Laura and Don Pt. 01


Laura believed in strength in numbers. When she went out on the town, it was with a group of women whose public behavior ranged from outgoing to boisterous. These not-very-close friends of hers, many of them blondes, drew most of the attention from the roving packs of men. This allowed Laura to hang back and take on the role of The Quiet Brunette, and hope that one of the non-alpha males would meet her standards. She wanted the guy to be at least adequate in looks and social skills, but she demanded intelligence, self-awareness, confidence, and wit. For Laura, that guy would be a fine companion for a one-night stand, even if the sex wasn’t great.

This Friday, as always, she low-keyed her makeup. A little base to hide some small cheek blemishes. A touch of blue eye shadow, to contrast with the hazel eyes. Her natural-born lashes were thick enough to need no help. Rosy-pink lip gloss. She had noted in the powder room mirror that her hair was behaving well, curling inward at the nape, bangs muting the size of her head. She’d do just fine on her own, maybe too well, hence her use of a phalanx of blonde hotties.

Her group settled in at Hazlett’s, a bar big enough to let a DJ spin in one room, while in the rest of the space it was possible to speak, hear, and be understood. There were five of them tonight, and in short order they were approached by a group of seven guys. Chances were that there’d be no more than one of her kind of man here, and there might well be none. She was resigned to this. Being alone in bed after a night out wouldn’t bother her. Sharing a bed with the wrong man would bother her a great deal.

She nursed a flute of white wine and watched the guys execute their strategy. A brash one, a little overweight and using that as a launch point for his banter, addressed all the women while also aiming at Marcie, short and curvy and always behind a people-pleaser smile. The real prizes in Laura’s group, tall willowy Dana and sweet-faced athletic Neris, exchanged looks and words now and then with the two hunkiest guys. Lesley, darker blonde, scrolled her phone indifferently.

The men seemed more like former frat brothers than co-workers. Scanning them, Laura at once ruled out Brash Boy and the two hunks. In a couple minutes she also cast aside a dark-haired, wide-eyed guy who seemed to have trouble standing still, a tall angular guy who laughed at everything Brash Boy said, and a brawny guy whose resting face seemed to be that of a badass. This left only one guy, but so far Laura was encouraged by what she picked up from him.

She labeled this guy Prospect. Light brown hair, long prominent nose, less prominent chin, alert blue eyes, relaxed expression. Black slacks, reddish-brown shirt with a slight shimmer. When he had attempted eye contact with each of the women, his expression was neutral on the other four, but he gave a little smile and maybe an eye-twinkle to Laura. She returned the half-smile, thinking she may have found a kindred spirit in the meet market game: They were aware of the charade and amused by it, but still eager to get what they sought.

After one of Brash Boy’s jokes, Prospect added a single word that made it much funnier, drawing attention from the blondes for the first time. An exchange or two later, Laura followed on one of Marcie’s statements with a four-word witticism that had everyone roaring, and even made Lesley look up from her phone with a chuckle. Prospect smiled wider and nodded her way.

The hunks and blondes quickly took over the conversation, with one of the hunks praising the mix they heard from the dance side. That began the process of pairing off and drifting towards the dance.

Prospect approached Laura. With a lopsided smile he said, in a waiter-ish cadence, “Hello, I’m Don. I’ll be your wingman tonight.”

The smile she returned was mostly sincere. “Hi, I’m Laura. Feel free to cut me out of the herd.”

They spent a few minutes dancing. Laura was now convinced that he was vetting her just as she was vetting him, assessing their body-movement comfort levels. He wasn’t a great dancer, but he knew it and didn’t let it bother him. She showed her sense of fun with a few butt shakes, thrown in to show him it was no big deal that she was, in fact, quite a good dancer. Her loose blue blouse, hip-tight gray skirt, and black hose hadn’t drawn much attention while the two groups had chatted, but the clothes made her noticeable while she danced, especially through the moves of her long arms.

Back in the other room, she got him to a table for two. Their chat was more style than substance, each quickly confirming that the other was clever and amiable.

Soon, after having been close enough to pick up his breath a couple times, she said, “You haven’t been drinking. Are you a desi driver for your crowd?”

“I’m not the only one. And the others know enough to get ride shares if they’re really wasted.” The lopsided smile seemed to be standard equipment for him. She güvenilir bahis didn’t dislike it, at least not yet.

