Lawyer to Slave Ch. 02


I waited with bated breath on my knees looking at each of the doors leading into the living room. There were three. Since I knew nothing about the topography my eyes darted from one door to the other and my ears strained to pick up any sound indicating HER presence. The silence crept over me and I started wondering. My nose perked up at the soft smell of incense. I lost count of time and suddenly I heard the click of the front door. As the door opened a draft of cool air hit my back and goose bumps sprouted on my neck. My senses perked up as I heard the door close. I did not turn around but my heart pounded away and I wondered what I got myself into. I felt a hand press on my head and I turned my eyes down afraid to look up.

I discerned the smell of a soft perfume and the sweat of a work out as the palm grabbed my hair and roughly pulled my head down forcing me to gaze up into Sarah’s face. She had on a track suit now wet with her sweat and her face was covered with beads of perspiration. I felt a lump rise in my throat and so did the desire.

“Did I not ask you to be undressed?” she spat the words out.

I nodded as she freed my head and walked to the sofa in front of her. I watched her taut but ample behind. She sat across from me and deliberately crossed her legs; crooking a finger at me to approach. Getting up never crossed my mind and I went to her on my knees. The experience of the last week helped and it was less painful. Her index finger pointed down and I bend over to kiss her Reebok.

“Now undress,” she said and I obediently complied.

For a week I had been in this room on my knees when she went about her work in the evenings. I saw her only when she used the living room and was not welcomed elsewhere in the house. Even when she read or ate or drank in the room I remained on my knees and she deliberately ignored me. After a time when she commanded I was to crawl to her on my knees and kiss her feet and thank her before leaving the house. She also handed over her used panties for me to wash and return pressed the next day. They being silk and soft cotton I was instructed to hand wash them and press them only under a cloth. This had been repeated in the evenings of the past week and I left with an empty feeling which remained with me in the night and the previous day. At home I enjoyed the panties but could not take them to bed since it had to be dry the next day. Yesterday I heard her ask me to come in the morning and be undressed. But I had not taken it literally.

I removed my shirt and then rolled down my pants looking at her for permission to get up. She suddenly got up and went inside the apartment. I heard her move inside and saw her emerging with her hands held behind. I could make out that she was carrying something. She advanced with slow but deliberate steps as a cat would on its prey. Just a week back we were Lawyer and client and I was in control. My indiscretion led me to this role, but I was not complaining.

I should have looked ridiculous with my pants falling down to my knees and clad only in briefs. I could feel the blood rising to my face as I held down my head in shame. Then I felt the cane on my chin lifting my face up and when I looked back at her face she had a wicked smile.

“Did I ask you to look down? When I am in your presence never take your eyes off me and as we go along I expect you to anticipate my needs.”

I nodded.

“And no nodding, answer me with ‘Yes, Mistress’.”

“Yes Mistress,” I intoned.

“Now, to the matter of discipline. I asked you to remain NUDE and on your knees in the room and you can’t follow a simple order. If you don’t trust me then there can be no progress. You will raise your left hand first.”

I raised it and I felt like a school boy. She prodded my palm up with the cane to my shoulder level and stared at me. I could hear my heart pounding and her face tightened as she raised the cane and brought it down in a single motion on my palm. It singed my hand and involuntarily my hands moved to between my thighs.

“Now the right,” she commanded and I did just that. When she again stared at me I somehow felt aroused and she was also excited. But somehow she did not repeat and gently patted the cane on my bottom and said, “Now remove your pants and go to the bedroom and kneel by the mirror..”

I got up and moved to the room indicated by her and heard her say from behind,”Keep the brief on.”

My heart fluttered as I entered the bedroom, the private confine of hers. It was a neatly kept room with a laundry basket half full in the corner. What caught my eye was the full length mirror facing the double-cot bed. I had kept my pants in the living room and I went down on my knees and waited for her. I saw her entering through the mirror brandishing the cane and again her feline gait made my heart flutter. She stood behind me and patted my butt with the cane and said, “Pull it down and bare your bottom for me.”

I noticed the emphasis on the last xslot word and complied intoning:

“Yes Mistress.”

