Kelly: Austin


The smell of him was intensely arousing; a musky, masculine smell that just said sex. What she wanted. What she needed. Sex. To feel that connection, that fulfillment that only came from taking him into her.

And the more of him she took into her mouth, the more intense the smell got. It was making her wet just to be this close to him, her senses filled with the scent of him.

Kelly swallowed and continued to slide her lips up and down his shaft, not taking him into her mouth, just sliding up along the length of him. As she did so, she marveled at the circumstances that had brought her to this wonderful state. Days ago she’d been in control, a career woman with goals and aspirations for success. But that had been before he’d taken her in her own backyard and made her his.

Now here she was, on her knees in front of this man, a naked slut greedily worshipping that which she needed most: His cock.

She couldn’t say why she craved his cock so, whether there was some intrinsic addiction at play, only that this was where she was meant to be, here before him in a hotel room far from home. Lovingly, greedily, she moved down to lick and suck his scrotum, reveling in the feel of his balls moving within their delicate sac. His skin was clean and warm, tasting of nothing but the afternoon’s sunshine.

But that smell, it was everywhere, filling her with the certainty of why she had come to Texas. He’d been sent here on business. She was supposed to be home spending the weekend with friends. But then the plane ticket had arrived at her office on Friday morning. Inside was a simple handwritten note. It gave her a locker number at the airport and a hotel in Austin.

It had taken her all of about an hour to decide to go. Without so much as a phone call to her friends, she’d taken the rest of the day and raced to the airport. The locker had a small traveling suitcase for her – that much she discovered in the ladies’ room. Nothing more than some toiletries, a pair of stiletto heels and a blindfold. Her face was crimson when she put it through the scanner, but the guard had only looked at her and said “Go get him.” with a smile. And so she had gone. Because she had to.

Because it was his cock she craved; his cock that she thought of when she lay alone in her bed. No other would do; fulfillment only came when she was here, bound to his shaft by her lusts. She’d had other men, callous fools who’d spurned her desires and advances. Frightened by the ready expression of her sexuality, they rejected her.

But not Corm.

He’d taken her appetites and turned them back on her, affirming her cravings with unspoken acceptance, using her own desires to channel their lovemaking to new heights of ecstasy. Others had happily used her desires to slake their own lusts; he celebrated them with nights of passion that made her swoon. Whatever she wanted, he gave her, she had but to ask; no act was shameful, no request caused any rebuke. Thus, when he had summoned her to him, to this distant hotel room in Austin, she had eagerly come. How could she do otherwise?

Kelly closed her eyes as she ran her tongue over his hard shaft, feeling him twitch and pulse in response. He was close, she knew. Soon he would erupt, unable to resist her talents any further. Soon he would soak her with Escort Etlik his hot seed, spasming out his joy onto her face, her breasts, her blonde hair…she didn’t care, she couldn’t wait.

She needed to feel him, to taste him, to envelop him. Her body craved his embrace, ached for that moment when he would drive into her, their bodies meshing into one as he filled her with his cock. It was too much; her left hand snaked down across her body, brushing deliriously across her breasts to descend to her throbbing pussy. Kelly was wet, dripping with the hunger to mount him, to merge into one being. Her labia were full and slick as she slid two fingers down between them to rest on her clit. Gently at first, and then with greater urgency, she began to stroke herself, feeling the first stirrings of that larger fire that would soon consume her.

“Not yet, my pet.” His voice disturbed her reverie, and she looked up from his cock to see him reach down to stroke her face. He stood before her, a living expression of what could be if she only surrendered. Kelly bobbed down, taking the full length of him into her. He groaned in pleasure and spasmed just a bit, smiling at her audacity as his fluid poured out onto her tongue. She savored that taste, the salty essence of him lingering on her tongue as she sat back on her heels and observed her handiwork.

His shaft was straight and hard, steely and coated with her saliva. She reached up with her left hand and gripped him, adding her own wetness to the mix as she stroked him. His eyes closed and his breathing increased. For a moment, she thought he would explode right then, and found to her surprise that she both craved and feared that. Craved it because she longed to be showered in his seed, to feel him rain his desire out upon her; feared it because her own body was taut with desire, and needed the release that only he could give. As she knelt there, gazing lovingly at him, he took one long breath, and regained the control she’d so nearly taken from him.

“Come with me,” he said, offering her his hand. She rose to her feet, and he pulled her into a crushing embrace, his mouth on hers as he kissed her deeply. He could taste himself on her lips, and laughed softly at that. Her body was quivering in anticipation, the round curves of her inviting his hands to explore. He did so eagerly, kissing and nibbling on her neck even as he caressed the small of her back, sliding one finger down between her cheeks to press against her tight brown bud. She shuddered and moaned in his arms, and began to heave against him, a futile effort to somehow mount herself on his cock.

But from that first afternoon weeks ago he’d known just how to tease her, and so continued his ministrations, circling the orifice, exerting gentle pressure now and then as she bucked against his body. Soon she was moaning with abandon, her nipples hard as they pressed into his chest. Dipping his head, he took each in his mouth in turn, noting how she jumped as if shocked, before kissing and sucking on the soft flesh beneath each full mound. All the while, his finger dipped into her, the pressure of it driving her mad with desire.

“Fuck me!” she gasped at last, too aroused to feel anything beyond a blinding need for his cock. She was past the point of caring, past Etlik Escort any feelings of propriety or shame. All she wanted was to feel him in her, to rejoice in the fullness that his cock would bring to her. He ignored her request, and began to slide his finger in and out of her ass in earnest, kissing and nibbling her breasts, shoulders, and neck.

