Kelly MacGuire – Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 05


A few Saturdays later, Dan was putting his breakfast dishes away and cleaning up his condo. As he cleaned, he opened the windows to get some fresh air circulating. It was a great fall day, sunny with a slight breeze, still warm enough – though barely – for shorts and a t-shirt. Some friends were coming by in an hour or so to pick him up. They were going to watch the USC game at Paradise Park in Bucktown.As he returned to his condo from the recycling bin, the keypad next to the front door chirped twice, indicating a visitor at the front door. Though he wasn’t expecting anyone this early, he tapped the “talk” button on the keypad. “Hello?””It’s me,” he heard clearly. The voice was unmistakable, and Dan was surprised at her unannounced appearance. Without saying a word, he buzzed Kelly through the security doors. Giving her a minute or so to ascend in the elevator, Dan opened the door and waited for her to round the corner from the elevator bank. But his first sighting was not of Kelly.Instead, he saw a slightly worn Bugaboo stroller round the corner, a toddler strapped into the seat, her head at such an angle that it was obvious she was deep in a nap. It was followed only a moment later by Kelly.‘Jesus Christ,’ he thought. ‘Takes the kid out for a walk, leaving her husband at home, and comes over here?'”Well, what do we have here?” he inquired with false innocence.”We were out for a walk and I thought I’d stop by and say hi,” she responded as she brought the stroller to a stop at the threshold of Dan’s condo. “Is that all right? Busy?””Of course, of course. Come on in,” he offered, moving aside so Kelly and the stroller could enter. As she passed him, she gave Dan a quick, chaste peck on the cheek, leaving a smear of pink lipstick on his cheek. Her lovely scent wafted in the air as she parked the stroller in front of the floor-to-ceiling window that offered a magnificent view of a park beneath and the city skyline beyond.Closing the door, Dan moved to his couch as he took in the beauty of the woman. Here it was, a Saturday morning, and she was put together. Driving moccasins on her dainty feet, khaki pedal-pushers below her trim waste, and a white, cotton oxford above, hugging her phenomenal tits. A simple platinum pendant hung from her neck. Her make-up was lightly applied – she didn’t really need to wear much, and often didn’t – and her light pink nails looked like they’d just been done. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail.”In the neighborhood, huh?” Dan questioned, falling into the corner of the couch.”Yeah, I just wanted us to get some fresh air.”Dan nodded slowly but said, “This isn’t really your neighborhood. Quite a walk.””I suppose,” she responded, somewhat sheepishly, as she sat beside him.”Well, I guess it’s the exercise that keeps that hot body in shape, huh?””Plenty of it,” she responded with a smirk, her hand lightly rubbing his bare thigh. Dan shivered at her touch, the way her nails lightly scraped the flesh of his leg. He could feel the warmth of her hand radiate throughout his body. But this was a little weird, even for him. Her daughter was not ten feet away.  Sure, she was fast asleep but…what the fuck?”Uh, Kelly. Maybe you shouldn’t do that. You might start something that you can’t finish…not right now, anyway.””Oh, I can finish,” she purred, moving to lean her lush body against Dan. He felt her full tits press against his arm. Her slender fingers danced upward and snaked beneath the opening of his shorts.  The fabric caught momentarily on her engagement ring, but that provided only a temporary obstacle.”Your daughter’s right there, Kelly. We shouldn’t do this. Not in front of her,” he said without much conviction. Kelly’s warm hand had found his thickening cock behind his boxers, and he felt her long nails scrape along his balls before her fingers encircled the shaft.”We’re not in front of her, Dan. The window is in front of her. We’re behind her. We can fuck behind her back and she’ll never know, just like we do behind Mike’s back,” she said, her hand stroking Dan’s swelling shaft. She managed to gather some pre-cum from the tip to serve as lubrication. “Besides,” she continued, as she leaned up and nibbled Dan’s earlobe, “I had plenty of cock in my cheating cunt when she was in the womb. No reason to avoid cock just because she’s in the room.” Kelly giggled at her rhyme, and Dan couldn’t really fault the logic. Of course, his cognitive abilities were quickly slipping away and vanished altogether when Kelly’s manicured hand found his zipper and, releasing it, fished his cock out of his shorts.Dan realized they were picking up where they left off last time. He settled back further into the corner of the couch, on pins and needles as he waited for Kelly’s story to unfold.She leaned down and spit a copious amount of saliva onto his shaft and began stroking it with her left hand. As her soft voice and the rhythmic shucking of her fist along the length of his cock carried to his ears, Dan closed his eyes and settled in for the ride.