Lady Of The Loch (Part 3)


They shared a quiet moment slaking their thirst from the cold, clean, crisp waters of the loch. The Knight adjusted his position, letting his calves dangle in the limpid water to cool off.  Upon finishing her drink, the Sylvan Maiden, lay down, her head and one hand resting on his closest thigh, while her free hand gently stroked and pet his resting sword.“What is your wish, my master?” she spoke softly.In response, his hand, caressing the back of her head, slid down to her seductive back, and he let his fingers gently glide all around her velvet skin.  “My wish would be to freeze this moment of time forever!”  He quietly answered back.“I too wish that could be so,” she said, a gentle smile lighting up her face.  “However that is not an action I can grant, as I have no control over the flow of time.  What I await now is the action you wish me to perform as the winner of our inaugural contest.”“Our inaugural contest?” he repeated in curiosity.“Surely you do not think that will be the last time I challenge you?” she returned with a seductive grin.“Surely not!” the Knight laughed heartily.  “I looked forward to many a future match with you, no matter the outcome!”“Now my good sir,” she entreated him, “Tell this fair maiden, what task she must perform for your pleasure.”“You shall dance for me!” he announced.“Dance?” she repeated in surprise.  “I would have expected something more intimate, but I shall certainly dance for your pleasure if that is your desire.”“I wasn’t finished,” he returned.  “You shall dance for me, while upon my aroused sword.  You must not allow it to leave your garden passage until we both have ascended.  Only then may your performance come to an end.”The Lady flushed slightly as she smiled excitedly.  “Now that sounds more like what I expected!” she whispered seductively.“Additionally,” he continued.  “You cannot use your hands to awaken my blade.”“As you wish, my master,” she purred.  With that, she slipped into the water and waded around his knee to stand between his thighs.Placing one hand on either of his thighs, she opened her mouth and started to bend over towards his shaft.  Her peeking tongue extended expectantly.“You cannot use your mouth either,” he quickly added.She looked back up at him, a pout across her face.“Your mystical mouth is too good, my love,” he explained.  “This is meant to be a challenge.”“Then I must accept,” she said slyly.Leaning in, she cupped the outside rim of her mighty melons and gently pressed them together, enveloping his shaft completely with their soft, velvety skin.  Seductively she began to rub them up and down in alternating motions, letting her silken skin caress and massage his manhood.This new sensation, send little tingles throughout his loins, and the Knight reveled in every touch of her silky, succulent bosom.  “This feels marvelous!” he whispered as he closed his eyes.“I am glad my master approves of my choice,” The Elf purred back.  “If not, I fear he would have to discipline me,” she teased.Her words brought visions to his mind’s eye of other games they might play—perhaps before their festival of love was through.  For now, he allowed the tingling sensations to wash through him as his hot blood rapidly began to flood his loins.The fey Maiden, felt his sword begin to lengthen and harden as it warmed between her undulating mounds.  Looking into his face, eyes closed as he breathed deeply, enjoying her caressing embrace, she smiled with satisfaction knowing her lover derived such pleasure from her touch.Shortly his engorged sword peeked out from between her mighty melons, like a tiny sapling first pushing out of its native soil.  She nurtured it with her soft, supple, breasts, and watch it grow to its full height, firm, strong, and resolute.  Her darling little seed was ready.She looked back up at the Knight’s face.  She found his eyes still closed as he drifted upon the pillows of her velvet breasts.  Coyly she smiled and reached down, gently licking the tip of his sword.“Hey!” He came to with a start.  “I told you—““But my lord,” she interrupted.  “The preparations are complete, and it is time for me to begin my main performance as you requested.”Looking down at his hard, meaty member sprouting from between her loving mounds he knew she was right.  Releasing her buxom bosom, they gently parted to display his full sword nestled between their lusty peaks, as she held out her arms to him.“Will master be so good as to help me up?” she requested.Smiling at his elven lover, the Knight reached down and gripped her under the pits of her arms.  