Subject: Last of the Line Chapter 82 Last of the Line by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. NOTE to the reader: “Peter Brown” aka badboi666 is, as you might guess, not in the first flush of youth: indeed he is well into the you’ll-die-if-you-get-this-fucking-thing age cohort. It has been his habit in all his stories published here to be two or three chapters ahead of publication. If he gets a nasty cough and a temperature he will post all outstanding chapters together with a synopsis of what is still to come. Then, if he snuffs it, you can at least have some idea of what befell Dab in the end. A bit like Edwin Dro Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 82 “Put some fingers in,” said Jack, squeezing a good dollop of lube onto Hamish’s hand, “get him good and wet inside.” As always, Hamish’s fingers slipped in, to the satisfaction of both of us. He felt about and my prostate was soon throbbing. “Don’t make him come,” warned his tutor, “not if you’re going to fist him. Just make sure he’s full of lube.” I was, and I murmured that we could proceed to the next stage just as soon as Jack felt like it. “OK, Hamish, fingers out and grease your hand. Use a lot – it’s better to be too slippery.” Much lube was applied and Jack poured some above Hamish’s wrist. “He really wants it right in?” I assured him that that was exactly what I wanted. “You can talk to me, Hamish, I’m not out of it yet,” I muttered. Hamish chuckled, “is that where you’ll be when I’m in?” I nodded. Jack showed him how to make the right shape with his hand. “Tuck your thumb in life this … that’s it; now put your hand in almost as far as your knuckles, then stop. Let Dab tell you it’s OK to go further. He’ll push like hell and you must push too. You’ll find your hand slips in very quickly once Dab pushes. Don’t stop once he’s told you to go. When you’re in as far as your wrist you’re on your own. Just push in gently and let Dab say when enough’s enough.” Hamish nodded, keen to get on with it. “I’m ready, Hamish,” I said, “don’t be scared – you won’t hurt me. I’ve done this before.” “What he means is that I’ve been up there before you,” said Jack, “he won’t split – promise.” Hamish introduced his hand and I felt the hot sensation as I was stretched gradually further and further open. I sighed. “Pay no attention to his noises,” said Jack, “the only things that matter are `yes’ and `stop’. Wait for Dab to give you the green light.” I was in no hurry: as you know, I love the feeling of something really big between my arse lips. Hamish, unbidden, rolled his hand, putting more nerve ends into full screaming mode. “Yes,” I breathed, “now,” and I pushed hard. Hamish swallowed and pushed too – his hand slipped in. “Fuck,” he breathed, “it’s in, right up to my wrist.” “Keep on going, but slowly,” said Jack, “his guts turn a corner several inches in and you’ll feel you can go no further. Go on.” Hamish bravely ventured further into the unknown, ignoring, as he had been instructed, moaning and sighing from me. I felt his fist make contact with the corner. “Enough,” I whispered, “can you feel it goes no further?” He nodded adding in a tone of wonder, “I’m almost in up to my elbow.” “That’s fisting,” said Jack, “you know how to get it in, now what you do when you’re in there is up to you and Dab. Try pretending your arm is your cock and fuck him with it, but not too hard.” Hamish did as he was instructed, his tongue sticking out of his mouth as he concentrated. I let him piston away for a couple of minutes, but it wasn’t doing much for me. Once he mastered how far he could withdraw and how hard he could pound in again it would be better, but there was no hurry. “Pull your hand back so that it’s only just in me,” I said, “stop when I tell you.” A few seconds later I stopped him. “Now your knuckles are right next to my prostate. If you twist your hand back and forwards as though you’re screwing and unscrewing something your knuckles will tear over my prostate several times a second. Watch my cock as you do it. Ready?” “Aye … oh God! did I make you do that without touching your cock? Fuck, this is good.” The several lines of spunk which had shot unexpectedly out of me were sprayed over my chest. “Take your hand out … gently … now you can have your reward like a good apprentice,” said Jack generously. Hamish was licking, his tongue sending waves of pleasure through my ultra-sensitive post-cum skin. “Share, Hamish,” I said softly. He really did have the softest lips. “So now you know about fisting,” said Jack. “Mmm. Can I do you now?” That was unexpected, but not unwelcome, so I eased myself out of the sling and Jack climbed in. “Off you go,” I said, “you know how it works.” Ten minutes later Hamish was enjoying his second feast. “Can you do me?” kilis escort he said. I shook my head. “Our hands are too big. You’ll split. You’ll have to find yourself a 14-year-old and train him up.” Hamish snorted. “Yeah, and where will I find him? Not in Lairg, that’s for sure.” “You never know,” said Jack, “there’s queers everywhere nowadays.” While this was undoubtedly