Lesbian Cuckoldress Ch. 01


(All characters in this story are above the age of 18. If lesbian sex offends you in anyway, then you shouldn’t be reading. This is my first submission so please do help me improve and enjoy!!)

Change although necessary is sometimes just the worst. ‘I hate this stupid town’ Samantha or Sam as she was usually referred to thought to herself. Her husband’s latest promotion meant shifting across the country into a new state. Unfortunately, that meant leaving behind her family and limited (truth be told handful of friends) behind.

“This is a fresh start for us Sam.” She remembered her husbands sugar laced words. Samantha and her husband Jeff had been married for 5 years. Now 28, the honeymoon days of her marriage seemed to be a distant memory. Jeff had been given a pivotal role in his new company, which meant long hours and many business trips. On the bright side, she would get the chance to explore this new town, she thought to herself.

As the last boxes were unloaded off the truck, Samantha worked her way into her new suburban paradise and began turning it from a house to a home. The first few days were uneventful. Jeff had left the very next day after their move, so Sam had some time to herself.

The door bell rang, as Sam opened it a beautiful middle aged woman stood at her doorstep with a small box in her hand. There was something about this woman, she was definitely older than Sam but it was evident she took great care of herself. Her skin was clear with a hint of a sun-kissed glow. Her ample breasts (definitely a C or D cup sam thought) complemented her shape and she wore an elegant casual dress to accentuate her curves. Samantha was awe-struck for a second.

“Hi, I’m Miranda, it’s nice to meet you neighbour.” She said in a relaxed but casual tone.

“Likewise, I’m Samantha. but you can call me Sam.” She replied trying to seem confident. Somehow this woman had shaken her core.

Miranda’s lips gently parted to say “Well…Sam, I live across the street. Why don’t you come over for a glass of wine tonight? Does 7 sound good?” Sam felt a sense of comfort knowing she wouldn’t be alone this evening.

“That sounds perfect.” She replied to this alluring woman. Miranda handed Sam the cookies she had brought for her and headed across the street. She walked with a certain air of panache and grace. Sam couldn’t help but notice Eskort her perfect physique. Sam was quite the looker herself, her breasts were smaller than her neighbours but her face radiated with a youthful glow and she prided herself on her well toned body, a testament to many years of disciplined workouts.

As the evening approached, Sam began to dress for the occasion. She chose to wear an elegant black dress which she hadn’t worn in ages. She brought out her old faithful push-up bra. It was beyond her why she was dressing up so well, it’s not like she had to impress this woman…did she?

Meanwhile, across the street Miranda was readying her trap for the evening. It wasn’t very well known but Miranda was an aggressive seductor. On the surface she appeared to be a benign trophy wife but the truth was her greatest pleasure was to seduce seemingly straight married women. Some of her lovers referred to her as the Lesbian cuckoldress. The rush of corrupting a married woman would drive her with lust. Her husband had known her preferences, he chose to let her fulfill her needs as long as it was only women. Many-a-married women of the neighborhood had fallen prey to Miranda’s ‘cock’ and none regretted it. Miranda caressed her breasts and gently ran her hands down her shapely body and smiled as she looked out of the window and saw Samantha walking towards her doorstep.

The door opened and both women smiled and wishes one another politely. Not wanting to lose a chance, Miranda moved close to Sam and hugged her firmly, but not too firm just enough so that their breasts gently pressed one another. Sam took a deep breath.

“I’m so happy i have company tonight. Its been lonely since Jeff went away on business.”

“I understand darling, my husband is often away on business himself. It leaves me plenty of time to explore other hobbies.” The innuendo nearly made Miranda laugh. The topics of discussion stayed casual until Miranda decided to bring out the wine. A few glasses later the women began to open up.

“How do you keep yourself faithful Sam? With Jeff being gone so often?” Miranda decided to move forward boldly.

“Oh I usually try not to think about it too much. the days where it gets too much i try to get creative… What about you?”

Miranda moved closer and whispered. “Can I tell you a secret Sam?”

“Oh, um sure…anything.” The tone of the conversation changed and so did Miranda’s expressions.