Then, her wondrous melons lightly brushing his hands along his thumbs, he lifted her up as she hopped out of the cool water.Cold rivulets rained down upon his thighs and sword. His man purse contracted from the cold water lifting his pearls as he brought her onto his lap.  She placed a comely knee outside either of his thighs, so that she straddled him as she settled upon his loins and faced him.“As my master has commanded I cannot use my hands,” she teased, “would he kindly insert his mighty sword into my garden entrance?”  Biting the corner of her lip and staring seductively into his eyes, she rose up.  The delicate folds of her garden veil hovered above his prestigious sword head.Grinning in lusty zeal, the Knight directed his mighty member as she slowly lowered herself onto its head.  She paused as he adjusted it to slide directly into her garden passage.  Once she felt it nuzzle into the entrance, she resumed her descent upon it.  Letting it slide in deeply she impaled herself, fully accepting his manhood.Again she paused eyes closed, a little whimper Porno 64

of pain escaping her quivering lips as a single, crimson trail ran down his shaft.  Small tears welled up in the corner of her eyes, as she breathed deeply waiting for the sting to pass.The Knight, gently sliding his hands up and down either side of her back, tried to soothe her discomfort.  Shortly her breathing eased and she lovingly smiled as she opened her emerald eyes to look into his.“At last, we are one,” she beamed with overflowing joy, a tear escaping her eye.Together they reveled in the moment, savoring the feeling.  His long sword was deeply enfolded within her warm, wet, tight garden passage.  The sensuality was both sublime and perfect.  He felt the embrace of her love as her carnal canal enveloped him.  She felt replete and complete as his enlarged shaft penetrated and filled her.“Now, I shall dance for master,” the Elf coyly continued.Raising her hands high above her head, they began to roll and wind to the beat of an unheard song.  Her arms came alive and twisted and writhed as though possessed by serpents. Slowly her perfect breasts began to succulently sway as her shoulders shifted and rolled.  Her body became a living pool of liquid as her navel undulated in rolling waves that cascaded down her shapely form.  Her hips, staying low and keeping his sword within her warm, wet garden, began to twist and sway from side to side as each belly wave shimmered down her stunning, flowing body.  Her long hair billowed and rippled to the waves of her figure, like a golden veil twinkling and flowing in the background.The Knight was hypnotized!  He had expected a delightful performance, but had never conceived of such a sight as this!  His eyes feasted upon the shapes and curves of his lover’s form, as they shimmied and shimmered like flicker flames before his dazzled eyes.  His gaze darted from her heaving bosom, to her seductive face, across her rolling navel, and down to her gyrating hips.  He simply couldn’t keep his focus, so much was there to drink in and see—all of it erotically arousing!Feeling his ogling eyes upon her naked skin, and seeing his bewitched gaze, the Sylvan Maiden blushed.  Her provocative smile further enriched as deep satisfaction swelled inside.  Slowly she began to rise, then fall as her thighs lifted and lowered her slightly to the tempo of her dance.  Her garden passage, already wet, began to grip and slide along the Knight’s sword shaft. It sent tingles running up both their loins at the sensation, but though she let out a little murmur at the feeling, never did she stop or lose time in her performance.Sinuously her hands began to part, as her arms swirled and opened to pose straight out from her sides. Her muscles dancing beneath her velvet skin, her arms still vacillated like snakes though her wrist seemed bound by unseen chains.  Her torso started to slowly sway left and right, while the undulating belly waves continued to roll down her navel.  Synchronously, the Sylvan Maiden’s hips began to shake twice on each side as her lavish bottom, flexed and bounced before swaying across to the other cheek. Her passage twisting and pirouetting about his meaty member, whose head rubbed and poked against her honey-covered walls, built fierce passion in them both.The Knight’s desire for his elven lover rose ever higher as he watched her sinuous, seductive moves.  