Lazy Afternoon Ch. 2


Stan checked on dinner while Susan relaxed her spasming thigh muscles in the hot tub. She had never experienced the type of orgasm Stan had brought her to with her husband. In fact, it had been beyond her wildest imagination. She wondered how much of her euphoria was just based on the initial release she had had with him. After all, they were both yearning for so long to find this happiness and bliss. They had waited longer than either of them had ever really planned. If she had known it would be like this, she would have given into her desires much faster. She couldn’t wait to see what she was in store for later that night.

She leaned back in the tub and took in her new life with a deep breath of satisfaction. She had made some tough choices over the past few months, but she now didn’t regret one of them—especially not this hot tub. Stan was the perfect lover for her. She had entered her marriage as a virgin, a choice she still did not regret. The only thing she regretted is that her ex-husband had been reluctant to grow with her sexually. She had always suspected that there was an incredible world out there to discover, and now she had the perfect companion. He was so tender, yet so skilled and experienced. She re3flected on the fact that they had both ended up locked in marriages of convenience with people they grew apart from. They were kindred souls—free spirits, that had been confined too long.

Susan rubbed her jaw. It was a bit sore from the workout she had just given it. She had always been doubtful of oral skill and had even tried to rehearse the oral act in preparation of this time. She had felt silly practicing, but she was glad she had done it. She suspected that Stan was even happier. She had decided weeks ago to give him this pleasure on their first encounter after he had told her about his ex wife having held back that act from him for so long. She could not understand how a woman could be so selfish, or for that matter so silly.

Even though her own experience had been limited to just one man, she had figured out a long time ago that it was intoxicating to pleasure a man in this way. The power of having a man completely in her control and at her mercy was a rush, not to mention that it was incredibly satisfying to give pleasure to one you loved. For that matter, revving Stan’s engine in such away had fringe benefits, she was still experiencing the slight flutter in her loins that he had caused after she had primed him in such a way.

It was very liberating not to worry about appearances. She enjoyed the role of seductress and Stan welcomed it. Their mutual pleasure was enhanced by the constant exchange of the role of aggressor. The competition of pleasure giving was a wonderful spice. It allowed Susan to completely unwind and experience the best sex possible. She didn’t understand sexual hypocrisy. Why do people repress the greatest gift of all. She was done with being “the good example” or living up to society’s twisted definition of a “lady.” She was done being a sexual prude. Susan always wondered what it would be like to explore her sexuality. In Stan she had found both captive audience and tender guide. He too was looking to discover his true self. He welcomed her own discovery as it led him further down his own path and journey.

Susan slipped into the water and smiled. She never would have believed that she could feel this free and vibrantly alive. Her entire body thrummed with delicious excitement. Her mind danced with ideas on what sexual joy she would seek to discover next. She had read Stan Auslandur’s stories of romance and seduction with curiosity. A small part of her had always wondered how much of it had been truth and how much had been fantasy.

Now she was finding the very depth of his character as she also explores the depth of his desire and it is a wondrous journey. How wonderful it is that she can learn from a man that has such knowledge and experience with an appetite that is strong from years of hunger in his bad marriage. Being with him is like being present at an epiphany and new birth. She splashed the water at her thoughts and began to craft how the rest of the evening would go. Her mind revisited his stories in search for a new desire to present to him. By the time Stan appeared with a towel and oil at the side of the spa, she had her plan in place. He tenderly dried her and rubbed oil on her back and shoulders before presenting her with a robe.

They Escort Bayan ate dinner quietly, still basking in the after-sex. Susan was amazed at how well the man could cook. Where had he been all her life? Stan smiled at her over dinner. The food had recharged him, and something told him he would soon need that new energy. Never in is wildest dreams did he think he would awaken the young vixen that lurked in her quiet misery. The idea of a night of wild romping seemed to be a mere foreshadowing of what their entire life together might hold. Where had she been all his life? He mused into the liquid of his second cup of wine, but decided quite frankly that he was only happy that he knew her now.

The dinner was filled with not so subtle innuendoes and propositions. After much flirting and giggling Susan reminded him that he had promised her a massage and dinner. He smiled at her and told her to get a shower while he made things ready. Stan started a fire in the vast living room and spread out the overstuffed pillows around the bear-skin rug in front of the fire. He out to his car to find his kit of body creams and oils, planning to initiate Susan into a higher plane of love making. He picked some soft music and programmed the sound system for continuous play, while Susan finished her shower.

Susan came down the stairs a few moments later wearing a red satin kimono robe with matching high-heeled pumps. Stan watched the rolling muscles of her shapely legs, accentuated by the red high-heels, as she moved across the room. She went over to the sound system. Looking over her shoulder as she selected different music, she informed Stan that she wanted to dance for him. Her body started to move smoothly the moment the music floated through the system. Her body swayed back and forth in time with the music. The robe slipped softly to the floor. Stan eyes grew as he saw Susan modeling the sexiest lingerie he’d ever seen. She pushed him back on the couch and danced in front of him. Every time he reached out for her she brushed his hands away playfully and continued to tease him with her gyrating body.

