Lending a Helping Hand

Double Penetration

Lending a Helping HandThis is a work of fiction meaning it only happened in my mind and I pass it on to your mind with the hope that you find some entertainment in reading it.“Larry I really wish you would go next door and give Helen a helping hand. You know her husband is off on some oil field job for the last two months and she probably needs help with things only a man can do.” Mom said as she chopped vegetables for the stew she was making. I was setting on a stool watching her work on my first week at home after spring break. The Covid 19 virus had ended the college year early and I had nothing to do except try to find a job for the summer, which was pretty uncertain with social distancing.“I suppose I could stop over in the next few days,” I said as I thought about the Helen. She was an average stay at home wife of a heavy equipment worker. He worked on large projects and was gone for months but he did very well financially. In the oddest sort of way she reminded me of my mother. They didn’t really look alike in the face but I guess it was their body that seemed similar.“What are you doing right now?” Mom asked glaring at me, “Go over there and see if she needs a helping hand. A woman living alone can’t do it all without a man around.” I thought it was an odd statement as Mom had been divorced for 10 years and we did just fine.I slid off the stool, grabbed my cell, and headed out the backdoor. I decided to go to their backdoor as I knew they rarely used the front and as I passed a window I glanced in and stopped in shock. Helen was lying in a bedroom and was totally naked. Not only that her eyes were closed and her shaved pussy was in full view.I glanced around and there were no other neighbors out so I would not be detected peeking in her window. My cock rose to the occasion and made a bulge in my loose sports shorts and out of reflex I rubbed my hand over my bulge. Helen was so pale skinned with short dark hair. With her legs parted a bit I could clearly see her slit and wondered if she had been rubbing one off or just relaxing.I looked around again and still no one in sight so I slipped my hand in my shorts and rubbed my cock imagining that Helen was enjoying my erection as much as I was at this moment. Then my Mom’s words came to mind, “perhaps she needs a helping hand,” and I fantasized that I would get to the door and she would be standing there naked and invite me in to fuck. “yeah that will happen,” I scolded myself in my mind.I heard the neighbor’s dog bark in the yard next to Helen’s so pulled my hand out of my shorts and left the window. The guy next door was a bit of a neighborhood snoop. We all have one, the guy that knows everything and tells everything. “Bill is crazy,” our across the street neighbor told me one time. “Stay off his radar because what he doesn’t know for a fact comes out in total fabrications.”I walked to Helen’s back door and knocked on the screen door. The inside door was open and I could smell pendik escort what had to be fresh bread baking or just out of the oven. I checked to make sure my now semi-erect cock was behaving and heard footsteps. Helen was wearing a thin nylon gown that was held in place with a sash at the waist. She was holding the neck closed with one hand and I could see hard nipples poking out of the thin fabric.“Oh hi Larry,” she said with a slight southern drawl. I knew they were originally from Texas and loved hearing the way she spoke. “How is your mama?” She asked.“She is well, she told me to stop over to see if you need a helping hand, you know with Frank being off on another project.” I stammered through the sentence knowing that she was naked under that gown and her shaved pussy was just a couple feet away.“Well that is so sweet of her, bless her heart. Come in Larry, I was just relaxing after spending most of the day baking bread. Would you like a couple slices of bread and some sweet tea?” She asked.“Sure,” I said as I stepped into her kitchen. It was a bit of a mess and I could see 4 fresh loaves of bread on a cooling rack and a pile of dishes from making the bread. “I woke up kneading it,” she said as she turned to face me, “the bread, I mean I woke while I was kneading the bread I started last night.” She blushed a bit knowing that her first statement made it sound like something sexual especially to a horny college student.“Let’s set at the table,” she said. “I really have a bad habit of eating in front of the TV when Frank is gone. I love feeding a man so your timing is perfect.” I watched as she brought a cutting board and loaf of bread to the table. “I’ll get a knife and some tea, you do like sweet tea?” She asked. Helen didn’t wait for an answer as she poured two tall ice filled glasses with tea. Helen brought a bread knife to the table and sliced off the end. I watched her tits sway under the thin fabric and noticed the gown had gapped open a bit. I am not a student of breast sizes but hers were fairly small and I could see a bit of cleavage as she cut the bread. My cock was fully erect as I watched her slice off the end of the loaf.“It is hard,” she said as she looked at me holding the crusty bread. Then I noticed her eyes move down to my lap and immediately moved a hand to cover my obvious erection. It was as I suspected, making a tent that showed my excitement.“The heel of the bread is hard,” she said looking up at my face. “I like it hard so I will cut you one that is soft.” She said and this time I knew she was being sexual with the comment. And my cock was begging to take over my thinking but since she was a married woman and I was right next door to my mother’s home I decided to try to ignore it.