He marveled at her shapely, curvaceous form and ethereal, divine beauty and blessed whatever unseen hand had brought this union together. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine such a sublime experience or so ravishing a lover!With each sway and roll of her hips, her garden passage squeezed and stroked his manly sword, while the cheeks of her voluminous bottom bounced and slapped his thighs in time with her erotic dance.  Each bounce, each stroke, sent surges of warm needles shooting forth from his loins and thighs, to tickle and tease the surrounding body parts.The Lady, careful to never stop her undulant dance, looked upon her man with love.  It was her fondest desire to please every sense of his large muscled frame, as she pleasured his mighty sword thrust deep within her.  With each lift of her hip, each roll of her navel, each bounce of her bottom, she felt that meaty member as it poked and pierced her within, sending waves of hot passion interspersed with icy needles that raced from inside her aroused passageway, through her body, and across her lower extremities in effervescent waves.Arching her back as far as she could comfortably go while maintaining her balance on her knees, she started to do long, slow, circular gyrations with her hips.  Her magic melons shifted and swayed as she tilted to and fro.  The Knight’s meaty manhood, slid further out as she rotated her hips back, and then penetrated deep as her hips came forward.  The slow piston action of his shaft felt very satisfying as she rolled her hips, each time a little faster.  She savored the pleasurable feeling as it slid and rubbed inside her wet, sticky passage.  She began to move her arms forward in waving serpentine motions as her hands, twisted and twirled, at last coming to rest on his broad shoulders just outside the base of his strong neck.Once her enchanted hands were anchored on her lover’s thick trapezius, she slowly pulled herself in, all the while keeping her silken belly rolls going in time with her sashaying hips and swaying breasts.  Closer and closer she came, till her belly began to provocatively brush against his chiseled abs as they swelled to their apex, before flowing back in.  With Konulu Porno each touch, electric tingling waves danced across her navel and his abs in unison!As she pulled in ever closer, her pert peaks began to caress against his firm chest.  At their contact, hot and cold shivers raced through their bosoms to ricochet across their skin as alternating waves continued to spread from below.  Closer she came, her massive melons squashing against his unrelenting muscles, her rolling navel began to bump and tickle along his abs with every seductive wave.Closer still she came.  Her eyes closed and her head tilted while her lips of wine reached out longingly waiting for a kiss.  Her lover did not hesitate at the invitation.Wrapping his iron arms about her curvaceous form, he pressed her against him, drinking deeply from the well of her luscious lips.  Yet even in their ardent embrace, the Elf’s hips continued to shimmy and sway, her bottom to bump and bound, his long shaft to pierce and rub her honey-laden passage.Again their tongues intertwined! Wrapping passionately, they danced between their eager mouths.  The Knight’s left hand held her head against his lips, while his right caressed and glided along her silken back and velvet buttocks.  Her hands remained wrapped around his neck, as her gyrating curves danced across his skin.  Inside them both, shivers ran up and down their torso and spine as they drown in the sensations of each other’s body.At last, they parted for air, and smiling bewitchingly, the Elf pulled away from her Chevalier’s strong embrace.  His hands glided along her back and breasts as he let her retreat.  His chest still prickling and tingling from thousands of tiny pins, he felt the ghostly presence her pressed stems and crushed breasts left in their absence.Her serpentine arms again stretching out to either side, the sultry elven Maiden now increased the tempo of her dance of seduction!  Her beguiling gaze looking straight into the Knight’s entranced eyes, she smiled bewitchingly.  No longer did it slowly sway and flow, instead in great zeal her whole frame began to quiver and shimmer in nimble motion!Her shoulders rapidly shook as her ample bosom, rippled and bounced to each tumultuous tilt.  Her hips, as though possessed by some mammoth fish, shimmied and shuddered with pitch alacrity—seemly seeking to remove every drop of heated sweat by rapidly shaking it off.  