Learning Who’s In Charge


Hey first time writing a sexual story so hope you enjoy, let me know how I did 🙂


I wait on the bed for him like a good eighteen year old slut, my wandering eyes waiting for him to appear.

I know he will be back soon and there he is leaning on the door frame in his work suit admiring my legs crossed over eachother and feeling the anticipation for him to arrive.

He looks me up and down and walks over to me smirking knowing he is in charge.

He gently brushes the side of my neck “Hello my little slut.” he says and sits down next to me.

I look up to greet him with my eyes “Don’t look at me like that, you should have said ‘Hello Sir’ maybe we need to teach you some manners?” he says sternly.

He puts his hand between my thighs even though my legs are closed and gently rubs my pussy over my underwear “Mmm so soft, such a dirty girl.” he holds my face and turns it gently side to side admiring me.

“So are you going to be a dirty slut for me?” he asks me.

“Yes.” I reply.

“Yes what?” he asks looking stern and deep into my eyes.

Sir knows that he owns me and I am his little slut, he knows I’m delibrately being bad wanting to be punished.

“Nothing.” I reply, he quickly places me on my front and laying over his trousers, whips my skirt up and pulls my underwear down so my bum is exposed to him and starts slapping my cheeks alternately.

I struggle but he is too strong “Yes sir! Is what you’re suppose to say and stop moving you know this is what you deserve!” he instructs me.

“Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Yes Sir!” I say quickly wanting this to stop.

“No it’s too late now, Don’t even try, you have been so rude to me today you are going to be taught a lesson and some manners.” he tells me.

“Sometimes you need to know who is in charge and understand that that person is me!” he says still slapping my cheeks so they are getting redder and redder.

“I bet you’re wet aren’t you? You like being told what a naughty girl you are, right? Are you a naughty girl?” he asks me, I stay silent.

“Being defiant again huh?” He grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls it turning me to look at him.

I look xslot at the floor not wanting to look at him but he pulls my head to his glance using my hair and I look at him with my big eyes and he looks back into mine.

“You are just too much, you really are.” he says kissing me gently, he stops the kiss then pulls my hair hard.

“Give me an answer then! You bitch!” he demands and slaps my cheek as hard as he could.

“Yes Sir!” I shout.

“That’s more like it.” he says, he stops slapping and helps me up then pushes me onto the floor.

“Do you realise who’s in charge now?” he asks me as I’m on my knees and he towers over me.

“Yes Sir.” I reply.

“Who’s that?” he asks smiling holding my face and leaning into me.

“You Sir.” I say looking down at the floor.

“That’s right my little slut. Now lets shut you up.” he undoes his zipper and his erect cock is there in front of me, before I know it he forces his dick all the way in my mouth, I gag.

“Who owns this mouth?” he asks me. I don’t reply, he slaps my face.

“You do.” I mumble back, he smirks back. He fucks my mouth showing me who’s boss.

He holds my hair wrapping it round his hand and uses my head for his pleasure, he takes his hard dick out of my mouth and crouches down holding my face with his hand and making me give him eye contact.

“Do you feel dirty now? Because you should being used to make me feel good. You should feel degraded because I’m using your holes and I’m filling them up to make me feel good because you’re my slut aren’t you?” he tells me.

I look away to the corner whilst he tries to make eye contact, he slaps my face “Look at me when I’m talking to you.” he says.

I look back at him, “Tell me what you are?” he says.

“I’m your slut Sir, for you to use.” I reply.

“Good girl.” he tells me.

He puts his thumb in my mouth “Suck it, I wanna watch.” he tells me, I hesitantly suck on his thumb gently he reaches down and brushes my pussy as he pulls my underwear down sending electricity through my body.

“Mmmm..” I say at the wanting touch to my pussy. He pushes his thumb in my mouth further I suck it harder now. He touches xslot Giriş my clit gently, occasionally rubbing my pussy but teasing me by how gently he does it.

