Leather Lusts Ch. 02


“First time I’ve heard a man talk about his parts, and not brag.” She looked at his lap then glanced away.

He shifted in his seat, and turned toward her his outside hand landed to caress her thigh, while the other played at the nape of her neck, brushing her hair. He leaned in to kiss her ear, and whispered. “Some men don’t need to brag, Breezy.”

Just then a waiter came to take their order, and they both ordered steak with a salad and baked potato. He asked for a beer, and she a cooler. Breezy told him about college she was almost done with her BA degree, and classes, she told him she had come up to get away for the summer, and help out a family friend. She had been to the area as a girl and wished to return. The waiter returned with rolls and a platter filled with assorted cut vegetables and olives. They talked about things that happened today and were served salads. Jack told her about a bike drag he went to see. The waiter served their sizzling steaks and large baked potatoes with butter and dishes of sour cream with chives. They ate the meal and Breezy occasionally remarked that dinner was excellent, as she moaned with pleasure.

“Please tell your friend, my compliments that steak was the best.” She said dabbing her napkin at the corner of her mouth.

After he paid the bill, they stood outside the casino, he rubbed her arm. “I don’t want this to be over, how about Sturgis at night, we could walk the street, look at the venders, or dance at the square?”

“Sounds okay, or you could take me back to my room, I’m kind of curious about those parts.” She looked up at him suddenly serious.

“Baby, anything you want, I’m your man.”

“Do you have any protection?” She asked shyly looking away.

“Got one in my wallet, maybe we should make a pit stop, the Smith’s in Spear Fish, and I’ll get us something to drink.” He offered then climbed on the bike.

They road back down the canyon, stopping at the Smith’s store on the way back, he strapped the bags to both sides, and helped her get on behind and rode away. She held him tight occasionally caressing the stomach above his belt, and lay her head on his back. Upon their return, he pulled into the courtyard and parked in front of her motel room. She pulled her key out and went to open the door. He unloaded the bags and followed her inside. Setting them down, he took out a beer and handed her one. He drank half a bottle and sat it down on the night stand, then dropped his jacket on a chair, and moved to take her in his arms. He pushed her jacket off, tossed it behind him, it hit the chair too. He lowered his head and kissed her nibbling her lips, causing them to open for him, his tongue dipped in mating and twining with hers, making goose bumps rise on her arms. She lifted her arms and buried her fingers in his hair, and pushed herself into him.

“Mmmm, that’s good, so good, you’re a great kisser, makes me tingle all the way to my toes.” She complimented him.

“Baby, just holding you is causing me havoc, so what’s gonna happen when we really get busy?”

He started peeling off his clothes, boots, t-shirt, jeans, and stopped at boxers, she giggled, “Boxers?”

“Breezy, boxers give a bit of room, and they don’t pinch my junk, plus I could be old fashioned.” And he moved to help her divest her clothes. He pulled off her tank and licked his lips at the lace push up, he growled and unsnapped the shorts, pushing them down, and groaned at the sight of the matching lace thong. “You’re gonna kill me, sugar, I’m burning up.”

He pushed her Maltepe Escort back onto the bed and unlaced both boots, and pulled them off, he rolled the shorts down her legs, letting them drop where ever, he took her feet and brought them up to his chest, one by one he pulled off her socks and kissed her arches. Leaning forward he rubbed himself on her clef, and through the thong and boxers she felt every ridge of him. Breezy, tried to touch him reaching only his knees and thighs, she wanted to pull her legs back, but he wouldn’t let her.

“Jack, please Jack, I need to touch you.” She begged him.

“All in good time Baby, all in good time.” He spread her legs to look at her mound nestled in lace, thong strap disappearing between her ass cheeks. “God that’s sweet, I can’t wait to eat it.” He slid his lips down her leg, grazing her skin with his teeth. He lifted the edge of her thong with a finger running it along the lace hem, he tugged the thong pulling the strap tight, causing friction against her pinkness.

“Jack, oh god, Mmmm” she whined.

