Keeping A Promise


Beth was 38, seperated with two kids, Jeff, who was 18 and Sharon, who 19.

Kevin, her ex-husband, was a pig.

He would demand that Beth did your wifely duties, clean the house, cook the food, take care of the kids and spread your legs with he demanded sex. Sixteen years of marriage to Kevin was to just much and she was thinking about asking for a divorce, when out of the blue, Kevin came home one day and told Beth he was leaving.

Beth was shocked at first but thanked her lucky stars she wasn’t going to the one asking for the divorce now.

Beth had now gone without sex for nearly four years now and to make matters worse, Kevin would come around every weekend just to tournt and tease her.

He would the reason that he was just visiting the kids but ended up rubbing his hands over her ass cheeks, grabbing a handful of her breasts or sliding his hands between her legs to voilently rubbing her aching, sex starved pussy.

“Suck my cock and swallow my cum and I might leave Lillian and come back to you” kevin would always say.

That of course was the que for him to leave and let Beth take care of her sexual frustration by herself.

Beth of course would go down to her room the minute she saw Kevins car pull out of the driveway, strip off her soaked panties, lay on the bed and furiously finger fuck her pussy till she came.

“You really do have to go out and find yourself a man for the night mum” Sharon would always tell her when Beth had enough strength to walk back into the lounge.

“Maybe one day I promise but not right now, I’m alright dear” Beth would reply, sitting herself down on the couch, in front of the television to finish folding the washing, taking up where she left off before Kevin showed up.

It was on one of these weekends that Beth decided to take her daughter advise and visit the local bar with her girlfriend Lynda.

Lynda would try and persuade Beth to come out with her and meet some of the boys, so when beth agreed, Lynda was over like a shot, dressing Beth up, picking out her clothes, doing her makeup, even telling Beth what kind of knickers she should wear.

Eventually when Beth was ready, Lynda took her out for a night on the town, visiting every bar, male strip joint and introducing Beth to every man Lynda knew.

In the end, Beth fell for a good looking guy by the name of Mikey.

Mikey was six foot four, lean, muscular and when Beth checked out his pants, she had the shock of her life.

Mikey was sporting a hard-on that Beth couldnt take her eyes from.

Comparing Mikey to Kevin, Mikey won hands down and Beth wanted his hands down between her legs. At the end of the night she had more down between her legs apart from Mikey’s hands.

Beth couldn’t even wait till she had Mikey through the door, when she got out of the car, she instantly tore at his clothes, ripping off his shirt to run her hands over his muscular chest and down over his muscle ridden stomach.

“You are horny aren’t are you” Mikey said holding Beth’s hands as she started to pull down his pants.

“You try going without sex for four years” Beth moaned pulling Mikey through the front door and onto the couch.

Beth ripped open her shirt, showing Mikey her beautiful firm breasts, enclosed behind her see through skimp bikini bra.

Mikey’s dick instantly grew when Beth shimmeyed out of her tight skirt to knee in between Mikey’s legs Mikey didnt resist as Beth pulled his pants off and izmir escort bayan yanked down his boxer shorts to release the only thing she wanted, his manhood.

Beth let out a loud gasp when Mikey’s 10″ dick sprung straight up into the air, inches from Beth mouth.

The only time Beth had sucked on a mans dick, she was eighteen and she only did it on a dare for a chance to get into the popular club, it had turned out disasterous, she bit on the boys gland, stratching the skin of the shaft from her braces and gagging from the load that exploded into her mouth before throwing up all over the guys shoes.

Beth’s hands were shaky as she held Mikey’s manhood, looking at the precum that slowly spewed from the eye.

“fuck it, his cock is mine and I want it” Beth thought to herself as she lowered her head down, engulfing mikey’s dick, sliding it right to the back of her throat.

Beth had only seen one porno in her life and tried to remember how the girls on the film sucked cock and imitated everything they did.

Mikey grabbed the side of the couch as Beth’s head bobbed up and down on his dick as she pumped her hand up and down the shaft.

Just as Mikey was about to announce that he was about to cum, there was a loud knock on the door.

“FUCK” Beth screamed, kissing the bulbess head of Mikey’s dick before getting up and stomping to answer the door.

