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On the evening following my 23rd birthday I headed over to Danielle’s house. I had met Danielle through my girlfriend, Janie. Actually, my ex-girlfriend. I say my ex-girlfriend because the day before, on my birthday, I drove to Janie’s house for my “Happy Birthday rough and wild monkey sex” (my words, not hers). When I got to her house I knocked on the door and it swung open a bit. I poked my head in the door and called out “Hello!” and nobody answered. I heard music coming from her bedroom upstairs so I headed up the stairs hoping to find my present waiting for me. When I pushed the door open I saw Janie on her knees with that prick Jeremy’s cock in her mouth. It wasn’t until they heard me say “You fucking cunt!” that they realized I was standing there. Their reaction was kind of comical. Jeremy stepped away from her trying to hike up his jeans. In doing so he tripped on a laundry basket, fell and bashed his head on Janie’s stereo cabinet. Janie just looked at me, dumbfounded.

“Hey honey, I didn’t expect you so soon,” she had the nerve to say to me. Her voice was trembling.

“Obviously you didn’t!” I shot back at her. As I turned and headed for the stairs to get the fuck out of there I barked “Skank!” over my shoulder. Now, driving along I was feeling like the rebound kid which brings me to Danielle.

As I said, I met Danielle through Janie. Danielle was that beautiful girl that always went for the wrong man. She was slender, not too tall with beautiful brown hair and eyes. Her proportions were perfect even though she was sporting a bit of a belly. She had that perfect 22 year old shape. Danielle was so cool and I actually had “impure” thoughts about her from the day I met her. I knew she and her boyfriend, Stephen, were on the outs so I figured that maybe we could “console” one another. When I got to her house her Mom’s car was in the driveway. “Dammit,” I thought. Danielle lived with her Mom but I figured Diane would have gone out by now as she did every weekend. I pulled my truck into the driveway, went to the back door and knocked. Diane answered.

“I’m sorry, Jimmy. Danielle isn’t home yet,” she informed me. “Would you like to come in and wait? I just made some Hungarian goulash if you’d like to try it.”

Diane was about 39 or 40 years old. To look at her one could see where Danielle got her beauty from. I’d bet Diane was a knockout before she married Danielle’s Dad. Childbirth and I don’t know how many years of an unhappy marriage had put some weight on her. She wasn’t fat, mind you. She had a great hour glass shape. I guess she would be described at “full figured”. I always thought she had great tits. They were big but not huge. Of course, I kept my opinion about her tits to myself. The outfit she was wearing was very flattering on her and exposed her ample cleavage. She had short blonde hair and blue eyes which were traits that didn’t carry to Danielle.

When she said “Danielle isn’t home yet” a glimmer of hope rose in me. That meant she would be home soon. Couple that with the fact that Diane was dressed to go to her favorite club, El Bailar, I figured Danielle and I would have the house to ourselves tonight. I hadn’t eaten at all today so I took her up on her offer of the goulash. As I sat and ate she started talking to me about how her date, Rick, had stood her up. He was supposed to take her out to some art show and wine tasting downtown and then they were going to hit the club. Those plans were made four days ago and confirmed yesterday. He never showed. My excitement sank. She started asking me how Janie and I were doing. I gave her the whole story of how I found her with Jeremy.

“I always had a suspicion that Janie was a little slut,” she told me. “You’re better off. A girl like that could give you something that would never go away.”

I explained to her how I knew to be safe when “having relations”. I was starting to get uncomfortable with the conversation. I mean, this was Danielle’s Mom for cripes sake. Fortunately she switched the conversation to Danielle and how she wished Danielle would find “a nice handsome boy like me” (little did she know about me) and not some loser like Stephen. She thought that Stephen hit Danielle when they fought, which was becoming more frequent. Just then, Danielle and Stephen walked through the door.

“Hey Mom. Why haven’t you gone out yet? Where’s Rick?” asked Danielle.

“He stood me up, so I guess I’m going to stay in tonight,” replied Diane. “The four of us can stay in and watch a movie. Jimmy, would you feel like running out to the video store?”

“Um, sure, I guess.”

“Good. Don’t get a horror movie. I don’t like them. They give me nightmares.”

When Diane headed down the hall to her room to get changed Danielle whispered to me, “Jimmy, why don’t you take my Mom out tonight? I know she would appreciate it. I’m sure she is hurt that Rick stood her up. Besides, I had planned on spending some “alone time” with Stephen tonight.”