true it didn’t help Hamish to find a willing playmate, never mind a keen fister. “I need to piss,” he said suddenly. Jack was still in the sling, and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. Hamish would learn another new trick. I looked at Jack and raised my eyebrows. “Yeah, why not. He’s been keen on everything else.” He settled back to enjoy what Hamish – still in blissful ignorance – would shortly deliver. “Don’t do it yet,” I said, “you’ve pissed on me, but how about you piss in him.” “In? You mean I stick my cock up his arse and piss?” “If you can. It’s not as easy as it sounds. You’ve got to be hard to get it in – right in – but it isn’t easy to piss if it’s hard. Give it a try. Get it nice and hard.” He put on a little-boy look. “Please will you get it hard for me, Uncle Dab?” “Oho! I thought, that’s the game he wants to play.” I knelt and gave his cock 60 seconds of my expert tongue treatment, achieving a fine erection in next to no time. “Stick it in,” I said unromantically. He did – all the way. Jack sighed. “Nice,” he murmured, “now piss, and once you start, keep going until you’re finished. Don’t stop.” “Mmm.” And of course nothing happened. A minute later Hamish was looking panic-stricken. “I can’t,” he cried. “Give it time, Hamish. Your brain knows it’s not the right place. You’ll start soon, I promise.” 20 seconds later he broke into a wide grin. “I’m doing it,” he whispered, full of wonder and pride at his new achievement. “You’ve probably pissed over 20,000 times in your life, but that’s the first time inside an arse,” I said, “is it worth the wait?” There was no reply. It was not a time for conversation. The flow continued and suddenly piss started to leak out of Jack’s arse and run down Hamish’s legs. “Don’t stop,” I reminded him, “it’ll come out as fast as you fill him.” “Oh God, this is so … wicked and wonderful,” breathed a thrilled Hamish, still pissing, still feeling his own piss running down his legs. “When you stop, pull out and Jack’ll push the rest out,” I said. “And then stick it back in and fuck me into tomorrow,” said Jack, “go on. I need to be fucked.” Hamish couldn’t believe his luck. He pulled out: a torrent of piss flew out, the force causing it to hit him in the belly; he was back in immediately and Jack was treated to a fierce fuck from his apprentice, who lasted less than a minute before he jammed his cock as far in as he could and fired the biggest load of his life where it lit the biggest fire. It was Jack’s turn to say something I had not expected, but which seemed so right in the circumstances. And when he’d said it he added, “I mean it, Dab. I know what you say about it, but I’ve been trying to tell myself it’s silly for the last week, and I know it’s not silly – it’s real.” He turned back to an astonished Hamish. “I’ll say it again, Hamish. I love you.” Hamish’s face was a picture. His cock was still up Jack’s arse. He looked at me. “Dab … you said … oh God, I don’t know. Jack, did you really say that? Did you mean it?” His cock slipped out as he reached forward to kiss the boy who loved him. “I love you too, but I tried to tell myself it was pointless as you’re going way.” Both of them were sobbing. When you really need to piss and you start to sob it’s impossible to control matters, and the two lovers found themselves celebrating their newly-discovered relationship by Jack pissing on his belly and Hamish feeling it as they embraced. Dinner would be interesting, I thought. “You said you wanted Jack to fuck you. Wouldn`t you rather he made love to you?” I said gently. “You’re not making fun of me?” I put my arms round him – he was still lying on Jack in the sling. “Of course not, Hamish, I don’t make fun of boys who are in love. I’ve been there, don’t forget, and at your age too. I know how wonderful and frightening it is. Get up off him and the two of you get under a shower and wash the piss off you. Then, Jack, take your boyfriend to bed and make love to him. I’ll be downstairs.” ***** Half an hour later I heard someone coming down the stairs. “I’m in the kitchen,” I called softly. Jack came in, naked, his face wreathed in smiles. He put his arms round me. “Thank you,” he said. “What for?” “Oh, for everything. For bringing him to work here, for getting him to stay for two weeks, for being understanding up there when we both got all weepy … for buggering off so that our first fuck as lovers was just us. All kinds of things, Dab. You never stop being the best thing in my life.” “Second best,” I said. He nodded; we hugged tightly. “Where is he?” I said after a few moments. “Fast asleep. The poor boy’s out of it, what with two weeks of hard work and a couple of hours with you and me up there, and then … well, you know how it is, Dab.” “Yeah, I know. I’m the same with Billy. Funny, isn’t it, that kıbrıs escort all three of us – you, me and Dodo – have all found someone special.” “Must be the water,” I murmured; I kissed him. “Go and wake him up, and get him into the shower again. I have to collect stuff from Ruaridh for tonight. When I get back we must all be lovely for our