Kris Takes Control…


So I am going to begin with a side note before I get to the rest of my story. After years of cross dressing and the usual Walmart or Target shopping, I finally went to a lingerie, sexy wear store. Although the store was empty, the boutique saleslady was very helpful, but I used that same pretense of “this is for my wife”. I picked out a few items that I couldn’t wait to get home and try on. The sales lady was also the owner. She held up a corset I had picked out and looked me straight in the eye and said, are you sure you don’t want to try this one on, because we don’t accept returns on them once you buy them. I think I turned 50 shades of red… She said she had owned the store for years and knew who was buying for who. A few nervous laughs later, I finally said okay, they were for me. She said in the future don’t use your own body to measure something.

She said she still thought it would be a good idea to try it on before buying. In hind site I was so happy she did because it was to small. She put that one back and then came back with a few other styles. Some of which were so much sexier and felt like heaven. She sat and talked with me while I tried on different things. Asked me how long I had been dressing. I admitted since I was a young boy. She asked if I did just the clothes or went the whole route. I told her just the clothes, but always wanted to go the whole way but knew nothing of makeup other than playing with my sisters eye shadow. She said if I was interested that if I came back the following evening they would be just as slow. Off season in a tourist town. She would then give me a few lessons but I had to buy from her from now on. Seemed like a great idea to me!

The next night, I showed up with bells on ready to start a new phase. We went in the back where the dressing rooms were. She had already hung out a satin dressing gown and panties for me to wear. So I went in, stripped down and was amazed at the feel of this fabric against my skin. She knew how to sell let me tell you! When I came beşevler escort out, she looked at my crotch with a hard on and said the lesson next time is going to be on tape and tuck.

I sat down on her stool in front of the mirrors and she proceeded to apply makeup. Now I have what can only be called a ruddy complexion but she was AMAZING in her craft. Explaining what and how she was contouring with every stroke. What I should practice on and what I couldn’t help. When she was finished, I was stunned. And she told me wait, one more step and went and brought back a long curly blond wig. I wouldn’t have recognized the woman staring back at me. Can not say beautiful but it sure wasn’t me.

I have gone back several times for lessons. Each time I spend WAY too much money on what was a hobby and now has become a way of life. She has promised to introduce me to a few of her regular clients with the same taste, should I ever want to go out with the girls.

So all I can tell you is if I ever have need to shop somewhere else, I plan on asking the sales woman what she thinks size I should get. thanks Red Garter! A customer for life.

After our initial dive into the world of cross dressing and exploring my bi-sexuality, our love life was on an upswing. Kris seemed to get bolder and bolder, while I took on a much more submissive role. Never the demanding “call me Mistress” type, but I certainly was learning my place in the order. In my previous life, it was always me in charge. Tying whoever was the flavor of the month to the bed. and experimenting, but now? The stiletto was on the other foot so to speak. I dressed for her almost every weekend completely. All the while, she did require me to wear panties to work. If she found out other wise, the weekends had a tendency to be just a little rougher. There was the one time at work where my shirt rode up a little too high and the slacks a little too low and there, exposed to one female co-worker, were my bright neon orange boy shorts. balgat escort She laughed when she saw them and I told her it was at my girl friends bidding. She said she had suggested to her husband on more than one occasion he needed to wear her panties. Luckily, that was kind of as far as the discussion went. I was lucky indeed that it was her and not one of several others that would have spread that news like a wild fire.

Kris just seemed to enjoy her new found Dominance and wanted to try everything that had ever crossed her mind. She dressed me in everything from the frilly negligee to Catholic School girl. But when we went out, it was always a conservative woman’s clothing. Above the knee floral dress with standard pantyhose and flat shoes. Not exactly sexy wear. But she on the other hand, pulled them in.

On a Saturday night, she tells me we are going to her favorite gay dance club, but this time, she has kind of a coy look on her face when she tells me. Up to something no good , or as they say, when she is good she is very very good, when she is bad, she is better.

She laid out my clothes and this time, not the middle aged secretary clothes but MUCH sexier. Any questions from me were met with a smack on the ass. Which of course made me ask more…

We go to the club and watch the drag show and dance afterwards. After a while back at the table a black guy, maybe 40ish comes over and she jumps up and gives him a hug. He sits down at the table with us and she introduces him as Doug, a former co-worker. They were either dancing or sitting and flirting all night until the bar closed. Then she can see I am getting a little stressed about it, she leans over and whispers in my ear. “You aren’t getting laid tonight, but I am”.

We all go back to the apartment and as the door shuts, she immediately kisses him. he looks at me and she tells him don’t worry. He is here to watch and clean up afterwards. With that they start towards the bedroom. Her calling me to follow. batıkent escort Once in the room, she tosses a pillow on the floor and tells me it is for me to sit on until they are done. I sit down next to the bed and she starts unbuttoning his shirt and pants.

It wasn’t that huge cock you see in porn movies, it wasn’t even the biggest I had seen at the gym, but against Kris’s white skin, it looked like a monster. My own cock squirmed inside my panties just seeing it. I don’t know why, but I think that most white guys like to see that whole black and white thing. Maybe the size thing, maybe the contrast thing. Don’t know but I DO know it turned me on to no end.

Pretty sure you know the details here. she sucked him, she fucked him, in every position. All I could do was watch. And watch I did. Longing to go down on her while he was fucking her. wanting to know what his cock tasted like with her juice all over it. After what seemed like forever and a day, he finally came. And when I say came, I mean EVERY where. He had a leg in each arm driving into her. After about the third spurt, his cocked popped out and spurt 4 and five went across her belly to her tits.

Both of them laid back panting for breath, while I watched in amazement. Wishing it had been me, not fucking her but being fucked. Kris finally raises up on her elbows and tells me that it is time for me to clean up. Confused I ask her what she means. Lick it all. Every drop, she says. So i start with her boobs. She pushes me away and said, no. Start with him. So I take his cock in my mouth and clean him up. It taste wonderful. Her sweetness against his salty flavor. Next, I finish her cleaning up. Tits, belly, pussy. Licked completely clean. She tells me I may have missed a drop on his cock and to start again. Which I eagerly do…

After a few short minutes with it in my mouth, it is hard again. Let me tell you, it was MUCH bigger in mouth than in my eyes. But gagging or not , this is what I want. When I think finally YAY! it is my turn… I start sucking him with a lot more enthusiasm. Just then, a smack on my ass…

Nope. I told you you weren’t getting laid, she says. Back to your pillow! So there I sat watching her fuck him again. Let me just say round two lasted a lot longer than round one… I hate that pillow.

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