Lauren’s Thirst Ch. 01


Lauren would always remember the day she noticed her dad’s bulge for the first time. She had been doing her homework at the kitchen table, trying to avoid getting “senioritis” like every other 18-year-old senior in her high school seemed to have. As she moved her hand to grab a glass to get a sip of water, she knocked her favorite pen down on the floor; and when she moved her feet to check where it landed, she accidentally kicked it into a very inconvenient location. It glided across the floor under the table, bounced off the wall, and behind a cabinet.

“Ugh, just my luck,” Lauren thought, unaware of how fortunate she really was.

She was forced to get on her hands and knees, a position which she would later decide to be one of her favorites, and she ducked under the table to find and dislodge the pen. While she was scrounging down below, her dad arrived in the room, unaware of his daughter’s location. He pulled out a chair and sat down. Lauren was going to say something but her parents started chatting, and she didn’t want to interrupt. As soon as she grabbed the pen, she grasped it in her hand and looked over at her father’s lap as he leaned back, letting his legs slide apart. He whistled at his wife as she was bending over, and said some comments that made Lauren roll her eyes and blush. Then she saw it. Her dad’s slacks were a little strained against his crotch, but she could see the outline of his cock. As her parents flirted she could see it start to grow. She grasped her pen firmly, and a thought popped into her head: “That cock looks a lot thicker than this pen.”

The thicker and longer the cock got, the wider her eyes opened. As it expanded to full-size Lauren gasped and tried to sit up suddenly, causing her to bang her head on the table. This abruptly stopped her parents’ banter, and the view of her dad’s bulge was gone as he moved to see what happened.

Ever since then, whenever somebody mentioned a “bulge”, the image of her dad’s cock growing in his pants sprang to mind. It fascinated her. “I came from that,” she would think to herself with a sense of reverence. Since that fateful day, she would discreetly look for bulges when men were in the right positions, but nothing seemed to compare to the bulge that would remain burned into her memory. It was perfect.

Lauren was excited about getting out of high school and into college. She had dated some boys but never very seriously, as she never felt like there was a proper connection. She knew she was attractive. Her breasts were nicely sized, and Lauren’s blonde hair flowed down past her shoulders, over her back and down toward her fantastic ass that she got from staying active with volleyball. She studied hard and had a few good friends, and had always figured that there would be time enough for romance in college. After all, she was almost out of high school anyway. She decided to not bother with finding a boy to date. She didn’t need a boy to be happy, and besides, anything she starts with a boy now will most likely end in a few months anyway. What mattered more and more, however, was that bulge. It entered her dreams at night. Visions of it flashed to her when she sat at the table where she saw it for the first time. There was something about it that she simply… needed. Her thoughts and feelings confused her so she tried to focus on school.

It was in the early evening on a Wednesday when Lauren would finally admit to herself what she wanted and needed in her life. She had finished with volleyball practice, and instead of going to get a bite to eat with friends like usual, decided to go home.

Tim was too horny to think straight when he got home from work and didn’t shut the door to his study. He thought he would be safe since his daughter’s usual routine meant that she wouldn’t be back for another hour at least. His balls needed to be emptied one way or another, but his wife Kristen was out helping a friend plan a wedding.

Lauren heard strange sounds coming from her dad’s study and her tight volleyball shorts conformed to her mouth-watering ass as she crept up to the doorway to peek inside. Her dad was in his chair in front of the computer, facing away from the door. She could see the screen but there was only text on it. Her dad’s forearm moved up and down as he groaned. Her eyes flicked over to a mirror on the wall and saw what she hoped she would see, a magnificent piece of daddy-meat, in all of it’s engorged splendor. At that point, Lauren experienced two sensations simultaneously that she’d end up feeling at least once Escort bayan per day for a very long time. The first was wetness. At the rate she was leaking, she was sure her volleyball shorts were going to be soaked if she didn’t slide them off and take care of things in her bedroom. The second sensation was thirst. It surprised her, of course, because she hadn’t ever thought much about oral sex, but something about that cock made it seem like it belonged in her mouth. Nibbling, sucking, licking, teasing, gagging, she wanted to do it all. She hadn’t ever done it before but she had seen it done in porn movies and her friend Jessica told her about how she did it herself for the first time on Christmas break and loved it. Lauren and Jessica were in the same class, though Jessica was a little older. The way Jessica described cock sucking it sounded like the most fun thing ever. At the time, Lauren was doubtful she would ever get as into it as much as her friend, but she sure did get an itchy pussy after hearing about it. Now, though, any doubts she ever had vanished. She saw the perfect cock for her: her daddy’s cock.

Later that night Lauren went to see what her daddy was reading. She was lucky, as her daddy forgot to log out of his account. She looked back through the browser history and her heart seemed to leap with joy. The stories he had been reading had been exactly what she had been hoping for, almost too good to be true. They had been about incest. Specifically, daddy/daughter incest.