***Kelly was seven months into her pregnancy. She was definitely showing, her hard, sexy belly stretched out before her, her belly button now an outie. She was thankful that she carried her pregnancy weight mostly in her stomach and breasts.  Her legs were still trim and her ass was still taut.  One could not discern her pregnant state by looking at her face; she remained as beautiful as ever.Nonetheless, the pregnancy took a lot out of her. She was often fatigued, and even cranky at times, but when energy came, she took advantage and exercised, ran errands, or just went for walks.On this May day, Kelly, full of energy, decided that she would go for a long walk. The weather was beautiful and spring was in the air, as they say. Earlier that day, she had seen Mike off to work and had then taken a shower.Getting dressed, Kelly spied herself in the full-length mirror that hung on the bathroom wall. Without being conceited, şişman gaziantep escort she knew she was a beautiful woman. Often, she dressed to please, not just Mike or herself, but anyone else who cared to view her body. This morning was no different. It was still a little cool, so she threw on a pair of comfortable cotton pants. After stuffing her massive tits – bloating wildly with the pregnancy – into her bra, she pulled a white, long-sleeve cotton t-shirt over her head. It fit snugly around her upper body, but it still fit. It was made from material that stretched to accommodate her expanding belly and bra line. Stretched across her giant tits, somewhat distorted due to their size, was the phrase, “We’re Hungry.”She smoothed her light-pink-manicured fingers across the words, trying to straighten them, but failed. Looking in the mirror before heading out, Kelly thought she looked damn good for a woman who was almost ready to drop. Pulling her hair into a ponytail, she gathered her phone and keys and left the walk-up.She walked down the street to the local Starbucks for a latte. Though her lattes were a daily ritual before her pregnancy, she couldn’t drink coffee often during the pregnancy because of the caffeine. However, her obstetrician said that a little coffee here and there wouldn’t hurt. As she walked the few blocks, she was not immune from noticing the heads she turned. The streets were full of people out enjoying the weather. She passed by other mothers with strollers, men on their way to work, and college students on their way to class at nearby DePaul University. All stared at her as she passed, the mothers because they knew what Kelly was about to go through and sympathized with her, the businessmen and college boys because her massive tits were stretching the fabric of her shirt, her nipples clearly visible.After getting her latte and checking her e-mail and texts at one of the sidewalk tables, she wasted the rest of the morning and early afternoon paying bills and running a few errands. Before going for her walk, she walked down to the corner Seven-Eleven to grab some milk for dinner. On her way back, she passed three college boys on their way to class.She looked at them as they approached, smiling sweetly as they passed. As they did, one of the boys said, “Nice shirt.” Without pausing or even turning around, Kelly thanked him for the compliment, smiling mischievously to herself as she continued on. She knew what the boy was referring to.”I’m hungry, too,” she heard him laugh to his friends.’I’ll bet you are,’ she thought wryly.Kelly returned home with the carton of milk but quickly left for her walk. As she meandered through the streets of Lincoln Park and the DePaul neighborhood, her mind kept flashing back to the three college kids. She and Mike had made love last night, but the kid’s comment about being hungry started her motor revving. Making love was nice, and that was what she did with Mike, but right now she needed more. She didn’t want tenderness or romance or any of that bullshit. Instead, as she continued to turn the kid’s comment over and over in her mind, she worked herself into a frenzy that only a rough, hard fuck could calm. Her nipples thickened, and the fire started to grow in the pit of her belly, her pussy suddenly wet.With barely a conscious thought, Kelly turned the corner and her legs took her toward DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus. She entered the campus from the south and made her way between some buildings and into the quad. She quickly found a bench and sat down, taking a rest, and figuring out how to go about quenching her thirst for fucking.As she sat there, she watched the students enjoy the afternoon, tossing Frisbees and lounging on the lawn. She noticed that the girls dressed differently now from when she was in school. She had noticed before, but never put much thought into it. Short-shorts, midriffs showing.  