Key to the Kingdom


[Thanks to sdbnnc for invaluable editing, as well as for her ideas, advice and encouragement.]

Key to the Kingdom

Early at a point in every date, she usually started looking for an exit – a perfunctory goodnight, a hand-job, rarely a blowjob, and occasionally just ducking out. But this time might be different. She brushed against him on purpose, and decided he was worth checking further. He might actually have something, and she wanted to know.

“This is where it gets dicey,” he thought. Most girls – no matter how bold at first – generally turned skittish. He’d be lucky to get a hand-job, but some of them just bailed out without even saying anything. At least she didn’t seem like one of the ones who turn sympathetic; he didn’t want any of that. She seemed polite and patient but fairly direct, and she had a focus others didn’t. It seemed she’d brushed against his crotch on purpose; maybe she was checking to see if the hype was true. But more than that, when she touched him, she looked him in the eye. It wasn’t flirting, and it certainly wasn’t groping. It was more like questioning – taking measure. It didn’t seem to put her off.

Back at her place, they fooled around a little and, after a few minutes, she put her hand on him. He started to swell, just a bit. Right when most girls got unsettled, she led him into the bedroom. Maybe she was one of those who wanted to look so she could say she’d seen it. But she sensed potential; she knew leading him into the bedroom raised the stakes, but she wanted a reality check. She’d never had a date end up in her bed this fast. She stripped down to panties, and she shook her hair as she pulled the cover back to let him slide naked into the far side of the bed. “I hope I won’t regret this,” she sighed silently. His back was to her as he rolled under the bedclothes, so she got no information.

They fooled around a little more in bed, and then she reached down to feel him through the sheet. She shifted gears, needing to be certain. Sliding down the bed along his body, she rubbed her breasts across his chest, his upper belly, and – “Hello, Stranger!” – his rapidly stiffening penis. She wondered who was more stimulated as her breasts glided over his skin, soft chest hair, and smooth cock. His fingers clung to her ass, reluctantly releasing his grip as she slid out of reach, and pulled the top sheet with her. “So long, girl. Will this be the shortest date ever?” he thought.

She noticed he smelled good – clean, with a little sweat, and some light soapy scent; she was intrigued. She knew the faint whiff of sex was from her. It made her happy he smelled good; it encouraged and relaxed her. She was surprised what an important thing his smell was to her. When she touched him through the bedclothes, and felt that upwelling of geologic proportions, it drove her to sudden directness. The friend who hooked them up had promised the moon, and even warned her about too much of a good thing. But she’d been disappointed by promises before; she knew there was no such thing as too much, and wanted to take his full measure right away.

With the sheet pulled back, she got her first look – her mind flashed on a leaping Chinook salmon. His hard arcing penis reminded her of a fish poised in mid-air, the shaft curving up from the root, lunging before falling back so the head brushed his stomach. She could barely discern a steady heartbeat, an almost imperceptible pulsing. His penis angled off a little to the left of center. She was pleased to see it extended almost to his ribs. “Oh, Gosh, I said I wanted big,” she murmured in a quiet voice, “but what am I getting into?” She grinned and thought, “Or what’s getting into me?” She was game. More than interested, she was excited by the sight, and starting to anticipate. “It’s beautiful,” she said softly, without looking at his face. “How big is it?”

Relieved that she didn’t spook, but annoyed by the trophy talk, he shrugged slightly and snapped back, “You’re looking right at it, why are you asking me how big it is?”

“Just wondering,” she deflected, noting his annoyance. She continued looking intently. He felt her scrutiny and added, “Inches aren’t the point. It’s as big as it is. A lot of women think they want big, but when the time comes, they actually don’t – and inches have nothing to do with it. Some women just like it the way it is, some don’t.” She glanced up at him and stared back at it, and said flatly and with complete simplicity, “I think I like it.”

She continued to savor that first look. No question, she’d never seen a man this big, daunting but gorgeous. It was what she had been looking for. “Take a good look,” she thought. “You’ll want to remember this.”

