Laid Stupid Ch. 07


We had a couple of rough weekends, he is dealing with a lot lately and it took a bit of time to get over the emotional rollercoaster of the punishment. I had sent him a text and called him on Friday to tell him how desperate I was for some relief. I needed that connection that I only get from being intimate in a most personal way with him. He told me he would take care of me that weekend.

On Saturday when I got there he told me I had worried him with my text on Friday, he thought I was going to breakdown emotionally again. I assured him I just needed him, needed that connection. He had me pull off his pants and boxers and I undressed and began to suck his cock. I am able to get off and come just by sucking him. It is such a turn on for me.

After a few minutes of this, I could no longer control myself and I climbed up him impaling myself on his hard cock. I began to ride him up and down, over and over. He grabbed my tits and began to twist and pull my nipples, slapping them at times. As always I began having multiple orgasms. He raised up his hips to get deeper into me, touching both my cervix and my very soul. I have to say that when we are like this I would do anything for him, anything he asks. He owns me body and soul.

At some point I pulled my legs up underneath me to get more leverage. I cannot believe I can move this way for him at my age. Thank you Yoga!

We fucked like this for over an hour until both of us could not move any longer. Then we just lied there holding each other. And I felt calm and whole for the first time in a very long time.

The next day we had plans for him to tie me up and torture me. But I only had a short time to spend with him so we decided to wait rather than rush the bondage play. We were laying in bed and all of a sudden he xslot looks at me with that look and tells me I have too many clothes on. I jumped out of bed rushing to the bathroom stripping my clothes as I went. I returned to the bed naked and got another phone call from my husband. He had been calling me all day.

Now before you judge me for this I have lived for years with emotional and financial abuse and am in the process of working my way out of my current situation. Anyway, the phone rang and we had both had enough of the phone calls so he pushed me down onto the bed and grabbed the bottle of lube. I felt it run down my ass and all of a sudden he entered me from behind. Mind you I am on the phone! He begins moving in and out of my ass over and over and it feels fucking incredible. I finally get off the phone and we begin to fuck like wild animals. He moves in and out of me and I push back trying to pull him further in.

He grabs my ponytail yanking my head back. I feel him put his hand on my throat and I push into him choking myself. He can tell when I am close to passing out and tells me to lift my head. I pass out several times because of the intense pleasure.

I have multiple orgasms like this screaming with a few of them and briefly passing out a few times. I love this. It feels so amazing. We go at it like this for about an hour again and finally he comes inside of me and it feels like heaven. I feel such bliss at this moment. We lie there for a while just holding each other. I love these times with him and am having the most intense emotional feelings for him. It is so hard to leave and go home, I cannot wait for the day I can spend all night wrapped up in his arms.

We have started cooking for each other from time to time. On Tuesday xslot Giriş of the following week I make plans to bring him dinner that I cooked the night before. I had on a new outfit I was anxious for him to see. I have always been self conscious of my body and the clothes I wear, but he makes me feel sexy.

I went out and bought a new shorter skirt than I usually wear and I bought a pair of knee high boots. I had resisted buying these because I am so short. You see I am 5 feet tall, big heart shaped ass and DDD tits and I am not kidding! I have long dark hair, brown/green eyes and very pale skin. So I have had a habit of dressing down a bit. But I want to dress better for him and for myself. I am starting to feel better about myself thanks to him.

I get there and I can tell by the way he looks at me that he likes my new outfit, especially my boots. I had my kegel balls in during the day and had gotten so wet I had to cut off my underwear to throw them out. I did not want to remove my boots and tights at work so I just cut them off.

He guides me over in front of the bed and reaches around to see if my skirt has a zipper it does not. He pulls it off and pulls my tights down as far as they will go with my boots still on. He pushes me back on the bed and gets this toy that basically has a sucking motion on my clit. I immediately come undone, coming right away and losing control of my bladder. I literally peed all over his bed, all over my tights and boots and even on the floor.

He let me get up to go to the bathroom and remove my boots and tights. When I came back to the bed he had me removed the rest of my clothes and I climbed back on top again. He gets really deep this way. After a while we stopped and I went down on him for a bit. xslot Güncel Giriş He then flipped me over grabbed the lube and began fucking me in the ass, again! He was definitely “edgy” today, just the way I like him.

We went on like this for a while, I needed to get home and it was getting late. He came in my ass and it felt so amazing. I got up put on my shirt, bra and skirt. I had no panties or tights to wear home and I had to stop to get dinner before going home! Going to pick up dinner in a blouse, skirt, boots and no panties was both exciting and terrifying. As soon as I got home I went into my bedroom and changed my clothes. I enjoy going home with the scent of him on me, with part of him inside of me.

The next weekend did not go so well and I am getting concerned. I went over on Saturday and spent most of the entire day by myself cleaning. Then I got 15 minutes of play with a toy before I left. I have said this before but what I need, and yes it is a need, is the physical and emotional connection that only happens when we connect with each other. And again I did not get this.

Then on Sunday I get up and get ready and I call him and he is again not feeling well and tells me not to come over. This is the second weekend in a row and I don’t know how many times I have been told he is going to FINALLY tie me up that he backs out. I am beginning to think he does not want to do this with me. I needed him today. I needed to just be held, to be told I matter,that I am important.

So here I am finding myself going out to see some kinky friends and seriously considering playing with them. And it does NOT even bother him. This makes me so incredibly sad. I did tell him today I feel like a housekeeper and a fuck toy, not a girlfriend that matters at all. I just do not know where this leaves me.

This is where we are at present day. I was going to end the story here, but I am enjoying writing and it is helping me process my feelings and thoughts. So the remainder of the chapters will be about my fantasies. I hope you enjoy them, I know I do.

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