Laundry Day – 3 Final Chapter


Laundry Day – 3 Final ChapterThis is a total fantasy about a panty boy and his love of the garments that are part of his life. The final chapter of the Laundry Day story finds our friend Larry cross dressing and having sex with the young woman he met in the Laundromat. Hope you enjoy.My cock surged in my panties with the sight of the vintage lingerie in the package Ashley had left at my door. Yes, I have cross dressed through the years. And there were women in my life that I tried to encourage to accept my desire to dress. In some cases my attempt was as simple as me wearing their panties as part of sexual play. In every case I was rebuffed and the relationship ended badly.Having met Ashley in the laundromat while doing my weekly panty wash I was pleasantly pleased to have her show interest in my desires. She was the second woman in my life that accepted my desires. My mother kept me supplied in panties and as an adult I knew her motivation was to prevent me from becoming impulsive in my search for the comfort of a garment that I desired.Within this box was perhaps the ultimate fantasy for a guy like me. First there was a bright red slip that would cover my entire body with the silken feeling of nylon and lace. All the garments were the highest quality lingerie and inspecting the tags and construction told me this was a set from the 1950’s when women, and their partners, knew what a quality undergarment was beyond comfort for the person wearing it. It was a sensual arousing display of femininity.The bodice of the slip was the softest delicate lace that would provide the details that the skirt portion lacked. But the skirt would be so sensuous, especially if the person that wore it had freshly shaved legs. The flare leg panties would allow the sensual feel of nylon, delicate lace trim on the leg openings, and room for my cock and balls.Perhaps the most erotic item in this box was the padded bra. It was the exact color of the slip and panties and would complete a feminine form on my male body and even though most of my cross dressing had been in panties, the occasional slip, or a night gown, I was anxious to fill the slip with the breasts that I lacked.My hands trembled as I touched the delicate fabric. This was a gift beyond anything I ever received. My mother gave me my first panties out of love but that is a mother’s love for her son. This was different, a woman does not fall in love in a few minutes. I knew that this gift had to be from a woman that truly wanted to share in my fetish, or at least I hoped that is what it was. But would I have the courage to wear the garments and step across the hall to a woman that I had met a few hours ago?I laid each piece out on the bed, the silky fabric slipped through my fingers almost as if it was liquid. I wanted to tear off my male clothing and slip into these garments immediately, but I hesitated. “If I am going to go through with this,” I whispered to myself, “then why not go all the way?”I did strip discarding the outer shell of clothing that said I was 100% male and stood in front of the bathroom mirror. The hair had to do, all of it from my face to my toes. I had shaved this way before but it had been years since I indulged my fantasy to this level. So I began with a close shave on my face and then slowly worked down my body filling the sink with the dark hair from my body. The fresh blade glided over my skin leaving it smooth and pink. My cock sprung to life the moment I shaved around my nipples and was oozing as I got to my pubic area. I wanted to cum so badly, to feel that cramp deep inside and then the discharge of semen that brought the feeling of euphoria.I had long ago lost all guilt about my dressing, and was replaced with the love of the femininity that I felt when dressed. I no longer loathed my body and what I did for pleasure. I am not an overly hairy guy but by the time I got my pubic area done I felt lighter and my body was aglow.I ran the shower and using bath gel I shaved my legs, feet, and yes even my toes. I did not have a hair on my body when I finished and watched as the hair swirled around the drain. I stopped the shower and filled the tub with warm water adding a sweet scented bubble bath that I often used when I was feeling especially feminine, and this afternoon I felt especially feminine.I slipped into the bathwater and loved the feeling of the warm water as I laid back to soak. Ashley’s image came into my mind as I wondered if she had done this sort of thing with men in the past. She was assertive yet not in a dominant way. I wondered if we’d have sex or if she would just bahis siteleri want to see me dressed.I looked at the clock on the wall, it was nearly 6:00 PM, I knew it was time to dress. I had denied myself the pleasure far too long. My cock had gone soft in the bath but just the slightest touch of my hand had it throbbing again. I dried my body and applied lotion and powder and went to the bedroom where my garments waited for me.I pulled the sheer red panty past my feet and turned, as I always did, to the mirror to watch as I pulled the silky panty up my legs and across my erect cock. I thought back to the earliest days when I started dressing and realized that all these years later I always had an erection before the panty was pulled in place. I dared not touch it, there was no way I wanted to load the panty with cum before walking that short distance across the hall.I turned, the silky fabric was pulled across my ass and I could see the crack of my ass inside the delicate fabric. I turned back and loved seeing my cock in the panty with no hair, just bare soft skin. I picked up the padded bra. “This is an old school bra,” I thought. Other than the bright red color of this bra it was so similar to some of the padded bras Stacey owned. The padding was so thick that I knew I would have a complete feminine form.I looked at the tag, how could Ashley have known that a 36 band size was correct? This was a 36B and I hooked the three clips and spun it around. I pulled it up under my boobs and put my arms through the straps and adjusted them so that I had perfect projection. I turned and looked