Marie shivered softly as she stood in the waiting room. A friend of hers had recommended the place, but she had never been here, and the nervous anxiety was building inside her.

The door slowly opened to the back, and a dark haired woman came forward from the shadows.

“You are my three o’clock?” Her voice was sharp and strong. Marie trembled and nodded, finding herself unable to speak.

“Well, hurry along then. I haven’t got all day.” The woman gestured her through, and she stumbled forward quickly into the darkness.

No more words were spoken as she was led down a hall to a small room. A massage table was stretched out in the center of the room. Marie could smell the soft scent of roses filling the room.

The woman snapped her fingers imperiously and pointed to the table. Marie knew well enough how she was supposed to respond, and began stripping away her clothing.

A blush stole up her cheeks as she came to her bra and panties, with their daring red lacy design, but she steeled herself and removed them as well, hurriedly moving to lay on her belly on the table.

As the lights dimmed, soft music began to play, and she could feel the woman’s hands upon her. They were soft and caressing, roaming across her skin in an intimate fashion.

As Marie began to relax, her eyes slipped shut and her body melted against the table. She could hear a tray being slid closer, and her body tingled at the things that must be on it.

She knew she was forbidden to speak though, as part of the contract. She could only lay here and accept what was to come. Her tongue flicked out to moisten her lips as a hint of fear began to creep it’s way through bahçelievler escort bayan her body. She nearly started to push herself from the table when she felt the cool blade slither like ice down her spine.

A deft hand wielded the blade as the flat of it caressed the smooth skin of the woman. It’s surface, chilled in special oils, left glistening trails across her spine and lower back.

Unseen, the masseur leaned in to blow softly on the oils, sparking them to life and a tingling sensation that dipped into the muscles below. Marie groaned softly and shivered, feeling herself start to get aroused by the touch of the knife.

All too soon the blade was lifted from her flesh and replaced by a firm sensation. The hilt, no doubt, pressing into her muscles, grinding softly down upon them.

The light in the room flickered as the candles sputtered, and Marie licked her lips once more. She could feel the moisture on her thighs, wondered to herself is the masseur was used to this thing happening with women like her.

A groan of sweet pleasure escaped her lips as the hilt of the knife worked along her shoulder blades, forcing her muscles into sweet limp submission.

She could feel the soft hands of her masseur, caressing her buttocks and squeezing them. Her toes nearly curled in bliss as the spine of the blade ran slowly, teasingly, down her spine. The tip offering a sweet tingle as it lightly ran down her skin.

She gasped softly as she felt the hot breath on her neck, felt the woman’s tongue lick softly at her skin. She swallowed shakily, thoughts racing of the woman’s lips elsewhere upon her body. Her blood balgat escort began to heat as a flush came to her cheeks.

A low moan crested the wave of emotions within her as she felt the searing kiss of a heated blade pressing against her buttocks. The hot metal sizzled in sharp contrast to the chilled blade, and she had to dig her fingers into the edges of the table as it caressed her flesh.

Her body was quivering now, aching for release. As the heated blade teased up and down her flesh, pressing and gliding across her skin, she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out.

Then the time was upon her, and she felt herself being moved onto her back. Her nipples stood like erect mountain peaks as she opened her eyes, gazing up in the darkness.

A hand moved closer, and a bottle of scented oils was upended, dribbling sweet drops of fluid onto her belly. Then the cool blade of the knife was back, gliding through the fluid, the tip delicately kissing her skin as it traced arcane symbols upon her heated flesh.

She ached so much to slip her fingers down to rub her pussy. Gods how she wanted so much for release. But she forced herself to remain still as the tip of the knife drew slowly circles around her breast, like the tongue of a lover, delicate and sensual.

Then it was away once more and the hot knife was back, fresh and clean. It sizzled as the oils quenched it, the tip gliding up in counterpoint to the symbols in red upon her belly.

Slowly the blade twisted and glided across her skin, wavy lines of fluid drawn along with it. Marie was panting now, straining to arch herself from the table, aching so much for batıkent escort bayan release it was nearly unbearable.

As the flat of the knife came to her nipple she gasped, feeling the soft touch of the sharp edge, knowing how it could slice her so easily, could draw forth her blood so much like the red oils coating her belly and breasts.

Her eyes closed, teeth gnawing on her lower lip in need and frustration. She never saw the face loom closer out of the darkness, nor the intense blue eyes of her masseur.

The lips, though, she felt the lips as they pressed against her breast. She groaned when she felt the teeth squeeze around her nipple, nipping and tugging upon it.

Her small fists bunched in the sheet of the table when she felt the hilt of a knife rubbing up and down her swollen lips. Teasing her, filling her with that aching sweet need to be filled.

As the teeth bit sharply on her breast, the hilt plunged inside her, the smooth handle spreading her lips and gliding deep within her heated core.

Marie screamed in pleasure and pain as the climax that had been building within her struck so hard, so violently. Her body jerked on the table, as her thighs snapped together on the hilt of the knife within her, around the hand of her masseur as she twisted and slowly fucked it into the girl.

A small trickle of blood ran down her breast, to be caught by the dark haired woman’s tongue. Slowly she licked her lips and pulled the knife free, leaving the limp girl gasping upon the table.

A soft kiss on the lips was all Marie received. No words were to be spoken after the service was provided. None were needed.

She slid from the table and bent to gather her clothes and dress, keenly aware of the woman’s presence. A blush crept along her cheeks as she watched the women’s tongue caress the hilt of the knife, licking up her sweet fluids.

With a shaky breath, she left the room, and on wobbly legs she made her way back towards the entrance.

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