My first thought was “Fuck no!” Why would I get her Mom out of gaziantep escort bayan sitesi the house so she could stay home and fuck that scumbag who hadn’t said one word since he walked in the door? It occurred to me that my chances of getting with Danielle were now somewhere around zero and negative. I also felt bad for Diane. Being stood up like that must have really sucked for her.

“Diane,” I called. “Don’t get changed. I’ll take you out tonight.”

“You will?” she called back to me from down the hall. “Honey, that’s so sweet.”

“I just need to run home and change. I’ll be back in about half an hour,” I called back.

“That’s fine. I’ll be ready when you get back.”

Danielle thanked me as I put my coat on to head out. Much to my surprise Stephen shook my hand and thanked me, too. I backed my truck out of the driveway and headed home. I picked out my favorite club clothes. I was really starting to like the idea of taking Diane out. I had never been out with an older crowd and I figured it would be fun to see how “the other half” partied. On my way back to Danielle’s I saw a flower vendor on a street corner. I thought flowers would be a nice gesture and would raise Diane’s spirits so I picked her up a dozen roses. When I got back to the house she was delighted with roses. At this point, I really wanted to give Diane a fun night out. She was a very sweet lady. Danielle wished us a good time and mouthed the words “thank you” to me as we walked out the door.

We took Diane’s Cadillac out to El Bailar. We walked into the club with Diane’s arm hooked in mine. Her friends were circled around a table in the corner and we joined them. Introductions were made all around. Diane was definitely the most attractive one in her circle of friends and I could tell they were surprised to see Diane with a young guy like me. We all drank Margueritas and I ended up dancing with each one of them through the course of the night. Each time I glanced at our table from the dance floor the ladies were watching me. Well, staring at me. It made me feel pretty good that these older women were looking at me that way. I really had a fantastic time that night. When the club closed we were all pretty drunk. Diane said her good byes and I thanked them all for a good time.

When we got back to the house Stephen’s car was gone. Diane thought they had another fight and Stephen took off. I hugged Cathy and thanked her for going out with me.

“I had a wonderful time tonight,” she said. “You really are a sweet boy. I wish Danielle was with you and not that jerk.”

I agreed, wished her good night and watched to make sure she got into the house OK. Just as I was sliding the key into to the door lock she poked her head out the kitchen door.

“Would you like to come in for some coffee before you go?” she asked from across the yard.

“Um, sure,” I answered, looking at my watch and seeing that it was already past two in the morning. When I stepped into the kitchen she was putting the coffee on. I saw a note on the table in Danielle’s bubbly girl’s handwriting which said:


Stephen and I went to a party.

I’ll be staying at Janie’s tonight.

See you in the morning.

Love Ya,


We talked some more about how bad Stephen was for Danielle. When the coffee was finished brewing she poured us each a cup and set them on the table. We took our coffees to the sun porch and each lit a cigarette. While we drank and smoked she told me about her ex-husband and how she had married him to get out of the house. She had Danielle when she was eighteen and her ex was a cheating prick from the day Danielle was born. Diane was raised to stay with her husband no matter what. It wasn’t until just three years ago that she had enough and divorced him.

“Would you like to see some pictures of me when I was your age?” she asked me.

“Sure,” I said, “but I don’t want to keep you up too late.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she answered as she walked out of the kitchen and down the hall.

When she returned I saw she had changed out of her club clothes and put on a floor length silk robe. She had a photo album cradled in one arm. The robe was designed to hug her waist and hips. It was very flattering on her and she was very sexy in it. It excited me to see her nipples standing under the smooth material. I mentally chastised myself for thinking that way about my friend’s Mom. She sat at the table and opened the album. As she thumbed through the pages and told me about each photo I concluded that I was right about her. She was a knockout when she was younger. When we had finished looking at the photos and drained our coffees she carried the album back down the hall. A minute later she called to me from her room.

“Jimmy, would you come help me put this book back on the closet shelf. I’m having a hard time reaching.”

When I walked in the room she was at the closet door with her back to me stretching gaziantep escort bayan forum to get the book on the top shelf. I walked up behind her, took the book from her hands and set down where she wanted it to be. When she turned her breasts brushed across my chest.