at my profile; the bra gave a convincing profile although a bit stiff because the bra was so heavily padded.I pulled the slip over my head and watched in the mirror as it slid down my body once I had it over my padded bra and loved the silky feeling against my smooth hairless body. It reminded me of those very early days of dressing before my body hair started growing, the soft smooth skin caressed but silky nylon. I thought of my mother’s night gowns that I loved wearing on those times when I was alone in the house. The swish of the skirt across my legs was so sensuous.I looked at my reflection and realized that regardless of how I felt wearing such pretty things, I was still a man looking at himself wearing women’s under things. That alone was satisfying because I felt so utterly sexy, yet it looked strange to me. Did I actually have the courage to walk across that hall and reveal myself for the first time to a woman while dressed this way?I walked to my door, the feeling of the flair leg panties against by hairless body, the feel of the slip moving against me, and yes the hug of the bra that gave the illusion of breasts, it was almost intoxicating. I opened the door a crack and looked both directions, the hall was empty. I hesitated and then in a moment of bravery I stepped out into the hall and it seemed like her door was a mile away.I heard he elevator door around the corner and quickly tapped on her door. She must have been waiting for me because the door opened and I stepped into her apartment. Ashley smiled, “Oh I love how you look, everything fits so nicely,” she said as she took my hand and pulled me into the middle of the living room. “Turn around for me, let me see all of you.”I did as she asked and although I felt awkward I also felt like a princess with the skirt of the slip twirling around my knees. As I turned to face her my erection was making a tent in the front of the panties and slip and she smiled as she stepped close to me and cupped my cock and balls, “I love seeing this and hope we can have some fun when we are done getting ready.”I had not noticed more than Ashley’s welcoming smile until she suggested we need to “get ready”. As I looked at her I noticed she was wearing a heavy floor length robe and peeking out from under it were bright red heels and I could tell she was wearing hose. I loved the contrast between a fluffy white robe and the stark red pumps and hose.“If you will allow,” Ashley said, “I would like to do a little make over with you, if you would rather not I understand.” She stepped up to me and our lips met for the first time and her hands went around my back and I felt her body melt against mine.“How could I refuse anything you ask of me?” I said as she led me to her bedroom. She had me set in on a stool in front of her mirror and I watched my reflection go from a male face to that of a woman with full make-up. The transformation was stunning. I had never gone this far in my cross dressing and it seemed so natural to canlı bahis siteleri have a woman take me those last few steps toward displaying a full feminine appearance.“Close your eyes Larry,” Ashley said as she moved behind me. I felt the brush of something soft and silky on my bare shoulders and in a minute I knew she was adding a shoulder length wig to make the transformation complete.“Okay Laura,” Ashley said giving me a female name, “Open your eyes.”As I did I was shocked, my eyes looked at the reflection of a very convincing image of a woman. A tear came to my eye as I turned and stood in front of her. “I hope you don’t mind what I have done,” Ashley said as she kissed my lips. The kiss felt different with lipstick and gloss on them, but what felt beyond descriptions was her tongue pressed against my lips and I parted them to accept the sensual moment between us.I pulled back and looked into those sparkling eyes, “You know I am dying to see what is under the robe,” I said as I untied the sash and slowly opened the virginal white robe. Lying beneath that fluffy robe was a scarlet red slip that matched her shoes. The slip had wide camisole straps and barely covered her midsection. I could see the straps of a red bra and my imagination filled in the rest. The lacy slip was barely a slip, but it fit her perfectly and was a compliment to the vintage garments she had selected for me.“I wanted something so seductive,” Ashley said, “that we’d both not be able to resist touching each other.”My hands went to her breasts, the lace provided a seductive feeling as the nylon it was sewn to slipped against what had to be a satin cup bra. “May I ask,” I said as I felt her arms cup my nylon slip covered padded bra, “is this something you do on a regular basis? I mean the makeover, you have a gifted touch and I am stunned at the total transformation.”“I am a make-up specialist at a large department store and love matching make-up to the person. I want the make-up to be a natural reflection of the woman within. When I saw you in the Laundromat this morning I knew I wanted to do a makeover because the shape of your face lends itself to a bit of makeup that changes your entire look. I thought of it as a challenge and an extension of other things I enjoy. But I didn’t want to ask straight out, most men would be offended. Then when I saw the panties in your basket I took a leap of faith that perhaps you’d accept.” Ashley explained as her hand went to my cock and caressed me using the silky nylon to stimulate me to the point I pressed my hand to hers to stop.“If you do that a few seconds more I will make a mess of these pretty things,” I said as I kissed her again, “and I love the makeover. I have never done this before and would not have believed you could have completed a transformation that completes a picture I never thought about. I have a twin sister and you have made me look just like her. You said this was an extension of other things you enjoy, may I ask about that?”