Leah Get’s Laid, Front and Back


There’s nothing quite like getting lucky when you are neither looking for it nor expecting it. I used to avoid messing around with the, ‘girls’ in my office like the plague. Most of them were little hotties—little hotties looking for future husbands. The non-exempts were, well, shop girls and gossips and there were few secrets as to who was fucking whom.

We would get a new crop of young managers through on a regular basis; young college grads at the start of their corporate careers, some also looking for a hubby, but many more interested in climbing the corporate ladder.

At the time of this story I wasn’t a, ‘manager’, but an outside sales rep with a six figure income. I was also 14 to 16 years older than the young, recent college grads that were starting their corporate careers. They were all extremely bright, had attended top universities, were ambitious and, were, with few exceptions, quite attractive.

The is a story about one of them, Leah, one of those sturdy young women with full hips and breasts and ample butts who just look so fuckable at 24, but will almost certainly move toward plump and stocky as they age, unless the work hard to avoid that outcome.

Leah was in charge of the office staff. She openly joked about her Jewish upbringing, and lamented that there were no Jewish men in our company under the age of fifty. She had said that her parents would disown her if she brought home a gentile fiancé.

She worked very hard, and coaxed the maximum out of the office girls with a mixture of humor and firmness that belied her youth and inexperience. I liked her immediately and quickly learned to respect her knowledge of her people and ability to make things happen.

We would occasionally meet in the office to deal with some service issue involving one of my most demanding customers. As part of her training, she traveled with me to meet customers and always handled those situations with aplomb. My customers trusted and respected her.

On one occasion, after she headed off a potential crisis, I sent her flowers, actually a potted plant, since I decided that flowers, per se, might send the wrong message. We didn’t flirt, but, as time went on, became increasingly comfortable with each other. None of the other guys really hit on her, assuming that she was a nice little Jewish girl, but also because she had a way of using humor to deflect the occasional pass.

Leah was a brunette, shiny short brown hair. She had just a little bit of baby fat, full lips, big, brown wide-set eyes, probably five-four, long waisted rather than long legged, with an almost Botticelli’s Springtime figure; she was not fat, but not a size 2 either. She had a laughing smile and a quick and often irreverent sense of humor that I appreciated. She also had that scrubbed, little makeup, Midwest freshness that is so exciting in young women.

The company had a new computer program on which I was the resident guru; Leah was a bit of a chip head. She asked if I could spend an hour or so with her on the system, so I dropped by the office one afternoon near closing time.

First, I sat at her computer to go through some basics. She stood beside me, very close, closer than I remembered her ever doing in the past. She touched my arm more often, and for longer. than I remembered in our previous encounters. Her face ended up millimeters from my ear and I could feel her warm breath and smell her fresh young body.

We swapped places, and, without really thinking about it, I stood closer to her than I normally would have, occasionally putting an arm on her shoulder. I didn’t think anything of it, at first; we were friends, we respected each other, I was 38 and she was 24. She turned to ask me something and her hair brushed against my face. I felt the first stirrings of arousal and found myself sneaking a peak at her ample young breasts and full, muscular young thighs as her skirt had worked it’s way up as she sat in the office chair.

I’m not generally a big breast guy, but the pheromones were beginning to pump and her chest was enticing as her bosom rose and fell with her breathing.

We finished up the computer training; I came back to earth and she asked if I could give her a ride to pick up her car, which was in the shop. I wouldn’t have said no, but since her condo and the repair garage were on the same road I would be taking to get home, about half way from my house at the beach, it was a no brainer.

The car wasn’t ready. They were waiting on a part. This was a small, independent, AAA garage and they were very apologetic. They would have the part that evening, the night mechanic would get it installed, and the owner’s wife would bring her car to her at 7:00 AM the next morning.

She got back in the car and gave me the directions to her condo. I had no plans that evening, seldom did on a week night and no kids or wife at home. When she invited me in for a drink, I said sure. It wasn’t a, ‘why don’t you come on up and fuck me’ invitation, güvenilir bahis just sort of, ‘I at least owe you a drink for taking your time to help me with the computer program and the ride home’, kind of invitation.

