Late night at the office. (part 4)


Late night at the office. (part 4)I sat in my chair as Stacy breathed heavily. I watched, fascinated, as her breasts heaved. A smile crossed my face as she struggled against the restraints to no avail. These were heavy duty restrains, good, strong leather, but padded so that they wouldn’t leave marks on my playthings.”Relax Stacy, I’m a kind and loving master.”She looked at me in horror, “What do you mean?”I chuckled as I watched her eye widen with fear. I stood up and walked over to her, gently rubbing her cheek, “Stacy, I’ll have you begging for more by the time I’m done with you. You’ll be calling me master whenever we’re alone, and in the office, you’ll call me Mr. Winters. I’ll own you, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, and even into the very depths of your soul.”She shook her head, “No, I’ll get out of here and call the cops!”I chuckled again, “Do you seriously think that you’re the first person I did this to? Getting you to serve me won’t be too hard at all.”I walked over to a table I had prepared while she was asleep. On it were various sex toys I had gathered throughout the years. Butt plugs, anal beads, dildos vibrators, ballgags, and many others were in clear view from where she was.I grabbed a small dildo and considered where I would put it, when a thought occured to me. It must have been devious to her and shown on my face, because she wimpered.”Stacy, have you ever taken anything up the ass? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. I know a lot of girls don’t esenyurt escort like anal. It’s OK though, you’ll learn to like it.”She screamed profanity at me like I hadn’t heard in years, and it warmed my heart. I smiled as I approached her and she struggled to keep me from taking her underwear off. She was moving around too much for me to do it by hand, so I tucked the dildo in between her breasts while I went to the table and retreived a razor blade.She instantly stilled, eyes wide with terror. I smile as I walked back to her, trying to comfort her, but she only seemed to be more frightened. I pressed my body against hers and gently kissed her cheek before moving down to her underwear. I looked up at her, “Don’t move, I wouldn’t want to cut you by accident.”She nodded and I lifted the underwear from her skin and slid the razor through it easily. I did the same to the other side and pulled the pieces away, setting them and the razor on the table. I admired her tight slit for a moment and leaned down to get a better look at her ass. I licked my lips in anticipation. Her ass was even nicer than I thought it would be.I grabbed the dildo out from in between her breasts, “You didn’t asnwer my question. Have you ever taken anything up the ass?”She shook her head, “No…please…don’t. Let me go…I swear, I won’t tell anyone if you just let me go…” She started to tear up and as a single tear worked its way down her face, I leaned forward and licked it off of avrupa yakası escort her cheek.I looked deep into her eyes and struck what I thought was a thoughtful pose. Finally, I shook my head and laughed, “Nope, can’t do that. It’s been a little bit since I owned someone down to their soul, I think I’ll start with you and then work on the other two. I’ll tell you what though, since you begged nicely, I’ll treat you a little better. I promise.”I messed with some levers and the X frame went from virtical to horizontal. I pulled my chair over and grabbed a few other toys and set them on a small stool so that they would be handy.”P-Please…” she managed in between sobs, “Do-Don’t do this…”I looked as her ass for a bit before spreading her buttcheeks open and taking a good look as her asshole. It was nice and clean, which did impress me a bit. I know that some people did a casual scrubbing, but to get a good, clean asshole on my new toy was a pleasant surprise.I touched the tip of the dildo to her asshole and she twitched away from it. I had mentioned that I would treat her differently, but she was starting to annoy. I decided to teach her that annoying me was bad. I decided to do that by giving her her first anal experience with a decent size toy, but no lube. I grabbed another toy, a vibrator this time. I wanted to have fun of my own after all, and nothing feels quite like penetrating a woman with a vibrator anadolu yakası escort up her ass. I turned it own and saw her body twitch. I smiled again as I touched the tip to her asshole and she squeeled. I pushed further in and when I got about half an inch in, she started really pushing back against it.I shoved the length of the dildo in with two mighty shoves. She screamed, but luckily the sound was muffled by the padding on the walls. The fact that we were in my basement helped to keep outsiders from hearing as well. I had to admit though, I did feel a little sorry for her. With the way she was screaming, you’d think I have just taken away her virginity by force. Well…in all fairness I did, but it was only her ass, she’d live.I lowered the X frame and unzipped my pants, pulling out my throbbing cock. I attached a vibrating cockring to it and put the vibrating part on top so that it would hit her clit. She lifted her head up and looked on in terror that I was fairly certain filled those who were certain that they were about to die. I walked over and turned the cockring on. It fel good, but not nearly as good as her pussy. I shoved the head of my cock in and she screamed out. By the time I was pumping away, the vibrating part of the ring hitting her clit, she was screaming and moaning. She would scream herself hoarse shortly. She was struggling against my cock, trying to puch it out, which only made the pressure greater and feel so much better. She was crying now, soft hiccuping sobs that where punctuated by the occasional moan.I pumped faster and finally came inside of her. My thick cum pumping out as her body involuntarilly quivered as she came too.I pulled out and watched with fascination as our mingled juices flow out of her pussy and onto the floor. I felt my cock growing hard again.This would be a long night indeed.

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