Killing an Afternoon


This all came about because I had agreed to help Teresa with the installation of her computer. Actually, it was no big deal really, it was simply copying a few files from one hard drive to hers to save her the time she would have spent downloading the stuff off the internet. I took the time to check out her system, install a virus check and literally, within 10 minutes or so, I was done.

Part of the reason that I was there also was to provide her with some companionship as she had recently kicked her husband out of the house, after four years of marriage. So despite the fact that she lives about half an hour out of town, it was difficult for me to say no.

I was sitting on the couch after rebooting the system and ensuring that everything was installed correctly when she returned to see how things were coming along.

“Actually, I’m finished,” I said to her, noticing her bare legs as she sat down. Teresa was wearing a short skirt- not a micro-mini but above the knee and I thought to myself from the right angle, I could easily see up her skirt to her panties. She was also wearing a loose fitting blouse that revealed a bit of cleavage. I could have interpreted her choice of clothing in a certain way but it was summer, after all. Still, the thought was still in my mind and I could feel my cock hardening as she crossed her legs. Despite all that she had been through recently, I had to admit that she looked pretty good.

Almost everything was present in the destruction of her marriage: drugs, gambling and suspected infidelity. She had recently been telling me some of the details about their last conversations together, where she had wanted him to at least admit that he had a problem but he always had a way of turning things around and changing the subject.

“…so then, he starts accusing me of seeing another man,” she had related to me recently. “He says, ‘Why have you been wearing thongs all of a sudden?’- oh, not that you would know about this, but I wear thongs,” she informs me. For a minute, I’m thinking, ‘What’s her footwear got to do with anything?’ but then I clue in. Whatever, I know that if my wife started wearing sexy underwear, it wouldn’t bother me. I should add that I’m not married.

“I guess if he’s accusing you without any reason then it’s probably because he’s hiding something,” I said to her.

At any rate, he still hasn’t admitted to anything and it’s been three weeks now since she’s told him to leave. And so now, it’s Saturday afternoon, and we’re sitting on her couch and she starts telling me more details, about how she first began to suspect his drug habit as well as some more intimate details about her sex life, specifically about how she used sex to control his anger.

“I had to spread my legs for him in order to get him to calm down otherwise he’d be downstairs banging on the walls and making noise…” she explained, leaning back into the cushion of the couch. Well, that did it for me; I wasn’t able to concentrate on what she said after that as I began to form a mental image of her naked on her back with a hard cock ramming into her.

“Can I get you anything?” I barely hear her say though by the inflection in her voice I recognise that it’s a question directed at me.

“Hmm… oh, um, a club soda?” I answer somewhat awkwardly.

“I don’t know if I have any… let me check,” she replied, getting up and then heading to the kitchen. All I could do was stare at her swaying ass and the back of her thighs, which did nothing to ease my present arousal.

Two minutes later, she then called me to the kitchen and I was a bit nervous about going in as I still had a hard-on in my jeans but went in just the same.

She was standing in the corner, leaning against the counter, with an empty glass in her right hand.

“Well, if you don’t have any club soda, you know, water will be fine,” I said to her.

“No, it’s not that,” she said slowly, and I could detect a note of hesitation in her voice as she placed the empty glass on the counter. “I wanted to find a way to thank you for coming out here to help me with the computer,” she explained as she reached down to loosen her skirt and let it drop to her feet. “Do you like my thong?” she asked me.

My cock sprung to a full hard-on as I stared at her bare legs and the small, black thong that barely covered her pussy and left her nice, round buttocks fully exposed. I didn’t even hesitate as I walked over to her in the corner and got down onto my knees and began to smooth the palms of my hands up and down her legs, across her thighs, gently caressing her bare, smooth skin.

Teresa began to moan immediately at the touch of my hands on her thighs. Her pussy was at eye level, mere inches away from my face. She was breathing very deeply as I ran my hands slowly up and down the skin of her thighs, gradually working my fingers to the back of her legs and then up to her bare ass. I then leaned my head forward and opened my lips. Teresa let out a sharp gasp as I stuck out my tongue and licked a soft stroke against the fabric of her thin Escort Eryaman panties.