“Say please,” he said at length as he moved back to her mouth, biting her lower lip before kissing her. She tried to focus, tried to think, but couldn’t. Her breasts were on fire, her clit fairly throbbed, and the maddening joy of his finger robbed her of the ability to speak. Frankly, only the strong embrace of his left arm kept her from collapsing.

“Say please,” he said again. This time he stopped, his finger poised at that moment just before it would leave her. Hungrily, she pushed back, trying to fill herself with him once again, but he took his hand away entirely.

SMACK! His hand cracked down on her ass, making her jump. Fiery pain blossomed out, a counter-melody to the waves of ecstasy that were consuming her. It cut through that sexual fog, and yet enhanced it.

“Say please.” Again, that terrible command, forcing her to try and think when all she wanted to do was sink to her knees and take his lovely shaft back into her. Kelly struggled for control, fighting the eddies and swirls of pure lust that coursed through her. If this was to reach its conclusion, if she was going to receive his gift, then she needed to follow his lead, to dance to the tune that he was playing out through her body.

“Please … fuck me … please.” Her breath was ragged, and her mind whirled. Mere minutes ago he’d been at her mercy, twitching and throbbing in her mouth, a creature of her will as she sucked his cock with all her formidable skills. Now she was totally at his mercy, willing to do practically anything to ease the pulsing ache in her pussy.


To her surprise he spanked her again, pulling her head back with a fistful of blonde curls as he did so. He kissed her briefly, then locked eyes. His other hand rested on her ass, centered on the heat he’d created.

“What do you want me to do?” His brown eyes bored into her; he knew what she wanted him to do. She wanted him to fuck her, to fill her with his cock, to ride her, to use her as his whore, to bring that final spasming little death that she craved. Forcing her to tell him this was all just part of the exquisite torture; she knew he’d give it to her, knew he craved her body as much as she craved his, but making her tell him so established her role as his lover. Inwardly she thrilled at this little ritual, pleased to be his concubine, the embodiment of womanhood to him.

She looked back at him, her eyes meeting his. “I want you to fuck me.”

He smiled.

Taking her by the hand, he led her to a white ottoman that dominated the room. He laid her down upon it, pausing briefly to kiss her on the lips as she lay back, before moving down her body. Light kisses and nibbles made her shiver as he made his way across the wonderful length of her. Her breasts rose and fell with ragged gasps, and she jumped once more as he took her nipple into his mouth, rolling it beneath his tongue before biting it gently.

Focused as she Etlik Escort Bayan was on this oral attention, the sudden presence of his hand upon her pussy made her gasp. His thumb and forefinger found her clit and began to massage it, using the very folds of her to torment her with pleasure. Kelly was slick with her own wetness, and writhed at this new attention, surprised that she could become any more aroused. Still, he lingered on her breasts, sucking and nibbling the entirety of them, taking his time with her.

Arching her back, she offered herself to him, and he responded. Two fingers entered her, sliding into the tight passage to hook up and pressure her hidden spot, while the thumb remained in place, kneading the flesh that hooded her clit. Slowly, the fingers withdrew, only to plunge in again with agonizing deliberation.

She could feel herself building to climax, if he continued she wouldn’t be able to stop herself. Moaning and thrashing her head about, she begged him to stop, babbling that she needed his cock, only his cock, please.

He raised his head and met her fevered gaze, and smiled. “I know.” And began to move his hand faster, withdrawing almost to the entirety before delving in again to worry her g-spot. A charge began to build in her, wracking her body with spasms as she fought to ward off the coming orgasm. Without his cock she couldn’t come, an understanding she’d discovered to no small horror since that first day when he’d taken her in her bedroom.

No toy, no amount of manual stimulation could achieve these. She’d tried, again and again, only to find herself spent and frustrated, unfulfilled. Would he really force her to suffer that? They’d been apart for so long, she couldn’t believe he’d be this cruel to her, he couldn’t deny her the very release that she’d come to Austin to find.

“Kelly,” his voice was soft and gentle, a marked contrast to the vigor with which their bodies moved against one another. She managed to break free of her fugue and look at him, biting her lower lip to retain control. His brown eyes were warm and accepting, and she felt safe, safe to be herself, safe to be the woman she was.

He looked at her for those few final moments, as her orgasm built to its finality. She bucked and thrashed against him, the smell of her sex heavy in the air, the noisy sounds of their lovemaking filling the hotel suite. At last he leaned down, hovering over one nipple.

“Come for me,” he said, before taking her in his mouth. The combination of this new pleasure and the simple permission to revel in her own body sent her over the edge. She laughed out her orgasm as it cracked through her body; it was her way, and one that he enjoyed. Her pussy gripped his fingers as he caressed her G-spot, even as the rest of her heaved against him. She could feel his hard shaft against her, and wanted it, but simply couldn’t think, stunned as she was by the waves of pleasure that filled her. After so long, after numberless nights of being unable to come, he’d unlocked her. Just like that. He made it seem so simple that it was maddening. What power did he have over her that he could play her body like this, like an instrument of lust?

She didn’t know. She didn’t care. As long as she could receive his gifts like this, she would be happy.

Finally, Kelly collapsed back onto the ottoman, her whole body feverish from the ordeal of it all. He kissed her gently, watching her as she struggled to regain her composure.

“What about you?” she asked at last.

He laughed. “Who said we were finished?”

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