We arrived at her tastefully decorated condo; she told me to make myself comfortable, find a bottle of wine I liked in the wine rack and she would be right back. I opened a bottle of wine from her surprisingly interesting wine collection.

When she returned she was dressed in an oversized, well washed and softened man’s shirt, hanging out over print pants, also well worn and loose fitting, the kind with a drawstring at the waist. I did notice that she had removed her bra, and could clearly see that in spite of her larger than average breasts, they were firm and well formed without a hint of sag. I could just detect the hint of nipple under the shirt.

As she bent over to get some cheese and fruit from the refrigerator, it became obvious to me that she’d also lost her panties and pantyhose. This was in the era before thong underwear, so as she bent over, the seam of the loose fitting drawstring pants clearly delineated the cleft of her ample, but surprisingly firm young buttocks.

If I had any doubt, she walked into the dining area to get some plates and the sun through the window shining through her outfit confirmed the lack of under garments, and the tufts of pubic hair between her legs. This was not an outfit that a girl dons to seduce a man, just that comfortable and loose fitting garb that signifies getting home at the end of a hard day at the office. I sensed that this was what she changed into, or something similar, any time she was relaxing at her home.

“I’m a little jealous.” I said. “You’re comfortable and I’m still wearing a business suit. Would you mind if I ran down to the car and got my sweats so I can change?”

I always had a gym bag in the car in case I decided to work out or hit some tennis or golf balls on my way home. I got my stuff, changed and ran back down to hang my suit in the back of the car. Returning to her place, I was attired in a loose fitting short sleeve shirt and elastic waist warm-ups.

We both flopped on the couch, chatted a bit about work and she told me she truly believed the biggest people problem she had with most of the office staff was sexual frustration.

“If I could just get all of them laid on a regular basis, most of the whining and bickering would cease.” She commented.

I told her she was by no means the first one in her current job that had made that observation, but I certainly wasn’t up for the job, and told her of my attitude toward the hourly staff and the many reasons I kept my distance, physically. She asked about my kids and ex-wife. I asked her how she was finding the dating scene in our fair city.

She told me she didn’t really have time for a personal life at this stage in her career, wasn’t into the bar scene, really wanted to try a few rungs on the corporate ladder and, anyway, when she finally did decide to settle down, it would have to be with a never married, nice Jewish boy, close to her age, preferably a professional. Otherwise, her parents, who, I gathered were very Jewish, would have a conniption.

I shared my frustration with the dating and bar scene. She asked if I was hungry, and I said that the excellent cheese and fruit had more than taken the edge off; she felt the same way. The conversation became more casual and relaxed.

She got up to get us both more wine, and when she came back, sat right next to me instead of at the other end of the small sofa. She nonchalantly placed a hand on my arm and then moved it down to my knee. Her other hand was resting on my shoulder. We were still chatting rather aimlessly about something funny that had occurred in the news, when she moved the arm on my shoulder behind my head, moved up on her knees and kissed me.

I returned the kiss, taking her in my arms and moving her on to my lap. I unbutton her shirt and nuzzled her breasts. She ran her hands up under my shirt and pushed it over my head, then began to softly nibble my chest and abdomen. I completely removed the shirt from her shoulders, cupped each breast and gently kissed her now firm nipples. I worked both hands down under her bottom and pulled her pants down to her knees so that her trimmed but, full bush was completely exposed.

She proceeded to kick her pants off, now naked in all her youthful beauty. She had my elastic waist pants off and across the room in a second. We were now both completely nude as the sun glistened off her milky white skin, making her black public hair stand out erotically.

She was now, more or less on top, and began to work her mouth and tongue down my body, smiling as she cupped my balls and began to fondle my painfully hard boner. She stuck her finger in her mouth to get it wet and gently probed my ass hole. She licked every inch of my dick like a Popsicle, then began taking just the türkçe bahis head in her warm and ample mouth, swirling her tongue around the engorged head.