“Well I have certain other arrangements. And my husband doesn’t mind as long as he knows about it. I hope this doesn’t bother you Sam, it just seemed like i could trust you enough.” Miranda said as she gently placed her hand on Sam’s.

“Oh of course not Miranda.” Sam blushed, maybe it was the wine or the touch of Miranda’s hand. She was now holding Sams hand in her own.

“You know, Sam there is one thing though. all my arrangements have in common.” Miranda was now gently circling Samantha’s hands as she spoke and was slowly drawing closer. The wine had freed Samantha a bit, she didn’t resist her touch.

“And what do they have in common?”

Miranda gently moved upto sams ear and whispered “They’re all women.”

Sams heart beat slowly rose. This revelation was not what she had expected. Miranda gently planted a kiss on Sam’s neck and worked her way up to her cheek. Miranda gently kissed Sam’s face, and slowly approached her lips. A passionate kiss ensued and Samantha let go of any inhibition she may have had. Miranda’s tongue gently probed into Sam’s mouth and kissed her deeper. Her skilled hands caressed Sam’s body and gently began to undress her without breaking their kiss. Samantha moaned as her seductress firmly held her breasts and kneaded her nipples softly.

Miranda slowly began to suck on Sam’s breasts and took her time. She had her right where she wanted her, it was evident Sam’s breasts were sensitive as she moaned loudly. A rush of adrenaline took over Sam as she held her new lover and a fire began to burn in her. Her pussy was now wet and as surges of excitement passed through her. Miranda gently worked her way upto her pussy gently licking her. As her tongue probed her wet pussy, Samantha gasped. She could feel her orgasm building up. As this skilled predator continued to ferociously eat her she felt a finger slide into her womanhood. After an intensive finger fucking Sam could moaned loudly and came. A gratified look on her face, she looked into Mirandas beautiful green eyes. They kissed deeply and Miranda lead her into the master bedroom.

As she continued kissing her, Miranda lead her new conquest to her large breasts. Sam had never done this before but she improvised. She began to slowly suck on this goddesses breasts. Her nipples circled in her mouth while her hand gently found its way to her seductress’ pussy. Miranda led Sam to her pussy and said in a firm tone

“Eat it.”

“I havent done this be-“. Before sam could complete Miranda pushed her face into her pussy and began rubbing it over her face. She enjoyed rubbing her wet cunt onto the faces of her lovers. It gave her a sense of accomplishment knowing she’d corrupted them forever. Sam struggled to breathe but continued to lick her lovers wet slit hoping to please her. She tried to lick as fast and as well as she could, taking in this new taste and aroma of her lover. Miranda abruptly broke away and said

“Get on all fours. Don’t move a muscle till i tell you to.” Her tone was much more serious and commanding now. Sam did as she was told. This feeling of being commanded by this beautiful woman excited her. Jeff was not a very dominant lover. Miranda returned wearing a black strapon. It was larger and thicker than anything Samantha had ever taken, she gasped as she saw it.

“Miranda, thats too big. i dont think…”

“Shut up Sam. I know you want this. I can see your lust. Trust me you wont regret it.” She said as she ran her hand over Sam’s face. Sam realised she had no choice but to take it.

Miranda positioned her cock into Sams canal and slowly began pushing.

“Once you’ve taken this nothing will ever be enough darling. You’ll never be happy with your husbands pathetic cock. You’ll beg me for a fuck my lil’ lezzie whore.” Miranda smirked. her dirty talk seemed to make Sam wetter and fuel her fire further.

“Look up darling. Look into the mirror.” Miranda ordered. As Sam looked up, she saw their reflection on a large wall mirror. She could see her own debauchery as her lover began to thrust her cock deep into her getting faster and faster. She saw her own eyes full of lust. Mirandas pendulous breasts moving up and down as she thrust, and her hands holding Sams ass tightly. Miranda fucked her new toy for as long as she could until the early hours of the morning. Exhausted, they collapsed into the bed and kissed passionately for hours. Miranda had gone back to gentle love making. her touch was softer and she caressed Sam thoroughly.

“Darling, from now on you are to be my personal lesbian slut. Whenever I call I expect you to be there. Am I clear?”

Sam, not wanting to disappoint simply nodded yes nervously. This was only the beginning…

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