Jack chuckled in his throat, this was going to be her best, satisfaction guaranteed, he lower his face and nipped the outside edge of her thong, pulling it out, he eased the back t-strap off with both his hands, pulling the front off with his teeth. She lifted her legs to assist him in his mission, and settled them on his shoulders. She unclipped her bra and began pinching her own nipples. He kissed down her leg sucking at the flesh of her thigh, licking closer still until he reached her nub, she jolted like she had been struck by lightening, bucking beneath him, he held her captive sucking and moaning into her, her pink flesh turned darker she started to flood and swelled with excitement, still he lapped and suckled her nub. Breezy began to shake her head from side to side, lick her lips, and her whole body quivered with ecstasy, finally she exploded begging him to stop.

“Oh Jack, that’s so good, but no more, I’m dying.” She gasped.

He raised his head to her belly, and nibbled her pooch, licked her belly button, nipped her ribs, and crawling up further, suckled her breasts each in turn. Push up to his elbows he kissed her, giving her a taste of herself, he ground his hips into her and groaned. He wanted to be inside her, right now, his cock pounded with a heavy pulse, his throat went dry. Forcing, himself back, he reached for the beer on the nightstand and drained it, and then he rolled to the side of her, stroking her breasts and belly. Following the path lower, he slipped a hand between her legs and strong fingers into her body, he nipped her neck, and swirled her ear. She stroked his head and back, spreading her thighs to his urging, soon he had two fingers inside spreading her muscles, with his thumb he stroked her nub, when he had three fingers inside her she felt tingles of pain spread through her channel, Jack kissed her long and slow, all the time easing his fingers into her. When she relaxed enough, and began moving her hips in time to his massage of her, he stopped, and reached for the box beside the bed, ripping it open he dumped out several foil packets on the nightstand, and grabbed one.

When he pushed off his boxers, she was shocked, not only the length, but the girth of him was huge. He rolled the condom down over the crown, and knelt on the bed to mount her.

“Jack, that monster won’t fit, it’s too big.” She cried fearfully.

“I’ll fit Baby, I just spent the last fifteen minutes making sure you’d stretch, now just lie back Anadolu Yakası Escort and relax, I won’t hurt you, Breezy please.” He kissed her worshipping her lips and rolled over her. “We’ll just take it slow.”

He took himself in hand and rubbed the head back and forth through her clef, rubbing her clit, making her wetter. Then he pushed down and inside her popping through the ring of muscle. He stopped, and with patience he waited, for her body to accustom it’s self, and for his to cool down a bit. He kissed her and caressed her breasts rubbing and pinching the nipples. He hunched forward and buried his head in her neck, and began rocking her pelvis inch by inch. She relaxed more, and he bottomed out, touching her cervix with that big rubbery head. He looked up into her face, noting the gasps of excitement coming from her, panting in shallow measures, and knew she was ready for the next stage. He held her head in both his hands and forced her to look at him, his green eyes bore into hers as he flexed his ass in steady rhythm. Her legs wrapped themselves around his hips, feet digging into his ass cheeks, her hands held onto his upper arms, to keep her from sliding up the bed. She responded and arched her body. A layer of sweat covered her neck and breasts. She began to shake all over, suddenly stiffening, her muscles tightened on him milking his cock, she hoarsely screamed and dug her nails into his arms. Jack finally grunted and stiffened, holding her tight, occasionally jerking his hips.

He held her for several long moments before rolling to the side and pulled her over on top of his chest, both of them drifted off to sleep.

Breezy awoke with a sense of loss, she reached out and searched for him, but he was not to be found. Through bleary eyes she scanned the room, no clothes in the chair or on the floor, half a six pack of beer on the desk, and almost a full box of condoms on the nightstand. Well, so much for a one night stand, it was only polite to say goodbye, good luck and see ya. She rolled to her back and felt the sore muscles in her stomach complain, the stiffness between her legs a not so subtle reminder of the great sex from last night, she coughed and reached for the other half of that beer she didn’t finish last night, her throat was dry, then she remembered why, she had screamed for him. She felt uncontrolled and wanton, smiled to herself and rubbed her thighs together remembering each caress.

