La Petite Mort


La Petite MortHe knocked on the motel room door, his heart pounding, a cold sweat breaking out on his neck. He was nervous, but his dick bulging in anticipation. He had set up the meeting from his hotel’s phone, after finding her ad online. She was described as a ‘hot 23 little platinum blonde vixen who will satisfy your every desire. Few restrictions.’ Her measurements promised her as a full C cup. Her photo had made his dick instantly hard, which had led him to this motel off the busy interstate. He was always browsing the local escort ads back home, out of curiosity, and the fact his wife back home had not fucked him in 3 months. This business trip he was on was the perfect opportunity which allowed him some time to play. He loved her, they had a c***d together, but she just seemed so uninterested with sex lately. It was tough, and this was his way of handling it. A man could only masturbate so much. The girl called herself Tamie, and sounded cute. But her voice was a little scratchy. But at 100 dollars for the hour, 50 extra for anal, this was a pure bargain.But now, he had to steel himself to knock on the door. He was considering going home to masturbate. But he reminded himself who was on the other side of the door, and the pleasure he would soon experience. He considered leaving one more time before he knocked. He waited. When the door opened, there stood Tamie. She was not the 23 year old vixen as described. More like 27 or 28, and with a little more weight around her stomach the he would have liked. Her eyes were a little bloodshot, but the black mascara she wore was hot, as well as the bright red lipstick she wore. She was dressed in black lingerie. Wearing a garter and stockings with a corset she looked amazing. Instead of a c cup, Tamie was pushing a D as she was spilling out of her corset. He got instant visions of tit fucking in his head. Hi, he stammered. “Get in quick”, was her curt response. He thought of leaving, but this was too hot to pass up, even with a little false advertising. He stepped inside and looked around. It was a typical room, 1 bed, with two nightstands opposite the pillows. Across from the bed was the dresser, with a tv above it. Right in front of him was the door to the washroom halkalı escort he presumed. There were also clothes strewn about, but what puzzled him was that were 3 suitcases. How could 1 woman pack so heavy? ‘so would you like to fuck me?” she asked, running her hands over her body, cupping her breasts and giving them a lift. Yes, yes, yes. He was practically a dog salivating at a treat. ‘got the money?” he reached into his pocket and took out an envelope. “There is 150 in there”, he said. She looked annoyed, but nodded. At least that wasn’t false advertising he thought to himself. Just let me freshen up for you he said. He tried to walk around her to the washroom but she intercepted him. ‘No, I need you now. Fuck me now. Take me.’ He wasn’t going to argue, especially as she pulled him onto the bed and stuck her tongue into his mouth. She quickly unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, then kissed her way down to his pants. She took them off and admired his rock hard cock standing straight at attention. This was totally worth it he thought.She grasped him in her hand which made him moan. She began to stroke his cock, and he gasped at how good it was. Before he knew it, she was taking him in her mouth. Her ruby red lips gliding over his shaft, up and down, pulling him down her throat. She was great at deep throating it, not to the point of where she gagged, but to where it was comfortable for her, and the majority of his dick was in her mouth. He forgot how great a blowjob felt. His wife detested them. Tamie’s tongue worked magic for him. He thought he heard a door open, and still a little nervous, he started to rise up off the bed to see. Tamie extended one arm up and pushed his chest back down. It was probably nothing, he thought to himself. The room next door perhaps. He relaxed and gripped her head, running his hands through her soft hair, and began to push her down on his cock, gently. He wasn’t particularly big, so she didn’t mind. He began to thrust up as well, and she met his thrusts with vigor. He began to feel his dick throbbing. Oh no, he was going to cum so soon. It must have only been 10 minutes in. he şişli escort was going to ask her to stop so he could return the favour, but he passed the point of no return. OOOOOHHHHHAAAAAAHHHH, he let out a guttural cry as he gripped her head and forced her up and down his shaft, pumping her head as he pumped his cum down into her mouth. She was taken by surprise but sucked his cum down, swallowing it all. She licked his dick with her tongue for a while then stopped.“What the fuck?” She was angry. “Why did you bust so early”? “It’s cuz you’re damn good with that tongue and mouth of yours” he chuckled. She did not seem impressed. She looked at the clock. You have thirty minutes left. Multiple shots will cost you…another 50. He hated the upselling, but he already sank 150 into her, and he wanted to try anal. Besides, if the sex was anything like the blowjob he was in for a treat he though.He picked his pants off the ground and handed her another 50. Her eyes grew wide when she saw the amount of bills in his wallet. How much do you have? You must be a successful business guy or something”. He smiled, “I have lots of money to do business with you, don’t worry.” he crawled onto the bed and asked her to 69, she obliged and soon he was eating out her pussy. It was alright, not the freshest smelling, but tasted fine and her moans of ecstasy were a turn out. He loved fondling her ass and running his tongue over her clit. And as before, she did an amazing blowjob. This time his balls got some extra attention. She sucked them into his mouth and spit them out repeatedly. Soon he was ready to plow into her. “Okay, jump on top of me honey”. To his pleasant surprise she climbed onto him without putting a condom on. Her juicy wet pussy exuded a great warmth as she glided down onto his cock. He was as rigid as ever. She began to bounce up and down on his cock. He was in a state of pure bliss. It was amazing, her pussy molded to his cock and he was having the time of his life. He looked at the clock on the nightstand. He had 15 minutes left. He asked her to do anal. She said to fuck her in missionary first. He agreed, but made it clear he paid for anal and would receive it. She got sarıyer escort off of him and flipped onto her back. He crawled between her legs and guiding his cock into her pussy again. He fucked her for five minutes, ramming her hard into the bed. She grimaced in pain, but he did not care, he was close to the edge, about to cum again. As he fondled her breasts, sucking her nipples, she threw her legs around him, making her pussy even tighter. She began to yell and moan. He threw back his head and pumped into her hard.He heard a door open again and knew there was someone in the room, but he did not expect a cord to encircle his neck and a tremendous weight to bear down on his back. The cord tightened around his neck, cutting off his breathing and blood circulation to his neck. The weight forced him down onto Tamie. He felt a man’s hot breath on his neck and the smell of alcohol. “You like fucking her, don’t ya? Well enjoy it, and thanks for the car”. Paul realized that the man had been in the washroom the entire time. They were going to rob him, and possibly kill him. No, definitely kill him. His money and the car were the targets. He was nothing. Tamie grabbed his face and made him look into her eyes. “Fuck me, it’s the last 5 minutes of our session”. Paul obliged, his heart hammering into his rib cage. He was scared, he was struggling to breathe, but her pussy felt good, so there was some comfort. The cord hurt his throat as it broke skin and he started to bleed. How would his wife take the news? His naked body would lie here, he thought, until it was discovered. His breathing was shallow and short. There was a red haze in his field of visions. He struggled to draw breath. His chest heaved but could not find any air. He knew the end was imminent so he thrust into her over and over, his balls slapping against her ass. His wheezing stopped as he thrust one last time into Tamie, his cum spewing into her pussy. It felt amazing. She was so tight, he didn’t even have to move as she grinded her hips into him. “This guy’s time is up!” The man yanked the cord even harder and Paul exhaled his final breath and ceased to fuck Tamie, his last thought not of his family but of pure erotic bliss. His struggle ended and he slumped onto her body. The man held the cord a while longer. Paul’s body lay on Tamie with his cum oozing out of her. After checking Paul’s pulse, the man took the cash and his car keys while Tamie tried to get Paul’s cum out of her. After changing, the two took off in Paul’s car, leaving his body there to be discovered by housekeeping the next morning.

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