts when Justin came over. Knowing my movie watching was over, I loaded a video game and we started playing. As we played, we talked about school, work and what our parents were doing. Justin told me that at the last minute Mark had decided to go out of town with his girlfriend, Julie, for the weekend so he would spend time with me. Eventually conversation turned to working out. Though he still enjoyed playing soccer whenever he could, Justin had joined Mark and me using the campus gym to keep in shape whenever we had the time. He suddenly paused the game and told me to stand. Without questioning I did as I was told.

“Flex,” he commanded. “You look like you might be gaining more muscle than Mark.”

Not thinking anything of it, I flexed first my arms then showed off my pecs and legs for him. I had been working hard on gaining definition similar to his so it made me feel good that he was noticing my gains. He complimented me as I posed for him. When he gave me a twirl of his finger, I obeyed his order to spin around and showed him my back.

“I never realized how wide your back is,” he said as I continued to flex. “Let’s see the legs.”

I raised the leg of my boxers and began flexing my thigh muscles.

“Damn they’re ripped.” He reached out and ran a finger along the striations. “I’m impressed. Glutes.” I began flexing my ass. “Nice. Good work. Now I see why Alex has been hitting that.”

My breath caught in my throat hearing the name. While I wouldn’t say we were dating, I had been regularly having what I thought was discreet sex with a guy named Alex. He was a frat brother of Mark and Justin’s but he had told me he was also closeted and would never tell anyone. Before a coherent protest could form, Justin grabbed me by the hips and pulled me down onto his lap.

“I told you to be careful, didn’t I?” He spoke huskily into my ear. “If I know about Alex, what makes you think Mark doesn’t? Lucky for you he doesn’t. I told you that you shouldn’t be fucking around with anyone on campus. I told you I didn’t want to hear about you with another guy. When I finish with you, I guarantee you’re not going to want Alex or anyone else.”

After he spoke those words, I couldn’t help the moan of desire that escaped my lips. While he was only semi hard, I could feel his cock stretching across his hip and reflexively ground down against it feeling it stiffen.

He laughed appreciatively. “I thought you’d be a good little bitch. Bro, you and I are going to have some fun.” He began to run his hands across my chest as he continued, “You like that, don’t you. All you bitches are the same when you feel this big dick up against you.” He raised his hips a few times, dry humping me. He stopped suddenly and pushed me to the floor. I looked up at him stunned and watched as he lowered his shorts and pulled out his hardening cock. “Get to work,” was all he said as he took up the controller and started playing again.

On my knees on the floor between his legs, I took him into my mouth and began to suck for all I was worth.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off. “Damn, that’s good,” he said. “But slow it down. I want this to last.” He let me go and I lowered my head and began to savor the experience.

Finally completely exposed, I saw that Justin’s dick was long but not very thick. The head had a small flare that made it a slightly wider than his shaft. Fully erect, his cock had a gentle upward curve that made it difficult to get all the way in my throat in my current position. As I worked it, his cock seemed to leak an endless stream of salty-sweet precum. It had a strong, slightly bitter but not unpleasant flavor. There was an equally strong scent emanating from between his legs that I could only describe as Justin. It was like everything about him was rolled into the musky odor. Eventually I left sucking him to lick my way over and around his loose sack.

“I don’t mind my nuts getting the occasional tongue bath,” he said sternly, “but be careful of how far you go. Unlike you, I don’t like having my ass played with.”

Heeding the warning, I made my way back to his shaft. I sucked him for an unknown amount of time, eagerly swallowing the clear fluid that continuously seeped from him. Because all my previous encounters with other guys had been quick, I marveled at his staying power. Occasionally he would compliment me on my work and run his hands across my upper back causing me to shudder with arousal.

“Sit back,” Justin eventually said, tossing the controller aside before standing. “Open your mouth and don’t move.”

He wrapped his hand around his dick and began to stroke it quickly, pointing it at my face. His other hand trailed across his body as he brought himself to orgasm. With Escort Beylikdüzü no warning, ropes of sticky fluid shot across my face and into my hair, missing the target of my mouth due to his fierce stroking. Through it all he never uttered a sound, only his heavy breathing betrayed the climax. When the peak of his orgasm subsided, he placed his cock back in my mouth and ordered me to suck down the dregs of his load. Once satisfied he pulled out and sat back down. He reached out and with an index finger, scooped some of the cum off my face and placed it in my mouth. I heard him moan as I sucked on the digit.

