La Hacienda


Quietly dedicated to one of the most gorgeous creatures I’ve ever seen, but not had the opportunity to talk to…yet.

La Hacienda, nearly empty. End of the lunch hour.

He, 6’2, blonde, blue-eyed, pale, and unfortunately not alone.

She, dark-skinned, a bit shorter, dark-eyed and dark-haired, up in a bun, with a full figure, and his waitress for the meal.

They met at the door as he walked in, the full-figured vixen glancing behind him and seeing his companions. He held up three fingers. “Smoking.”

She picked up an equal number of menus, leading him and his companions to a booth.

“Ah, man, get us a table, I hate those booths,” one of his companions said. With a quiet huff, he followed along into the non-smoking section. Not where he wanted to be, since he enjoyed a good smoke both before and after meals.

In comparable silence, they ordered their drinks. With a bit of amusement, he noticed that the table he did not want allowed him a full view of the voluptuous waitress as she stood behind the counter. He watched her all through the meal, trying to follow along the conversation at the table, but not really paying much attention, while his mind danced with thoughts best left unsaid, at least in his present company; prudes, his companions.

Occasionally he’d get up from the table, slip back into the original booth and have the cigarette he’d wanted, but turned in profile so that he could watch the woman out of the corner of his eye and try to look inconspicuous while doing so.

More than once he noticed her eyes on him, as well, and a bit of awkwardness in the way she kept coming back to their table, passing on the opposite side so as not to get too close to him. More than once, though, she came close enough for him to feel the warmth of her figure, making his nostrils flare with the scent of her when she came close.

When Escort Beylikdüzü the check came, one of his friends tugged out a card to pay for it. The rest got up to leave. He went to the bathroom to do his necessaries, taking just long enough to ensure that his friends were already out of the restaraunt.

He paused in the door as he left the bathroom, finding the gorgeous woman mere feet from him at the cash register. Her eyes came up and she smiled at him, and a jolt ran through his body. He could complain about something disgusting to his friends later. Right now, the dance of his libido begged him to give in. So he stepped back, leaning his shoulder back in invitation.

She bit her bottom lip and glanced around. The restaraunt was nearly empty, and it was almost time for her break. She slid around the counter and came to him, laying a hand on his shoulder and guiding him away from the door. He had enough sense left from the blood draining from his brain to tug the door closed with him and lock it.

Once the door closed, they were on each other. Hands roaming, his moving slow, savoring the feel of her full body beneath his fingers. Their lips meshed, tongues tangled, dancing against each other as the heat of their lust overflowed them. His hands found her breasts, kneading them through the button-up shirt, sending a conga line through her body, radiating outwards from her loins and gathering there.

She grabbed hold of his crotch, undoing his jeans, pushing them from him and brushing her hand over his thick rod. She moaned against his lips, half surprised and half crazed by the fact that the jeans were all that had been seperating her and him. His hands found her pants, dragging them from her full hips, letting the black fabric pool onto the floor at her ankles. She kicked them away and curled her legs about his waist.

He Escort Bahçeşehir was in her then, stretching her with his girth, filling her. She broke her mouth from his lips, needing to verbalize the sensation, giving voice to a full-bodied groan that was lost beyond the door of the tiny restroom. He backed her up against the wall, settling her against it, his hands on her ass, pulling her against him. Over and over, she let out the sounds of pleasure as he sawed back and forth within her, moving slowly, prolonging the encounter.

His lips were on her neck, nipping at her flesh, sucking at the skin, leaving numerous marks along her neck. It drove her wild as her throat was manipulated in such a manner. He was so gentle, but she could sense his skill in his lips, in the way his hands squeezed her. Her heels dug into his ass and shoved him forward, urgency in her groans. He picked up on it, and soon she was being bounced between him and the wall as his cock dove deeply into her.

Her back arched, pushing her against him, and she let out her loudest moans as her tight pussy tightened about him, spasming with the sensations of his cock. He never slowed as she came, sending her higher along the planes of pleasure. He only sped up, and his teeth joined the dance on her throat, biting with low, heated growls, leaving numerous teeth marks along her neck.

Again and again, she came like that, up against the wall, as he gave her all he was worth, his hard thrusts powerful, but measured, never losing control. But she could sense he was getting close, too, in the strained way his groans were coming. Not wanting to end it, but not protected, she pushed him away and slid onto her knees, almost crying out in loss as she pushed him out of her. But she had to give something back.

Her mouth surrounded him, tongue running along his shaft, tasting herself on him tangled with the musky maleness beneath. Her head bobbed back and forth, cleaning his shaft of her juices, her nailed hand rising to stroke over his tight testes, fondling him, rubbing his balls against her palm, nicking him briefly with her nails. His cock tightened, and she pulled back, tongue lashing across the head as she sucked harder, needing to taste him.

She got what she needed, as he came, sucking down his cum as it slid across her tongue. She was surprised by the blend of salt and sweet in his seed, and hungrily swallowed every drop as he released four blasts of it into her mouth.

Both of them were breathing heavily as it ended. She gave his cock a final lick across the still-engorged head, and he pulled his pants up, zipping and buckling up. She retrieved her pants and straightened her shirt, trying to get her twitching loins under her control again. She carefully pushed open the door once they were both neat, blew him a kiss over her shoulder and went out.

He spent a few more minutes to catch his breath before slipping out as well, making his way to the door, looking about for her. She came up from behind the counter where the register was and handed him a slip of paper with two seperate phone numbers written upon it.

“Call me,” she murmured in her whispery voice, and he smiled at her assuringly. He’d be calling.

He left and she collapsed against the wall, wiping her hand across her forehead with a shaky breath. Next time, they might be able to take their time, and the thought of how he’d made her ache was enough to finish her knees, supported only on her shoulders by the wall.

Outside, the cool summer air brushed over him, relieving him of the accumulated sweat. His companions said nothing about how long he was gone, but they could smell the sex. They prudishly kept their mouths closed, however. Prudes that they were, they’d never understand.

He examined the paper with the numbers and noticed one was a cellphone from the prefix. He grinned. He’d definitely be calling her…

And they say big girls aren’t appreciated…

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