“Look at me,” she hissed and when my eyes met her reflection in the mirror, I saw the raw desire in her eyes. Her right hand moved up and the cane came down on my butt as I flinched. My cock was rock hard and I tightened my ass muscles.

“Have you studied my brief well?” she casually asked me.

“Yes Mistress.”

She repeated with the cane on my butt and now I felt it singing.

“Are you ready to serve me?”

“Yes Mistress”

I saw her hand rise and I slackened the butt muscles. This was a trick I learned in School and suddenly remembered. Drawing your muscles only makes it hurt more. The cane swished and fell on my flesh.

“You understand that your position will be of a slave and whatever you do will be for my pleasure.”

It was a statement and I repeated my consent. She threw away the cane. I saw her approach me and she touched the welts on my bum and again hissed into my ears, “You liked that?”

“Yes Mistress”, I panted and said “Thank you,” as I closed my eyes to better absorb the pain. Her nearness excited me and her womanly smells enthralled me and the singing pain on my ass and palm accentuated my desires. I longed to hug her and be hugged but somehow I knew that it was not going to be so. My desire, I knew was to take second place and my urge to serve her increased. I looked at her through the mirror rummaging in the laundry bag. She came up with a red dress and threw it at me. As it descended on my head I could discern the strong smell of the used dress with a slightly stale tang of sweat and perfume.

“Wear it,” she commanded and I drew her red polo T-shirt over my head and reveled in the fact that I was wearing her worn dress. I shuddered in the sleeveless dress as she approached me with her hands extended. It had a used panty and biker’s shorts.

“Smell the crotch, before you wear it,” she muttered.

On my knees I first brought the crotch of the panties to my nose and inhaled deeply. She watched me with a bemused expression as I next smelt the knickers. I was reminded of the time I was caught smelling her panties; which resulted in my humiliation and eventual submission to her.

“Now for this privilege, get up and get dressed and do the house. You will get the mop in the kitchen and take care to clean the toilets well.”

She walked out and I slipped into her apparel and again shuddered. I felt my cock growing and I slowly moved out. In the living room I saw her reclining in an easy-chair with the newspaper.

I turned in search of the kitchen and heard her say,”The kitchen is on your left and you might as well make me a coffee and then remove my shoes for me.”

As I made coffee I wondered at the situation not a bit regretting it but alarmed at my yearning to please her. I knew not what lay in store for me. But I was willing to go blindly to satisfy her and wondered what would satisfy me.

The boiling milk brought me out of my reverie. I knew by instinct that she would like the coffee strong but with little sugar.

Taking the boiling coffee I went back to her and proffered her the steaming cup. She looked up and I saw the flash of displeasure in her eyes.

“You are never to be on your feet by me. The best sign of subjugation is to be on your knees, ALWAYS before your Mistress. And I won’t tell you twice.”

I sank to my knees, without spilling the coffee and proffered it to her with my head sunk and my face red with shame.

So much for the furious man I was and I knew she was constantly testing me and bending me backwards. She had also indicated that I was to remain as I was; aggressive and furious to the world at large but to her alone subservient. Her divorce was coming up next week and he was a sissy. She said she had no delight in dominating sissies. Her slaves had to be aggressive and go getters in life. After the first day whenever she came to my office I had to kiss her feet on my knees before getting down to business. After discussions she invited me to smell her armpits or her pussy. But nothing happened beyond that.

“Look at me,” I heard her say while taking the coffee from me. She took a loud sip all the time watching me, rather staring at me and I felt aroused.

“Sit at my feet and remove my shoes.”

I sat cross-legged at her feet and she crossed her legs putting her right foot near my face. As I gazed at her, the shoe approached my lips and instinctively I leaned out to kiss it. She brushed the shoe on my cheeks and I purred with joy. Reaching up I undid the lace and slowly, with care removed the shoe. Freeing the hot and sweaty foot, I kissed her thumb and inhaled the smell, which filled me with desire and passion. Reverently I took hold of her feet and massaged them. I heard her contended sigh and saw her taking up the news paper. I continued massaging with one hand and removed the xslot Giriş lace on the other. But she retained her posture and I knew I was to continue. The next five minutes I alternated with massage and raining kisses on her feet. When she unwound her leg and placed it on my lap I repeated with her right foot. I especially enjoyed taking the foot out of the shoe and kissing the socks clad feet. I continued massaging her feet as she went through the news paper. I massaged her feet through the wet sweaty socks.

