Lesbians in Margate Ch. 02


Lesbian Lovers of Margate 2. Jessica Allen.

Back On the Doorstep…

Ever since Jessica Allen had met up with Karen and her older lesbian lover, Bethany Armstrong, her life had taken a whirlwind of change and experience, from dull and boring nine to five. Into a huge and dramatic lifestyle change. She had always suspected that she was different from other people and particularly girls of her age. Now she knew that she was different. She was a ‘Lesbian’ with a capital ‘L’. There was no doubt about it she was a lesbian and after spending a weekend with Karen and Bethany a lesbian couple. She was now totally convinced that her life lay in a completely new direction, from the conventional path that both her family and friends thought that she would take.

After a week at work in London. Jessica took the first train back down to Margate, a seaside town to the East of London and about an hours travel by train. She had brought a medium-sized suitcase with her this time. Larger than an overnight bag because she wanted to set herself up as a part-time, weekend partner with Karen and Bethany. It was a change of life, not a new life that she was seeking. A new way to live, love and experience all the emotions and feelings that she had since she was old enough to know her own mind.

Jessica pushed the doorbell on Bethany’s front door and moments later Bethany opened the door with a scowl on her face, looking down at Jessica standing on the doorstep with her suitcase.

“Well have come for the weekend or are you moving in?” Bethany asked in her best sarcastic tone of voice.

“Hello, Bethany, nice to see you too.” Jessica ignored the remark from Bethany.

“Just for the weekend. If I was moving in would have hired a big truck and removal men.” Replied Jessica.

They stood looking at each other for a few moments.

“Oh, just for the weekend, then you’d better come in darling. I can’t have you standing on my doorstep selling yourself. The neighbours would start to complain!”

Bethany stood to one side and let Jessica and come inside the house.

“Which bedroom would you like. There is the master, the two spares, or there is Karen’s room. Which will it be?”

“Oh, stop being such a bitch and give me a big kiss!” Jessica told her.

Bethany stepped forward and scowl from her face changed to a smile and they embraced and kissed each other passionately.

“God I’ve missed you!” Jessica said when they released each other.

“And I’ve missed you too!” Came Karen’s voice as she ran down the stairs and rushed towards Jessica with a hug and a kiss.

A wonderful welcome from Karen and even a warm welcome from Bethany made Jessica so very happy.

“Let’s go for a drink, to celebrate!” Karen said.

“What is the celebration?” Asked Bethany.

“Because Jessica is back in town!” Karen said wide-eyed and excited.

“I’m buying!” Jessica said.

“Well I am certainly coming now, where are my bag and coat?” Bethany asked and began to get ready to go out.

All three of them went down to Beach Avenue where the Sunshine Bar and Cafe had a wonderful panoramic view over the sandy beach and out across the sea for miles. It was a regular for Lesbians and Gays and would hold an annual ‘Pride Day’ party once a year. It, therefore, became a focal point to gather and meet members of the LGBT people who lived in and around Margate. They all went inside and marched straight up to the bar.

“What are we having?” Jessica asked Karen and Bethany.

“Cocktails!” They both loudly replied together.

The cocktails were ordered and they sat near a window so that they could look out at the view over the sea. There were some rainbow flags fluttering in the sea breeze. Brightly coloured stripes representing all types of people that made up the various strands of life.

“Why the rainbow flags?” Jessica asked.

Karen spluttered as she was bartın escort just taking a sip from her cocktail and dribbled a little. She was taken aback that Jessica did not know or understand what the rainbow coloured flags meant to the lesbian and gay community.

“Jessica! Dear girl you really are something special!” Bethany said to her.

“The flags represent us, gays, lesbian and all the rest. Did you not know that?” Asked Karen once she got her breath back.

“I just thought it was a party flag. I had no idea it had any other sort of meaning.”

Bethany looked at her wide-eyed and shook her head slowly from side to side.

“I think I shall have to give you an education Jessica!” Bethany said and gently pushed Jessica on her shoulder.

“What? More than you educated me last weekend?” Jessica cheekily said with a wink of her eye and her tongue poking out between her lips making crude liking motions.

“Oh! Your for it little madam when I get you home!” Bethany said in a teasing sort of way.

“O… I dare you…” Jessica teased back.

Bethany then slipped her hand under the table and onto Jessica’s knee and with a steady motion slipped her hand up to between her legs and with one finger poked her pussy lips through the material of Jessica’s knickers.

