LAY-BY LUST (Chapter 1)


LAY-BY LUST (Chapter 1)My wife Sarah and I had seemed to get more risqué and less frequent with our sex life as we moved into our 50’s. Sarah had hit the menopause and had put on weight going from a size 12 to a size 14-16 but still looked terrific and the fact that her, already terrific breasts, had swollen to a 38D seemed a bit of a plus point. The fact that she stood at 5”8 and had very nice long legs meant she carried it very well on the whole. Although she and for that point I, weren’t in the mood as often it seemed we both, her more that I, enjoyed pushing the boundaries of sex in particular exhibitionism. We had discussed an adventure when we were enjoying a glass of wine the evening before and now found ourselves sitting in a well known dogging lay-by on a summers evening at about half past eight darkness usually set in about half past nine. The, perhaps odd, thing is we were sitting in two cars with Sarah being parked behind me so I could watch events through my rear view and wing mirrors. Sarah had dressed in a fairly smart business suit, stockings and a blouse. What wasn’t evident is that she was wearing no bra or panties. She was sitting in the drivers seat of the car chatting, although no body was on the other end, on her mobile phone occasionally rubbing her stocking clad leg as she did and I knew she had hitched her skirt up sufficient to show the faintest hint of a lacy stocking top. I was enjoying watching the odd guy casually saunter past, looking surprised to see a woman on her own and even having a quick feel of his package through his trousers, in the hope she may spot them and invite them in. On a couple of occasions she actually phoned me güvenilir bahis to discuss a particular guy and say things like, “this one looks like he has a big package” and other such smutty comments while flicking her hair back and laughing and at one point, so she told me, had run a hand inside her blouse and given her self a little squeeze.I chose an opportune moment, when there were a couple of guys standing leaning on a car behind hers chatting, to phone her and give her the nod, so to speak, to move the plan on to the next stage. As soon as I hung up she got out of her car and had a quick look up and down the lay-by. I was sitting in the drivers seat of my car and had already taken my cock out of my shorts and had stroked it hard. Sarah walked down the lay-by to my car and as she passed she casually  looked in the window and stopped then walked on a little to the car that was in front of me and stopped by the drivers door window.  I rang her and she answered telling me the guy in the car in front was also wanking his cock which was very big. She stood there watching him for a few seconds then walked on a bit. Then she turned and walked back past his car and stopped by my window. I wound it down and she said in a very loud voice “ Hello! Would you like a hand with that?” “ Certainly” I replied. She leaned against my open window and put her hand on my cock and started to stroke it. After a minute or two I undid a couple of buttons on her blouse to expose a good amount of her breasts, complementing her on them and telling her I’d love to be stroking them. I could see a couple of the guys who had seen her had moved very close to my car. She said ”well do you güvenilir bahis siteleri want me to get in so you can have a little play with them?” Needless to say I leaned across and opened the passenger door for her. She walked around the car ensuring she looked at the guys watching as she did and flashed them a smile. Sarah sat in the passenger seat which I had already reclined to about 45 degrees as I had done with mine. She leaned back and I leaned across and felt her breasts and kissed her, I then slid a hand inside her blouse. Her breasts were nice and soft but her nipples had already gotten hard. I undid most of the buttons on her blouse and sat up. I looked at her then looked around.  Although dusk was setting in I could see two of the guys had plucked up the courage to approach with in viewing distance and were fondling themselves through their trousers. “Ready?” I said. Sarah nodded. I peeled back Sarah’s loose blouse to expose her breasts, rubbed my hands over them, thumbing her nipples. Sarah shuffled in the seat and she began hitching her skirt up around her hips. I reclined her seat a little further so she was almost lay flat then I began to finger her pussy. She was so wet. I looked out of the passenger window and a guy was standing there looking in at Sarah laying there. He was wanking his big cock and I guessed it was the guy from the car in front. I leant forward and sucked on Sarah’s breasts. She saw the guy through the window and waved him to the rear window. I saw him shuffle down.I climbed over Sarah’s leg and lowered myself between them and rubbed my cock against her pussy lips then slid the tip of it into her. Sarah pressed the window iddaa siteleri button and lowered it a few inches. She said to the guy at the window. “ His cock is in me. Do you wish it was your big cock in me?” I saw him nod. She said “ do you want to watch him fuck me” again he nodded. I started to thrust into Sarah, long, hard and slow and she slowly began to gasp. I heard her plant her feet onto the dashboard and she began to lift her hips every time I thrust into her. We gradually increased the speed of our gyrations then her gasps turned to groans and she said “ oh yes cum inside me”I continued to pound her pussy hard, she was looking at the guy through the window furiously wanking his cock then I heard him let out a groan and his cum spurted from his cock. Sarah grabbed my buttocks and pulled me hard into her and ground her pubic bone against mine then thrust up her hips and groaned as her orgasm came closely followed by my own. We remained locked and spasming, I could feel my seed pumping into her. We relaxed. And lay there for a minute until I felt my, now soft cock, slip from her. I opened the passenger door and climbed out of the car, looking at the guys who had gathered. “ she is good” I said as I slammed the door shut and pulled up my shorts. Sarah climbed into the drivers seat, pulled down her skirt, started the engine and drove off. The guys looked at me confused as I wandered down to Sarah’s car, unlocked it, climbed in and started up and drove away leaving them staring and chuckling to myself. We met in another lay-by just down the road and both got out, laughed, hugged and kissed before she sorted her clothes out. We jumped back into the cars and drove home. Later that night we lay in bed recounting our adventure while enjoying a glass of wine. We chinked glasses, “ here is to the next adventure” I said.“ Cheers” came the reply. The next adventure we had was……. ( to be continued)

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