Her bottom bounced fervently slapping against the Knight’s legs as her lusty thighs rose and fell in miniscule pulses from the rippling muscular ballet dancing beneath her skin.In response, the Lady’s garden passage tightened and constricted more about her lover’s engorged shaft as the surrounding hip muscles all activated for the vigorous performance.  The small quick pulses of her thighs causing her hips rapid rise and fall, made the Knight’s sword stab fiercely within her tight passage.  Piercing and pressing vigorously against her wet honey-soaked inner walls, it sent fresh tingling waves reverberating throughout their joined loins.A little hiss escaped the Knight’s lips at the feeling of her constricting tunnel, as the pressure and stimulation increased.  New icy-hot needles tickled his shaft as his man sack pulled taunt, loading the family jewels as a feeling of pressure rapidly began to build within them.The Elf moaned softly, as she felt her own waves of burning pins reverberate within, but her relentless roiling hips didn’t miss a beat.  Nor did her quivering melons stop their hypnotic tremors, even as she could feel the pressure of her dam start to fill.Again her arms enclosed her lover’s neck, as her whole body began to ripple.  Beginning in her upper back, her bosom would roll forward, its pert peaks grazing and pressing against his muscular chest in titillation. The surging wave would continue down her belly, her navel sending the undulations into her hips, which rose and fell in swift succession.  With each cycle, the delicate folds veiling her lady garden would glide along the Knight’s long shaft, while her tightened passage stroked it from all sides in relentless rhythm to her round rump cheeks smacking against his loins.Wave after wave of ardor, pricking every pore, shot through the lovers’ merged members and radiated outward waltzing across their skin. Their breathing grew heavier as their hearts raced, passion welling up within both.With each bounce of her hips, the Sylvan Maiden’s arousal drew whimpers and moans as they slipped forth from her luscious lips.  Ambrosia seeping out of her lover’s sword head, it mixed with her honey and coated his shaft as the ridges of her walls tingled in delight.  The burning fires began to pour into her veins, as a warm glow from within began suffusing throughout her silken skin.The Knight’s iron arms wrapped his lover in another caressing embrace, as he closed his eyes and listened to her sultry moans synchronized to the beat of her thumping backside.  His head tilted back as her stroking garden passage, clamped firmly around his shaft, stimulated every inch—the profuse pressure threatening to burst forth from his manly pearls with each tingling slide.Unable to contain himself, the Knight’s loins began to rise and meet her glistening peach bottom each time it fell.  The increased motion further arousing the couple’s passions, the waves of searing needles across their bodies provoked his sword to its limit as it began to quiver and throb.The fey Maiden felt the shivering throbs of his meaty member deep inside her passage.  Her dam’s pressure nearly unbearable, the Lady tightened her arms about Porno İndir her lover’s neck—crushing her mighty melons deep into his heaving chest.  Her head was thrown back as her moans became long and labored.A final thrust of his loins as it met her descending derriere, and the Knight’s throbbing sword, unable to hold at bay the unrelenting pressure any longer, sprayed his nectar deep into her garden passage in rhythmic jets. It spattered and coated the already honey-drenched walls.  In rejoinder, the Elf’s dam burst to release the tidal wave within.Screaming in ecstasy to the sky above, the Maiden’s body quivered and convulsed in the uncontrollable pangs of pleasure as her lover’s nectar streams spurted into the torrential flood unleashed from within—her burning emotions at last cooling from the flow.  The lovers froze in their position as if time itself had stopped while they basked and relished in the transcendent pleasure of their culminated union. As the Knight’s throbbing sword quelled and the Sylvan Maiden’s quaking subsided, their bodies relaxed and collapsed together, his strong back taking the impact of the ground while she slumped atop his prone figure.  There they lay, his strong arms still wrapped around her sublime form, while she rested—head and arms on his broad chest.For a time the only sound was the gentle lapping of water as their heavy breathing gradually returned to normal.  