“Remove the socks,” she commanded and my heart fluttered.

I moved my hands under her track suit and felt the smooth texture of her skin encasing strong muscles. Rolling down the socks I thrilled at her soft but firm legs. Her foot emerged from the confines and each finger had a peculiar quality about them. It was as if each had a face gazing at me. I leaned over to kiss them. The feet had turned pink with my massage.

“Clean them,” she commanded as she pressed her thumb against my lips pursing them open. I sucked it in and gazed up at her face. She had a smile on her face half mocking and half contended. I knew I was spiraling down into her web as she made me serve her every need and I yearned for her so much that I wanted to be her slave, willingly. I never knew I had this phase in my character and I wondered as each of her toes slithered into my mouth. I bathed her feet enjoying the soft texture and the salty taste. The degradation of sucking her feet made me ashamed but at the same time aroused.

“Wipe them with the towel in the bathroom and bring me my slippers.”

Entering another of her secret premise I opened the bathroom, with shaking hands. It was a big one with womanly things arranged in the shelf and again a full length mirror. I looked at myself clad in her clothes and felt a shiver go down my spine. I had not got used to the new *me* she discovered for me. A towel hung from the rack and I immersed it in water and wrung it to just retain enough water to clean her feet. In the bedroom I found her well worn flat slippers and instinctively knelt and bend over to kiss them before taking them up. When I walked back in she was reclining with one hand caressing her breasts and the other rubbing her crotch. She was obviously aroused and I would have willingly complied with any wish of hers. But that was not to be. Her intention was to bring both of us to a peak of arousal. She continued her ministrations to herself, as I softly wiped my saliva of her feet. Then I slipped the slippers on to her feet. I bowed and kissed her feet as she patted my head. The one contact made me shudder and I reveled in her unexpected show of affection.

“Now get on with your work.” I scrambled up and she slapped me on my butt as I turned to go. Her every contact made me breathless and I felt a lump inside my chest and I yearned more and more of it.

“You may vacuum the house first and then the laundry and bathrooms. You know my undergarments are to be hand washed and you better be careful with them.”

” Incidentally did you bring my present.”

My face turned red as I slowly picked up the small presentation package tied with lace and handed her the present of seven panties and brassiere. I blushed more on being reminded of the humiliation in carefully choosing 7 different colored under garments and having them packed in a presentation package. The girl at the counter had looked at me with a naughty smile. I just couldn’t look at her and my embarrassment was evident. By the time I got out of the shop I was red and blushing. All the same I was aroused and as I thought of Mistress Sarah and her command, I was more aroused.

She reclined back with the newspaper as I hurried in to the dining room where I had seen the vacuum cleaner. I was exhausted when I finished after about an hour and a half as I had to do the rooms and the curtains. She came in occasionally to supervise and I was made to kneel each time she walked in the room and kiss her feet in worship. She also made me kiss her on her ample but firm buttocks, her thighs and once her G-spot over the jersey. Each contact evoked in me a wild desire and her elusive forays drove me mad. This made me want to please her more and I was entangled in her web of dominance and I felt myself submitting more to her and she was using me like a toy. It was evident that her pleasure was more in her mind but I was physically and mentally tired with yearning after every brief forays of submission she visited upon me.

Laundry was next but also the best since I reverently took up each fabric and smelled it before putting it into the machine. I absorbed the smell of her bottom, crotch, back, thighs, pits, neck and I was in frenzy by the time I finished. I piled the undergarments, her panties and bra on the floor to hand wash them. Just as I switched on the machine, I heard her call me and I rushed to the bedroom.

She was standing with arms akimbo in the center of the room.

“Get xslot Güncel Giriş nude and on your knees,” she commanded.

It was all I could do to get out of mine; rather her clothes and kneel before her.

“I want to use the toilet, remove my panties.”