“Don’t get too excited,” Lauren thought to herself, “just because he reads this doesn’t mean he’ll go for it if he gets the chance.” However, those thoughts weren’t in her head for long before she wasn’t wearing anything but her socks and reading the same stories her own father had been jerking off to earlier in the day as she did the same. Lauren’s arousal grew when she thought about how she was sitting in the same chair where her daddy had cum multiple times imagining his own daughter’s sexy body.

The next day she woke up with a new purpose, to look up at her father’s face while she was on her knees, worshipping the cock that made her. She didn’t know how to do it, but she knew she was going to, one way or another.

The problem was, she didn’t know how. She couldn’t just go up and ask him, could she? What would she say, “Daddy, can I please suck your cock?” That would surely get her an appointment with a psychologist, she thought. She knew incest was taboo but something inside her told her that what she was feeling was right. She loved her daddy and there was nothing wrong with expressing that in a way that she was most comfortable with. “I want what I want and nothing is going to stop me from getting it,” Lauren decided.

Over the next few weeks, she did everything she could to get Tim to make the first move. She bent over in front of her dad to show off her ass, and kissed him on the cheek while pressing her breasts up against him a little too firmly and a little too long. When she ate, she sucked and nibbled on anything remotely phallic, trying to get Tim’s attention. She wanted him to want her just as badly as she wanted his cock.

Lauren studied the stories her dad was reading. She started dressing more like the girls in the stories, with shorter and shorter skirts, tighter tops, and more sensual panties, which she allowed to be “accidentally” viewed in the most discreet ways possible. She bent over a little further than necessary when picking up her shoes and tripped and fell over a few too many times, giving a great excuse to let all of her best parts to be visible. While her daddy was on the couch, she threw herself flat on the floor in front of him, between the couch and the TV. Her belly was down and her ass inched up slowly as she supported her head with her hands and pretended to watch what was on. Her legs opened just slightly, her pussy gushing as she imagined him looking down at her with hunger, and she squirmed backward just about an inch, causing her short skirt to just slightly up her ass, just barely exposing the fact she wasn’t wearing panties.

It all worked. Her dad was getting hard, stretching out his pants as he noticed her, causing her mouth to salivate. He was like a walking hardon, fantasizing about claiming his daughter’s holes over and over again. However, there was another problem: she wasn’t the one benefitting from that delicious hardness. Ever since she started acting like the perfect little daughter, she noticed her mom and dad disappearing into their Bayan escort bedroom more and more often. As her skirts got shorter, the bedposts hit the wall harder, and the springs of the bed squeaked louder; and as she displayed herself more boldly, her mother found herself less and less able to hold in her moans as they echoed through the halls. Because of Lauren, her mother was getting fucked better than ever before. Both of her parents were in wonderful moods all the time now, but Lauren was starting to lose hope.

One day, however, things started to turn around. Her grandmother was sick and her mom went to take care of her. For the next few days at least it looked like that cock would be begging for release, and Lauren was determined to make sure it exploded right into her willing and excited mouth.

She spent as much time as possible with her dad. They had a lot of fun, watching TV and movies, shopping, eating out, and lots of other things. One thing Lauren made sure to do, though, was never let him have too much time alone and undisturbed. She wanted all the cum in those balls to go down her throat, and she wanted the load to be a big one. So for 48 hours she kept an eye on him, and if he was gone for too long she would make up some excuse to find him. She could tell at the end of the second day that he was getting frustrated and horny, but the pussy he was regularly pounding was now away, and his daughter wasn’t letting him have enough time to relieve himself. He was tired. After going to the zoo all day, then eating a huge meal of steaks with cheesecake for dessert he crashed right on the bed and was out like a light.

Lauren couldn’t take it anymore, she was going to get what she deserved. Her dad was lying on his back with his pajama bottoms on, and Lauren’s mouth was starting to water in anticipation. She slid the covers down off the bed and crawled up next to Tim. She had a pang of fear but it was quashed by the wetness between her legs.

She hesitated, not wanting to ruin it. She needed to get his cock out and down her throat before he knew what was happening. He needed to know she wanted it and he didn’t have any choice in the matter. His little girl was going to gulp down that daddycock.

In one fast motion, she fished out his cock and licked it from the base to the tip, continuing on to purse her lips around it. Her tongue danced around the object of her desire as it hardened in her mouth.

The feelings of power and satisfaction of having what she wanted, what she needed, could be summed up in one word: glorious.

She remembered what she read and heard about giving head, and tried her best not to scrape it too much with her teeth. She wanted to be the best daughter she could be, and she wanted her dad to use her mouth as much as possible from now on. Lauren treated her first blowjob like an audition to be her daddy’s little slut, and she gave it her all.

Tim felt a wonderful feeling coming from his cock. He was getting blown by someone who loved doing it. “Is it my birthday?” he thought groggily. “No, wait, that was back in December. I must have done something good though because Kristen almost never blows me.”

