Kaitlin’s Tale Ch. 1


She was drunk, and she knew it. Knew it like she knew her name and title, Kaitlin Donnelly, V.P. of Operations for a very large bank. Knew it like she knew the contours of the skintight dress that hugged her body like it had been sewn on. Knew it like she knew she shouldn’t be flirting with the tall, attractive stranger at the bar next to her. Still, she denied it.

“I’m not drunk!” she insisted to the man… what was his name? Adam? Alex? Something like that, she was sure. “I’m just very relaxed this evening,” she continued with a laugh.

He joined her in laughing. “You must not get to relax often, I imagine?” he asked?

“Not as much as I’d like” she returned.

“Not as much as you’d like What?” he whispered, leaning over almost touching her ear.

A thousand smartass remarks flipped through her mind as she looked him over. Taller than her by a few inches at 5-11 or so, he had the build of a college athlete who hadn’t lost his edge. Broad shoulders, trim waist, long legs. Wearing a t-shirt with a stylish sports coat over it, and skintight jeans that left little to her imagination, finished with very hip leather shoes. She sighed, thinking how long it had been since her last relationship had disintegrated. Maybe she should give up on relationships and focus on the moment? She was fairly sure Andy (yes, that was his name!) was hers for the asking… but should she?

As she was ruminating on that topic, Andrew, as he preferred to be called, was taking the entendre-generated pause to drink in Kaitlin with all of his senses. He prided himself as a connoisseur of fine Escort Eryaman women; drinking them in as if they were a fine wine. He listened to the quiet sigh of her breathing. He could smell the alluring perfume she had dabbed in the hollow of her throat, and taste it’s slight scent on the back of his tongue. His hand rested lightly on her wrist, alert for any signs that she was going to pull away from him. Finally, his eyes gathered her in, luxuriating in her beauty. Starting at her mane of crimson hair, so like the color of cinnamon. Traveling down the porcelain lines of her face. Admiring her body, the trim stomach and butt, the full breasts straining against the fabric of her confining sheath of dark fabric. He had trouble controlling himself, knowing in his heart that she was to be his this night. Knowing it was a sure thing.

Kaitlin was not so positive that it was a sure thing, but her adventuresome side was winning out, crushing her internal resistance. “Not as much as I’d like to dance” she finally said, walking briskly away to the packed dance floor. Following quickly, Andrew danced with her. As each new dance began, he got closer and closer to her, until their bodies were in contact from chest to knees as they danced. Kaitlin’s head was spinning with the drink and the attention being paid to her. With each beat of the drum she felt Andy’s erection pushing against her leg; it aroused her to think that she had caused it. The hotter she got, the more of him she wanted to feel against her, and the larger he felt against her leg.

Feeling her pull against him, seeing her Eryaman Escort nipples harden and push against her dress, Andrew knew it was time to make his move. In the middle of the crowded dance floor, he put his hands on her hips and slowly slid them upward, covering all her curves, finishing with a hard squeeze of her chest that left her gasping for air. Surprised, and not just a little excited, by the pain and suddenness of that move, Kaitlin was taken totally off guard as he slid his hands under her dress and, with the aid of a small blade she didn’t know he had, cut the hip string of her g-string panties and pulled them off of her, throwing them onto the floor several feet away.

“Now let’s dance for real” Andrew said, pulling Kaitlin breathless into a darkened corner of the dance floor. Taking her hands in his, he placed them on his swollen crotch and whispered in her ear “take it out. Now.” Without conscious thought, Kaitlin pulled down his zipper and freed his 7″ cock into her hands, stroking it as he continued to sway against her, each move brushing her hardened nipples and reminding her of the pain and pleasure of his earlier embrace. Bending his knees, he deftly pulled her legs over his thighs, lifting her from her feet, positioning her swollen pussy over his straining cock. She looked around in disbelief at the people around them dancing, not noticing what was going on; she could hardly believe it either. Andrew whispered into her ear: “Now slide down and take it in you like the slut you are.” She gasped with shock that he would say to her, the vice president of a bank; Eryaman Escort Bayan then moaned with pleasure as he pushed her back against a wall and she sunk down on his cock, taking him all the way inside.

Her eyes rolled in their sockets as he thrust into her over and over. She could only see the blinking lights; only hear the thudding of the music as a disjointed heartbeat out of time with her own; only feel the fulfillment of her lust as he drove deep inside of her. His hands roamed her body as he pressed her against the wall, alternately cupping her ass, pulling her hair, pinching her nipples. She lost count of her orgasms as he fucked her; only coming slowly back to reality as she heard something strange over the sound of her own moaning. “Oh, God,” she breathed “that was so good.” She realized then that the insistent buzzing noise she had been hearing was her phone.

“Andy, let me loose” she said; not waiting for a reply as she slid off of him and turned to face the wall. “Hello?” she said into the phone loudly. “What? Now? Damn. Okay. 5 minutes, in front of the club.” Closing the phone she turned back to Andrew. All business now, she informed him “I’ve gotta go; my limo is on the way. I have to fly to Japan or something.”

He grabbed her roughly, surprising her again. “But I didn’t cum. You owe me that, at least.”

Smiling sweetly as she walked away, she replied “I don’t owe you anything. A low class dick like you never deserved a high-class piece of ass like me anyway; consider yourself lucky.” With that, she left the club and stepped into the waiting limo, which pulled away from the curb without delay.

Outwardly furious, Andrew was smiling inside as he watched her go. He sauntered towards the back door of the club, checking his watch. He laughed to himself again as he thought of the surprise in store for Kaitlin.

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