“Dude, you’re more of a homo than I thought. Had I known how good you were, we would’ve done that sooner. Got any plans for tonight?” He asked as he tucked himself away. After I answered that I was supposed to meet up with some friends at a movie, he told me to cancel. “We have plans,” he said as he stood and made his way to the door. “Don’t touch yourself. I’ll be back,” was all I got before he left me alone again in the house.

Though I was hyper aroused I followed his order without a second thought. Not knowing when he’d be returning, I resumed my movie to pass the time. When he didn’t show up after it finished, I put in a different video game and began to play. I was restless, both from the sustained arousal and the uncertainty of his return.

It was late that night when he finally came back. I was in my room having resigned myself to the fact that he wasn’t going to return yet still hadn’t relieved my sexual tension due to the hope that he would. Over the sound of the game I was playing, I heard the front door open and close. My heart began to race as I waited, hearing footsteps on the stairs. I hoped it was Justin but after all the waiting I pessimistically half-expected it to be Mark coming to check on me. My dick surged in anticipation. The game continued to run but I was not focused on it; out of the corner of my eye I kept watch on my doorway waiting.

“Hey, bro,” Justin said as he sauntered into my room. “Miss me?” As he took a seat next to me on my bed he looked at my crotch and saw my stiff erection tenting my boxers. He placed a hand on my thigh and began to lightly run his fingers over my flesh, intentionally close to but not touching my boner. “Good boy. You didn’t touch yourself. If you had, I would have turned and walked out of this room and you’d never get this again.” He grabbed his package and gave it a shake. “So this is what’s going to happen: You’re going to stop dicking around with Alex and any other guys you’re playing with. You want to suck cock, you call me; if you’re getting fucked, it’s going to be my dick in your ass. Got it?” I nodded acceptance. He moved his hand from my thigh and draped it around my shoulder. “Good. Movie?”

We selected a movie and lay on my bed to watch, his arm still around me. This was not uncommon. Growing up the three of us often shared space with no hesitation. A pair of us could be found lying next to each other on the couch watching a movie, our legs intertwined. Even to this day, we had no issue with such proximity.

About halfway through the movie, Justin grabbed my hand and moved it to his crotch. He directed it under his waistband and closed it around his soft shaft. I began to massage it and felt it getting it harder. As we continued to watch the movie, I slowly stroked him using his precum for lubrication. The arm around my shoulder shifted slightly allowing him to tease my nipple. He would randomly flick it, pinch it or trace a nail around the sensitive nub getting me more aroused than I already was.

When the movie ended, he removed my shorts, rolled on top of me and pulled his off. After positioning my legs on his shoulders, his cock nudged my hole. The fluid leaking from the tip was cool and slick as it moved against me.

Not knowing how much I enjoyed getting dicked, he smiled and softly said, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to injure that sweet hole of yours, bro. I’m just going to knock at the door for a bit until you’re ready to let me in. We have all night.” He would press in for a bit with a little pressure then pull back. Every few thrusts he would rub the tip around my loosening ring, lubricating me with his precum.

Normally, I would worry about being prepared but because of my heightened arousal – and the fact that Alex had fucked me the day before with his much wider but shorter cock – it didn’t take long for the head of Justin’s cock to slip into me. Holding the head just inside my tight ring he paused for a moment allowing me to adjust to his presence and ran his hands over my chest, paying special attention to my sensitive nipples.

“Fuck,” he moaned. I felt his cock twitch a few times as I milked it with my ring. “Your ass is better than I expected. So fucking good,” he trailed off as he began to move again. Slowly and gently, he rocked back and forth. His long shaft slowly moved deeper into me and he didn’t stop until I gave a whimper. His cock reached into me like no other had and was now pressing hard against an internal wall. “There’s still more to go. You ever have a dick this deep in you?” He asked with a smirk as he gave another small thrust trying to get the last few inches in me.

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