Last night of deployment-Late night shower trailer


Last night of deployment-Late night shower trailerIt was the last night of my deployment, flying home the following day. Everyone else was passed out asleep, but I was sweating. It was still over 100 degrees in this barracks at 0100 in the morning. I put on my flip flop sandals, grabbed a towel, and headed to the shower trailer to cool off. When I arrived at the shower trailer, it was just like I figured it would be at this time of the morning…empty. I put my towel down on the bench, took off my shorts an t-shirt, and stepped into a shower stall.I turned the water on, as cold as it would go, but it was still quite warm. I leaned my head under the spray, closing my eyes, trying to relax. I must have really zoned out, because when I opened my eyes, there were 20 or more naked men staring at me in the shower. As my eyes focused, all I could see was every man there had a raging hard on. I felt my pulse quicken, bahis siteleri and I felt my own cock begin to twitch.It was at that moment I felt hands grabbing me, pulling me out of the shower. It happened so fast, I didn’t have time to react. I found myself dripping wet, down on my knees in front of this “group”. From behind the crowd, I heard a voice say “It won’t do you any good to scream or fight us.” I knew this to be true, because the shower trailer was several hundred yards away from any barracks that had any soldiers in them.The first man moved directly in front of me. All I could do was stare at his erection, right in front of my mouth. I felt my own cock becoming rock hard at that moment. Without any further hesitation on my part, my lips parted, my mouth opened, and I took his erect cock deep into my mouth. This was by no means the first cock I’d ever had in my mouth, and my tongue went canlı bahis siteleri immediately to work. I swirled my tongue up and down his erect shaft, even teasing the head of his cock before taking his whole length into my throat. This seemed to surprise and please him, so I did my best to deep throat his cock for as long as I could. I was soon rewarded with a mouthful of hot, white cum. I swallowed every drop before he pulled out of my mouth.I repositioned myself on the floor, my mouth open and ready for another cock, but I raised my hips, offering my ass as well for their pleasure. One of the men produced some baby oil and poured some in his hand and began to lube my ass. 1 finger, then 2, and a third finger plunging in and out of my ass. Another cock had found it’s way into my mouth, so I was trying to focus my attention on it. Seconds later, I felt my puckered hole being stretched by a very, canlı bahis very thick cock. It hurt at first, but by the time I could feel his balls slap against my ass, I was getting to the extacy zone. Every nerve in my body was screaming in pleasure!After that point, the rest of the evening into early morning was a blur of one cock after the other shoot loads of cum into my ass and mouth. I was so hungry for cock, I just couldn’t get enough! As soon as one cock had spent it’s load inside of me, I wanted another in it’s place immediately. At some point, I remember I could feel cum dripping from my ass and running down my legs. I knew cum was leaking out and dripping out of my mouth as well, but I didn’t care anymore.Just a quickly as it had started, seemingly, it was over. I was sprawled on the floor of the showers in a pool of my sweat and cum. The group of men left the shower trailer a few at a time, until I was alone in the silence. I had not known any of these men, apparently they were from a unit that had just arrived in country. It wouldn’t have mattered to me, I wasn’t going to admit to anyone what had happened, or how willing I was.

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