Stan sat back and enjoyed the private floor-show she put on for him. She bent over and reached her ankles, pumping her ass back and forth in his face. She turned and twisted, slowly undressing before him, keeping in perfect rhythm with the dance-mix. Susan stretched her leg up and planted her foot on the arm of the couch and crouched down into Stan’s face. He nuzzled the pink depth as she bumped her hips back and forth. She pulled away before Stan won her over and teased him some more. His hands caressed her soft thighs and hips as she turned in front of him. Susan danced out of his reach and sat, spreading her legs, on the oak coffee table in front of Stan. She wet her fingers and showed Stan how pink and juicy her pussy was by spreading the lips wide with them. She twirled her fingers in her twat, rapidly stoking her rosebud clit. Susan cooed as she masturbated in front of Stan.

Stan removed his clothing and joined her by grabbing his stiff pole and pumping it. Stan inched forward and swabbed his cock in Susan’s juices for lubrication. Susan moaned as the ridge of Stan’s cock rubbed between her lips. Susan pulled her spread legs back to her shoulders, causing her pubis to pucker around the tip of Stan’s cock. Stan moved it around like a dipstick until he had it lathered, then leaned back and stroked his pole in front of her while she tickled her cunt for him. Susan started to come, her ass scooted back and forth on the table as she plunged her fingers deep inside. Stan stopped rubbing his cock and shoved his face between her legs and lapped up her spurting cumm juice. Susan grabbed his clean-shaven head and pulled him toward her, smashing his face in her crotch, as she rocked out the rest of her orgasm, calling out his name. Her pussy went off like a hose, splashing his face with wet lather. Susan spun around on the table as Stan continued to pleasure her dripping cunt, and took his engorged cock into her hungry mouth.

In this moaning, sucking, and gasping “69” position, they became lost in writhing pleasure. Susan loosened her throat to accommodate all of his length as Stan fucked her mouth while eating her muff. Susan slurped and gurgled as his cock slammed in and out of her mouth. Stan sensed that he was about to cumm and moved off the top. His cock pulled free from Susan’s tight mouth with a loud “PLOPPP!” from Ankara Escort the relentless suction she had applied to his meat, as he withdrew from her tight, hot mouth. He lifted Susan in his arms and carried her over to the bear-skin rug. He laid her down gently and unzipped the kit of oils and cream. Susan reached up with one hand and stroked his manhood and explored the kit with childlike curiosity. Stan showed her the oils that would help him maintain his erection without coming and she chose the strawberry flavored one. She uncapped the bottle and poured a liberal helping into her hands. She worked the oil into the skin of his cock and balls with slow and deliberate motions, kneading his manhood like a large lump of clay.

Stan closed his eyes and arched his back as the heat worked into his nerve centers, followed by icy needles that numbed his entire genital area. Susan looked up at him with wide brown eyes. She poured more oil on her body and rubbed the burning liquid over her ample brown breasts. She squeezed them together and bent her face to her bosom, extending her cat-like tongue to her nipple to taste the fruity juice. She rose up and pushed his cock between her cleavage and stroked him with her plentiful tan mounds. His cock lurched upward and she caught the emerging knob between her lips. Stan fucked her tits, watching the nipples blush into soft rosebuds as her excitement grew. Susan abandoned her bouncing boobs to take more of Stan into her hungry mouth. She sucked him deep and hard.

Stan instructed Susan to turn around on all fours and she quickly obliged. She rested the top of her body on one of the large pillows and arched her back, presenting her perfect pear-shaped ass for him. He massaged her cunt and the juices slicked his hand. With his index finger he gently flicked her clitoris while slowly inserting his middle finger deep into her twat in search of her G-spot. Stan then lubricated his other fingers and pressed them lightly against her puckered anus.

Susan moaned and her hips flexed at his probing. Stan slowly worked his finger deeper inside her and massaged the area around her pubis and sphincter while waggling his finger even deeper. The hood of flesh covering her G-spot expanded. In matched rhythm, he played all three erogenous zones like a flute.

“Ohhhhmmmm–Ja-JA–JOOOOOO, uhhhhlllll! uhhhnnnmmmm that feels so good. Don’t–Don–Don’t–Pleazzzz don’t stop. Ohhhhh!

Uhhhh! Uhhhmmmm! Ahhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh. . .”

Susan moaned as she reached back and spread her cheeks further apart. Her head rested on the pillow and she gazed up at Stan, her mouth forming a perfect “O” shape as she cooed. Stan soon had two fingers moving in and out of her pussy as he also thumber her clit and tickled the area around her anus with his skilled hand. Her body shook and quivered with delight as her various muscles flexed and relaxed like massive rubber band with each spasm of orgasm. Stan pulled his fingers from her cunt and replaced them with his cock. He pushed two fingers against her clitoris and pumped her with counter strokes. He rolled her clit with his two fingers in perfect timing to his plunging cock, slowly building up speed like the double-cylinder on a locomotive. Susan swiveled her hips to maximize his thrusting. Susan moved faster and began to swing her head back and forth as she cried out with yet another wave of orgasms. Stan had to remove his fingers from her clitoris to grab her propelling hips with both hands so that he could stay with her furious pace. He drove deep inside her and she dipped her hips in quick movements that almost sucked his balls in with his cock.