“Well then, congratulations,” she said, holding her head erect and outward as she smiled, so as to make her jawline look its firmest. “This is your chance to seal the deal.”

Less of a smile. “Would it ruin everything if I tried to limit your expectations?”

“They’re already limited.” Her own smile stayed at the same level. “I’m looking for a night of fun. You can be part of it.” She glanced at his fingers, and saw no sign of rings, now or previously. Not that it would have mattered.

“In that case, Laura, I’d like to join you.”

She could have made a joke about joining, but he hadn’t brought raunch into the conversation, so she held back. Putting a hand on one of his, she said, “Then I invite you to take me to my place.”


Laura Canfield had just turned 25. She had moved up a couple rungs in the financial planning firm that recruited her out of college, and she expected to get her student loan paid off in two more years. Working and earning were her focal points. She liked the work and was interested in it, and was indifferent to romance. She liked men, and having sex with them, and then moving on.

Don, who gave his last name as Pelfrey, kept up a little small talk in the car, starting (and dispensing) with his last name. He conceded that his friends routinely called him ‘Belfry’ and ‘Bats.’ He also confirmed that the guys he was with were college buds, though not from a frat.

They exchanged work info. Don was a data researcher for an outfit that got hired by ad agencies. Laura’s comfort at his income security seemed to be mirrored by Don. This match in their attitude wasn’t necessarily a good thing to Laura. He might be thinking long-term about her, while she just wanted to avoid picking up a derelict who might get needy.

Her studio apartment allowed her to live alone and stay on budget. “Would you like some music?” she asked as she let them in.

“Only if you want it,” he said, gently taking her hand. “I’d like to pay attention to you.”

She shook her head, grinning. “You don’t have to push any more buttons. You’re here, aren’t you?” Cocking an eyebrow, she closed two deadbolts.

He chuckled. “And I guess I’m staying a while.”

She leaned in for a slow, soft kiss, lips to lips only. “At least until I get out of the bathroom.”

After a quick mopdown of armpits and the likely points of contact, she donned a satiny camisole that matched her undies, then put on a robe. Exiting the bathroom, she said “Your turn,” hoping he’d take it as a command rather than an offer. He did.

She turned on the kitchen alcove light and darkened the rest of the place. She doffed the robe and got into bed, pulling covers up to waist level.

Laura was comfortable in her body, but didn’t like how it looked overall. She was lean, despite exercising only once in a while, otherwise trusting to a modest appetite. But the proportions weren’t her idea of ideal. She was about 5′ 8″, long in the torso and not so much in the legs. The vertical expanse of her rib cage and abdomen made her B-cup breasts seem even smaller. Her hip curves weren’t dramatic and her butt was, in her view, just a butt.

She hoped he’d catch on that this encounter would be more about feeling than looking.

Clearly he did. When he opened the door and saw her in bed, lit dimly, he turned off the bathroom light. He wore only boxers. His limbs were smooth, maybe there was some ab definition. Not a big thrill for her. She wasn’t much interested in the sight of men’s bodies.

She pulled back the covers on the empty side of the queen bed. He set something down on the nightstand and joined her. There was enough light for her to discern the pack of condoms.

As she leaned up on one elbow he snaked his arms around to embrace her. He began the kiss, and this contact picked up her heart rate. She let him take the weight of her body, putting both arms around him, feeling his shoulder blades and back ribs. No analyzing now, it was time to enjoy. Their tongues pressed together. She got moist.

She put a hand inside his waistband and grabbed a butt cheek. “You can strip me,” she whispered roughly.

He pulled up the camisole from behind, and she slithered free of it. A hand came to her front, and as he caressed a breast she noticed his rough skin, unusual for an office worker. Later, she told herself. It feels good, stay with that.

She hauled away his boxers and put a hand on his crotch. His prick was circumcised, and the shaft below the head was longer than the width of her hand. “May I get acquainted?” she asked, pivoting her body.

He got a grip on her underwear so that it slid down as she moved. “I’d like to do the same,” he said, panting a little.

She threw the covers free. Two naked bodies, too close to be observed and judged.

She licked down the türkçe bahis underside of the shaft, tongued his balls, and then took them in her mouth as she thumb-stroked the semen duct. She felt his tongue travel between her labia, then flatten to spread drool on and around her clit. She throat-trilled into his nuts, and he huffed, with a little spasm.