“There, that’s a taste of what your in for later madam.” Bethany half-whispered into Jessica’s ear.

“And! You buy us another cocktail too. So get your pretty little arse up to the bar Jessica Allen and get your money out”

“I thought you were going to say ‘Get you tits out!’ For a moment said Karen jokingly. And they all laughed together.

At the bar, Jessica was in the process of ordering a second round of cocktails. As this woman came up alongside where she was standing and spoke to her.

“Hello, there never seen you here before. What’s your name?” The women asked Jessica.

“Jessica, I’m down from London for the weekend.”

“Oh, down from London! Well, I could show you a good time! Get me a drink too and I’ll tell you all about Margate Jessica.” Said the woman.

“Enough of that!” Came Bethany’s voice, sharply and cutting off the woman from saying anything else. Bethany also pushed herself between Jessica and the woman.

“Sod off you old sow!” Hissed Bethany at the woman.

“Come on Jessica, I’ll help you with these.” Said Bethany as she took control of the situation and holding her cocktail in one hand. Marched Jessica back to the table holding her arm firmly with her other hand.

“What’s going on?” Jessica asked. As she was marched back to the table and sat down wedged between Karen and Bethany for her own protection.

“That’s Bad Betty.” Said Karen knowingly.

“She is a mad old sow, one step away from being a ‘Park Bench’!” Bethany said with a vicious tone of voice.

“What’s a ‘Park Bench’?” Jessica asked Karen.

Karen leaned toward Jessica and held her hand up and whispered the answer into Jessica’s ear.

“OH! That’s disgusting! And I was talking to her as well!” Jessica said in a horrified voice.

“So you stay away from her kind Jessica. Do I make myself clear!” Bethany told her in a motherly tone.

“Absolutely!” Jessica responded with still horrified that she had been talking to Bad Betty and horrified she could have also been labelled as a ‘Park Bench’ too.

Bethany put her arm around Jessica and reassured her.

“You safe with us darling. I won’t let anyone harm you while you are with us.” Bethany said making Jessica feel safe and protected against all the bad things that might happen to her in the world.

Just then an older looking respectable-looking gentleman came into the bar wearing a tweed suit. Bethany called to him to come over and joined them at the table.

“Hello, ladies, what are you up to today?” He asked all three of them in a posh polite way.

“Charlie bartın escort bayan darling, get yourself a drink and join us.” Said Bethany.

Charlie got his beer and returned to the table.

“Now who is this pretty thing?” Charlie asked about Jessica. “I already know you two delightful butterflies but not this one.”

“Charlie Brock, meet Jessica Allen, also known as ‘The Minx!’ Of Margate.” Bethany introduced Jessica to Charlie.

“Very nice to meet you, Charlie,” Jessica said and they shook hands.

“Charlie I think I may have found you a new muse,” Bethany said. “Don’t you think she would be perfect for one of your marvellous paintings?” She added.

“I believe that every young lady should have her portrait painted.” Said Charlie with a smile.

“Well, that’s settled. Jessica you’re going to be immortalised in oils.” Bethany said and they all spent the next hour chatting together at the table overlooking the view.

Bath Time…

After the cocktails at the Sunshine Bar. All three women went for some window shopping. They zigzagged their way along the streets and lanes of Margate winding their way back home to Bethany’s house. It was getting cooler and the sea breeze was picking up and blowing inland through the town. By the time they got home, both Karen and Jessica were feeling very cold. Bethany of course was well wrapped up in her warm coat.

“You girls going out in nothing but flimsy clothes, I never understand why your such slaves to fashion,” Bethany said chiding them for not bringing a coat with them or for wearing warmer clothes.

“The best thing you both could do is have a nice hot bath for both of you.” She said and went upstairs and began to run hot water into the bath and adding bubble bath to the water.

Karen and Jessica got undressed and put on their fluffy dressing gowns. They waited until Bethany called them that the bath was ready and they both joined her in the bathroom. Bethany was already naked and just stepping into the bath. Karen and Jessica dropped their dressing gowns and one by one joined Bethany in the bath. It was an extra-large bath, double-ended with brass taps and a shower spray in the middle. This meant that two people could share the bath at the same time, very sexy and just a hint of decadence about it.

The three of them manage to fit in. The water level covered them all in hot soapy bubbles and they lay together and felt the water warm them all the way to their bones.

“Never shared a bath with anyone before!” Jessica said.

“Then you have never lived,” Bethany replied. “Well not properly lived at any rate.” She added.

