Late Night at 1-800-HELP-SM1


Work is getting very, boring. I am so tired of sitting there day after day listening to stupid people bitch at me about all the things that went wrong with their day. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. I work at a Help line Call Center. Sad souls call in every day, constantly, just to whine about how much their bills are, or how bad their kids are, or how the car broke down and they had to walk 2 blocks. Or, in some RARE cases, how something really is wrong and they really do need someone to help them feel better about it. Either way, it is boring once the calls stop coming in and all you do is sit and wait for the clock to say it’s time to go.

It was Friday night, about 8:30p.m. and everyone else had left earlier than scheduled. I was closing with Brandon, one of the few guys that worked at the Help Center. Brandon doesn’t know it, but I had a slight crush on him. He is pretty cute, and funny, and just the right amount of dork. He’s got that laid back thing going for him. He sat a couple rows away from me, so he couldn’t see me as I sat there, thinking about him and gently rubbing at my nipples through my shirt. I couldn’t concentrate on ‘Bob’ my current phone call. He was talking about something totally off the wall and he was hard to understand, I think he was on drugs. Maybe that’s why he is having problems with his job and his wife and his car payments. Hmm. Brandon’s voice sounds so sexy. I felt myself getting a little bit wet at the thoughts I was having of him…and what he was doing to me in them. The clock was moving a little bit faster now, it was about 8:55, and I got ‘Bob’ to start wrapping it up, telling him I’ll call tomorrow to check back on him and make sure he’s doing okay, and see if there was any thing else I could do to help. He seemed to like that. I heard Brandon tell his person that he was going to do the same, and we got off the phones. As I was turning off my computer and straightening my desk, I heard him walking towards me. I turned to look at him and smiled.

“Hey you,” I said to him, looking him in the eyes and smiling.

“Ready porno to get this place cleaned up and ready for Monday?” he asked me.

“Sure thing, lets get the conference room first! I heard they had some sort of meeting today, and left us some food.”

“Sound’s good to me, I didn’t take a lunch today.” He said, and we started off towards the conference room.

I looked at him as he walked, watching the way his body moved. It was gorgeous.

We finally reached the conference room, and I told him to sit down, that I was going to prepare our meal.

“What do you like Brandon? It looks like there’s a lot of fruit here, and some Caesar salad, and hmm…spaghetti!”

“Well I guess that’s what I’ll be having then.” He said.

I brought him a big plate of spaghetti, and some salad with a piece of French bread. I took some fruit and a salad. I would eat spaghetti later if I still felt hungry.

“Do you like it? I think it’s from Italian Cafeteria. They have good food. Maybe you and I could go sometime,” I said to him, looking for any hint that he was interested in me.

“I love it, I love anything Italian. Italian food, Italian music, Italian women,” he replied, looking at me and smiling.

I’m Italian. Does this mean he may like me? Maybe I should try and seduce him and see what happens. Right. Me. Seduce him. Ha ha ha.

“I love Italian food too, I am Italian so it’s in my genes.” I said to him.

“Ha ha ha!” he laughed, “I wouldn’t mind being in your jeans.”

My mouth dropped open, and I looked at him.

“Are you kidding me? You want to be in me?! Oh my god! I just said that out loud, didn’t I?”

“No, I’m not kidding you, and yes, I do want to be in you. I’ve been thinking about it all night. And this spaghetti got me to thinking about how beautiful Italian girls really are. You in particular.”

“Brandon, don’t think bad of me, but I think you’re sexy as hell. And I would love to have you inside of me.”

It was then that he stood up, and came over to me and kissed me. I reached up porno izle and around his neck, and stood up so my body was pressing against his. I could feel his chest rise and fall against mine. I felt my nipples harden with each of his soft, gentle kisses. His hands moved down my sides, to my waist. Then his kisses moved too. First to my neck, where he slowly kissed my skin, softly nibbling and sucking at my neck, pulling my skin into his warm mouth. I moaned into his ear. Wow.

I lifted off his light blue tee-shirt. I let my hands glide over his smooth skin, his stomach, and his chest, until I got to his shoulders. I couldn’t help but kiss him there. His collar bones, and his shoulders just looked so sexy. I let my tongue slide over his collarbone and up to his earlobe, taking it into my mouth and sucking on it as he expertly unfastened my bra. His cool hands were on my breasts then, pinching and rolling my nipples between his fingers. Involuntarily I arched my back, pressing my breasts into his hands even more. He lifted off my shirt and took my bra the rest of the way off, letting them both fall to the floor. I reached for his pants, and began to take them down. As I was doing this, his mouth was on my nipple, sucking it and biting it. I grabbed a hold of his cock. I wrapped my fingers around it and felt it’s heavy weight in my hand. I had Brandon’s cock in my hand. His beautiful, smooth, cock was there in my hand. It was all mine to do whatever I wanted with it.

“I want you to bend me over this table and shove that cock of yours inside me Brandon.” I said to him, looking him straight in the eye.

He undid my jeans, pushing them off of me as he turned me around, pushing me down against the table. I felt his power then, and I loved it. I loved how he took charge and started rubbing my pussy from behind, making sure I was wet enough to take him. He slid a couple fingers inside me, and began to finger fuck me. I was bucking back against his hand, moaning loudly all the while. I turned back and smiled at him.

“I’m ready for you baby,” I said.

“I sex izle hope you’re ready because you’re going to get the fucking of a lifetime Shay.”

“I am so ready! Fuck me Brandon!”

He slid his cock in easily. I could feel my pussy stretching to fit around it. I loved the way he felt inside me, pushing into my body, filling me…with him. I leaned back, and he grabbed my breasts again, pinching my nipples as he thrust into me. He was biting my neck and it felt wonderful. My whole body would tingle each time his teeth hit my skin. I loved the pain he was giving me. And I loved the pleasure even more.

“Oh Brandon…Mmm.”

“Shay, you feel so good, so hot, so tight” he moaned into my ear.

“Don’t stop!” I moaned.

He pushed me back so my face was down again and he grabbed onto my ass, holding me still as he began to pound his cock into me. I bit on my arm, hard. It was all I could do to keep myself from crying out in orgasm so soon. I didn’t want it to end. His body was banging up against me. I felt his balls hitting me from the back. His fingers digging into my ass cheeks as he rammed it in me. I felt him lift a hand and wondered what he was going to do. Mmm…I hope he spanks me. Smack! There it was, the spanking that took us over the edge. I screamed out when he hit me, pushing back against his cock hard.

“OH YEAH!” I screamed.

“I’m going to cum Shay. I’m going to cum now.”

“Fill me with it Brandon, I want your hot cum inside me. Fill me up. Please!” I begged him to cum inside me.

He thrust in again, this time harder than any before, and I felt him cum. I felt his hot juice streaming deep inside me, filling me with it. I came then. I felt my juice cover his cock, then the back of my legs as it dripped out of me. He took his cock out of me then, and plopped down into the waiting office chair behind him. I grabbed a towel from under the sink in the conference room, and wiped him off a little, then sat down on his lap.

“That was great Brandon. Thank you for a great Friday night.” I said as I kissed him passionately on the mouth.

“I agree Shay. I had a wonderful time. We should do this again.” He said and smiled at me, kissing me on my chin.

I giggled and said “Ready to go again, so soon?!”

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