Leaking Love


(All Characters are 18 or older)


My name is Kevin, and I live in the suburbs of San Francisco with my mom, Delilah, and my sister, Shyla. My parents got divorced three years ago when I was 15, and my dad moved away. My mom is nurse at the hospital, but she has been doing it ever since she got out of college so she is now the head nurse or something like that. She is 38, but you wouldn’t guess by looking at her. She is short at 5’5,” has long straight brown hair, deep blue eyes, smooth tan skin with no wrinkles at all, and best of all, natural F cup breasts. I know this because I have seen her in a bikini and there are no scars from surgery. She does not dress flirtatiously, but that’s not to say she is prude either. Her favorite things to wear are deep cut v-neck shirt and tank tops, and always, always, with jean shorts. We have always been close, but after dad left she became a little distant. It isn’t that she pushed me away, but I think it is because I remind her of him too much. Although I’m only 18, I have my dad’s build at 5’10” and 160 pounds, and we look similar in other ways too.

My sister, on the other hand, is a very different case. She was born a year before me, but unlike my mom she was always a shut in. I don’t know why she spends most of her time in the house, but I never complained. She is a little taller than my mom at 5’6,” has curly blond hair that she got from my dad, smooth pale skin because she never goes tanning, dark brown eyes, double D cup breasts, and the best pair of dark red lips I have ever seen. She is very shy, and I have never seen her with a boy friend, or any friends for that matter besides her best one Jen. Shyla finished high school last year, but decided to take a computer job she could do at home instead of going to college. I never knew why she did this, especially because she isn’t that smart, until I saw exactly what it is that she does. She is one of those customer service people that you talk to over the Internet. She knows how to fix, like, six things and if she can’t do that she sends you up the chain to a real computer expert. She spends most of her time in her room, but she isn’t fat or anything. Both my mom and my sister use the treadmill in our living room and have really slim figures that complement their huge chests. My sister always wears long sleeve shirts or hoodies when she goes out; I guess because she is shy, but since she rarely leaves her room I often see her in just a night shirt and panties when she slips down to the kitchen to get food.

Recently I have been having this problem with my penis. It’s not that I’m small or anything; in fact I’m a nice seven inches and any longer would just make women uncomfortable. The problem started a few years ago when I noticed my balls getting bigger. At the time I thought it was a good thing, and eventually they grew to the size of golf balls, then stopped. Fine by me, but then it started happening a few months ago with no warning. Whenever I get hard now, with the exception of morning wood, I start to leak precum at a steady rate, and I don’t stop, literally. I once timed it for three hours in my room, but just ended up filling a six cups with clear fluid before I had had enough. What’s worse is that I won’t go down unless I, ehem, take care of it. At home it isn’t much of a problem, I just jack off every twelve hours or so whenever I need to, but at school its different. I always have to ask to go to the bathroom and jack off into the toilet. Not only is this awkward, but also if I don’t hurry it will look like I wet my pants.

So today I decided to do something, and went to my mom. She was in the kitchen getting ready for work. I walked in and sat down at the table to have breakfast like I always do.

“Hey mom, can you get me a doctors appointment while you are at work today?” I asked in between mouthfuls.

She didn’t turn around, but just kept cleaning the counter, “Sure honey, what for?”

“I just need to talk to him, that’s all,” I said, not looking up. She could tell I was avoiding the question, but didn’t pry.

“Okay dear, now hurry up or you will be late,” she said. She walked over and kissed me on the forehead, giving me a wonderful view down her nurse’s blouse at her cleavage, then left. I finished my cereal and took off. That day at school was just like the others, but it was better because I thought I was going to get help. I came home as usual, but my mom was still at work so I went to my room and did homework. At around eight that night, my sister often makes dinner when my mom works late, my mom came home. I came into the kitchen after she had changed and was eating her dinner.

I leaned in the doorway, “So did you talk to the doctor?” I asked.

“Oh dear, I forgot. There was so much work today because half the nursing staff was busy it just slipped my mind,” she said.

I sighed and said, “Damn.”

She looked up, then. She was wearing her favorite relaxed clothing, one of my dad’s Escort bayan old undershirts. I loved when she wore it because over the years it had worn thing and I could see her chest so well she might have just been walking around in her bra alone.