guests. Oh, tell him I’m happy for him – for both of you.” He grinned. “He knows that.” “Still tell him.” When I got back with the food they were in the kitchen. “They’ll be here in an hour,” I said, “and as you’re going back home with them we need to sort a load of things out. Hamish, I have no idea when we’ll be back. You have a job on land-service starting next July, but if you want work here before then I’m happy to pay you. I want you to tell him what to do, Jack – his parents will know he has a zipper so that the two of you can keep in touch.” Jack stopped me. “We talked about all this while you were out. We both know it’ll be hard being apart, but there’s nothing either of us can do about it. Let me work out with Hester what we think Hamish needs to do before it’s time to do anything big next spring.” I nodded. “If you’re both happy?” They both nodded. I noticed they were holding hands under the table. It was touching. Jack was not normally prepared to let his emotions be so visible outside the bedroom. I busied myself with getting the food ready and got the two of them to set the table in the dining room. We hadn’t eaten there before and I fussed around getting everything as I wanted it. I went to have a quick shower once it was all done. ***** By 11 that evening Hamish’s father – now revealed as Rob – had revised his views about lairds, or at least about the Laird of Inverthrum. When his parents had arrived I introduced them to Jack and sent the two boys out to show off Hamish’s labours. Ten minutes later Rob – still then Mr Gunn – had plied me with questions. I assured him that apart from my helping to hump rocks the two boys had done everything. I confessed that Jack, whose status at home I had told them, had designed and managed the whole operation. “Jack’s probably too young to drive a rotavator, but if you don’t tell anyone I won’t either.” Rose was impressed, and he was visibly proud of what Hamish had achieved. “Mr Gunn,” said Jack (unbidden by me), “Hamish has been a huge help. Dab’s going to give him a land-service contact as soon as he’s 16, but we – Dab and I – want him to do some work here before then. Will that be all right?” Hamish blushed – I think more that he was witnessing his boyfriend call me ‘Dab’ in front of his parents. Hamish’s father turned to his son. “Well, Hamish? You’re old enough now to make that kind of decision for yourself.” Hamish said that he was thrilled at getting land-service, and that if Dab wanted him to keep an eye on things he was happy to earn some money and make sure that the sheep didn’t get in to eat everything. “Well, there you are,” said Mr Gunn. There was a pause, then he went on. “The boys call you Dab, but you’re the Earl of Inchkeith. What should we call you?” “Dab’s my name, Mr Gunn, d’Abernon on my Birth Certificate. My great-grandmother was a d’Abernon and Inverthrum was in her family for generations before her. These ruffians call me Dab, and so should you and Mrs Gunn.” “Then we’re Rob and Rose,” said Rose before her husband could reply. Dinner was interesting. Jack made himself responsible for the wine – a couple of bottles of a nice Chablis – and as he poured glasses for himself and Hamish without turning a hair I glanced at his parents. Rob smiled: his son was being treated as a man (if only he knew!); Rose was a bit alarmed, but her glance at her husband seemed to relax her – or perhaps it was a battle for fighting when the three of them got home. Rose was impressed at what was put before her, but she said nothing during the meal. When coffee was in front of us all Rob started a long conversation with Jack – he was curious to know how a black kid fitted in to this curious upper-class household. I got up, knowing that Jack would let me know the details later. “Rose, let me show you the house. You must have lived within a couple of miles of it without ever seeing inside.” Hamish accompanied us and Rose saw ‘his’ bedroom. “I’ll bring my case down, Mum.” Rose went to the window through which the low sun was streaming. “What a lovely view,” she said, “I wonder what it will be like when all these trees are full of fruit.” “You must come up with the caretaker gardener in the spring when the blossom’s out,” I said, “he’ll be even more proud of all his hard work then.” Hamish grinned. “I’ll be the head gardener until Jack comes back, Dab,” and he went downstairs with his case. Rose and I stayed looking out of the window in amiable contemplation of the sunset. “I’m so grateful, Dab. Not just for helping him to avoid the army, but for giving him the chance to do something that makes his father proud of him. You have no idea how much that means to Rob. And the change in Hamish in the few weeks since you first came up here has been wonderful to see. He’s gone from being a shy boy to a confident young man who knows his place in the world, and that’s all kırıkkale escort thanks to you.” “He’s a good lad,” I said, conscious that it sounded rather lame, “and Jack’s been very impressed too. He’ll be reporting to his boss when we get back. We’re sending him to college in a year’s