I looked at her face which turned stern. I raised my trembling hands to first remove her track suit and then her panties. I saw a bush covered pussy and felt ashamed and aroused.

“Smell it'” She intoned and I brought my nose to her pussy. Her hairs irritated my nose but I poked in and inhaled. A tangy smell of sweat and juices hit me. I was kneeling before her smelling her pussy, at her command and I could feel myself getting more entangled with dominance. She was obviously aroused and I had felt the wetness of her panties. She walked back without notice leaving me confused. She entered the bathroom gesturing to me and sat on the toilet seat. I walked in and went on my knees before her. I heard the rush of liquid and gawked at her peeing. I stole a glance at her face and saw her with closed eyes. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at me. Her eyes bore holes in me as I watched her pee. When it reduced to a dribble, she said,”Clean me.”

My hands trembled to the paper roll and mechanically tore a handful. I could feel the blood rush; in arousal or in shame, I wondered? I cleaned her pussy and when it was done I held my head down, my shoulders sagging, and my right hand clenching the semi-wet toilet paper.

“Look at me,” I heard her command.

I looked at her face and could feel her arousal…

“Now smell it,” still sitting on the toilet seat, she said. Blood rushed into my face as I raised my hand and brought the toilet –paper to my nose. I never thought of disobeying or did I want it? She suddenly caught my cock and it twitched to further arousal in her hands. I inhaled deeply as she pleasured my cock. I felt the pain as she tweaked my right nipple with her left hand. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure and humiliation and it stopped abruptly with her getting up. Her pussy was inches from my face and I looked up at her with yearning. But she turned and tarried for a moment. I intoned, “Thank you Mistress.”

Washing my hands I followed her out and helped her with the panties and the track suit. Again I was made to dress in her clothes.

“Come,” she said and I followed her.

The next half-an-hour was spent in the kitchen, with her cooking and me in assistance. The lessons she gave me made it evident that soon I will be expected to do the cooking. The kitchen was hot and both of us were sweating. When the break fast was ready, I was asked to carry it to the dining room while she slipped away. I waited at the table not daring to sit and was wise enough to ready only one place. She returned, her face washed and as soon as she entered I sank to my knees. She sat on the chair and crossed her legs. Crooking her finger to approach she pointed down to her feet and I obediently sat there and took to massaging her feet. When she finished she asked me to eat in the kitchen and then join her in the bedroom after doing the dishes.

I ate in the kitchen and wondered about the change the past few days brought to my life. I was normal and frustrated until she discovered my kink. That was the chink in the armour and I was happier for the discovery. The frustrations however had changed and always it was for her. It was a mixture of yearning and desperation. After food I did the dishes and remained in the kitchen wondering whether to finish the laundry. I was apprehensive because I did not want to displease her by doing something without her command. When I entered the drawing room I saw her reading the news paper and immediately went on my knees and asked her, “Can I finish the laundry?”

She ignored me and after five minutes looked up and said, “After you do me first. “

She got up and walked into the bedroom, and turned gesturing me to follow. I got up and followed her. Entering the room she asked me to undress her. With shivering hands I took off her top and she lifted her hands, revealing a slight bushy pits.

“You want to smell?” she asked. I nodded in embarrassment.

“Smell the dress first'” she said and I did just that as she watched me with a mocking smile. The sweat had dried but the smell was heavenly.

Then I removed her pants and she was now in just her panties and brassiere. She went to the ottoman and sat there crossing her legs. Opening the draw she took out a razor and handed it to me. Taking the razor I went to the bathroom and rinsed it. Searching in the shelves I took out a tube of shaving soap and half filled a cup. Seeing me come She lifted her left hand and turned her face into her pits. She obviously liked her smells.

“Come smell it and wet it with your tongue first.”

I placed the things I carried on the floor and knelt by her. I pushed my nose into her bush and inhaled deeply. The tangy smell entered my nostrils and then my whole being. I started licking her pits and slurping at the hairs. When it was fairly wet I rinsed it with water and soap and shaved off the hairs. This was repeated at her right arm too and I saw her nipples growing taut inside the brassiere.

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