“You know, Jimmy, you are a very handsome man,” she told me as looked into my eyes. It was the first time she had referred to me as a man and not a boy.

“Thank you, Diane. Actually, I do find you to be an attractive woman.” What the hell was I saying? This was my friend’s Mom, for cripes sake!

Diane stepped across the room and sat on the edge of the bed. “Would you like to sit for a minute?”

I stood at the closet door for a solid minute not saying a word. I just looked at her. I was frozen. The amazement of my friend’s Mother inviting me to her bed just paralyzed me. I watched her as she traced a finger from her neck to the collar of her robe. As her finger followed the line of her collar her robe opened to expose her breasts. Her breasts were large and shapely. They were capped with large pale areolas and her nipples were small and hard. I broke out in a sweat. My mind screamed at me to RUN! This was not supposed to be happening. This woman was old enough to be my Mother!

I pushed away any thoughts of getting the hell out of there, stepped across the room, knelt in front of her and took one of her nipples in my mouth. Her fingers laced into my hair and held me there as I sucked on one, then the other nipple. My cock was rock hard in my pants. She stood and pulled me to my feet. I put my arms around her, pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. She grabbed my shirt at the buttons and ripped it open. Buttons flew everywhere. Her hand went to my crotch and rubbed my throbbing dick through my pants. Still kissing me, she ran her other hand across the soft patch of hair on my chest. Her mouth went to one of my nipples and she took it between her teeth. I could feel her working the buckle of my belt and she opened my pants and took my dick on her hand.

“Jimmy, you are large for a young man,” she said to me as she stroked my cock while staring into my eyes.

Each time her hand passed over the head of my rod, my body reflexively jerked away from her. She had a touch that far exceeded anything I had experienced with any girl my own age. It was fantastic. She went to her knees and swirled her tongue around the head of my cock as she stroked the shaft. My pants fell to my ankles and I watched as she toyed with my prick. Diane paid special attention to my cock with her mouth. I closed my eyes and felt her tongue swirl around the head, lick the shaft then lick my balls. With my cock in her mouth again she reached down, untied my shoes and slipped them off of my feet. She pulled my socks from my feet and let go of my dick long enough for me to step out of my pants. I slid my shirt off and stood before her completely naked.

“You are such a sexy man,” she said to me. “Right now, I’m glad you’re not with my daughter.” I couldn’t have agreed more.

She wrapped her lips around my head and slid her mouth down the shaft of my cock until she had taken it all in. She slowly slid her mouth up and down on me and each time she came to my head she would caress it with her tongue. I watched her, entranced, as she gave me the best blow job I have ever experienced, ever. The girls I had been with had nothing on this woman. Her mouth went back to my balls and I started stroking my dick. Her eyes followed my hand as she sucked on my scrotum. Hearing her slurping on my balls made me want to cum right there. I stepped away from her and tried to keep the orgasm from coming. She looked up at me with a knowing smile. This woman was amazing.

She stood and went to the bed. Lying on her side she looked up at me and with her eyes on my throbbing cock she asked, “Do you like to eat pussy, Jimmy?”

“Yes, Diane. I want to eat your pussy,” I panted.

She opened her robe the rest of the way and spread her legs to expose a thick pelt of blonde pubic hair. Below it, her pink pussy glistened with fresh juice and her labia protruded from her lips. I laid on the bed and put my mouth on her snatch. Her delicious juice covered my tongue and I pushed it into her. She grabbed two handfuls of my hair as I tongue fucked her juicy twat.

“My clit, Jimmy, lick my clit.”

“Doing as I was told I applied pressure to her swollen clit with my tongue. Her legs locked around my neck and she started shimmying down the bed, trying to get her pussy closer to my mouth than it possibly could have been. I eventually ended up on the floor, on my knees, at the end of the bed. Her legs were still locked around my neck. I slid a finger into her drenched hole and started fucking her with it.

“Ohhhhhhh, Jimmy, that is soooo goooooood,” she moaned.

Her legs snapped open and she hooked her hands around the back of her knees, holding her legs in the air. I kept sucking escort bayan gaziantep and licking her clit and finger banging her cunt. Her body started to buck and it was all I could do to keep my mouth on her wonderful snatch.

“Oh, Jesus Christ, Jimmy. Keep doing it. Keep doing it! It’s so fucking good! Make me CUM!”