“You might as well tell me if its that important,” she said with concern and a little annoyance.

“No, no, don’t worry mom,” I said as I turned to leave.

“Hold it Kevin,” she said as she stood up. She walked over and said; “Now I am your mother so there is nothing that would embarrass me about my son. I am also a nurse, so have a little faith in me knowing what I’m doing. Now tell me what is wrong, and no buts,” she said.

I started to say something, but she silenced me with her eyes; those deep blue eyes.

I sighed and said awkwardly, “It has to do with my… you know… penis.”

Delilah smiled and said, “I guessed as much. Come with me young man.” She took my hand and led me over to the couch. She sat down on it and pulled me in front of her, spreading her legs so I could stand directly in front of her.

She looked up at me and said, “Now undo your pants.”

“Mom!” I said in surprise.

“No Moming me young man. I have to do this for a living so I might as well save my boss the trouble and handle this at home, now off I said.” I looked into her eyes and saw that she wouldn’t listen, so I undid my jeans and let them fall to the floor.

“Shorts too,” she said, now looking at my crotch. I sighed, I was so embarrassed, but I slipped my thumbs into my boxers and slid them down. Luckily I wasn’t hard at the time.

“Oh my,” Delilah said. She had been expecting it to be small or something like that. Instead the penis, her son’s penis, was pretty big. Not a giant or anything, but very sizable. What made her say oh my, however, was the size of his balls; they were huge!

She quickly recovered and began to inspect his penis and said, “I’m going to have a look.” It was easy since his penis was perfectly level with her face, but she had never done an exam without gloves before. But she did not want to go to her room and get some. Besides, this wasn’t some dirty sixty-year-old man’s penis she was touching, it was her young clean son’s penis. She picked up his flaccid penis and slid the skin off the head (she and mark had never circumcised Kevin). Nothing wrong there, so she moved on to his very large testicles. She began to feel his testicles, rolling them with her fingers, looking for any bumps.

While she was doing this Kevin was holding his breath. He knew she wouldn’t find anything and then she would ask him what was wrong. That would be so embarrassing, hopefully he wouldn’t get hard. He was holding his own now, even though what his mom was doing felt good.

Delilah finished the exam and did not find anything wrong, so she looked up at her son and said, “Nothing is wrong so far as I can tell. What is it that is bothering you?”

Kevin began to mumble, but she stopped him, “Come on young man, out with it.”

Kevin’s face turned even redder, “Well… you see… it only happens when I get… an erection…” Kevin stopped, but Delilah didn’t change expressions, so he went on.

“Umm… Precum starts to come out and it will not stop unless I… you know… take care of it. It is really embarrassing and difficult in school because I have to constantly worry that I will wet my pants.”

Delilah was shocked, she had not been expecting this, but she kept a calm face.

She looked up at her son, “Well… ehem… I have never seen that. When did this start?” She said, try to keep her composure. What she hadn’t noticed was that in sitting with her legs apart she had let her skirt slide up. Kevin could see her plain white work panties, and it was getting him excited.

He focused and said, “About three months ago.”

“Hmmm…” Delilah said. She reached forward and felt the epididymi of Kevin’s testicles. They were very full she thought; in fact, they felt like they were going to explode. Not to mention how big they were too.

Then it started to happen. Slowly but surly Kevin’s penis began to swell. Each beat of his heart cause his penis to twitch and expand. Neither of them said anything as it happened, but instead stood there starring. Then Kevin’s cock was fully erect, the angry red and purple-rimmed head pointing out straight at Delilah’s lips, like it knew its target.

Delilah starred for a moment, then looked up at her son and said, “It’s okay honey, it is only natural. As far as I can tell your completely normal, better in fact…” she stopped suddenly. She felt something in between her breasts and looked down. Kevin’s cock had started leaking precum and it was dripping in-between her breasts. Her first reaction was shock and she pressed slightly on her son to get him away. Then she grabbed his thighs and pulled him forward, not wanting to get any on the couch or carpet. She also realized how Bayan escort embarrassed Kevin must be and did not want to hurt his feelings. She just ignored the dripping on her breasts and focused on the tip of Kevin’s penis. The precum was flowing now like when you just turn the sink tap and water trickles out.