She forced herself to stay in the moment, something she never did at work (studying financial forecasts) and rarely did any other time (reading, watching shows, otherwise getting out of herself and enjoying the workings of her mind). She could tell from her stroking that Don’s dick was probably at its maximum, and she wanted it to take her the rest of the way. Getting her mouth free, and waiting for a moment when his licks weren’t giving her rushes, she waggled his putz and said, “Would you please gift-wrap my present?”

He pulled his head away from her groin and rasped, “Yeah.” As he left the bed to get a condom, she got up and grabbed a towel from the floor next to the bed. By the time he was sheathed, she had spread the towel on the sheet beneath them. She was about to explain, but before she could he said “I get it.”

She lay on her back. Knees set wide, he centered himself and hauled her legs up and apart. With an arm around her leg he inserted one finger in her cunt and spread her warm fluid around the labia. He inserted two and walked them around, pushing them in and towards the front. Hoping to avert a long, pointless search for her G spot, she said “I’m ready, please bring it.”

He was definitely thick enough for her. She enjoyed the entry, and the push as it expanded her wet tunnel. After a couple strokes, she could tell how much his fucking would do for her. She said “Yeah Baby that’s good, so good, keep it up,” while getting a hand in to finger her clitoris. If he saw that, it didn’t seem to bother him, but she continued murmuring, “Oh yeah oh yeah, more Honey, it feels so good.” And it did, and he was definitely part of that, and a part she really liked, but just not all of it. She was definitely on the way to cumming, and it would be a team effort.

In the dim light she thought she saw strain on his face. She ran her free hand along one of his hands on her thighs and gave him a passionate look that he probably couldn’t see. “Oh yeah Don, be my Lover, you’re getting me there, it’s gonna be so great,” while she thought Don’t spew yet I need you in there please maybe another minute.

He started going “Huh! Huh! Huh!” She got two fingers and a thumb on her clit and almost yanked it, then squeezed the soaked labia around it. Finally she spasmed, her back bucking up, and her whoop drowned him out. She flexed and surged and let go of her clit and spasmed some more. His pistoning sped up and she yelled “Yeah yeah! Cum Baby cum! Blast me!”

His head snapped back and she felt his spasms start, stretching her lower vaginal muscles, getting her an extra rush while she was still soaring. She bucked again. “YEAH! YEAH! NOW PLEEEZE GET THOSE BABYMAKERS AWAY FROM ME!”

He gave something between a gasp and a laugh, and nodded. After two more spasms he settled down, and eased out his prick. Her fluids trickled past her anus, bound for the towel. Wheezing, Laura reached to the floor for another towel and tossed it to him. “Ditch, the scumbag, and wipe off, then let me, hug my hero.”

They lay side by side, kissing and exploring each other in a more relaxed way. She nuzzled around his nose. He seemed to like running fingers through her hair. Gradually they started commenting in fun on what they discovered, and now she didn’t shy away from raunch.

“Nice buns,” she said, clutching them. “Good and tight. It’s a fine option for ladies, to offer power steering.” She worked his ass to move his flopping prick around.

“Nice gams,” he said, stroking her left leg. “If you put skyscraper stilettos on them, you’d make me drool like a puppy.”

She owned two pairs of heels, low-rise and plain width, and she almost never wore them. She smirked and said, “I’d like to unsee that. Shall we shower?”

Standing together in the tub, she saw that he was maybe half an inch taller than she was. And he wants me in heels? Soaping and rinsing together was nice, and they managed a thigh job with him spooning behind her. She hauled his prick up between her legs and rubbed it against her clit and labia. He fondled her nipples. She wasn’t expecting much, but came nicely, not long after he did.

Back in bed, settling in for sleep, he said, “I saw your birth control pills when I was getting undressed.”

“I made no effort to put them away,” she returned. “We haven’t exchanged test results. Obviously we pick up strangers. And you used a condom anyway.”

“Guess we understand each other.”

We’ll see, she thought. They drifted off.


She woke first, and slipped out to get her usual morning-after garb, an oversized male-cut white buttondown shirt. güvenilir bahis siteleri Don was stirring when she returned to bed.

Making no contact, she asked in a neutral voice, “What’s wrong with me?”