Then she began to blow me in earnest, slowly taking every inch of my fat eight inches into her mouth, right to the root, then adding incredible sucking action, removing all but the head from her mouth. She worked that magnificent tongue and then plunging the length to the back of her throat. She kept up this action, but increased the pace, and I came quickly.

She licked my cock clean, smiled and looked into my eyes, wordlessly, with that look a woman gets when she knows that you she has just won the gold metal in Olympic cock sucking. We kissed and I enjoyed the salty remnants of my own cum in her mouth.

I turned her around on the sofa, got down on my knees, working my way down her chest and belly, teasing her full labia. Since she had set the ground rules, I lubed my finger in her pussy and gently massaged her anal entrance. I worked my tongue up and down her inner lips and within seconds of touching her clit with my tongue, she came on my face, grinding her pubic bone into my mouth. She came with a grunt, and I continued to lick her clit, sensing that there was another one in there, and there was, slower, longer with a sigh and a whimper.

Not a word had passed between us since that first kiss. We both took a sip from our wine glasses. We gazed into each others eyes, gently stoking one another in post orgasm bliss. She had an almost quizzical look on her face, calm but contemplative as she tried to decide what to do or say. She was sitting on the sofa and I was still, more or less, kneeling at her feet, my head resting on her thigh, my face inches from her dripping little pussy, inhaling that unmistakable scent of a woman who has just cum.

“Let’s go to bed.” She softly said, not questioningly, as in, ‘do you want to go to bed or what do you want to do now?’ Just matter of fact—let’s go to bed.

She was not on the pill; she had trouble controlling her weight on the pill, I learned later, and was not particularly sexual active at this time in her life, so it wasn’t worth the hassle. She went into the bathroom to put in her diaphragm, and to my delight did not close the door, looking directly at me as she prepared the cap and skillfully inserted it.

She walked to the bed, smiled and winked at my once again stiff dick, pushed me on my back, straddled my legs, reached down and expertly inserted my cock in her pussy, leaned forward to kiss me and began to work her hips like a woman on a mission. It was as if her pussy was not connected to the rest of her body. We softly kissed and nibbled each other in what would be considered a romantic fashion, but those hips and that full ass of hers were on a different speed.

She screwed my brains out. Twisting and turning her ass to get maximum effect from the penetration. As I felt her get close, she sat up, worked her fingers over her clit and began to work those athletic legs up and down, squatting over me and taking my full length in with each down stroke, jamming her pussy down on my cock, then rising up so that just the head was inside, rotating her ass and then descending again.

At that moment, I was just a stiff dick. She began to sweat, increasing the pace, moaning, gasping and panting like a thoroughbred nearing the finish line. She came hard and long, screaming at the moment when the orgasm hit and then gradually slowed the pace, ending with my still hard prick deep in her cunt and leaned forward to give me one of those incredible soft, wet, full kisses that women typically only give after they’ve fucked.

“You didn’t cum. You’re still hard. How do you want me?” She asked.

“Head down, butt in the air from behind.” I replied. And she quickly assumed the position, spreading her knees so that her ass and pussy were obscenely displayed, reaching back and fingering her ass and cunt.

She looked back as I got into position, laughed and said. “It’s all yours, lover. Fuck me hard and deep. I like it this way.”

It was hot. Her ass was magnificent, milky white, full but firm. I grabbed that hot young ass and just thrust inside that tight little pussy, mauling her butt cheeks and fingering her dirty hole. She rotated her ass in perfect unison with my frenzied stroke. I didn’t want to wear it out, and thought she might be a little numb from the exuberant fucking she had just completed, but this young snatch was supremely tight and I was going to make it last.

Assuming her previous lovers had been younger guys that came quickly, my ego demanded that I demonstrate the allure of an older guy. I slowed down; I teased her clit and labia with my cock. I reached around and softly fondled her tits. I felt under her and fingered her clit. I kissed and licked her back. I pulled out completely and licked her from clit to anus.

As always happens, I could feel the juice rising, so ultimately I just boned her hard, güvenilir bahis siteleri fast and deep and came with a howl. As my dick started to soften inside her, she diddled her clit for a few seconds and got off again. I rolled her over and licked my own jiz from her tight little box. We moved into a 69 and she cleaned my cock with that willing and ample mouth and tongue. We cuddled, dozing for a few minutes in post coital bliss.