I put all the pressure I could on her swollen and throbbing clit. Her clit had gotten so huge that I was able to gently take it between my teeth. I slammed two of my fingers into her twat and she screamed.

“Oooooooooooooohhhhhh, JIMMY! IT’S SOOO GOOOOOOOOD!”

My mouth filled with her cum, and I swallowed it all. She pushed my head away from her snatch and twitched on the bed as the orgasm ravaged her. I sat on the floor in awe just watching her. No girl I had ever been with reacted the way this woman had. Juice was still flowing from her pussy down the crack of her ass. I immediately stood, took a hold of her and rolled her to her stomach. I grabbed her full round ass and spread it open. She opened her eyes and, in the mirror on her headboard, she saw my mouth going for her asshole.

“No Jimmy!” she cried as she tried to squirm away from me. “I never had… I don’t want you to… Please don’t!”

I dug my nails into her skin to keep her from moving and plunged my tongue into her hole. As soon as she felt the moist warmth of my tongue on her rectum she instantly relaxed. I spread her cheeks as wide as I could and rimmed her hole with my tongue. I put my fingers to her clit and found it was freakishly large. This shocked me and made me hotter. I rubbed it firmly and quickly.

“God, Jimmy. I never thought it would feel this good!”

I opened my eyes to see her watching me in the mirror, eating her ass. She had a hungry look in her eyes that excited me beyond belief. My hand went to my cock and I started stroking it as my tongue worked on her hole. When I pulled my mouth away she turned and watched me as I stood at the foot of the bed, stroking my prick and playing with my balls. Her fingers went to her pussy and sunk deep into her hole. For a time we stayed there, watching each other masturbate. The site of her fingers in her pink flesh slightly hidden behind the mat of thick blonde pubic hair made me want to cum right then, but I wanted more from her, and she wanted more from me.

“Jimmy! Jimmy, I want you in me! I want to feel you in my pussy!” She called out to me, still violently rubbing her enormous clit.

I crawled onto the bed, lay on top of her and slipped my cock in her waiting cooze. I felt her fingernails dig into my back as I pounded on her pussy. Her twat was soaked and I could feel her juice running onto my balls. She lifted me off of her a bit and wrapped her arms under her tits.

“Suck them, Jimmy. Suck on my nipples,” she ordered.

Still fucking her sweet cunt I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked hard. She arched her back and held my head with one hand and her other beautiful breast with the other. I batted her nipple around in my mouth with my tongue and gave the occasional nibble. I was close to filling her with my hot sperm.

“Jesus, Diane. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fill your pussy!”

“No!” she screamed and pushed me off of her. “I’m not ready for you to cum. You wait here. I’ll be right back.” She got off of the bed and left the room.

I almost lost my mind. I was about fill her with my hot load and she told me to stop! My cock was throbbing and my balls were aching. I could hear her talking to me from down the hallway.

“Jimmy,” her voice was faint coming down the hall but still audible, “the only two men I have ever been with were my husband and Rick. Both men only fucked me the same way you just did, on top of me. I want something different and you aren’t cumming until I get it.”

My mind raced through the different positions that I knew as I heard her bare feet on the hardwood floor, coming down the hall. My cock was pulsing with the blood engorged in it. When she came back in the room I could see she was holding something in her mouth. She grabbed the base of my prick and put her lips to it. When my head spread her lips apart, ice water ran down my shaft and I could feel the ice cube on the head of my dick. The coolness on my cock caused my need to shoot my load to disappear. It felt wonderful.

“Oh my God, Diane. That feels so good. Oh yes, suck on me Diane. Suck my cock!”

I watched my rod disappear into her mouth until her nose was in my pubic hair. The cold from the now melted ice cube was still in her mouth and it felt wonderful on my throbbing prick. She sucked my cock slowly, taking the taste of her pussy off of me and letting droplets of cool water run down my dick and onto my balls. It was so fucking good…and soothing. Her lips slid slowly up and down on me and she held my scrotum gently in her hand. It was beautiful to watch. She made a slurping noise each time she came up and took my entire rod with each down stroke. She opened her eyes and saw that I was watching. She smiled at me with her eyes. I lightly ran my fingers through her hair. I reached down and took a nipple with my free hand and gently twisted it. All the while she cradled my cock with her cool tongue and slid her mouth up and down. When she felt my body was completely relaxed she took her luscious mouth from my cock, sat me on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of me.

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