Hoping he wouldn’t notice, she made a fist and held her forearm next to it. The favorable comparison brought up a nervous giggle she immediately tamped down. The lingering smile broke into a broad grin as she continued her scrutiny of his penis. She realized that just looking at it satisfied her deeply and made her happy. She leaned on her elbow so she could cup his penis in her hand, Antalya Escort and then slid it over the length, awkwardly trying to acquaint herself with it. Her hand rested at the base, and she exhaled deeply to calm her excitement. When she looked up at his face, she could see he was watching her carefully. Their eyes locked, and they shared a smile as they recognized the first hurdle had been cleared, and felt the sexual energy kick in for both of them. Neither would back out now.

The overall size claimed her first attention, but the head fascinated her most — round and a little like Darth Vader’s helmet done in pink. It was wide with a taut bridge of skin along the shaft to the head. “What a glorious mushroom,” she thought, keeping the comparisons to herself. Her breath slowed, almost stopping, as she thought about how it might feel inside her.

His shaft was curved and clean with a vein starting near the base, branching up the right side. She traced the vein with her finger. The blue line faded when pressed, but sprang back when she lifted her finger. She grasped it at the base. “It’s gorgeous,” she thought with admiration. “Did you get the genes for this from your father?” she asked. He considered it a strange question, and stared at her to check that she was sincere. Slow to answer, he rocked his head side to side and said, “I’m not sure. I think it actually comes from my mother’s side. She’s Italian, but I think her grandparents were from Persia, and my uncles always joked about it. I don’t know for sure.” She listened attentively and nodded. “What an amazing gift. Do you have any idea how lucky you are?” she asked candidly.

“What you call ‘gift,’ a lot of people call a freak show. I sure didn’t feel lucky growing up.”

“Why not? It’s incredible,” she countered.

“Do you remember anything about being in high school?” he shot back. “Like the stupid name calling? Just think about going into a locker room with this.”

She nodded, “Yeah, but everybody got stupid names in school.”

“Half of my high school called me ‘Woody,’ or ‘Horse,’ or ‘Kong,’ or whatever. My friends – even their moms – even some of my teachers – called me ‘E.T.'”

“Why ‘E.T.,’ for ‘Extra Terrestrial’?”

“No,” he corrected, “for ‘Elephant Thing.’ And, like I said, that was from my friends.”

She considered this, but didn’t change her mind. He added, “The worst part was trying to date high school girls. It was a total train wreck. The first girl I really liked freaked out when she saw it, and word got around. So a bunch of girls each gave me one date so they could see it, and freak out, and then go talk about it too. That was pretty much hell.”

She saw his point, but persisted, “I can see that high school could have been brutal. We were all stupid as kids. But we’re older now, and it’s just so incredible. People must appreciate it. Did you ever do porn movies?”

He tried to explain, “A couple of college friends took some pictures, but they ended up with most of the money. The pictures went up on a gay website with a title like ‘freaks of nature’ or something stupid – it wasn’t exactly a satisfying career option. It’s true that some people freaked out and it used to really bother me. I finally figured out that’s on them. I didn’t choose this thing for myself, and I can’t choose how people react. None of it is really up to me. Is it?”

Then he added, “The whole size thing is nuts anyway. Like with girls’ boobs; ‘bigger is better,’ right? But at some point, it gets ridiculous. My dick just becomes this issue I have to deal with every time I date a girl, and it never ends well.”

“Maybe,” she said evenly, “you haven’t been dating the right girls.” She smiled modestly as she realized she had bragged. “I’ll tell you what I think . . . later.”

The discussion had taken some of the starch out of him, and it. His penis sagged, looking a like a party balloon the morning after. She noticed the change and reached over. She began to knead it gently with both hands, preparing his loaf for her oven. It began to tighten, and she lifted it to her breasts. She cradled it as if supporting a baby’s spine, and then lifted it to brush it with her nipples. She pressed it into her breasts, and thrilled as she felt it continue swelling, arching against her support and regaining its former majesty.

“See? We’re getting along just fine,” she said to him, as if he were a third party. She lowered his penis gently, stroked it boldly, and gazed with satisfaction as she confirmed its full glory. He found her proprietary air toward his cock a bit odd, but not a problem.

Confidently, she took the shaft at the base in a two-handed grip like a baseball bat and waved it around in a circle with a gentle but firm motion. It remained heavy and rock solid but pliable enough to permit her playfulness. He reached down and positioned her hand on a spot below the head. She squeezed there, and stroked. After resting her head on his hip, she used one hand to support it, and the fingers of her other hand to explore Antalya Escort Bayan the skin on top, dawdling here and there, sliding her hand over the shaft where that taut bridge joined the cap. She pressed and rubbed in circles, and skated fingertips over it. Then she wet two fingers in her mouth and glided them over him. She wasn’t rough, but she was intentionally taking liberties, asserting herself as she gained familiarity.