“I love lingerie, girly frilly lingerie. I think the older lingerie, like you are wearing, is so classy that I don’t know why manufacturer’s don’t bring back the style, grace, and quality.” Ashley said as she took my hand and led me to the bed where she said, “lets relieve some of the pressure you are feeling and then perhaps we can just hang out this evening and enjoy a dinner, some wine, and a movie Laura.”Ashley posed as if in a photo shoot on the bed still wearing the heels and pulled on the straps of her slip and bra, “should we unwrap everything or perhaps you would prefer to work around all these pretty things.”I crawled on the bed and rolled her onto her back running my hand from her knee to her pantyhose covered pussy. “I am going to have a bit of trouble with the hose,” I said as I began to rub her as she pulled my face to hers and we kissed, and when finished, “but I’d rather you stay wrapped and will work around these pretty things.As we kissed again my fingers explored between her legs as she parted them to provide access. I am sure I had a shocked look on my face when my fingers found an opening in the pantyhose and my fingers slipped inside and felt the wet nylon thong she was wearing. She smiled, “see Laura, all you need to do is explore and everything will be revealed.”I pushed the fabric of the thong aside and felt the silky smooth skin between the folds of flesh and felt her legs part further inviting my touch. I ran my fingers the length of her pussy and circled her clit and felt her move in reaction to my touch. She moaned and opened her eyes, “you said I had canlı bahis a gifted touch with the makeup, you seem to have a gifted touch as well, will you make me cum before we relieve your pressure,” she said with a smile.I continued rubbing her clit and then sliding two fingers inside her as she moaned with pleasure. “Oh right there Laura,” Ashley said as I brought her to the point of no return and felt her legs tighten on my hand. Warm thick fluid flooded out on my hand as I held my fingers inside of her as she finished her orgasm.She opened her eyes with this dreamy look and said, I want you on top, as she pulled the slip I was wearing up around my waist. The leg openings on the flare leg panties I was wearing afforded plenty of room for me to expose my cock as I rolled between her legs. I felt her hand on my cock as she guided me to that warm wet place. “Ummm, I need to see this later,” she said as she slid the back of her fingers over my freshly shave pubic area, “do you always shave or was this for me?”“For you,” I said as I felt the tip of my cock penetrate her, “and yes for me, pretty silky things feel best on bare skin.” She raised her knees and let her legs fall open providing me room to fully penetrate her. I was resting on my outstretched and felt her hands on my side and then onto my padded bra. I rocked slowly in and out of her and felt like I would explode at any second. I think she saw my determined expression on my face as I was doing all I could to keep control.“It’s okay Laura,” Ashley said pulling me down to her. “I think you have been at the edge of an orgasm since you picked up that package and I want you to cum in me without worry about how long you can last. We have the entire night,” she said softly and we kissed with all the passion two people can have for each other as I felt myself reach that ledge between control and succumbing to the pleasure.I felt the first spurt shoot out deep inside of her and took one more stroke before holding her hips sending my semen deep inside her. Our breasts were touching and even though mine were produced with a padded bra it just seemed so personal. After my cock softened I rolled off feeling the silky nylon slip and panties caress me and lay beside her I wondered if I would ever feel better than I did at that moment. Ashley rolled on her side and ran her hand down my tummy and inside the flare leg panties. She caressed the soft freshly shaved skin that felt so sensitive to her soft hands. “Ummm, that is so sexy,” she said as she caressed my buttery soft skin.“I hope this isn’t too personal but I have a question that I wonder if you’d answer.” She asked. I turned my head and kissed her lips lightly, “ask me anything,” I said.“I think you have been wearing panties a long time and perhaps other garments as well. It is just a guess mind you, do you want to be a woman, you know to go through transition and all of that?”“Honestly, no. I am happy being a man but I love the softer side of life and wearing panties, a slip, or a nightgown makes me feel sexy. I know that must sound strange, but it is just the way I’m wired I guess. And now I love the bra and how it fills out the slip.”I told her about how all of this started and how my life had been molded by my activities and the fact that my mother had enabled me to express myself without shame. “Mom asked me the same question when I was 19, in fact she worried that she had not taken me to see a doctor to begin work in that direction. But I told her the same thing, I didn’t consider myself gay or even bisexual. I have trouble explaining all this to myself let alone someone else. So may I ask you a question?” I asked.“Sure,” Ashley said.“Do you consider yourself a lesbian? I ask because you gave me a female name when you completed my makeover.” I asked hoping I didn’t offend.“Not really, like so many I probably consider myself open to all sorts of sexuality and it just seemed right to think of you as Laura instead of Larry, but I can stop calling you Laura if it offends you.” Ashley said as she ran her hand around my cock that was coming back to life. “Maybe Larry needs to strip down and we will try it again.”I smiled, “I am not offended and I want to stay dressed this evening. Your earlier plan sounds like fun.”“Great,” she said, “then I have another surprise for you,” she said jumping off the bed and running to the closet. “I have this really cute outfit in exactly your size, the skirt will be long enough to cover your slip and this white silk blouse will let your pretty red slip show through. But if you decide to accept we need to get you out of those panties and into a garter belt and stockings before you get back into those panties.”NOTE: And so ends the Laundry Day series. I hope it made you at least smile and I would appreciate a thumbs up if you liked the story.

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