“Oohhh yes…” she moaned, “but, this was supposed to be something that I was going to give to you… I wanted to give you a blowjob… ohhh…” she continued to moan as she tried to get the words out, her mind distracted by the soft touch of my tongue, alternately licking across the fabric of her panties, and also down along the inside of her thighs.

“Do you want to see my cock?” I asked her, smiling. “It’s rock hard right now…”

“Oh God, yes…” she panted; I could see her breasts rising and falling and I was anxious for her to get entirely naked.

“So, is this the reason that you had me come out here… because you wanted to have sex?” I asked her with a smile as I continued to fondle her thighs while licking light strokes across her bare skin, edging close to her panties.

“Yes…” she said softly, moaning then as I licked a firm stroke across her thigh and up across the fabric of her panties.

“How long have you had these fantasies?” I had to ask.

“Oh…months, maybe a year… since that time we went out for coffee last year…mmmhhh…” I’d never heard Teresa moan before. Her eyes were closed and she had an almost pained expression on her face as my fingers fondled her bare ass.

“So, do you masturbate at night and think about me?” I was getting really turned on by her confession.

“Yes… oh yes,… I’ve wanted to sleep with you for so long… almost every night, I pull a pillow tightly between my thighs and I imagine us together, your cock dangling in front of my face and then I suck you off until you come in my mouth and then, you’re so overcome that you drive your cock inside me and I have intense orgasms… oh God, I can’t believe that I’m telling you this that we’re doing this…” Teresa said as her body trembled with excitement from revealing her erotic desires.

“Well, I’ve had fantasies, too, Teresa… I really want to fuck you. I want to lick your hot, wet cunt; I want you to come like you’ve never come before. I want to feel your tongue on my cock.” I then got up from off my knees and stood facing her.

“We have a long afternoon ahead of us. Let’s go to your bedroom, get naked together and… fuck,” I said to her as I pressed my lips against hers and kissed her, slowly… and I felt her lips moving with mine, parting slightly as I pushed my tongue into her mouth and kissed her deeply. As our tongues touched, Teresa instantly began to moan and my cock was so hard.

“I didn’t know that you felt this way,” Teresa said when our lips finally parted; she was breathing heavily, surprised still that her ploy was leading down a path of erotic pleasure.

“Horny?” I replied with a smile. She didn’t know quite how to reply to this and she seemed a bit flustered and so I continued in a more serious tone. “Teresa, I’m not in love with you but it’s not the first time that I’ve had sexual thoughts about you. And then when you had talked about us going away for a weekend together, well, a lot of ideas then surfaced into my head. Watching you drop your skirt didn’t really take me by surprise but rather confirmed my suspicions about the possibility of you and I getting intimate together.

“Right now, I just want to have hot, passionate sex with you,” I said as I kissed her again. “What do you want?”

“I want to fuck… I want you to fuck me…” she said breathlessly as she pressed her crotch against the visible outline of my hard cock. I reached down, lifted her blouse and palmed the cheeks of her ass and squeezed them. Her fleshy ass felt so good in my hands.

“Oh, you’re a horny girl, aren’t you?” I said to her with a smile as she reached down and began to unbuckle my belt.

“I want your cock,” she whispered to me as she looked down and unbuttoned my pants, pushing the zipper down, smiling in anticipation. I took her chin with my right hand and angled her face up to meet mine and stared into her eyes.

“Open your lips like this,” I said as my mouth opened into a large oval. She laughed a bit and then opened her lips wide; I could see her tongue as she continued to feel down between my legs, her fingers gliding across my underwear, up and down across the shaft of my cock. I slipped the fingers of my left hand under the elastic of her thong and wandered through her pubic hairs.

“I want your cunt,” I said to her.

“I want your cock,” she replied, dropping her fingers into my underwear as she caressed the head of my penis. I extended my tongue forward and touched the tip of hers and with our mouths open, our tongues danced slowly together, the tips touching and twisting together slowly as our fingers slid deeper and deeper, our breathing becoming more rapid, more jagged until Teresa finally managed with both hands to slide my pants and my underwear down to mid-thigh and I was now slowly masturbating her clit with my middle finger, my entire fist contained in the small pocket in front of her pussy. Her moans were interrupted by a sharp gasp as Eryaman Escort she felt my hard, hot cock press against the skin of her belly. Teresa then reached down and with her right hand pulled the thin strand of material of her thong to one side, exposing her pussy and with her left hand grabbed onto my ass and pulled me towards her. “Fuck me,” she whispered again and I found that my cock very easily glided up inside her wet cunt just as Teresa closed her lips tightly around mine.

