Full Nelson

Thanks to everyone who commented on my initial post, CARI TAKES A FRESHMAN. I am working hard on developing my story lines, and appreciate written comments whenever possible. KIM is my latest “creation”. Thanks again!

* * * * *

I knew that Kim was as much slut as lover, and for this I was thankful. I cared about her deeply whether we were making love or fucking. What was different with her was the line between fucking and making love was narrow, blurred, and often nonexistent.

Kim’s pussy could become a cunt between thrusts. The gentle sweetness of her face could become slut like between blinks. Her sweet kisses often became violent bites of wet, hot, raw sex. This girl’s womanly actions begged for random slaps and spankings.

I remember the first time Kim changed between blinks…I was looking up into her sweet eyes while she rode me. I was rolling her nipples in my fingers and our lips had just parted from a kiss of sweet passion. In one quick movement, she lifted off, swung a leg around and mounted me again, this time with her back and inviting ass toward my face. She was watching herself in a mirror, riding my hard cock, rubbing her own clit, while leaving me with the many possibilities of her sexy ass. Her wetness was gushing and running.

As I fondled the firmness and soft skin of Kim’s ass, it was wet, hot and inviting. I began by slapping it lightly, alternating cheeks. I noticed that her cunt–yes, it was surely a cunt now, was spasming around my cock in new ways as the slaps became harder. And, more so when I slid the index and middle fingers of my left hand into the naturally lubed blinking ass bud that I craved, güvenilir bahis while continuing to deliver slap after slap with my right hand.

Kim was lost in a place of raw sex that she had not visited before. She had impaled herself on a cock that responded to her heat and wetness. She was illuminated by her own sex in the mirror. She was being anally fucked with two fingers. And, the rhythmic slaps were shooting jolts of spasms through her pussy that I could feel around my cock. I could also feel my own fingers rubbing my cock on the other side of her thin membrane masturbating my cock.

She was over the edge…her orgasms were one long heated sigh now…I was close behind. I shot over the top while thinking about the kisses and playing I would minister on the red rising skin of Kim’s well spanked ass… But first, with her pussy now saturated with her own cum, mixed with my flow of sperm, I was salivating for long drinks of our combined sex, coupled with long rolls of my tongue on her engorged clit.

I kissed down Kim’s sexy body toward her red haired pussy which I knew inside and out, upside down, and right side up, backwards and forwards. She responded best to being rubbed to the right of her always engorged clit, but licked and sucked to the left. Going down on her for a “sperm hunt” after a ball-cleansing orgasm was one of my favorite things. Our combined juices were like no other. Once on my tongue she loved to taste our juices with her tongue. These kisses often made us start all over again.

Kim snuggled up next to me and asked me to stop the video that had recorded our every move for the last two-plus hours. It was time türkçe bahis to watch. And watch we did. To heighten Kim’s mood I surprised her with silk restraints for her arms and legs. She would watch the entire two hours spread eagle in the middle of the bed while I rested my head on her chest, played with her nipples and from time to time finger fucked her.

You may recall the classic Peter Seller’s film, “Being There.” Sellers answered Shirley McLain’s sexual overtures by saying “I like to watch.” Our film over, both Kim and I were ready to watch each other while we played with ourselves.

The chair at the end of the bed was stained with markings of past love making session of we two solo artists. In fact, more of my sperm and Kim’s wetness were mixed on this chair’s duck cloth than in her pussy. I dove for the comfort of the chair, while she put on a short red silk gown.

We were both in position now and began by looking into each other’s eyes. There was a fire that danced between us, empowering each other to do ourselves.

I got harder, Kim got wetter. I groaned, she moaned. We both wet our lips. She began by dipping three fingers into her wet, gapping pussy. She sloshed around, using her thumb on her engorged clit, while finger fucking herself deeply. Slowly, she drew her fingers out and licked them clean one at a time. I responded by rubbing my pre-cum around the tip of my rock hard penis, and then squeezing its tip, allowing more pre-cum to run down my shaft.

Seeing this, Kim arched her back and rammed 3 fingers from each hand into her pussy once-again turned cunt, making herself cum with a loud moan and a jerk of her güvenilir bahis siteleri head. Her head always jerked while cumming during masturbation. When fucking, Kim was so multi-orgasmic that her body movements were unpredictable. The second orgasm came when all her fingers rested on her clit, pushing its swelling inward. The spasms were visible as her cunt lips opened and closed with the beats of her heart.

While watching her cunt lips, I felt a tightening around my balls, but resisted the urge to cum, wanting to make it last. I squeezed the base of my cock, trying mightily to keep from cleansing my balls.

Sensing my close call, Kim reached over to the top drawer of her night table, removing a cock detailed vibrator. We glanced at each other, and knowing that this would propel my sperm out of my balls, up my shaft, and into the night, she turned the vibrator on to the highest setting, and rammed it into herself in one motion.

Kim experienced an immediate orgasm, the best so far. Her mind rushed to a friendly place. She forgot all about me and about my habit of cumming whenever she fucked herself with a vibrator. But instead of gushing, I was now standing next to the bed, my cock hanging over her face. Looking down I saw that Kim’s eyes were now closed and the top of the vibrator was buried in her cunt to the hilt. Its buzzing and girth were driving her wild.

Completely surprising, disarming, and delighting her, I slid in beside her and began to fuck her with the vibrator and to suck the nub of her rock hard clit. Kim screamed, cried out, cried, and then let out a moan of sexual notes reaching pitches only heard by wild animals.

Her climaxes were one long cry now that I had taken complete control. I wondered how long Kim could handle this level of sexual ecstasy, how long before she realized that the man who “likes to watch” had taken her control away.

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