So provocative.  She didn’t judge, though.  After all, she was sitting in the middle of a college campus with a tight top stretched across her tits with its provocation writ large.The college boys stared at her as they walked by. She could feel the lust emanating from their gawking, and it only served to fuel her own needs. Her nipples swelled again underneath the tight-fitting top.  Her cunt stirred. But she felt like a chicken hawk, a grown woman in her mid-thirties, sitting in the middle of a college campus thinking about fucking these college boys. It didn’t help matters that she was seven months pregnant, with a belly out to here. She didn’t want to be too aggressive in this environment, and thus sat back against the bench, and waited to see what might come from the afternoon. She wouldn’t have to wait long.Chad was just getting out of class as the thoughts of fucking college boys filtered through Kelly’s lust-addled brain. He was on his way back to his dorm room when he spotted the pregnant woman sitting on one of the benches in the quad. There was no question it was the woman he had seen earlier.  “We’re Hungry,” emblazoned across her chest.Kelly didn’t see him as he approached. She was daydreaming, lost in the growing need to feel a young cock penetrate her pregnant cunt.Chad, standing a few feet to her blindside, startled her back to reality. “Still hungry?”She turned to face him, her sweet smile lighting up his world. She hesitated a moment, then recognized him from earlier in the day.  “Always,” she said softly. After a pause, “Care to join me?””Sure.” Taking a seat on the bench next to Kelly, he extended his hand and introduced himself. “I’m Chad.””Kelly,” she responded, offering her own. It was soft and warm, and Chad’s heart started to beat a little faster at her touch.”What brings you here this afternoon?”Kelly almost rolled her eyes. ‘Not much of a pick-up line, college boy,’ she thought. Aloud, she said, “Just out for a stroll, that’s all. And you?”Chad gaziantep şişman escort pointed to his backpack. “I just got out of class, freshman biology. I’m going back to my dorm room to study a little.”Kelly was surprised that Chad was a freshman. He looked a little older. Still like a college kid, no doubt, what with the way he was dressed, but she had guessed he was a little older, maybe a junior or senior. Not eighteen. The realization that he was a teenager hit Kelly in the stomach, but in a good way. She hadn’t fucked an energetic teenager in years. Sure, he was legal, no jailbait, but still a teenager. The thought of his young cock abusing her little married body sent shivers up her spine.”Mmmm. I thought all the dorms were on campus.” Kelly turned so that she was facing him more directly, and put her arm over the back of the park bench, causing her bloated breasts to thrust forward even more. Her thick nipples tented the fabric, causing even further distortion to the provocative words stretched across her swollen tits.”They are. My dorm’s right over there,” he almost stuttered, indicating a large, red-brick building behind him. Chad could barely keep his eyes off Kelly’s body. Her face was beautiful enough to look at, but her body was just too much to ignore. He tried to maintain contact with her bright blue eyes, but his gaze kept straying to those massive tits and engorged nipples. ‘God, I would love to fuck this chick,’ he thought. ‘Pregnant, too.’ Chad’s fat cock was now causing an uncomfortable tightness in his boxers, and he barely heard her next words.”When I saw you earlier, I assumed you lived off campus.”That she remembered seeing him startled the kid for a moment.  “Right, um, I forgot I saw you earlier.”Kelly nodded, a soft smirk on her lips.  “Right, um, was it you who said you were hungry, too?”Chad blushed furiously.  “Nah, that was…that was Eric.”  He paused and licked his lips nervously.  “Anyway, I was just at a friend’s apartment before class, and we were walking back to campus.”Kelly could almost read his mind. College boys were all the same, and it never changed. She knew she could be back in his dorm room within five minutes if she wanted to be. But did she want to be?  