As my long, hard penis slid up her wet cunt, Teresa let out a loud gasp, followed by a series of soft cries as her lips delicately kissed mine, her body shivering with pleasure. “Your pussy is so hot, Teresa,” I told her as I slowly slid my cock in and out of her cunt.

“Oh fuck me…please fuck me…” she whispered, crying out in response to my forward thrusts as I drove my cock in slowly but deep inside of her.

“I will fuck you, Teresa… but not here. In your bedroom… I want you on your back, with your legs up in the air, and I’m going to fuck you until you cry…”

“Oh yeah… god, that’s what I want…” she said, moaning softly. I then thrust my cock hard and quick and deep up inside of her, causing her to cry out loud, her fingers gripping tightly onto my shoulders. “Oh, oh yes…” she moaned, her body weakening from pleasure.

“You like having my cock inside of you, don’t you?” I asked her. “Oh yes…” she moaned. “Then lead me to your bedroom so that I can undress you completely and fuck you properly,” I said to her as I gave one last hard thrust and then pulled my erect penis from her pussy, leaving her wanting.

Teresa then got down onto her knees and took my penis into her hands, gently caressing my cock between the palms of her hands. “I am so turned on by you right now,” she confessed as she directed the head of my penis to her open mouth, resting it upon her lips. Slowly, she stuck her tongue out at flicked it across the head, her lips closing around it as she sucked it into her mouth.

“Oh God, I love tasting myself on your cock,” she said breathlessly as she quickly brought her mouth to my penis again, sucking on hard on the head, her tongue swirling ’round it inside of her mouth. Slowly, she pressed forward with her lips, sliding them across the shaft, taking more of my penis into her mouth.

“Oh yes, Teresa, take it all the way in,” I moaned to her as I watched my penis disappear between her lips.

“I really want it,” she said, momentarily releasing my cock from her lips and then quickly pressing her tongue up against the underside of my cock, allowing my penis to rest upon it for an instant. It was so hot to see my cock resting upon her tongue like that. Teresa then soon drew her tongue back into her mouth, taking my penis in as well as her lips closed in around and she resumed sucking on my cock, her cheeks suctioning it deep into her mouth. She then placed her hands on my ass, gently squeezing and then her eyes looked up to meet mine. Slowly, she then pushed forward while also pulling me towards her, swallowing my cock into her mouth a fraction of an inch at a time. My cock was so stiff in her mouth, the head full and round, and I watched as her lips sliding ever forward across the shaft until I could feel my cock touch the back of her mouth, at the opening of her throat. She breathed in deeply and relaxed her neck before thrusting forward with her mouth and pressing her lips all the way, touching the base of my cock. My fully erect penis was all the way inside of her and instinctively, I reached down and placed my hands behind her head and held her head in place, instinctively humping a little bit.

For a long while, she held still like that, her tongue vibrating slightly beneath the shaft of my cock, her throat muscles constricting around the head and staring down and seeing her lips pressed at the base of my cock, knowing that my penis was entirely inside her mouth was so arousing. And that’s when an idea occurred to me: to come straight down her throat. I then began to hump a bit faster, holding her head tight and I felt her throat contract sharply and quickly Teresa pulled her mouth away and she began to cough and gag.

“I’m sorry,” she said in between coughs, “I’d never done that before.”

“You never gagged?” I replied with a smile.

“No, I’d never deep-throated.”

“It was wonderful,” I said, taking her hands and helping her to her feet.

“I’ll do it for you again. I’ll do anything, I just want you to fuck me,” she said, and then added with a whisper, “to love me.”

I pulled her close to me, feeling my cock press against her belly, holding her in my arms as our lips touched, opened, then felt the softness of her tongue, her mouth, where I had penetrated with my penis a moment ago and now she was thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

We kissed for a minute or two as she reached down and gripped my penis between her fingers gently stroking it and I sensed that she was content for us to continue to kiss like this for a long while. I wished to Eryaman Escort Bayan undress her completely and move to an environment more conducive to lovemaking. There was a look of discontent on her face when I pulled my lips away and knew that she wanted more.