She got the look she wanted. He was more worried than confused. “What?”

“It’s the morning after.” She smiled. “You must have some regrets, or misgivings.”

He looked at the ceiling. “Is this some kind of dumping mechanism? Are you trying to get rid of me?”

Her eyes widened. He’d jumped way ahead. Had she overshot? Was this one too smart, perceptive, even nice?

He looked hurt. On more than one level, she didn’t want that.

“No,” she said, fumbling a bit, “but kind of, also, yes. I’m sorry, look, I’ve been playing you all this time, or trying. It’s how I manage to get some fun and sex, now and then, without getting hurt or entangled.”

“Is there something wrong with me?”

This struck her as jocular, but still worried. She felt tense. “I don’t know. Haven’t found it yet, but we’ve known each other for what, twelve hours?” She didn’t know her next step, by this time the guy was usually on his way out, and probably relieved.

“Let me do this the other way,” said Don. “I think many things about you are right. Enough for me to make myself helpless in the clutches of a complete stranger. I think that was a good decision, and I hope to get the chance to repeat it.”

She felt a little warmth from that, setting off a worry of her own. “I’m gonna make coffee. How do you like it?”

“The coffee, or the ravishing brunette making it?”

At once she clicked into banter mode. “I already know the latter. Flat on my back with legs straight up.”

“Black, unsweetened.” His smile was now relaxed.

In the kitchen, she almost dropped a handful of K-cups. He’s too cute, she thought. That’s what’s wrong with me, I won’t be able to compete with what will go after him. She enjoyed the warm feeling, her happiness over his happiness about her, even as she dreaded it. But I’m a total chickenshit. It’s not like I’ve been hurt. I’ve always been the one to find fault and get out. Waiting on the coffee, she started making toast. Jeez, am I already his wife?

She brought a tray to the bed. “The toast is already covered, whether you like it or not, with homemade apple preserves from some tourist trap I blew through last year. You’re welcome.” She sat on the bed, looked straight at him, and trembled. “I want, I’d like, to see you again. And I’m scared shitless, ’cause I never do that.”

“You’re busy at work,” he said, lifting his cup. It wasn’t a question.

She sat upright. “And I like work. Do you?”

“Yeah,” he said, nodding. “And I like being good at it. And I don’t get out much. Sometimes with those guys.”

She put a hand on his chest, noticing in the daylight the almost golden hair there. “I want this to keep going, and I want it to stop.” She took a breath. “I’m babbling, sorry.”

“Got an idea, maybe.” He showed his smartest-guy-in-the-room half-smile from last night, and Laura suspected he could usually justify it. “We exchange contact info. Friend each other, all that crap. We spend the next month physically apart, but communicate when we feel like it. At the end of the month, we decide what to do next.”

“And meanwhile, we keep sleeping around?” she asked. And felt a little wrong, even though she liked his idea.

“If we ever have time,” he said with a shrug.

She laughed. The warm feeling came back, and right behind it, the worry. She shoved past it, standing. “Get up,” she said.

He did, chewing toast. “The preserves aren’t bad,” he said, swallowing.

She unbuttoned her shirt and shed it. “I’m never going to sext you, or anyone else,” she said. “This will have to get you through a month. Broad daylight, and a broad.” She spread her arms and popped a hip to one side.

“Very nice,” he said. He made no big deal about his own nudity, but his prick started swelling. “Does the month have to start this minute?”

She strode around the end of the bed. “It better not.” She grabbed his head and frenched him hard.

If I’m going to lose, she thought, let it be soon. She got him on his back and mounted him for cowgirl. Feast your eyes, Belfry. Long featureless torso, silly tits flapping around. If he gets my friend Neris in the sack, he’ll never leave.

Then the fucking got her full attention. She brought her pubic bone down on his and rubbed them together, and rotated, and the grinding got her off without her using her hands. And as silly and flappy as they might be, her tits seemed to please him very much, and his stroking and kissing pleased her. His cum yell resonated through the breast over her heart.

Another shower, just to get clean. He drove her to Hazlett’s so she could get her car. When they parted, all the necessary info exchange and friending had been completed.

For the first half hour back at her place, she felt lonesome.

She spent the second half-hour beating herself up for straying from her plan and going off the rails.

After that, she started looking over the work she had brought home for the weekend.

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