time and the planning and so on that he’s been doing here is part of the application process.” “And Jack’s only a few months older than Hamish. You’ve trained him well, Dab.” I smiled, “it’s a long story, and it’s not really mine to tell.” We went downstairs where Rob and Jack were still in deep conversation. It would soon be time for Hamish to go, and it would have been unkind if he and Jack didn’t have a few minutes alone together before several months apart. “Rob, why don’t you and Rose come out and see the sunset.” I said stupidly. Rob twigged that I wanted a word with them both away from the young ones, but his guess as to my motive was the wrong one. When we were outside he broached the subject of the land-service registration, something which had been bothering him, he said. I explained that I would get Dunstable to fill in the forms and send them to Rob to fill in the details we didn’t have about Hamish. “And he will send you a letter formally stating that Hamish will receive a land-service contract next July. Hamish told me that the school will need to see that. I hope to get all that back to you within a few weeks. The forms are very long and they ask loads of questions which seem completely unnecessary, but that’s how the government likes things. Rob chuckled. “Tell me about it, Dab. We get that all the time on the railway. You can’t buy a spanner without firms in triplicate.” I turned to go back in. “Thank you for a fine evening,” said Rob, shaking my hand. Rose shook my hand as well, and gave me a fond smile – a smile which said a huge amount about her gratitude for my keeping her son safe. I didn’t feel too guilty: I might have saved him from the army, but the introduction to what my distant ancestor had called being ensnared in sodomy wasn’t something about which his mother would have been too keen. On the other hand, the boy had fallen in love. That can’t be a bad thing, I thought. Hamish looked sad as we rejoined them, but at least the two of them had had time to be together before their enforced parting. “Come on, son,” said Rob cheerfully, “it’s time we got you home,” and the three of then got into their car and were gone. I pot my arm round Jack. “It’s hard, isn’t it?” He nodded, “harder for him than it is for me. At least I don’t have to hide that I’m missing him – you and Billy are in on the secret – but he, poor bugger, has no-one to cheer him up. We agree that we’d zip every day.” I squeezed his shoulder. I was missing Billy after two weeks, but Billy and I weren’t a brand new couple for whom every day apart would be painful. “Look on the bright side,” I said. “He’s far more competent than we bargained for two weeks ago, so there isn’t the need to have a man to be in charge. Until land-service starts he can work unsupervised, and if he’s really up to the job we’ll find a way round the supervision problem once he’s 16. My guess is that you’ll be up here more often than you expected a week ago.” His eyes twinkled. “You mean that, Dab?” “Let’s see what Hester thinks. You’ll be making a report to her the day we get back, and I’ll let her know what I feel about it. Now we need to make an early start. The train leaves Lairg at 8.15.” ***** We talked a lot on the train home, and Jack showed me the notes and photographs he’d taken. I hadn’t realised he had been so diligent. “Was this Hester’s idea?” He nodded, “yeah. She thinks it’ll help my college application if we – Mr Dunstable – sends a big fat file (that was what she said) of supporting stuff of what I’ve done. I’ll show it to her tomorrow.” As we were still on the train I couldn’t give him a kiss to show him how proud I was, so I just said he’d get a proper reward when we got home. Then he earned immense brownie points by shaking his head gently. “No, Dab, it’s Billy’s turn tonight. My reward can wait – after all it’s not as though we’ve been celibate up in the wilds.” ***** Billy and I spent a very happy – and busy – night. Apart from all the things you would expect us to have been doing he pressed me to tell him all about Hamish and how he had done. “Hamish has done three things,” I said, “he’s proved himself a hard and reliable worker, he’s impressed his parents at doing something new and being praised for it – including their relief at his being promised a land-service contract when he’s 16.2 “That’s two things.” “I was keeping the best bit till last.” “He and Jack are an item.” “How the hell did you know?” “I didn’t, but it always seemed likely, after all. We know he’s like us, I knew he’d be spending time working closely with Jack, it seemed – well, not inevitable, but very likely. Besides you’ve only to look at Jack. He’s away somewhere else.” It was true. Jack was quieter than he would usually have been. I told Billy how it had happened and we shared a parental cuddle. “Each of them said it out loud,” I whispered, “just like I do to you.” “Mmm. Welcome home, love.” =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 83 as I return to Fisher. Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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