Finally, I asked a question. “Why?” Recalling that few words had transpired between us in the past hour or so.

“Well, let’s see. First, I desperately needed to get laid. Second I didn’t need any complications from either stalkers or ‘fuck and tell’ ass holes in the company. Half the sales reps and managers are fucking someone they shouldn’t be, and almost all of them can’t keep their mouth shut.”

She continued. “The office girls talk about sex all of the time. Even though I’m their boss, they assume that, since I’m a girl, I want to be part of their conversations. At first I didn’t, but then I realized that the knowledge gained could be useful—as a management tool.”

She grew quieter. “There was never any gossip about you. I’d ask. Well, they all want to fuck you, they flirt with you shamelessly, but every damned one of them denied that you’d ever gotten in their pants, and every damned one was heartbroken about it—even Vicky, who is at least 90% lesbian. You would be such a trophy to them that, as you already know, it would be on the ‘bulletin board’ in minutes.”

She adopted a more serious tone. “You never bragged to anyone about your exploits. You also were really good to me, didn’t ever treat me like some of those pompous dick heads treat every new manager. And, let’s face it, you may be an ‘old man’, but you’re still hot. Plus you’re not Jewish, so matrimony is out of the question for both of us—not that marriage and kids aren’t something I know I want, someday, when the right man comes along. You’re divorced. I assumed that you had the maturity not to, ‘fall in love’ and get messy. What baffled me was, that, I was sure you must have, in all of the years you’ve been here, nailed someone—and you did—Marie.”

“Only Donna, my inside supervisor in a one-to-one, had a pretty good idea—or at least a strong suspicion that something was going on between you two, that you might just have fucked Marie when she had an office in our building.” She paused to sip her wine.

Now she was on a roll. “I met Marie at a conference in HQ; our meeting was not an accident. As I’m sure you know, she remarried and is now married now to a Senior VP, with a couple of kids—but she is still hot. You have very good taste in woman. We shared a couple of drinks together, and the only person she asked about was you, and the look in her eyes said more than just casual interest. I believe she was in this office around the time your marriage, and her first marriage were both disintegrating?”

She got to the details. “I started my probe with Marie carefully. I asked her if, ‘you were a good guy’. She provided the answer I was looking for, and a lot more detail than I expected.”

“Without hesitation, she said you were the ‘best.’ She told me she knew your ex, and couldn’t believe she let you go. She told me you introduced her to her new husband. She said she’d trust you with her life, and that you had been a very special friend during a difficult time. She even said that had things been different for both of you at the time, she would have married you in a heart beat. She also said that she actually took the promotion because she needed a new start away from old memories, good and bad memories—but that you were only part of the good memories.”

Leah went on. “Women figure out other women pretty quickly. I was asking her a lot of questions about you, and she sensed that I had more than a passing interest in you. Finally, out of the blue, she asked me if I was, ‘fucking you.’

“I told her I wasn’t, but that based on her experience with you, I thought that I wanted to. I asked her point blank if that was a road I wanted to take. She laughed, and just as directly replied, ‘without question.’ She said you were absolutely discreet. More importantly, she told me that you were the best lover she had ever had, and I gather that she has had a few.”

“She got a gleam in her eye as she told me that, mechanically’, you were well equipped and could fuck all night. She said you knew your way around a woman’s body. She went on to tell me that you could make love to woman like she’s never been loved before, or just fuck her hard and long until she couldn’t fuck anymore. She got pretty graphic—said you went down on her better than anyone ever had.”

Leah paused again, a wicked little gleam in her eye. “She said you also had a kinky side, that you were the only man who has ever rimmed her or tongues fucked her butt. She admitted that you were only the second man to take her ass. She told me that she has vowed not to cheat in this marriage, but if you walked up to her and said you wanted her ass, ‘you’d be balls deep up her shitter as quickly as she could drop her drawers’. She’d never liked anal. Other guys had tried it with her. You were very different.”

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