“Bethany introduced me to sharing a bath,” Karen added her comment to the conversation.

Although the bath was large enough for all three of them, they were all in close contact with each other. Their naked bodies touched and their legs intertwined between each other. Making it feel a rather sensuous experience for Jessica. She eased herself against Karen and Bethany enjoying the warmth of the water and the erotic touch of her naked body relaxing against two other naked bodies.

Karen began to fondle Jessica, reaching with her hands to cup her breasts and thumb her nipples with the soapy bubbles. Jessica sighed and relaxed and let Karen play with her body. Bethany watched them both and she slipped her right legs and foot between Jessica’s legs and began to rub her foot and toes against Jessica’s mound. Teasing and massaging her in a sexy erotic way. With Karen teasing her breasts and nipples and Bethany massaging and teasing her mound Jessica felt like she was floating in heaven. Partly afloat in and the warmth washing over her she lay in the bath with Karen and Bethany and was quite happy for them to do what they wanted with her body. They could do anything at all and she would not mind nor complain. She gave herself escort bartın completely over to them, trusting them like loving two sisters.

Bethany could reach the taps and every now and then she turned the hot tap and allowed more hot water to replace the cooling water. The mouth of the overflow swallowed the excess level and kept the water a few inches below the rim of the top of the bath.

Playing erotic touch and feel with both Jessica and Karen, Bethany was enjoying her position as head girl in their menage-a-trois. She had successful seduced Karen and had her move into the house with Bethany and now she was in the process of seducing Jessica too. Bethany’s life was almost nearly perfect. She had two young lesbian lovers and yet she still on the odd occasion craved for more. What exactly that more might be she would leave up to fate to decide. She did not want to push her luck and her love too far.

Jessica and Karen slipped over and between one another and now Karen was being teased and massaged by Jessica and Bethany. Her breasts were cupped and nipples thumbed and her mound was massaged by the toes and foot from Bethany. The three of them were indulging in a gentle lesbian threesome in the bathtub. A soft playful game of teasing and pleasing each other. Mostly the two younger women, Bethany was leading the way and them both astray in the bath. Not that either of the two younger women needed leading astray, but she like being the one who initiated the sexual games.

Both Jessica and Karen were Her playthings, her sexual living dolls that she took pleasure in seducing. Also, she protected them too from the big bad world that lay in the shadows. Bethany considered herself to be their very own guardian angel.

“Time to get out ladies, I’m beginning to wrinkle at the edges,” Bethany said in a motherly tone of voice.

“Do we have to!” Complained Jessica.

“Yes, I am pulling the plug… Now!” She said, Then they all heard the sound of water running through the pipes and the level of the bathwater began to slowly drop and reveal their three pink naked bodies.

Towels were grabbed and drying began. Rubbing and padding and smoothing over each other’s skin. A trio of water nymphs gently drying each other with smiles and giggles. Fingers were reaching and stroking each other. Mostly it was Karen and Jessica doing the fingering to Bethany. She was the centre of attention and she allowed them to tease and please her as they fondled and fingers her naked body. A finger stroked her mound and between her smoothly shaved pussy lips, which made her sigh. A hand would cup her breast and a thumb would press her stiffening nipple, almost painful, but more a sensation of pleasure for her. Bethany stood and allowed her two water nymphs to play with her body. The finger in her pussy was now tracing its way up to her clitoris and there it pressed and rubbed her most sensitive spot on the body. She whimpered a little and gave little cries of joy as the finger pressed and rubbed harder. Making her quiver in anticipation of a sexual release. Karen was doing that to her as Jessica cupped and tease Bethany’s breasts and nipples. They pressed their naked bodies against Bethany and almost merged into an erotic classical pose of three nudes carved from white virgin marble. Bethany felt her body glow with a hot surge of a climax and she shook as it rippled through her body and left her shaken and wanting more.

“That was wonderful girls.” She complimented both Karen and Jessica on making her orgasm with their fingers teasing her pussy, clitoris, breasts and nipples all at the same time.

A night of passion then took place between all three of them in Bethany’s bedroom. She took the lead with them both and seduced and sexualised them both. Bring both Karen and Jessica into enjoying multiple orgasms and erotic sensations between all three of them together.

Bethany used all her skill and knowledge about the female body and its sensitive and erotic zones to pleasure both, herself and Jessica and Karen too. It was late when they all fell asleep together in the one big bed in Bethany’s bedroom. Covered and kept warm all three slept as two nymphs and a protecting guardian angel.

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