“Looks like my babygirl’s wet.” he says bringing his fingers up for me to taste I suck the tips of his fingers hard and he pushes them in my mouth roughly and says “Suck!”

I suck them hard pleasing my master. He uses his other hand to fondle my ass cheek squeezing it and then slapping it, he pushes me down so I’m laying on my back on the ground “You’re so dirty, you need to learn how to serve me if you want to be my slut.” he says.

He gets on top of me and puts his balls on my mouth, I lick them for him showing my appreciation for letting me do this after I have been too naughty to deserve it.

“Good girl, lick my balls to my satisfaction and like a dirty whore and maybe I’ll fuck you like my whore.” he says.

I lick his balls gently using the tip of my toungue “Good slut, now you’re learning.” he says. He rubs his dick all over my face using me as his toy.

He gets off of me and rubs my pussy again, he gets his fingers wet and brings them up to my mouth, I suck hard on them. “Mmm..Bad girl!” he says and slaps my face which makes me suck them harder.

He takes them out my mouth and slides his finger in my pussy “Oh!” I say in pain.

“Listen slut, you’re my dirty bitch and you’re gonna take whatever I do to you understand?” he tells me.

“Yes master.” I reply knowing I love him being in control as much as he does.

He slowly starts sliding his finger in and out of my pussy then goes really fast “Oh fuck!” I say impulsively.

He slaps my ass abruptly “Who said you could talk? You only talk when I say okay? Now say thank you to me for fingering you, you ungrateful slut!” he shouts.

“Thank you Sir.” I say looking up at him while he finger fucks me.

“For what bitch?” he asks.

“For fucking my pussy with your finger Sir.” I reply.

“Good girl.” he says. He puts another finger in and fucks my pussy with two fingers.

“I think it’s time I got to use your pussy.” he says placing his dick at the entrance to my pussy and shoving it xslot Güncel Giriş in to my pussy.

“Oww!” I scream.

He holds my face “You like being filled up slut?” he asks me looking into my eyes deeply.

“Yeah I like being filled up with your big dick Sir.” I reply.

“Good then you’ll like this!” he starts fucking my pussy violently, he grabs my hair with his hand and using my hair to fuck me harder slapping his balls against me.

“Oh..” I say he puts two of his fingers in my mouth for me to suck.

“You’re making too much noise whore, you should be fucked and not heard.” he tells me.

He fucks my little pussy like I deserve it, hard. “Hey slut does this feel good?” he asks, I nod at him.

“I want to come in your pussy and I’m going to come in that pussy as it’s my pussy to fuck.” he says fucking my little slit.

“I’m going to come in it so much that it leaks out of your pussy because that’s what I want to do, so tell me who’s pussy this is?” he says

“It’s your pussy to fuck how and when you want to isn’t it Sir.” I reply coyly.

He grabs my hair again with one hand and makes me suck his fingers with the other hand, “Get them wet because they’re going to finger your asshole.” he tells me.

I suck harder getting his fingers wet to invade my asshole. He takes his fingers out my mouth whilst still fucking me and places his fingers at my asshole entrance and slowly puts one finger at the entrance and pushes in “Mmmm.” I moan

“Hey slut you like being fingered in your asshole? Like having your holes filled how I want them filled?” he asks me, I nod in reply.

He speeds up fucking me whilst putting his finger in and out of my asshole “I’M GONNA COME IN YOU!” he tells me gripping my hair tighter and shoving his finger hard up my asshole

“OHHHHH I’m gonna come.” I say.

He brings my eyes to his eyes using his grip in my hair and says “I’m coming first then you can come you whore!” he says shoving his dick in and out of me as deep as it would go.

“I’m coming!” he tells me as I feel his come shoot in my pussy filling me up with his juices. “Now come on me now!” he demands of me, he slaps my face as I come “bad girl!” he says.

He touches my pussy and his fingers are soaked from our juices he brings them to my mouth and says “Clean this slut.”

I suck our juices off his fingers “You naughty slut.” he tells me smirking.

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