His eyes closed, and waves of love poured through the knight as he gently caressed his lover’s silken hair and velvet skin.  Her scents of jasmine and citrus soothingly lulled his senses, as his fingers wandered aimlessly, exploring every hollow and every rise of her sensual curves.  He was madly enthralled with each tiny detail of her graceful form and was doggedly determined to learn every secret it might hold!  Though her perfume was so pleasant and calming he couldn’t help drifting off to sleep.For how long he slept he was unsure, but her stirring awoke him.  She sensually stretched in his loving embrace.  Opening his eyes, he found her emerald gaze devotedly staring into his as she softly smiled.“Was my performance to my lord’s satisfaction,” she teased as her hand lightly caressed his right nipple.“You have surpassed all I could have ever dreamed,” The Knight replied in honest admiration.  “I can only hope to experience such consummation again!”Her velvet cheeks flushing, she laid her head back down on his chest as she softly whispered.  “You shall!  In matters of love, we elves will not be bested.”  She let her shapely calf and comely foot caress and glide along his leg.“I have no doubts!” her lover replied in quiet adoration. “I could spend the rest of my life searching and never would I come upon such feminine perfection as I hold in my arms now!”She sighed sweetly at his open confession, as her hand slid along his abs, past his navel, and down to his resting sword which she began to fondle and pet with the tips of her fingers.Enjoying the arousing sensation, the Knight’s own hand floated across the fey Maiden’s graceful back, and dropped down under her armpit to begin gently squeezing and stroking her breast.  Her soft giggle informed him she enjoyed the attention.“What part of me do you like the best?” she asked with a coy smile.“Everything!” her lover answered emphatically.  “From your emerald eyes and golden hair, to your dainty feet, and all that is in between.”“Your words embarrass me,” she lightly protested as her blush turned brighter.  “But if you had to pick one?” she pressed.Sighing in compliance, the Knight thought a moment.“If you are forcing me to choose a single aspect,” he began, “I would have to choose your soul.  For it alone defines the maiden I love, allowing all else to be possible,”“A very astute and insightful answer,” she complimented him.  Then with a Cheshire smile added, “But I want to know what physical feature of mine you are most drawn to.”He groaned.  “Why must you vex me so?” he asked half teasing.“Because it is my precocious nature to torment my lover from time to time,” she taunted back.Taking a deep breath he blew it out hard.  Silence followed as he thought deeply.  She continued to smile as she waited expectantly.“Your alluring face arrests my eyes, while your voice tantalizes my ears, and your fragrances tickle my nose.  Your bountiful bosom delights my hands, and your lady garden’s honey pleases my tongue,” he said at last.“That is five selections, not one,” she pointed out.“It is one for each of my senses, as a different aspect of you holds them in rapt attention,” he countered.  “I didn’t know which one you wanted so I have provided them all.”“I suppose I can expect no better an answer,” she teased in mock derision, though her crimson cheeks betrayed her unspoken delight.“What physical aspect of me do you most adore?” the Knight asked attempting to turn the tables.“I cannot deny that your sword holds much of my attention for its sweet, succulent, warm nectar and savory flavor,” she began as she continued to stroke it softly.  “However if I must choose one, I choose your heart,” she concluded laying her head back upon his chest.  “For without its beating within your mighty breast, nothing could give me joy.”Gripping his elven lover under both arms the Knight drew her face to his and drank the wine of her succulent kisses as they lovingly embraced.As their lips locked in ardent pleasure, the Elf’s hand continued to fondle her lover’s sword while her pleasing calf and shapely foot caressed his legs.  Letting one of his hands drift down to caress her round bottom, it reached between her cheeks and tickled the dainty velvet folds of her lady garden—his other continuing to squish and stroke her fantastic bosom.Parting early, the Lady let her lips wander beneath her lover’s jaw and to his ear, where, with a soft giggle, she latched on with her teeth and began to nibble its upper edge.

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