She looked out at her son and said, “Don’t worry dear, I just don’t want any of it to get on the couch or carpet. Let me have another look.” Kevin was so embarrassed, but also surprised that his mom wasn’t freaking out at him. She put the tip of her finger under his cock and some precum get on it. Then she rubbed it between her thump and forefinger.

Delilah was surprised by how slippery Kevin’s precum was. She marveled at how thin and watery it was, yet it was slicker than the massage oil she had in her room. She also noticed the smell now. Kevin’s cock smelled strongly of penis, but she thought it was not unpleasant. The weird thing was that she had no idea why this was happening to Kevin.

“Uhh… mom?” Delilah heard. She looked up at her son, but her was looking down at her breasts. She looked down to and gasped. Not only was the undershirt thoroughly soaked and see-through, but her bra had also slipped down to show the tops of her areolas. This was because she wore bottom-supporting bras that held up her heavy breasts, and so were low in the front to begin with. Kevin’s precum had made her breasts so slippery they were starting to pop out of her bra. She quickly brought her arms around her wet breasts and hid the areolas.

Delilah needed to regain control of the situation, “Tell me, does the flow increase when you begin to stimulate yourself?” she asked in the most formal voice she could muster.

Kevin tore his eyes from her breasts and said, “I don’t know. I’ve never checked.”

Delilah, still trying to keep calm, said, “Stimulate it a little then, so I can see.”

Kevin was shocked, but his mom was no longer talking to him. His cock mesmerized her, as though she were talking to it rather than him. He reached down with his right hand and stroked his cock once. Nothing changed, except that his mom’s mouth opened a little.

“More,” was all Delilah said or thought. She hadn’t done anything sexual since her husband left her, and she was unaware of how her son’s cock was affecting her. Kevin stroked again, and then again. He began to stroke slowly, but steadily. As he did so he noticed his mom’s arms slip a little as she was distracted. He could see her areolas again. They were dark red against her skin, and about the size of the big cherries you get at the store. He was still leaking precum on her, but slightly faster now. Her chest and arms were completely soaked.

Delilah had not noticed, but she was moving steadily closer to her son’s cock. Kevin was also inching his cock closer to her face with each stroke, until her could feel her breath on his penis head. Each breath was jagged, almost a pant. Kevin wondered what his mom was thinking; little did he know she wasn’t thinking about anything but the cock making her wet in more ways than one. Her arms slipped lower on her chest, and her nipples popped out of the top of her bra. Kevin noticed they were rock hard and sticking out nearly half an inch each.

All this was making Kevin extremely excited. He began humping his hand, his cock barley an inch from his mother’s open wet lips. His precum was no longer leaking onto her breasts, but instead onto her upper chest and neck as his humping sent it under her chin. He could feel his orgasm coming on, but he wasn’t sure what to do.

“MOM!” he said, almost trying to warn her, but she didn’t move. Now normally Kevin came a normal amount, but there is a big difference between cumming into the mouth of a toilet and the mouth of your mom. The first rope of cum shot straight through Delilah’s lips and hit the back of her throat. Surprised, she closed her mouth, causing Kevin to cream her lips. The next rope hit her right eye brow, then he hit her cheek, then her nose. His cock just kept cumming, rope after rope, jetting thick white gooey cum all over his mother’s face. Delilah leaned back on the couch in surprise, unable to see with all the cum on her face. As she moved back she let go of her wet breasts, exposing them fully to Kevin. His next rope landed over the left nipple, and in the course of fifteen seconds he creamed her chest too.

Delilah didn’t know what hit her. It seemed to her that one second she was examining her son’s penis and the next she was swallowing his cum. It was the stickiest, thickest, and saltiest cum she had ever tasted. It was actually difficult for her to swallow it. Then it was in her eyes and she moved back, trying to get out of the way, but then she felt the hot goop on her tits. She decided to just stay still until it was over.

When it was over she wiped the cum out of her eyes, and looked up at son. What should I say? What will he think of me? Why Escort did I let him do that? WHY DID I LIKE IT SO MUCH? She couldn’t face her son, not like this. She covered her chest and ran past him towards the stairs. She rushed up them and into the bathroom.