“What the fuck do you want Kevin, I’m busy so make it short” Beth said not worrying to close up the front of her shirt or worry about standing there in her bikini g-string.

“Masturbating again,” Kevin chuckled “I thought I could lend you a hand or even a cock if you’re interested, remember all you have to do is suck my cock and swallow my cum and I’ll cum back to you, you know”

Beth didnt move as Kevins finger slid under the thin material to slide easily between her pussy. She felt her clit vibrate as Kevin continued, slipping into the hot folds of her pussy lips.

“I said make it short, I’ve got company” Beth said her pussy trembling as she felt Kevins finger slide up into her pussy canal.

“Come on Beth, let me fuck you one more time for old time sake, I know you want to” Kevin said reaching out his hand to slip a finger inside her bikini g-string.

This only enflamed her sexual need even more, she desoerately wanted to get back to Mikey and that 10″ inch dick of his.

Beth had to think fast before her long over due fuck a got to tired and went home.

“Listen Kevin, I have myself a man now and his cock is the only one I’ll suck and it’ll be his cum I’ll swallow and I’ll tell you something else, I’m going to let him fuck my ass, something you’ve always nagged me about to do, I promise that I’ll always have my legs open for him so fuck off” Beth growled slapping Kevins hands away when he reached out his other hand to fondle her breasts.

Beth felt good, spinning around to face Mikey who was still sitting on the couch, this time absolutely naked.

Beth felt ten times as horny as she was before. Kevin had actually done her a favor by getting her pussy hot and wet as she stood in the doorway.

“Now where were we, ah yes that’s right, your cock and my hungry pussy” Beth said stripping off the rest of her clothes, giving Mikey a good veiw of her firm breasts and well shaven pussy.

Beth strutted of to Mikey, throwing her leg over his hips.

Before she had a chance to lower herself onto Mikey’s dick, Mikey clamped his hands escort izmir on her ass cheeks and drove his face into her pussy.

Beth gasped out loud as she felt Mikey’s tongue slide over her clit before sliding it’s way up into her pussy canal.

“Oh god yes” Beth moaned holding onto Mikey’s head as she punched and squeezed at her breasts and nipples.

Beths mind reeled as wave after wave of esctasy flooded over her bloody, she couldn’t help but to cry out “EAT MY PUSSY BABY, OH GOD EAT ME”. It didn’t take long before her first orgasm for the night came practically instantly.

“OH FUCKEN HELL” Beth screamed as she pushed Mikey’s face harder against her waton pussy, flooding his mouth with her juices.

Of course that was the first of many orgasms Beth had as Mikey continued to suck and lick at her pussy even when she tried to push Mikey away.

“Please fuck me………. I need it please……………. let me have your cock…………….. I need to feel it inside” Beth moaned as she kissed Mikey’s lips with a hunger she never thought she would ever feel again.

“Only if you keep your promise” Mikey said as he gently massaged Beths hotly soaked pussy.

“What promise” Beth asked trying to remember if she made Mikey any promises at the bar or at the strip joint.

“The ones you made to your ex-husband remember”

“Only if you promise that this isn’t just a one night stand, I need a man Mikey, not a part time lover”

“I will keep my promise to fuck you everynite and everyday if you want me”

“Mikey, this isn’t a one night stand is it Mikey, I need to know”

“No this isn’t a one night stand Beth, I’ve wanted you ever since I first saw you walk in Joe’s Place tonite, that’s why Lynda introduced us, you will be my girlfriend won’t you” Mikey said slidi two fingers deep into Beth’s sensitive.

“Yes, oh yes, I’ll be your girlfriend Mikey” Beth moaned pushing down onto Mikey’s fingers.

“Then here’s your reward” Mikey said pulling his fingers out of Beth’s pussy, grabbing his stiff dick and placing the tip just outside her pussy, rubbing it gently back and forward, making Beth moaned even more.

Beth knew what was coming next, she relished it, her body screamed for it, she wanted it, she knew she going to love this more than life itself. She felt Mikey’s knob slide back and forth through her pussy lips, over her swollen clit before sliding back between your pussy lips. Beth’s body trembled as she held onto Mikey’s shoulers while he expectly nibbled at her stiff nipples.