Tim smiled and moved one hand down to the head that bobbed up and down lovingly around his cock, to lovingly caress the face of his amazing lover. The hair felt a touch less wavy than he was expecting, which caused him to open his eyes slightly and see the open eyes of his daughter looking up at him as she practically fed on his cock.

“Lauren, ohh…. Lauren you shouldn’t be doing this,” Tim croaked out, not making any move to stop it.

Lauren held his cock firmly and kissed the tip as she said, “Oh daddy just lie back and enjoy. This is mine for the night, and so is the cum inside. I’m going to get it all out and drink it all up.”

Lauren’s weight was over his legs as she leaned over him, worshipping the cock responsible for giving her life. Tim started to move his arms to give him leverage to sit up and said, “Lauren, listen, I’m your father and mmmph…”

Tim’s objections were stopped short as Lauren flipped around and smashed her exposed pussy right on his face. As she took care of her father’s cock her pussy was brushing over him, dripping juices and smearing them across his lips.

The smell was intoxicating. It was the smell every father secretly yearns for, whether they know it or not: Daughter pussy. Tim kept his mouth tightly shut for a few seconds as he tried to process what was happening. Escort One moment he was asleep, then the next he wakes up to a wonderful blowjob being given by a very enthusiastic lover, who then proceeds to smash her hairless pussy over his face and smear her cream on him.

He couldn’t help himself. His tongue peeked out of his mouth, slowly at first, and tasted the juices on his lips. It was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. Tim had fantasized about father/daughter incest but never imagined it would be so suddenly thrust upon him. Now he found himself thrusting his cock up toward his daughter’s mouth as she made obscene gagging sounds, as her saliva mixed with his precum making a sloppy mess all over the bed.

The animal inside him let loose as he grabbed his daughter’s ass cheeks and pressed them down toward him as he ate her out for all she was worth. He was licking and slurping like a man possessed. His cock got even harder which pleased his daughter even more.

Together they convulsed on the bed, father and daughter, orgasming into each other’s mouths. Lauren finally got the ambrosia she yearned for, savoring her daddy’s seed as much as she could while trying to gulp it down so as little as possible was wasted, while Tim did the same with his daughter’s delicious pussy.

Afterward, Lauren turned around and they embraced, kissing and whispering to each other about their mutual love.

“Sweetie that was wonderful, thank you,” Tim said. “That was the most wonderful experience in my life.”

Lauren looked into her father’s eyes as stray cum and saliva remained smeared across her face, “Can we do it again, daddy? I need a lot more of your cum than just one load.”

Tim replied, “Of course honey, as much as you want.”

“I feel a little guilty about mom, though…” Lauren said, as a pang of guilt welled up inside her.

“I wouldn’t worry about it sweetie,” Tim replied as he grinned, “your grandmother isn’t sick.”

Lauren’s face brightened as a realization came to her, and then slid down the bed to do what she loved most.

When Kristen walked into the house after her visit to her mother’s place, she was greeted by her husband sitting on the couch watching a movie as her daughter was on her knees between his legs, bobbing her head up and down, like a good daughter should, just as Kristen had done for her dad, until the car accident. She greeted her family and kissed her husband on her way into the kitchen as her daughter continued to work on her husband’s cock. She was happy and excited that things worked out exactly the way she thought they would. Watching Lauren display herself to her husband really turned her on. Lauren thought she was being discreet; apparently not. Like mother, like daughter.

Lauren started waking up her dad in the morning with a blowjob, and they became more and more bold with one of them going down on the other whenever the mood struck them. It didn’t matter if Kristen was in the room or not; if daddycum needed to get sucked out and down the throat of the best little daughter in the world, or if daddy’s desire for his daughter’s tasty snatch got so great that he needed to slurp up that tasty cream, nothing would stop that from happening.

Two weeks later, Lauren sat up in the passenger seat of her dad’s car and used her index finger to wipe up the tiny bit of daddycum that escaped from her mouth then licked it up with her tongue. She had just finished bobbing her head up and down on the cock that owned her sweet body, while parked in the corner of the parking lot to her school. She had missed the bus this morning again, so her father drove her. She did it on purpose, of course, and her mother rolled her eyes as she apologized for missing the bus every day this week. “You had better appreciate what your father is doing for you,” she recalled her mother saying. She almost started laughing but was able to catch herself.

Lauren wanted to reply, “You have no idea, mother.” She knew her mom was OK with what was going on but didn’t discuss it with her at length. Lauren liked the current situation and didn’t want to risk changing it.

Later that night, Lauren was contently under the table, fishing out daddy’s cock again. “If it wasn’t for that cock, I would be around. How could I not take care of it?”

Lauren drank her personal ambrosia from an eternal well of love.

She licked it, sucked it, nibbled it, slurped it, gagged on it, and worshiped it properly as her pussy moistened. It wasn’t just any cock that would do, only her daddy’s. Now and forever.

But that pussy was getting itchier and itchier, and although she loved her daddy’s tongue and fingers, she was starting to want something else. Her daddy’s cum needed to be inside her, but maybe there were other ways to get it there…

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