Stan decided he needed a rest and in careful maneuvering, lifted her to him as he leaned back to rest on the pillows. Susan never missed a beat and started to ride him like she was in the rodeo. She hooted and hollered as she took more and more of his cock into her rising and falling lap. She grabbed his knees for more leverage and rocked back and forth on top of him. She started to spin in circles with each upstroke until she did a 180 degree turn to face him.

“God your such a great fuck!” Susan grunted with a satisfied smile, nearly jumping up and down on top of him.

“Your one hell of a lay yourself, little lady. But, I’m afraid you’re going to break my cock in half!”

“Just one more time, Stan. I want you to fuck me until I come one more time–because I think I’m about to have the Ankara Escort Bayan mother of all orgasms,” she panted as his dick slipped in and out of her now gaping hole.

Stan pulled her down towards him and nuzzled her creamy tits. She responded by flexing her hips and bending his cock in nearly an impossible direction and scooted back and forth on his dick. The cream from her cunt splashed all over his thighs and coated his balls.

Susan moaned and rocked back and forth on Stan’s cock. She leaned forward and grabbed his shoulders for support. She pulled her feet and legs up until she was in a squatting position. She worked her ass up and down forcefully, grinding her hips forward every time her cunt swallowed his cock. She scooted back and forth several times, then lifted for another jarring downstroke. Stan kept pace with her, sucking her nipples with every landing.

Susan spun around on Stan’s cock, facing away from him again. She leaned all the way back against him and stretched her legs out around his. Her back rested against him and she bent her neck to kiss him deeply as Stan thrust backwards up inside her cunt. Susan’s hips rolled with his thrust and she sighed at the friction of his cock rubbing her clit. Stan fondled her breasts and thumped up into her even harder. Susan leaned forward and changed the angle of their fucking. Stan helped her spin around to face him again. Susan bent her nubile body in impossible directions as Stan raised out from underneath her. He pulled his cock free and dove his face into her creamy pussy. He lapped up the juices with great enthusiasm. Susan twisted around and sucked his dick while Stan continued to eat her pussy. The loud slurping, sucking sounds were overcome only by the grunts, groans, and moans that escaped their tight ring of oral sex.

Stan pulled away from Susan and got to his knees above her. She arched her back and crab-walked toward him. Stan grabbed her hips and plunged deep inside Susan’s cunt.

“Ohhhh shit! Uhhhmmm fuck me, Stan! Slide deeeeeep insiiiide me!”

They rocked back and forth, pre-cumm juice dripped down their legs as they thrust against each other rapidly. They collapsed on the floor and Susan rolled over on top of Stan and re-inserted his penis into her vagina. She fucked up and down on him, slowly building up momentum.

“That’s it baby–uhhmmm almost there–uhhhllll–shitttt–its just hangin’ there waitin’ to come–uhhhmmmm. . .”

Susan’s body shuddered with unrequited lust. Stan helped her move into a sure fire position with her rocking above him, but stretched out between his legs. Then he slowly lifted his legs over hers, wrapping them around the back of her thighs and moving her body in the fleshy vice his legs created. She put both legs together and stretched across his body, griping his rod tightly within her rocking body. His cock was like a fulcrum on her clit as she see-sawed up and down on top of him. Suddenly her eyes got as wide as saucers and her mouth flew open, but didn’t emit any sounds. Her body just quivered and shook for a long time as her length balanced on his pole like a rocking scale. This great spasm lasted several moments until her body collapsed on top of him, his stiff pole still jutting deeply into her slack pussy.

She nibbled his ear and thanked him. She stretched her weary body and realized that he still needed to cumm. With a smile she moved across his body with playful kisses, sucking his nipples and nipping at his rib cage. She crouched between his legs and flashed him a devilish grin before swallowing him whole. She pumped the base with one hand, kneaded his thick balls with the other and slurped and slipped her lips up and down his rod rapidly. Her auburn curls danced about her face like fire flame. The whole time she fixed her brown eyes on his with adoration, coaxing a large load of cumm into his chamber. Stan swore that his cock grew three inches in diameter as his veins protruded with an oncoming explosion. Susan’s eyes smiled at him as her throat expanded to take the massive organ to her gullet. He could feel his cock throb and pound as her tongue darted all around it.

With perfect timing she took one last gulp and pulled her lips tight, slowing extracting the tool from her fiery mouth. Her lips ran up and over the tip and Stan bellowed as he started to cumm. This time she pumped his cock with a twist and his load shot up and out toward the ceiling. She turned her head and caught the cream in her mouth as it returned from its orbit. She continued to pump and use his cock like a fountain. She sucked him dry, careful to swallow every drop.

They collapsed before the fire and slept in blissful sleep for hours.

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