“Here Larry,” Helen said handing me a slice of bread, “see how soft and supple it is, don’t you just love feeling it between your fingers?” Her voice dripped with sexual innuendo and add the southern kağıthane escort drawl and my mind was losing the battle with my hard throbbing cock. I always disliked the term “trailer trash” but the way she was talking made me think of it from some movie I had seen.I took the bread from her hand and her fingers lingered on mine as she looked into my eyes. Her eyes seemed to look deep into my brain as if she could read the lust that was burning inside. The view of her naked body spread out on her bed flashed through my mind as I watched her tit come into view between the folds of slick silky nylon.I could see her nipple and the pale areola begging my lips to taste her supple tit instead of the bread. Helen pulled her hand away from my trembling fingers and she pushed the butter and a knife towards me. “Make sure you get some of that wonderful butter, it is just so important to fresh bread, don’t you agree?” She said as her tit remained in full view.Helen stood hiding her tit from my view and adjusted her gown as if her modesty had suddenly taken hold. She pulled the chair closer to mine and as she sat down she let the soft lavender gown fall across her smooth thighs. She made no attempt to cover her milky white thigh that was uncovered almost to her hip joint.She bent forward placing her hand on my bare thigh just below the hem of my shorts. “I am so happy your mama suggested that you come give me a helping hand,” she said as she ran her fingers on my thigh, “I was just telling her yesterday how a woman alone has needs that takes a man to solve. I am sure you understand that because I can see you have needs that a woman should take care of.” I saw her look at the tent in my shorts that was again showing as I buttered the bread. Her hand slipped under the fabric and ran up to touch my erection.I gulped and felt my face flush. I was not embarrassed, I was so fucking horny that her touch was like she had flipped a switch. “You mama said you were home from college, I’ll bet all those cute little college girls are missing you right now,” she said as she squeezed my erection covered by my cotton briefs.I tried to take a sip of the tea but the lump in my throat made it hard to swallow. I felt a bit of tea run down my chin as I set the glass down and she moved her finger to touch it. “Is the tea sweet enough for you Larry?” And not waiting for an answer put her finger in the glass and then pressed it to my lips. “Try it this way Larry,” she said and I instinctively parted my lips and she pushed her finger onto my tongue, “That’s it Larry, suckle my finger.”My cock throbbed as I felt her finger on my tongue and her hand moved on my cock. “I need to go get comfortable Larry,” she said pulling her finger out of my mouth and moved it inside her thin gown and I knew she was rubbing her wet finger around her nipple. “Give me a few minutes and then come to my bedroom, you maltepe escort can find my bedroom across from the bedroom where you saw me lying naked waiting for you to come give me a helping hand.”As she stood to leave her gown gapped open and I noticed for the first time that she was wearing a pink hip hugger panty. “I slipped into these just for you Larry.” She said snapping the waist elastic, “Your mama told me you like pretty panties.”As she walked away I suddenly confirmed that this was a set-up. I had no idea that it was when I saw her lying naked on that bed but now she knew what only my mother knew. Mom had caught me several times when I was in high school with her panties wrapped around my hard cock. This started when I was 14 and I loved the silky soft nylon against my cock. I would imagine that I had pulled them off a woman and her scent added to my pleasure.Now Helen knew and I had no desire to challenge her knowledge, I simply wanted to go to her bedroom and see just how far a “helping hand” would go. “Larry won’t ya’ll be a sweet heart and come give me a helping hand,” Helen called from down the hall. I was like some mind numbed robot as I stood and before moving from the kitchen table stripped to my briefs and walked down the hall.Helen was lying on the bed stripped to the pink panties she showed me in the kitchen. “I want you to come to my bed Larry, there are some things I need help with right here,” she said running her hand between her legs. The panties stretched across her pussy giving me a peek of her gash just before they snapped back in place.Helen turned around on the bed and ran her eyes from my face to the tent in my briefs. “Step over here beside me babe,” she said as she held out her hand. I followed her instructions and felt her hand as she reached inside my briefs. “I thought you might need a bit of a helping hand yourself,” she said as she wrapped her fingers around my hard cock.Her hands were soft and smooth as she slowly slid it up and down my shaft. “I just love the way a man feels when he is ready to help a woman,” she said smiling up at me. “But you know I think we’d both be happier without these,” she said as she pulled my briefs down exposing my rock hard cock. “Oh I like what I am seeing,” she said as she reached out and cupped my balls. I had been with enough college girls to know what was next as she wetted her lips with her tongue and rolled to the edge of the bed. “It has been too long,” she said, “since I have enjoyed a man’s cock.” And she swallowed my entire length. I nearly buckled at the knees with the feel of her tongue swirling around my cock as she inhaled my length.She brought me to the edge of my orgasm twice before releasing my cock from her mouth. “I think you need to give me that helping hand your mama promised, she said you have a special touch when it comes to panties.” Helen said as she pushed her hand inside her panties. “Don’t you just love how panties soak up the scent of a woman,” she said as I watched her arousal seep through the pink fabric.Helen pulled the soaking wet panties off her body and pulled me by my hands until I was lying next to her. “No more playing around Larry,” she said, “I want you to fuck me until you fill me full of your cum. Sometimes a man’s cock is all a woman needs.”

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