It was a question that answered itself.She leaned closer to him, her angelic face within a foot of his, her sparkling blue eyes glittering in the sunlight. “Wanna show me your dorm room?” she asked, pure lust dripping from her soft pink lips.”Mmm, sure, I guess,” he answered anxiously, his big brown eyes flitting left and right. “Not much to see, though.”Kelly scooted a little closer to him and whispered, “Don’t be so dense, Chad. I don’t really care what your room looks like. We’re not going there so I can get a tour, are we?” she asked rhetorically. When he didn’t respond, she continued, “I want you to take my hand and lead me from this park bench. Walk me across the quad so everyone can see that Chad is taking a married pregnant lady back to his dorm room. When we get to your dorm room, you can spend a minute or two showing me all its architectural features, if you want.” Her tone was condescending. “But after the tour, I want to you to fuck my little…cheating…cunt…and drop your young cum all…over…my…pretty…face.”  She paused, an eyebrow arched. “All right?”As nervous as he was, Chad needed no further encouragement. He grabbed Kelly’s left hand and felt the 3-carat diamond press into his palm. He pulled her from the bench and marched across the quad toward his dorm building. Kelly trailed slightly behind him, but there was no mistaking that she was a willing participant. There was too much bounce in her step – and, consequentially, too much bounce in her chest.  And of course, that radiating smile.As they walked, several eyes were on them. A crude kid with dreadlocks, dirty shorts, and a tie-dye yelled out, “Nice work, Bingham.” Kelly gathered that that was Chad’s last name.He and Kelly entered the dorm building hand-in-hand and waited for the elevator to arrive on the first floor. Two girls, obviously students, waited with them. ‘What must they be thinking?’ Kelly thought to herself. ‘On second thought, what am I thinking? I’m about to let a college kid fuck me in his dorm room.’ She shuddered with delight.The ding of the elevator arriving cut short Kelly’s self-examination. Instead, she, Chad, and the two girls got in the elevator and waited as it ascended. The doors opened on the third floor and Chad grabbed her hand again and pulled her from the elevator, almost dragging her along in his haste. As she was exiting, Kelly looked over her shoulder at the two girls. “I fucking love college boys,” she teased.As she and Chad hustled wordlessly down the hall and the elevator doors swooshed shut, she heard one of the girls yell, “Slut!!!”Kelly shivered. ‘Yes, I am.’Opening his door, Chad pulled Kelly in after him and shut it, making sure to lock it, too. He pushed her up against the door and leaned in to kiss her lush lips.But Kelly turned her head and ducked under his arms, avoiding his kiss. “What about the tour, Chad?” she teased, walking to the center of the spacious room, looking around while turning on her heel.”Well–” he barely got out, before Kelly interrupted him.”Okay, I’ve seen enough,” she said in a sing-song voice, moving toward the bed and sitting down on its edge. “So, where’s your roommate, college boy?””Don’t have one. I got lucky,” he responded cautiously, still standing by the door, unsure of how to play Kelly’s game.”So, as I see it, we have no roommate to worry about, the door is locked, and you’ve given me the grand tour, such as it is. That about sum things up?” She was now leaning back on her hands, her enormous tits thrust up and out.  The fabric of the top utterly failed to conceal her distended nipples.”Yeah, uh, I think so,” he said, moving towards her. He approached his bed gaziantep şişman escort bayan and stood towering over Kelly, his feet planted between hers.She looked up at him and, pulling the rubber band from her ponytail, shook her hair out. He watched as her lip turned down in a pout.”What? Why are you looking at me like that?” he almost whined.With her left index finger, the diamond of her engagement ring sparkling in the sunlight that poured in through the dorm room’s large window, she drew an imaginary line underneath the phrase “We’re Hungry” that adorned her bloated tits. Losing the pout, she then growled, “Feed me, college boy.”When he made no move, Kelly’s eyes remained on his questioningly. She sighed heavily and, still braced on her right hand, her left hand moved from her bulging tits and a light pink fingernail hooked behind his belt buckle, pulling it free.She raised an eyebrow, hoping to prompt him, but he just stood there.  Still staring intently into his eyes, she popped the button on Chad’s cargo shorts, and her long nails grasped the zipper and slowly pulled it down. Still, he stood there.Kelly hung her lip again.  “Don’t you wanna feed me, Chad?” she asked, batting her long lashes at him.Without waiting for the boy to act, Kelly hooked a finger behind his zipper and pulled his shorts down so they puddled at his feet.  