Late Night Call


I was sleeping, dreaming some such dream that makes no sense. So the sound of the phone at first was part of it, a ridiculous sound in a ridiculous situation that I can’t now remember. I realised it was my phone, a foot away from my head, rattling on the wooden bedside table, seemingly chiming a miniature bell inside it. I picked it up, fumbling at the same time for my glasses, which unlike the phone, were not highlighted by the eerie glow of an electronic screen. I found them and placed them onto my face, slowly my sleepy eyes could bring the screen into focus. Stacey McHale it said, calling.

Wow, this was a first. I pressed the accept button, which was followed by the usual noises and silences we are all so familiar with.

“Hello?” was what I heard first.

“Hello baby” I said, nervously “what’s up?”

“Oh nothing, just thought I should talk to you.”

“That’s nice, I’ve been wanting this for ages,” my heart and lungs throbbing with each syllable.

“I had my new man round tonight.”

As much as I know this is inevitable it pierces my heart each time. “Oh right.” I always now want to ask a whole box full of questions, but never rummage right to the bottom lest I annoy you, so I generally just pick a few off the top. “Did he stay long?”

“Not very long,” your voice seemed to abandon you when you needed it most.

“What, had you been out again?” I filled the silence, with a question that I didn’t want to hear an answer to.

“Yes, to the pub, I had a few beers, he drove us home. Kids went up to bed and we stayed chatting.”

“Oh right.” Now my heart was trying to break a rib. My fantasy Stacey climbed into the bed beside me. “Did you kiss and cuddle again?”

“Yes, we did. I suppose the beer made me forget my rule.”

“Rule? what Rule?” I knew full well what rule, but the eking out of this knowledge, allowed me to bask in the sublime pain of it a bit longer.

“We were kissing and I could see his trousers were stretching Samsun Escort because of his erection. I was flattered that I was doing that. I hadn’t done anything for ages. You know I think my body is awful, well I was beginning to think no man would really fancy me.”

“You know I do baby” i felt I had to say that, because it’s a crime that I want you so badly and you can sit in your house thinking that you are not wanted.

“You haven’t seen me for two years! You wouldn’t fancy me now.”

“God baby, well if you’d send me a naked pic as I asked I could see you and Id know. But I bet your fine, you’re just reacting to months of putdowns.”

“Yes possibly.”

“So did you do anything?” I’d started to stroke my cock now. Slowly savouring the physical sensation of my familiar hand and the mental sensations I can conjure when I remember how you used to lay your head on my stomach and slowly take my stiff cock into that warm succulent mouth of yours.

“I rubbed it.” Your voice seemed to assume an air of guilt. “I rubbed it, he obviously enjoyed it. He stopped kissing me, and rested his head on the couch headrest. I don’t think he’s been with anyone for a while. That’s what they told me in the pub anyway.”

“That’s nice baby, you know I always wanted to see you with another man’s cock. I think about it still. You’re my sexy girl, you know that?”

“I thought about you. I thought about you watching. I don’t normally think about porn. I haven’t for ages. I know we did, but it’s not been part of my life for ages. But, I think, I think it was the beer and, well I imagined you were watching from the other chair.”

“wow baby that’s hot, you know I’m wanking now don’t you?”

“Yes I know.”

“So what happened?”

“It feels weird telling you, like I’m betraying him. I feel bad enough already.”

“Bad? why bad baby?” This was getting way hotter than I could have imagined. I felt my blood was going to burst its veins Samsun Escort Bayan I was so aroused. I felt the dizziness that I used to experience as a shy 15 year old, when a girl would eagerly kiss me back as we nervously experienced each other’s mouths.

“Well I haven’t said anything to Mike yet. We are going on holiday soon, so I can’t tell him we are over, just yet.”

“So what happened?”

“I undid his belt and pulled the zip down. I pulled the waistband of his pants down and his cock just sprang out. I could tell he was close to cuming.”

My hand was now feverously stoking my own hard cock as I tried to picture you with his. “What then baby?”

“I held it, and started to stroke it slowly. I looked at the chair and thought what would you be doing now. He started to stoke my breasts I pushed his hand away. I wasn’t that drunk. I just said not now, just this. So he just sat there with his eyes closed and his hands by his side while I stroked him.” “God baby that’s really hot. I’d liked to have seen that. You’re so sexy baby, I know it’s funny but I really enjoy thinking of you like that, as I can’t have you, it’s the next best thing to think about you. And to have you telling me.”

“I know, I think I’m still effected by the beer, I knew you would like to hear about it. So I was laying here and decided to call you. Better than text.”

“Yes, so tell me, describe what happened.” I was near to the point of no return. I didn’t want to talk I wanted to stroke my cock and listen as you played out the home movie in my head.

“I just stroked him, he was enjoying it. I kissed him and he tried to kiss me back. But he was breathing hard. I felt it go extra hard and as I looked down, this big spurt shot out the end of it. God brand it was a lot.”

My own cum was covering my hand and stomach. “That’s sexy baby, did you enjoy it?”

“What do you think! Of course I did. But then I felt bad. Like I was teasing him. But Escort Samsun I couldn’t do anything, I’m not like that.”

“I know baby.” You would torture me like that, because I know what kind of girl you are, one that I’ve never stopped loving, wanting, and waiting for, while you wasted your attention on idiots. “I know, but this is for us, look at it that way, God I’ve had a real thrill tonight. I’m jealous as fuck. I remember when it was me getting all your attention.”

As you do, you sidestepped this line of conversation. “We kissed a bit more, but then we decided to stop. He got up and I walked him to the door and he left.”

“Did you baby, did he try anything again.”

“No he didn’t, he respects me.” You paused for a moment, “well I hope he does, hope he doesn’t think I’m a slut.”

“No baby he won’t, he’ll be wanting to carry on. He knows that you’re in a bad relationship and trying to get out of it.”

“Yeah well, I’ve got to face you know who tomorrow.”

“He’s a tosser, I don’t know why you’re still letting him in to your life.”

“I know, anyway, after our conversation the other night, I promised to tell you so I have.”

“Will you tell me the next time?”

“Do you want me to? I don’t want you to get all jealous and moody, I’ve had enough of moody men.”

“No I won’t baby. Like I said it’s you I think about all the time anyway. Will you send me a pic?”

“I’ve told you I don’t do pictures.”

“Please baby, it’s really a turn on for me.”

“I’ll think about it, I’ve got to sleep now, work in the morning. Night.”

The connection was severed and you were gone. My magical bedroom had returned to its more familiar cold sleeping room appearance. I pulled the sheet back over me and curled up. My limp wet penis resting on my thigh.

I few dozen cameos of us raced across my mind, but I can’t remember which one was the last one. Sleep shrouded my singular body. The night remained unbroken till the sun sneaked in and gently shook me awake. Did I dream it? was it another dream? I picked up my phone and saw the time of the call from you, 11.48. Two emotions flooded my soul, the erotic fantasy that lives with me, and the hollow sadness of reality that kills me. I get up and begin another day.

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