Kevin was so shocked he didn’t even move. He had never, NEVER, cum so much. Not even if you collected all the cum from the past three weeks would it compare to his last load.

Then he snapped out of it and pulled his pants up. He walked up the stairs, not knowing what he was going to do. When he reached the bathroom door he began to knock, then stopped himself. He reached for the handle and turned, his mother had not locked the door. She was sitting on the toilet, crying, still covered in cum. When she saw him enter she turned away.

Kevin closed and locked the door, then turned to his mom and said, “Mom, I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me, it’s just… with you there, your beautiful breasts exposed and wet… you mesmerized by my co… penis. I couldn’t help it.”

He kneeled beside her and turned her chin to face him. She wore very little makeup, but it was streaming down her face now.

“Please don’t hate me,” He said.

Delilah swallowed and looked away, “It’s not you I’m angry at, it’s me. A mother should not let her son do such things, should not enjoy…” She began to cry again. Kevin acted without thinking; he turned her chin again and kissed her. He didn’t even care about the cum. She resisted weakly for a moment, then gave in. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity, then Kevin drew back and looked into her deep blue eyes once more.

“I love you very much mom, and you have done a great job raising Shyla and I without dad. Never feel bad because we make each other happy,” he said. She looked at him for a while and saw that he was serious, then smiled. Kevin hugged her, and she cooed a little. When they pulled back she laughed at how wet she had made his shirt. Kevin laughed too, and they sat there giggling uncontrollably for a while, when the y were interrupted.

“What are you to up to in there?” Shyla said through the door.

“Nothing dear, nothing,” Delilah said, still laughing.

She leaned over and whispered to Kevin,” Take off that shirt and leave before she gets suspicious.” Kevin nodded and removed his shirt. Luckily he was wearing an undershirt, so when he came out of the bathroom he wasn’t topless.

“What was all that about?” Shyla asked.

“Nothing, mom just needed some help with the… sink, yeah and I slipped while fixing it so we were laughing. Mom is about to take a shower so don’t go in there.” Shyla looked skeptical, but then just shrugged her shoulders and went to her room, her unbra-ed breasts bouncing and leading the way. Kevin quickly went to his room and went to bed- for some reason he was completely exhausted.

Kevin woke up the next day feeling fantastic. Today was Friday, so he got up and went downstairs for breakfast. The bowl and cereal were there as usual, as well as his mom. He sat down to eat and said,

“Morning mom.”

Delilah turned and smiled, “Morning stud.” She had never called him stud before, but he liked it; the way it flaunted their dirty secret. He ate his cereal and got up. Delilah came over, but instead of kissing him on the forehead like she normally did, she kissed him on the lips.

When they pulled away she smiled at him and said, “Get a move on, stud.” He left the kitchen with a grin on his face. At school that day he expect his problem to happen again, but by eighth period he was fine. When he got home he still hadn’t leaked, and Delilah was home early, so he told her.

“Mom, I think I’m cured. No more leaking,” He said as he hugged her from behind in the kitchen. His arms held her breasts in the embrace and they were so soft.

Delilah smiled, “That’s great honey. I am so happy that everything is working out.”

Over the next two weeks everything was great. My mom and I spent more time together and talked about things we never used to talk about. She told me about her work and I could tell she liked being able to share how much she hated all the doctors that starred at her chest. I told her about school and she liked to hear me tell her about my teachers and the girls I was never going to get. Best of all I didn’t have to go to the bathroom during class anymore do jack off. Even when half way through Monday of the second week I started to get erections in class like before, they still didn’t leak.

Then on Saturday, I was sitting at my computer writing an essay when I got a hard. No big deal I thought, and just ignored it as usual. Then I looked down and saw that my pants were soaked. For a second I actually hoped I had pissed in my pants, but I knew it was precum. My mom usually took Saturday’s off, so she was home too. She liked to read in bed on her days off, she said it was a nice trade off with the hustle of working in a hospital. I got up and went across the hall to her room. I knocked on the door and peeked my head in.

She looked down from her book, “Yes?” She was sitting up in bed wearing her bathrobe. Her hair was wet and it was clear she had just showered.

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