His boxers came next, and Kelly, still fully clothed, found herself staring at Chad’s substantial cock.From his standing position, Chad looked down at this beautiful pregnant woman as her eyes widened in delight at her meal. When her left hand encircled the base of his shaft and tugged, the huge diamond shining in his eyes, he moaned softly. But his breath was taken away when Kelly leaned forward a bit and spit along the shaft.Chad regained his breath as Kelly shucked away at the heated cock, spreading her spit along the flesh. “Oh my god,” he breathed.”You like?” she asked, smiling sweetly up at him from her seated position.”Oh God, yes.””What do you like about it?” she continued before depositing another string of spit along Chad’s cock.”I…uh…it’s…,” he managed to stutter incoherently.”That’s all right, college boy. I know,” she cooed. “You like these big, fat tits, huh? My tight little ass? This protruding belly? Does the prospect of fucking a pregnant woman excite you, Chad?””Yesssss,” he hissed.Chad could take no more.  His knees felt weak, his legs a bit wobbly.  He reached out and placed his open palm on the top of Kelly’s head, pulling her face toward his cock.Just before the bloated head parted her red lips, Kelly let out a groan. “Mmm, yes…feed me,” she muttered, wrapping her unfaithful lips around Chad’s purple cockhead. She leaned forward further and wrapped her arms around Chad’s ass, pulling his cock deeper into her sucking mouth.Bobbing her head back and forth on it, she shivered as it struck the back of her throat. Saliva rolled from her lips and down her chin, before falling to her substantial chest. Her left hand released Chad’s ass and came back around and cupped his balls, gently rolling the heavy orbs through her fingers.The boy’s breathing increased as Kelly manipulated his silky sac, aided by the coolness of her engagement and wedding rings as they slid over the spit-slickened flesh.When her fingers strayed behind his balls to his perineum, the long nails lightly tickling the sensitive spot of skin, she felt him grunt and jerk in her mouth and was surprised when a burst of hot cum shot from the tip of his cock and splashed against the back of her throat. She swallowed once, then twice, savoring the creaminess that slid down her throat, coating her esophagus. With her right hand, she squeezed the base of his cock to ensure that all his cum had been deposited in her mouth, and then licked the head and shaft clean.”That was fast, Chad,” she said disapprovingly, looking up at him. “Hope you’ve got more food for this hungry mommy.” She kept stroking his cock, staring at it intently, delighted that it remained thick and hard. “Mmmm, perfect. Ready for round two?””Mmm-hmm,” he muttered.Kelly pushed him back a step or two and stood so she was facing him. She grabbed the bottom hem of his shirt, pulled it over his head, and then pushed him back onto his bed, leaving him naked and prone.Swaying her hips provocatively at him, she taunted: “What do you want to see first, huh? These fat, milk-engorged tits?” she asked, pushing her large breasts together with her delicate fingers. “Or maybe this tight, little ass?” she teased, turning around and wiggling her cute little bottom at him.Without giving him the chance to answer, she climbed on his prone body and pushed her tits in his face.”Mmmmm,” she heard his muffled groan.Sitting back up, she peeled her t-shirt up over her bulging stomach and then over her gargantuan tits.”Jesus fucking Christ,” he murmured as her expansive bra came into view, her milk-filled breasts almost spilling from the overburdened cups.Kelly reached behind her to unlatch the bra and, as it came loose, fell forward, smothering Chad’s face in her bare tits, the nipples darkened and engorged. She dragged one of them across his panting mouth, grazing his lips lightly.”Suck, college boy,” she muttered and was rewarded with Chad’s lips fastening onto her nipple. “Mmmm…delicious…suck harder…mmmm…yes…more…teeth, Chad, teeth…oh, God!”While Chad nipped and bit her nipples, causing her to groan in unadorned lust, one of Kelly’s hands was busy unbuttoning her pants and pushing them down to her feet. Kicking them off, her thong went next.Kelly pulled a reddened nipple from his mouth and rose to her feet on his bed. Chad opened his eyes to find Kelly’s small feet straddling his hips. Looking further up, where her trim, tanned legs met in a gentle arch, Chad groaned at the sight of her bare cunt, already leaking wetness down the inside of her thighs. His eyes scanned up and over her sexy, pregnant belly.  It bulged so much that, from his angle, Chad could barely make out Kelly’s swollen tits.When his eyes met hers, she smiled softly and began to squat down over his crotch. “Obviously, I fuck my husband.” Her manicured hands massaged her stomach as she continued to lower herself over the prone college student. “Should I fuck you, too?” she whispered as Chad’s cockhead nestled against her slick, bare labia.

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