He squirmed, and she knew her touch agreed with him. She moved her hand down to find his ball sack, soft and loose as foam. His testicles retracted slightly as she scooped up his scrotum, then they relaxed and settled. She simply held his eggs in the bowl of her hands, marveling at the feel of their movement. Ever since she got her first look at him she had been excited, like a child with a wish granted. The flush of that response deepened into a physical desire like a flood tide, silent, unstoppable, and coming from everywhere at once. She had always liked men’s equipment — the way it hung, swung, the way it seemed to have a mind of its own, the textures, the smells, and the heft of it. She liked watching a penis become congested with a darker pink right before the moment; she especially loved the lurching convulsions when it finally spewed. She even liked feeling when it melted into putty when it was utterly spent.

But this massive junk commanded every bit of her attention. She wanted to feel this cock’s life force, experience its hungry power all over her and deep inside her. She wanted to claim this huge prize pony of a penis, invisibly tattoo it with fingernails and tongue, stain it with her private juices, and tame it to her touch. She wanted to make it cum exactly when she wanted, and to surf its tsunami. She wanted to wring the life force out of it with her clutching cunt, only to have it rise up and demand everything from her all over again. She shivered slightly inside as she realized there was nothing to prevent it.

She shifted lower, rolling her breasts over his leg, and nuzzling her nose under his scrotum. He tensed, then relaxed and opened his legs a little wider, giving her more room in which to work. Holding his shaft with one hand, she sucked his lower testicle, pulling it softly into her mouth. It lay inside her mouth like an oyster in a shell. She visualized her mouth as the pulsing organs of a sea creature. Her teeth and jaw surrounded and protected his tender flesh, and she sucked gingerly – just enough to draw her cheeks in, and to secure it firmly in her mouth. She rolled it over her tongue. Then she held it motionless as her saliva filled tiny pockets in the wrinkles of his scrotum. She noticed a few of his hairs tickling her palate. Several slow breaths passed, and then she let his ball plop out so she could give the same treatment to its shy twin.

He was surprised by her holding still for so long, but the warmth of her mouth heated his balls, and her gentleness relaxed him. His desire downshifted to a gear with a little less speed, but a little more power. She looked up to see that his penis seemed more rigid, pinker, and more arched in the middle. It captured her attention, so she moved up from his balls, nibbling and licking, lubricating his shaft. She tipped her head sideways and tongue bathed it, lip-munching methodically. “This girl could slurp corn off the cob,” he thought, smiling.

When she got to the tip, she shifted her weight onto her side, and put her mouth over the head from directly above. She flipped her hair out of the way, and laid her head onto his ribcage, facing straight down. She had to open her jaw all the way, and circle her lips wide just to get the head into her mouth without scraping. She wanted him to feel warm, smooth, wet – not teeth; not at first anyway. She slid saliva down her tongue, and doled it out to moisten his knob as she accepted it into her mouth, inching her head down, taking it deeper. She managed the head and the first bit of shaft — a good start, but already a full mouth.

Again she repositioned her body so she could tip her head, aligning her throat with his penis. The swirling of his penis in her mouth stirred her the same way the swirling of her mouth on his penis stirred him. She sucked her face cheeks in tighter, and let her saliva collect while holding the head steady for a couple of seconds. She inhaled through her nose, then straightened her neck, opened her throat, and inched her chin toward his balls. As her lips advanced a bit further, his knob grazed her uvula. She tried to stifle a reflex, but her throat spasmed as she gagged a bit and let out a single tiny cough. His penis pulsed and muffled the sound. Neither of them moved.

Her eyes watered hard, sending tears down her cheeks, and she backed off just enough to exhale and draw another deep breath through her nose. “Rookie mistake,” she thought. Still game, smiling as best she could with her mouth open wide, she paused for breath, tonguing and sucking it as gently as lollipop. She was into this: pussy already moist and warm inside, inner petals Escort Antalya silky and thick, clit distended, and a pout forming between her legs. Partly as a reward and partly to collect herself, she continued holding his cock in her mouth as she reached a hand down to push her panties below her knees. When the panties were beyond the reach of her hand, rather than release his cock, she merely rubbed her legs together to wriggle the panties down to her ankles, and then pulled one foot out. She pushed the panties off the other ankle with her toes, and flicked them out into space.

