Late Night Shenanigans


My Sincere thanks to visioneer who polished my story up with his editing!


He moved his hands along her back, rubbing her. She stirred from her slumber. He had needs and she was necessary in fulfilling them. As she awoke, she turned so his hands were caressing her front.

“What are you thinking?” she asked, trying to sound innocent.

He leaned in and pressed his lips to her ear and breathed warm breath over her neck. It sent tingles down to her core. He pressed his lips again and again down her neck. His lips suckled here and there. His hands pressed along her belly, chest and thighs, caressing and stirring her further along. Eventually, she parted her thighs, allowing him access to her womanhood.

She had stopped taking the pill a few weeks ago. Her doctor had recommended taking a break after so many years of being on it. She was to use other birth control methods, however she had not decided on any so far. What he was doing felt so good. She pulled her legs up and peeled off her panties. Then, with a second motion she pulled off her shirt and tossed the things outside the bed sheets. She smiled and felt his hands exploring her bare flesh.

She turned to him and whispered, “Remember, I am not on birth control.”

“Just don’t get wet and I won’t want to be inside you,” he replied with a hint of frustration.

Already aroused, she knew her juices would be flowing soon to her entrance. He knew her so well. She tried to slow her breathing and press her thighs together. His fingers were only teasing her there occasionally, yet she could feel her warmth and wetness spreading. She tightened her thighs further. Instead of hiding her wetness, her actions drew his explorations to her entrance.

She could feel his fingertips sliding through her slickness and spreading it around her labia and clit. He knew she was aroused and wet because of him. He was more attentive to her pussy now. He pressed his hand along her inner thighs signaling her to part them. She reached down güvenilir bahis and touched his thigh, caressing him, wondering if he was aroused, pressing further down she found his manhood, fully erect. She parted her thighs slightly. Now his hand moved between her sex, enticing her clit to the fore, and her thighs, encouraging them further and further apart. His other hand slid under her head and pulled and tugged at her hair. She arched her neck, loving the sensation, and opened her thighs further in submission.

He leaned close and whispered, “You got wet, now I need to be in you.”

She felt him pull back the covers and position himself between her thighs. He knelt there, then lifted her and slid a pillow under her hips, angling her pelvis for a deeper entry.

“Please don’t cum inside of me,” she begged.

He smiled at her and used one hand to press his cock along her entrance, not entering her just spreading her wetness along the underside of his shaft. He pressed his cock head to her clit, sliding it left and right, crushing, stimulating, causing her squirm in pleasure.

“Let’s wait and see what you think when the time comes,” he proposed.

He continued to slide his cock along her. Each time he would press the head of his cock to her clitoral nub and use it to squish her pleasurably left and right. Each time she could feel her pleasure building. She began to moan softly with joy, which encouraged him to continue doing what he was doing. She soon realized how much she wanted him inside. She grasped the top of the bed with tight fists, then lifted her hips trying to capture the tip of his cock within her tunnel.

“Please…” she begged.

“With no protection?” he asked, feigning shock. “Are you sure?”

“It will be okay, just the tip…”

He paused and slid his cock across her clitoral nub a few more times. Then he pushed the tip inside, slightly opening her.

“I have no condom on,” he reminded her.

“It will be okay, just for a little while.” She türkçe bahis lifted her hips, trying to get him in deeper. Thankfully, she no longer felt the pressure on her clit distracting her with pleasuring zings. But, she realized, her hunger was now further inside her belly.

He pulled back, not allowing her to take him further than the tip. She was needy, wanting to feel him deep in her, in her core, stirring her there.

She lifted her feet and pressed her heels to the back of his thighs, trying to press him into her. He withstood her efforts, fucking her with only the tip of his cock.

“Please,” she begged, finding the teasing too much.

“Without a condom? Bareback?” he asked.

“Yes, please, just for a little while,” she said. “I don’t mind.”

He paused, then pulled out of her, leaving her empty.

“Face down, ass up,” he commanded.

She scrambled to comply with her favorite position, repositioning herself before him, her knees on the pillow, her face down on the bed. He moved forward and she could feel his cock at her entrance again.

“Please!” she begged, trying to push her hips back to capture his cock.

He pressed himself into her, just the tip again.

“Grab the headboard,” he instructed. “Don’t let go,”

She grabbed the rungs of the wooden headboard. Holding tight, she turned her face to the right so her left cheek was on the bed. She felt him lean low over her, his right arm around her waist, then his fingers were on her sex, caressing her clit. Left and right, crushing it under firm fingertips. Her moans became higher in pitch and louder. She pressed her hips back, trying to slide the whole of his cock into her. She needed him there.

“More, I need all of you,” she said.

“You realize my precum is leaking into you?”

“It’s okay.” she replied.

As his right hand stimulated her clit, she felt his left hand on her shoulder, then in her hair, entwining. He pulled her hair as his cock slide deep into her, to her core. His güvenilir bahis siteleri thickness spread her tight vaginal walls. She squeezed him and heard him grunt. He continued to use her like this again and again, not increasing in speed, but each rut thrusting hard into her depths. She led him to her pleasures with her vocalizations. She loved the feeling of being taken from behind like this. Like this she would orgasm for him. She could feel the knot of pleasure building deep her belly. Not trying to fight it, she let it fill and overwhelm her senses.

“Now, my little slut, do you want me to stop or should I cum inside you?” he asked, sensing her nearness.

“Don’t… cum… inside… me… don’t… inside… cum… me… cum… inside… me… cum inside me,” she begged as he drove her toward orgasm. “Please cum inside me.”

She felt every muscle tighten. Her body shook in the throes of orgasm, muscles contracting again and again, her pussy squeezing his cock. She lost herself for a long moment then came to her senses, feeling his cock deep inside but not thrusting. His hand, pressing hard on her clit, slowly pulled back. The hand in her hair tightened, making her crane her neck backwards.

“Are you ready to take my seed?” he asked.


“Even though you are not on birth control and may get pregnant?”

“Yes,” she replied more meekly.

He began to rut in her again. No longer hunched over her, his hand in her hair jerked her back onto his cock each time he thrust deep. His other hand playfully spanked her each time he pulled his cock out. The swats became firmer as he built to his climax. She could feel his cock in her depths, knew it was seeping sperm into her. She squeezed around him, wanting him there, needing him like this.

“One last chance… where do you want me to cum?” he asked urgently.

“In me, in my pussy,” she replied. “Please.”

His cock spasmed and spurts of cum filled her. Again and again he ejaculated into her tight warmness. Slowly she regained her senses and began to realize what she had done. She had allowed him—no, begged him—to fuck her to completion in her unprotected cunt. Now she could only hope that nothing more would come from her momentary weakness…

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