Beth groaned deeply in her throat as Mikey sucked as much of her left breast into his mouth as he could before attacking her right tit.

“Now for god sake before I scream” Beth moaned as she felt her legs began to give out on her.

“You want it, you got it” Mikey said pulling Beth down onto his rigid manhood.

“OH FUCK………OH SHIT……..GEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSS” Beth screamed as one of the most powerful orgasm she’d had ever had rocked her body and mind.

Beth bounced up and down on Mikey’s cock for all she was worth.

Nothing could stop her now, she waited too long, the feel of the bulbess head crashing into the back wall of her pussy, the feel of the muscular shaft as it slid in and out of the entrance, his wirely pubic hair stantalizing her clit, her breasts bounced up and down in time with her thrusting.

“No no, please don’t move, let me just enjoy myself please” izmir escort Beth moaned pushing Mikey back down against the couch when he sat up and grabbed her ass cheeks, parting them wide.

Mikey put his hands behind his head and sat back to enjoy the show.

He enjoyed watching and watching Beth bounce up and down on his cock made it feel like it had grown another two inches longer.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion as he watched Beth’s breasts bounce up and down, her stiff nipples sticking out like warning beacons on two firm mountains.

He especially enjoyed looking at Beth’s pussy lips as they sucked on the shaft of his cock. The way they spread wide open to accommodate his cock and close back up again when Beth raised her body up so that his gland rested lightly between her pussy lips.

“Oh god this feels sssssssoooooooooooo good, I could do this all night, do you want to fuck my pussy all night Mikey, fuck me with this beautiful cock of yours, making me cum again and again, do you like my pussy sliding up and down your cock, do you know how horny I am right now, man are you gonna fuck me all night long mikey, fuck me and make me cum again” Beth rambled on as she plunged your hot pussy down harshly before raising herself up to plunge herself back down again.

Beth seemed to embrace her new found freedom and she was going to get the utmost out of it. Mikey of course was enjoying the feeling of Beth’s hot pussy wrapped around his cock. He could hadly believe a woman of her age having such a tight pussy.

“God woman you’re tight…’re making me cum” Mikey moaned as he felt his balls tighten before shooting load after load of cum into Beth’s pussy.

That’s what Beth had been waiting for, she wanted to feel Mikey’s cum, she want him to unload inside her, she had been waiting for so long.

“Cum inside me baby, fill me, I want to feel it, I want to feel you cum” Beth moaned grinding your pussy harder onto Mikey’s cock.

“Oh god yyoooouurrrr ttttiiiiiggghhhhttttt, ffffffuuuuuuucccckkkeeennnn hhhhhhooooottttt” Mikey moaned pushing upwards so that he could blow his load of cum in deep as he could.

The feel of Mikey’s hot load of cum exploding inside her was just too much, hitting the back of her pussy, erupting like an active volcanoe

“OH GOD I FEEL IT, IT’S MAKING ME CUM TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Beth screamed reaching upwards to the roof as she too orgasmed with Mikey.

Beth was feeling whole again, she had missed having a man’s cock inside her sex starved pussy. She also thought to herself that she wasn’t going to let this one go for anything and she meant anything. She was going to keep her promises and Mikey was going to stay.


He had seen everything, heard everything, heard Beth scream that she was cumming, saw her raise her hands skywards as if thanking god before collapsing onto the guy’s chest.

He had been watching through the split in the curtains, through the window.

He watched as Beth slid off the guys lap and place herself between his legs.

He felt pain inside as he watched Beth suck on the guys cock, vigoriously pumping her hand up and down the shaft of that cock.

He saw Beth’s cheeks swell and then swallow as fast as she could, swallowing the guy’s hot load of cum.

He had always wanted Beth to do that to him but he couldn’t wait, he found a woman who did it once and had never done it again.

Kevin turned away from the window and walked slowly to his car, he got in and drove away “How could I have been so stupid, losing the only woman I’ve ever loved to my own selfishness” Kevin thought to himself as he drove home to lillian.

To be continued.

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