Rejoicing in the new skin sensations, she found his leg with hers, and pushed her pussy gently against his upper leg. She rubbed across his thigh, pulling her labia first one way, then the other. She tilted her hips to increase the contact, and he instinctively returned the push, providing the pressure she wanted. Her smiling pussy slid, planting a long, sloppy wet kiss on his leg. He felt her wet heat, then coolness where her juice dried on his skin. The pressure of his leg tantalized; she reveled quietly in rich sensation. Lost in his appreciation of her oral attention and the wet heat draped over his thigh, he didn’t notice that her hips had taken on an independent motion.

Her mouth resumed its slow forward progress; and deliberately relaxed her throat. She didn’t gag when his cock head touched the back. Her tonsils formed a taut membrane around the tip; it stretched, but only so far – as far as she could go for now. She hoped it didn’t frustrate. He felt some amazing textures intensely crisscrossing and twitching around his penis head, sliding as she swallowed and breathed. He could sense tension in her throat as she worked to not gag. He actually enjoyed the squeaky scrape of her clean back teeth. Mostly he just felt the tip of his cock getting surrounded, swaddled and draped with layers of soft wet flesh; welcomed into her as far as she could take it. “What’s not to like?” he thought.

She held the pressure on the back of her throat for some lingering seconds, and with extra care gave clinging contact to every bit in her mouth. Slowly, she pulled her head back, and slid his penis head slowly out, just keeping her lips on the tip. Reversing, she slid it slowly back in as far as possible. “Could she get any more in?” she considered, and then concluded there was no way. His penis head was just too big and fleshy for deep throating. “This’ll have to do,” she thought, and hoped that he agreed. Then she slid his cock out, and slowly teased it back in one more time.

He had begun to writhe, and his belly tightened as she used her whole mouth in the slow and thorough tease of his penis tip. He couldn’t know how her pussy felt every time his leg moved, but he felt it clutching, clinging open on his leg, juice leaking down either side of his thigh. He hadn’t expected her to try to get his cock in her mouth, but she’d actually done pretty well. He had heard what might have been a cough, but was soon distracted by the soft twitching spasms all over his penis. He reached into her hair and held her head, heavy on his ribs, and felt the palpitations inside her mouth. He sighed and thought, “No worries. This girl’s got game.” He resisted pushing, “Give her a chance, and save something for the finale,” he urged himself.

They played like this for a while. She worked his penis in her mouth; he ground his knee into her pussy. Her clit lunged forward like a hound pulling on a leash. She savored the sensations as the waves of tingles surged and swelled. She hoped her primal breathing and writhing didn’t tip him off that she was getting tiny orgasms about half the time his thigh crossed her sweet spot. “That’s my business,” she thought. She wanted to thoroughly wring every drop of pleasure out of his magnificent member, and this seemed like a good start. But she knew it was only the beginning.

Reluctant to move her pussy off his leg, still she knew it was time. She sat up and straddled his thighs, pulling his legs closed a bit, as hers opened wide. She wanted more room to maneuver without crushing his lumbering cock, so she lifted her knees and flexed her feet, one side at a time, and squatted over him. Squatting gave her clearance and mobility, although she had to put her hands on his shoulders for balance. For an instant, her wet pussy hung in the air over the gap between his thighs, dripping a strand of dew as her plump lips retracted into their natural pout. He looked up between her arms, and saw her pussy formed a lovely double blossom, a jungle flower with nectar flowing.

She raised one knee and hiked her foot forward, then pushed her pelvis down to press her cunt firmly onto the base of his shaft. She gently pulled her outer lips open by their muff, placing his shaft between them. She leaned forward and slid her open pussy along his penis, adjusting her footing and shifting her weight as she advanced. Her motions pressed her pussy hard against him, squeezing out more moisture from her pussy and pressing some of his juice out of the tip of his penis. She worked her way along his length, keeping the outer lips spread evenly, as if maintaining a privacy screen for this delicate maneuver. He felt the clinging friction as she pulled the edges of her lips along, with warm pulsing moisture in the middle. Her snail inched slowly up his garden stalk.

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