Late Night Shopping.


Late Night Shopping.Pure fantasy but based on a shop I once worked in.I own an independent bathroom shop and over the years business has been slow with more and more people starting to buy online. I thought I would had to close but then I hit upon an idea, before you buy a car it’s nice to take it for a test drive, so why can’t it be done with a bath or shower. It cost me a little bit to get everything plumbed in and working but I figured that the potential extra sales would be worth it.I had no clue about how to advertise my ‘try before you buy service’ but the guy doing all the plumbing soon worked out what I was up to and suggested that I try the local free papers or even a local swinging website, With in trepidation I placed a discreet advert in the local paper and an open invitation on a couple of adult websites.At first I was thinking that my plans were going to come to nothing because I have had no replies for a week but then one day the phone calls and emails started to come in. My reply to everyone was the same ‘I will be open from 6PM until late this Saturday for private viewing, please bring your own towels if you’d like to try any displays.’ That was it, the seed was sown and all I could do was wait. On the evening of my event I had cashed up, sent my staff home, the newly installed blinds were pulled down, I made sure the place was warm enough, the boiler was fired up and out of the 6 baths I had on show ( plus all 6 shower enclosures had been plumbed in) I started to fill just 3. It wasn’t until almost 7:00 when the first couple knocked on the door, ‘Hello, we’ve come about the advert’ the hubby said showing me their reply Email, konak escort ‘Great’ I said ‘come in, you’re the first, I don’t have any changing rooms but feel free to use the staff toilets to undress’ As soon as they disappeared there was another knock on the door, 2 more couples had arrived and I gave them the same talk as the previous couple. By the time the first couple had returned another 2 were being given the tour. ‘Not bad for a first night’ I thought.The first couple made a b-line for one of the enclosures; they wanted to know which showerhead was the best. I was half expecting to see them dressed in swimwear when they dropped their towels, but they were both naked. I did think about objecting but then again I didn’t specify in the advert what to wear, and to be honest they were an attractive looking couple, after all, who showers in a bikini or trunks at home? I was then joined by all the other couples, they had been swapping stories in the staff loos and it turns out that they had all seen the advert on the same website, and as they all knew each other they were all starkers with their towels slung over their shoulders. I was having so much fun with what was before my eyes I was forgetting about selling which was sort of the point of the evening. 2 couples had taken to one of the large baths on show and the others divided themselves amongst the other showers. As I walked about admiring the views and making sure if anyone needed any advice I spied that they were all using the samples of shower gels that I had provided, what I wasn’t expecting was the growing numbers of erections on show and one or two couples konak escort bayan swapping with each other. I turned around so I wouldn’t disturb them when I then saw that in the large bath both women were astride across their (I presume) husbands riding their cocks. I now had all 5 couples banging away at each other like it was an orgy, luckily enough there were no other businesses open, I’m not sure what excuse I could had come up with to explain the noise. With all the activities going on the place was starting to steam up a bit but that only enhanced the whole voyeuristic affair and I too was getting a little turned on and a bit sweaty, so I thought ‘when in Rome’ so I popped all my clothes on my desk and used a free shower enclosure nearby totally forgetting that I had no towel. I thought I was alone until I heard a familiar voice ‘hey boss’ it was Susan, one of my staff. ‘what the fuck is going on?’ she was on her way home after an evening swim at the beach and wondered why there were cars parked outside, all my staff have their own keys, so she could easily let herself in. ‘oh shit, hi’ I replied trying my best to cover my erection with my hands ‘would you believe me if I said I was drumming up business?’. ‘I guess so’ Susan replied scratching her head and trying to maintain eye contact and ignoring the orgy coming from the other displays. ‘You don’t seem to have a towel, I’ve got a couple in the car’ before I could utter a word she was gone out the door and quickly returned with two beach towels’. ‘umm, I’m almost done here’ I said reaching out to be offered a towel, ‘ I’m very thankful that you’re offering me escort konak a towel, you won’t tell the other staff will you?’’hell no’ Susan laughed ‘I think it’s a great idea, is there room for two? I was on my way home to shower but this’ll do nicely’ again my mind had stopped my mouth dead in its tracks when she pulled off a floaty summer dress with nothing on under it . Not sure what to do next, all my blood was rushing to my nether regions I stepped to one side and watched this early 30s gym fit goddess join me in the shower. ‘Make yourself useful boss, and wash my back will you?’ I stood behind her and started to soap her back with one hand.’Two hands silly, ones no good’ I tried as best I could to keep my distance but as I was washing Susan’s’ back she kept pushing her bum towards me. It was obvious that she could tell how hard I was and the sounds of the other couples were starting to die down. Through the steam I could see that we were now gaining an audience but this didn’t faze Susan because her hand grabbed my cock and in a low voice while guiding me into her waiting pussy she said ‘let’s give them a show’. We fucked like rabbits. I was pounding Susan’s wet cunt while playing with her beautiful B cups, we even gained a couple of wives from our admirers that wanted in on the fun. When our small showering party was done we half expected a round of applause but it seemed like we had turned everyone on again because we got greeted with a surround sound of more fucking and sucking.’Well, ummmm’ I finally got to say trying my best to be professional in this bevy of nakedness, ‘ If you’ll pardon the pun I’d like to thank you all for cumming, Susan and I will be here if there are any questions about our displays’.We took a few enquiries that night but no sales as yet. Susan did suggest drinks and nibbles (that’s food to you and me, I think) which means she’s definitely up for some more late night shopping.

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