Kanesha Ch. 06: Dungeon Training



This literature is adult in nature. If you aren’t an adult or mature enough to handle its contents please exit now. This work of fiction and themes discussed within are total fantasy and should be treated as such.

Again this was written with the help and review of the lovely Aerielle. We both hope the readers enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it.


Kanesha Chapter 6- Dungeon Training

Slave 336’s bare feet smacked slowly on the stone steps leading downward on the spiral staircase. She thrust her chest out trying to alleviate the tension on the thin chain connecting her nipple rings and her new Master’s hand. Trent and Melinda descended first, followed closely by Rodrigo and his new property.

Her heart raced as they went deeper at least two stories below ground. She felt a chill coolness in the air as sounds of the dungeon grew louder. Moans, groans and the occasional scream echoed as they descended. Her nipples hardening at the coolness in the air, and threatening sounds.

“Here we are…” Master Trent said ushering the group deeper into an expansive room.

Slave 336’s eyes took a moment to adjust to the dim light, but soon the devices and implements came clear to view. She could see dozens of different couples using various bondage devices.

The closest slave to her was a big titted blonde who was riding a sybian on her knees. She moaned in ecstasy, then screamed in pain as her female tormentress poured hot wax across her heaving chest.

Slave 336 felt a painful jerk of her nipple ring leash urging her to follow her Master. “Mmohhh!” She moaned deeply.

She hurried to keep pace behind the group. They passed a brunette slave bound to a frame. The slender woman was bend forward over a horizontal bar at the waist with her ankles and wrists tied tightly to the posts of the frame near the floor. Her hair hung down to the floor as she was bend upside down with her holes available and exposed. A blonde dominatrix with a thick ribbed strap-on fucked her brutally. The poor woman moaned deeply into a black ball gag that kept her pleas quieted. 336 could see a wealth of fluids running down her bent forward body and rear thighs. She shuddered realizing she had looked similar not that long ago.

Deeper the group went passing a section of pillories and bondage crosses. Some were occupied, while others looked available. Slave 336 watched a dark skinned woman writhe on a St. Andrew’s cross as a wand vibrator had been tied with rope around her waist and pinned to her pussy mound. She watched her toned thighs flex and relax in what must have been a long cycle of exhaustion.

They turned a corner and slowed their pace. “Your other purchase Mr. Ramirez, is just around the corner. We’ve already began the specific training you requested,” Melinda said in a sultry tone.

The group paused in front of a thick wooden pillory. It’s occupant was a slender pale skinned redhead. Slave 336 watched as what looked like a device for milking a cow hung from the poor woman’s hanging breasts. The machine hummed as she could see the her tits being sucked by the device.

“We put her on the red cow milker to prepare her nipples for the hours of milking she will endure as your Hucow.” Melinda said as she watched Rodrigo stop and take a hand to the woman’s hanging breasts.

“How long until your doctors drugs will have her lactating?” He asked as Slave 336 watched him squeeze the woman’s closest tit firmly. The redhead’s head shot up and she could see for the first time her beautiful face and the ring gag that kept her mouth forcefully open. She recognized her as one of the night’s first auctions and from their time together in the display cage.

“The doctor can have her producing in about a month. We can continue 336’s hormone treatment as well if you wish her breasts to milk as well.” Melinda said with a hint of sadistic pleasure in her voice.

Rodrigo turned to face his new, prized slave girl. She shuddered as his hands slid up her flat toned stomach to her naked breasts. He cupped and squeezed her round orbs between his fingers causing her to gasp at the pleasure and coolness of the chain leash pressed between his hand and her flesh. “These udders have swollen nicely, they are much bigger than a few months ago when your company visited my country. Would you like them to swell even larger my toy?” He asked as his eyes locked onto hers.

Slave 336 felt the rough fingers squeeze and tease her breasts as his look demanded an answer. “Whatever would bring my Master more pleasure…” she muttered under a panting breath. Her pussy moistened at the way he controlled her body with his hands.

He smiled “An appropriate answer, slave girl,” His hands released her breasts and she felt them bounce slightly. “These are ample for what my intent is for her at the moment. I don’t intend to turn her into livestock… at least not yet.”

Slave 336 caught a sly grin from Trent as Rodrigo xslot turned back to the couple. “Your dungeon cells will accommodate both my purchases I hope?”