“Come on,” I said, “let’s go to your bedroom, close the door behind us and finish what we’ve started.”

“Okay, follow me,” she said as she turned and headed out the kitchen. I quickly pulled my pants back up as I watched her walk away. She left her skirt on the kitchen floor and I just stared at her bare legs and her exposed ass as she headed up the stairs. I soon followed her, as I was anxious to remove her panties.

I caught up with her in the landing, midway to the top of the stairs and she felt my hands reach out for hers and she stopped.

“You have an amazing ass, Teresa,” I whispered to her. While standing directly behind her, I lowered my hands down to her meaty cheeks and began to fondle her ass. She let out a soft moan of contentment and I took this as a sign to continue. I got down on my knees, crouching onto the last few stairs and proceeded to gently run my hands up and down the back of her thighs and up to her ass. She continued to moan softly, not daring to raise her voice, though. Then she let out a louder, deeper moan as I reached up and began pulling her thong down from her waist over her thighs and to the floor. I picked up the thong after she carefully stepped out from it and tossed it into the kitchen, watching it land near her skirt. “You won’t be needing the thong for the remainder of this afternoon,” I told her, loving the sight of her naked from the waist down before me. Staying on my knees behind her, I once again began the task of fondling and caressing her bare legs, tracing soft lines with my fingertips up and down along the back of her thighs, smiling as she moaned her appreciation as my fingers ascended again to follow the curves of her ass. She then let out a soft gasp as she noted my hands curve around the front of her thighs, holding on tightly to the front of her legs as she then felt a warm, wet line along the back of her thighs. My tongue ascended slowly and methodically, tracing long, soft, feather-like touches in a series of meandering lines up and down the back of her leg, pausing for just a moment at the top to blow coolly onto her buttocks before descending her leg, placing soft kisses along the way, first on one leg and then the other.

“Oh my god, that feels so good,” she moaned to me.

“I’m enjoying it, too,” I reply to her, pressing my tongue against her bare skin with a bit more force, wetting her skin. “I like having you naked like this,” I then add as I grip her thighs more tightly and begin to lick the back of her thighs like a dish of rapidly melting ice cream with long, quick, firm strokes; this merely incited further longer and louder moans. “Teresa, have you ever had your ass licked?” I then asked her.

“No,” she replied, her voice quivering.

“I don’t mean just licking the curves on the surface of your hot, fleshy buttocks, either,” I continued and then to demonstrate, I swirled my tongue across the skin of her ass, eliciting even more soft moans from Teresa. “I mean tonguing your ass, sliding it deep between the cracks, licking… licking your anus,” I finished and then brought my hands to her buttocks and spread them apart and then quickly pressed my lips centre in between them, my tongue thrusting out and making contact with her anus, swirling the tip against it. Teresa heaved her body forward as a result, her hands gripping the banister for support as she let out a loud cry of surprised pleasure at feeling the initial wet touch of my tongue against her anus. Her thighs then began to shake almost uncontrollably as she realised that it was not simply a quick touch but a prolonged, wet probe of her ass by my mouth. I wasn’t content to stop with a long wet touch though as I began to stroke my tongue up and down, slowly, between her buttocks.

“Oh God, that feels so good…” she moaned as I continued to lovingly lick long strokes between her buttocks, my fingers squeezing her ass as I leaned forward, pressing hard with my tongue, swirling it across her anus. My cock was so hard within my jeans now and I was so turned on, I didn’t know what to do next. The natural impulse was to drive my cock all the way up her virgin ass. I also loved the feel of her mouth on my cock so the idea of coming all over her lips and watching her swallow held appeal as well. There was also my original thought: getting Teresa flat on her back with her legs pushed up onto her chest and slamming my cock repeatedly into her wet cunt and having her beg for more. Instead, Teresa continued to moan and I continued to swirl my tongue across her anus, dropping the tip deep down and dragging it back up.

Teresa then suddenly jerked forward and let out a sharp cry, as I tasted from her pussy, inadvertently licking too far down as the tip of my tongue brushed against the lips of her cunt to her great delight. Though she may have liked for me to start licking her cunt, I was consumed with her ass and continued to swirl my tongue gently across her anus, licking and kissing between her buttocks, pausing at times to push forward with the tip of my tongue. There would be plenty of time for licking her cunt later on.

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