She stilled as she heard a noise at the door, the knob rattled, was someone trying to break in, she rolled over for her phone, played dead and the door opened. Jack strolled in dropping his keys and a bag and two coffees on the desk, took off his coat and knelt by the bed.

“Breeze, wake up sugar, I got us some breakfast.” He kissed her cheek and nuzzled her neck. “Beautiful get up or I’m gonna crawl back in bed and forget about feeding you.”

Breezy, yawned and stretched curving her arms around his neck, she kissed him and said. “I like cold food.”

Together they stripped him in record time, pulling at his clothes and strewing them about the room, she kissed him in indiscriminate areas as she peeled shirts, pants and boxers. Up on her knees in the bed she met him coming back for a soul searing kiss. Mouths open, tongue chasing, nipping lips they fell to the bed so hard they bounced, his hands were everywhere, caressing and searching, stroking and kneading, he began to shake loosing control. She reached for a foil packet, tearing it open with her teeth she rolled it on into place. İstanbul Escort She stroked him a few times and he groaned, he pushed her hands away and back.

“Oh Baby, ya gotta stop that or I’m gonna spill.” Jack whispered.

“Jack, I want you, I want you inside me, I’ve been reliving last night, and I’m so wet.” She put her hand between her legs and brought a finger up to place it in her mouth and suck on it. “Ahw Breezy, that’s so hot, let me have a taste.” And he leaned forward taking her finger into his mouth. He rolled his tongue around the digit, and pushed her into the mattress covering her. On his hands and knees he rolled his hips into her, sliding his engorged flesh through her wet clef, each time his bulb slid over her clit she jerked. He lowered his head to her breasts and suckled from them, nipping and licking them in turn. Breezy ran her hands through his hair, and over his shoulders and back. She pulled her legs up to wrap them over his buttocks, rubbing her calves along his hips and thighs. He lowered himself and dropped a hand down to help place his cock, he fed her inches until she was full of him. He began to rock himself into her, slowly at first and then faster, he stretched her in both directions, and began to rotate the angle of his thrust. Her eyes popped open wide and she clutched at him, gasping for air, she strained and came. He still wasn’t done with her; he pulled out and flipped her to her knees. Pushing back in, his balls slapping against her clit, burying himself deep and bumping her cervix, he rested on her back and twirled both breasts at the same time. His breath came sharply, he reached down to put pressure against her clit, she clamped down and they both came screaming this time. She sagged to the bed gasping. He rolled her over on top of him and stroked her back.

“Jack, do you believe in love at first fuck, because you’re the best.” She said playing with what few hairs he had on his chest, and tracing the few tattoos that covered his chest. A Ying yang symbol and a flaming dragon tattoo.

He laughed at her comment, “What, I didn’t bowl you over at the café?”

“I liked you, you’re very handsome. I wanted to get to know you more, still want to get to know you more.”

“Have you got the day off?” he smiled. “It’s a long story.”

“As a matter of fact, I do, so start talking.”

Jack let her know he was thirty-six years old, born I Atlanta, Ga., where his parents and a sister still lived, he had been married and divorced, no children, he started up a company, right out of tech school, that he had recently sold, because the offer was too good to pass up. Was he rich, well that was a matter of opinion, well off, and living off the interest of his bank balance? His likes were, anything with a motor, he had several projects going. He just finished his new home and hadn’t finished moving everything in, and was still looking for some pieces of furniture to round out the stuff he had. He said he would like to show her his house, he was very proud of it, and had taken part in the initial planning. He said he liked to camp and hunt, also liked to hike and fish that was the main reason he moved west, the space.

“Are you bored yet, let’s eat and ride out, would you like to go to Mt. Rushmore or that Sitting Bull thing?” He stroked her hair away from her face. “If you don’t want to ride the bike, I brought the coach over.”

“Coach?” she asked.

“Yeah I went and got my motor coach from down the road at the KOA, just a 38′ with tip outs, I have an enclosed trailer for my bike, I asked the clerk if I could park it in the adjoining lot, no problem.” “How big is the bed?” She smiled.

“Mmmmm, I like the way your mind works, we’ll take the coach then, if we feel the urge to pull over and fuck like bunnies, we can.” He kissed her ear. “Shower first?”

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