“We are a bit tight at the moment in our training schedules but they will share a cell at least at first.” Trent replied.

“Show me.” Rodrigo commanded.

The group went deeper into the dungeon until the wall on their left was filled with cubicle cells. Slave 336’s eyes went wide seeing the small size of the compartments with barred doors.

“We typically store them in these until they earn the privilege of a larger sleeping arrangement.” Trent said motioning them closer to one cell. Slave 336 could see inside the legs of one woman pressed to the bars as well as the hair of another between her legs.

“We like putting new slaves in the 69 position so they know even at rest they are only pleasure machines, living sex toys. It will surprise you how some of them will spend all day being fucked and want to do nothing but eat slave pussy all night.” Melinda said mockingly.

The group went deeper until a row of doors was reached. Trent stopped at the first one and began unlocking the door. As the door opened 336 watched two naked slaves scrambling to get to the floor. She watched as a light skinned blonde and tanned brunette dropped to all fours. The women quickly got into a position on the floor with their holes presented to the door and their face down on the concrete.

“We teach them to assume a slave display position each time the door is opened.” Trent explained. “This position is called ‘Breeding Bitch’.”

“Excellent.” Rodrigo commented giving Slave 336’s leash a tug. She stumbled forward as his hand grabbed her arm and gave her a shove. “Teach it to my sex toy,” he said commandingly.

336 stepped forward into the dark cell and slowly dropped to her knees. As she turned to look at the kneeling slaves she felt fire erupt on her exposed left ass cheek.

“Faster slave toy!” She heard Melinda’s voice echo as she watched the riding crop in her hand smack hard again against her flesh.

In a rush, she quickly dropped to all fours and extended her hands all the way forward until her face felt the cold concrete floor. She turned her head to the side to view the other slave girls. She exhaled thinking she’d mirrored the pose.


“Spread your knees wider slave! They should touch the slave beside you.” Melinda said delivering another blow to her rump. The slave felt her ass beginning to sting as she pushed wider.


“Ass up! Bow that back so that your ass is presented high. Show your Master or Mistress that your holes are available.” Melinda ordered as the crop tip began rubbing between her spread thighs.

“I see your skills are as advertised.” Rodrigo said to Melinda as she patted softly over the reddening skin of Slave 336’s ass cheek. “I can barely tell the difference in what’s mine and what’s not.”

“Maybe you should get a sample of what’s yours and what’s not?” Melinda said again with a sultry tone.

“I’m just enjoying the views. What other tricks do your well trained slaves do?” He said back running a hand over Melinda’s waist.

“Collar position!” Melinda ordered.

Slave 336 watched as the two slaves beside her quickly sprang up. They turned and planted their knees wide and ran their hands behind their head. Both hands seemed to bunch up their hair and bare their necks for collaring. She pushed herself up quickly and spun around to match them.

She felt the sting of another crop blow across her inner thigh once she was kneeling. “Knees wider slave!” was Melinda’s complaint. She spread her knees and bunched up her hair behind her head, clearing most of it from around her neck.


Melinda’s crop delivered a blow to Slave 336’s left exposed breast. “Get all your hair slave! You don’t want it torn out by your collaring.”

Through the sharp stinging pain 336 regripped her hair and pulled it up making sure to gather it all in the two hands she held behind her head.

“From this position a slave can easily be collared, uncollared or leashed.” Melinda said taking a leash and snapping it to the collar on Slave 336’s neck.

Slave 336 shivered feeling the thick chain dropped and come to rest between her ample chest. She felt like a plaything, a fucktoy, a piece of meat. She glanced up to see a smiling Melinda, and her new and old Masters.

“What would you like next Mr. Ramirez?” Melinda asked toying with the crop on 336’s chin.

“My flight is in the morning. Let’s take my Muneca Linda out to play before I leave her in your trusted hands for a month.” He replied as he unclipped the thin chain connected to 336’s piercings.

“Crawl 336!” Melinda ordered picking up the thick leash chain and giving a tug. Slave 336 followed behind the three on all fours now as they returned to the main dungeon.

Slave 336 felt objectified as her xslot Giriş hands and knees crawled across the cold moist stone floor. Like an animal led to slaughter she slowly plodded along past the scenes of sex and submission. She kept pace with the clicking black heels of Melinda as the chain dangled between her neck and the smooth calves of her doppelgänger holding her leash.

The group stopped in a portion of the large spacious room that seemed to be busy with activity. “Let’s string her up and we can discuss any modification her new owner wishes we make this month.” Trent said stopping the group and lowering a chain dangling from the ceiling. He leaned down and cuffed 336’s ever present wrist shackles together and then to the chain. He stepped to a nearby wall and pressed a button sending a winch to life. 336 slowly stood as she felt her arms lifted up. The winch continued to pull until she was fully extended upward. Trent waited until her body was stretched with her weight on her toes before turning the device off.

She felt her body stretched upward as she tried to balance on her toes. She was becoming accustomed with this position and strain it put on her wrists, shoulders and calves. She found her balance just as she felt Melinda tapping the leather riding crop on her perfectly plump ass.

“So Rodrigo, what can we do to make Slave 336 your perfect little plaything?” She asked sensually as her crop made 336 squirm.

Rodrigo stepped forward and moved close to 336. She felt his hands move to her waist and slide over her soft flesh. It sent chills up her spine being touched by her new owner. He looked her over again appraising the purchase he’d made and how he could improve her for his purpose.

“Her name shall go first.” He said in his thick Spanish accent. “She’s no longer my former colleague Kanesha Connors or your club Slave 336.” His hands roamed up her sides causing her to shiver. “She’s now my sex slave, my fuck doll, my pretty doll, me Muñeca Linda,” the last phrase in Spanish.

His hands pulled 336’s hips to meet his. She felt her bare flesh rub the front of his expensive suit pants as he renamed her his “Pretty Doll”. She could feel her owner’s cock swell in his pants at her new title. Her own pussy soaked at the thought of being his pretty fuck doll.

“Perhaps we should add a marking of some kind that would label the new Muneca Linda as such.” Melinda said stepping close. “Her new name tattooed across her back in a beautiful font.”

Rodrigo spun her causing Muñeca to gasp at his movement. “Yes. Yes. Right here.” He said tracing his fingers across her upper back. “A Latin type font for my heritage.” He said.

Muñeca shivered as his hands traced the new label across her back. She was facing Melinda now and watched as she lowered her head and took her left nipple into her mouth. She felt Melinda’s sweet lips suck at her breast and play with her nipple ring between her teeth.

“Any additional piercings you’d like to see…” Trent asked from behind the threesome.

“For her purpose as my plaything I’d rather prefer her rings replaced with studs.” Rodrigo said as his hands roamed over her backside and hips. “I will say I’ve always preferred my slaves with lip piercings and belly jewelry.”

“We can make that happen.” Trent said “Which lip and side?” He watched and Rodrigo leaned Muñeca head back and their lips met. Trent watched his two companions maul the petite Latina beauty bound so strictly.

“Bottom lips left side.” Rodrigo said as Muñeca’s lips left his. “Septum ring too.” He said as his hand slid between her asscheeks in search of her pussy. Two fingers slid inside her wet slit easily as he finger fucked his property.

“Those can be quite humiliating,” Trent said with a smile watching Muñeca moan and writhe between Rodrigo and Melinda. Melinda had switched breasts and her lips soaked Muñeca’s tits in her saliva.

“They can, but they can make it easy to identify my property when needed.” Rodrigo said as his fingers fucked her soaking wet cunt.

Trent pulled out his phone and began taking notes. “We can take care of all those requests. How would you like her breast marked where it says ‘owner’?”

“Our company logo will suffice, it’s a long held mark of our family and in the matching ink of her tattoo will suffice. We will handle branding her when the time comes. We brand our slaves in house.” His hand moved down to the backside of Muñeca’s left thigh just below her ass.

She moaned and gasp knowing his hand was signalling where the hot branding iron would singe and burn her flesh. She squeezed and gripped her pussy hard on the invading fingers letting him know his Muñeca would take her brand willingly and the pain that accompanies it. She threw her head back in abject pleasure as his fingers moved faster.

“You’ve already said her breasts are adequate as is. Would you like her physical appearance modified in any other ways?” Trent asked xslot Güncel Giriş watching the scene.

“Yes…” Rodrigo said his fingers moving faster. Both Melinda and Muñeca moaning as they pleasured each other. “She’s fit and I want her to stay that way. Schedule her for at least an hour of exercise and physical exertion every day.”

His own cock strained in his pants pressed to her bare thigh thinking of how he would change her. He thought her partners and coworkers would never recognize her when he was done. He’d be able to walk her right into her old office, toss her naked body onto her old desk and let employee after employee run a train on her without knowing who the new office whore was.

“I’ve always liked my fucktoys blonde…” he said cruelly. “A blonde Latina just screams pretty fuckdoll, don’t you think so?”

“Permission to cum, master?” Muñeca begging hearing his words. She had been near her limit but the thought of being made a blonde pushed her over the edge.

“I think not…” he said sliding his fingers out and stepping away. “I expect she receives intense orgasm training. My slaves are expected to cum on command and never before permission is granted.”

Melinda smiled wickedly. “That’s just so happens to be a speciality of mine.” She looked deep into the brown eyes of the suspended and now dangling Muñeca.

Muneca slowly painted, coming down from the high of near peak. Her body was beginning to glisten with sweat and she knew Melinda would put her through her paces. She didn’t hear Rodrigo drop his pants but she felt him return and grip the inside of her thighs firmly. His hands spread her thighs wide and picked her up higher to be impaled on his rigid member.

She watched Melinda drop to her knees between her lewdly spread legs and suck the thick cock of Rodrigo that was protruding under her cunt. She lathered up the thick dick and Rodrigo simply said. “She will need extensive anal training as well.” Muñeca writhed and moaned knowing what was coming next.

She’d had a full week of anal sex to prepare, but as her new master eased his cockhead against her rosebud she flinched and did her best to relax. It did little to stifle the intense pain she was feeling wrapped around him. Inch by painful inch impaled on him as he used her own weight to sink her lower. She screamed loud in a mixture of the pain and pleasure.

Melinda was now standing beside Muñeca’s face. “Tell your new master how good his cock feels in that slave ass of yours. You know exactly what your holes are made for.” She whispered into her ear, grinning in victory.

“Agh! Thank you Master for using your Muñeca Linda’s holes. I will promise to use them however you command.” She said through the pain of his slow fucking of her ass. She felt her perfect tight ass flatten as she was impaled each time he lifted her and dropped her down.

“Keep telling him how good a fucktoy you are…” Melinda said sensually and she lowered again to her knees and took her lips to Muñeca’s leaking cunt. Muñeca screamed again as Melinda sucked her throbbing clit into her lips and licked her shaven mound.

“Fuck me Master… fuck my ass… use it for your pleasure… Thank you Mistress for pleasuring my clit… please allow me to cum for you…” Muñeca begged and moaned as the pair used her like their plaything.

“No…” was said sternly behind her as Rodrigo picked up his pace. “A good Fuckdoll will ensure those she pleases reach their climaxes first.”

Muñeca groaned deeply feeling his cock repeatedly impale her ass while denying the release of the pleasure Melinda’s tongue was bringing. “I’ll make sure by the time we ship her that’s she has control of her slutty orgasms.” Melinda said before vibrating her lips against Muñeca’s mound. “She’ll cum on command and edge until she’s granted permission.” She muttered still pleasing her.

Muñeca felt her mind starting to slip between the pleasure and pain. The anal sex hurt but the pain seemed to only arouse her pussy further. She felt Melinda’s expert tongue slip inside her lips and begin slowly fuck her soaking slit. She fought back the urge to cum hard on Melinda’s face.

“How would you like to handle her birth control?” Trent said stepping closer. “We can have her extra fertile or prevent her breeding all together.”

“I don’t… wish her… to be able… to breed…” Rodrigo said between thrusts. Each word accentuated his power and control over her body.

“I will notify our doctor when he makes the other modifications.” Trent said running a hand over the flat taunt bouncing stomach of Muñeca. His mind wandered for a moment to how beautiful she would look crawling around belly swollen with child. He thought it a pity her owner didn’t quite see the same potential for her young fertile body. As he took his hand away, he made a mental note to make sure the doctor made the process temporary should her ownership change and a new master felt as he did.

Muñeca heard every word of their short conversation. Something about her owner controlling her bodily functions pushed her closer and closer to an edge she didn’t want to reach. She felt Melinda push her tongue against her clit and grind it back and forth.

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