Let the Music Play


The first time I saw her she was on the dance floor alone. I had only been in the DJ booth for about twenty minutes when she broke away from her friends and started dancing. She looked like she had formal training. Her muscular legs and small upper body suggested she was an athlete, but the firm juicy ass she carried and the way she took command of the floor took away any doubts.

Our eyes met a few times when I dropped songs she liked and each time she rewarded me with a smile. Then she threw herself back into her dance. The dance floor was packed but no one in the club could keep up with her. Guys gave up trying to push up on her ass and took in the view instead.

After a while I lost her in the darkness and the throng on the floor. I went back to focusing on the music. A lot of hot girls came into this club. As the DJ, I rarely got anything more than a smile or an annoying request from them. I forgot about the dancer and lost myself in the music.

It was 2 AM when I felt someone pull on my arm. I glanced over, ready to ignore the drunken request. I was surprised to see the dancer standing by the booth. She looked even better close up. Her dress was low cut and I could see her chest heaving from exertion, her cleavage was moist with sweat. Her eyes were hazy from the alcohol, but they were still big, brown and bright. Her lips looked very inviting, even though she was pouting.

I leaned in close to her. The music was so loud that this was the only way I could hear her. There was a sweet smell in her hair like strawberries. It actually blended well with the tequila on her breath. I asked “What’s wrong?” wondering what song she was going to beg to hear.

She put her hand on my shoulder and I could feel the heat from her skin. “I need a place to sit. Can I hang out with you?” I was about to say no. But she squeezed my shoulder and pressed her damp breast against me. I opened the door and let her in.

She slinked into the corner toward the only chair in the small booth. I thought she was going to sit down, but she pushed her back against the wall and slid down until she was squatting on the floor next to it. I shook my head and smiled. I pegged her as just another girl who can’t hold her liquor. A lot of them came into the club too. I went back to the music, willing to let her sleep it off.

At 4 AM I touched her shoulder. The club was closing and I was ready to go home. I was hungry, my feet hurt and I wasn’t really in the mood to be polite. “Hey. The party’s over. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

She woke up slowly, looking around in confusion and tugging her dress back into place. I don’t think she remembered bakırköy escort coming into the booth. Her eyes were annoyed and agitated when she looked up at me. “What time is it?” I told her.

“Shit” was her response. “Did my friends come looking for me?” I told her they didn’t.

“Shit” was her response. She stood up slowly and stumbled out of the booth. She glanced over her shoulder and said “Sorry about that.” I watched her firm ass bounce quickly across the club and out the front door.

I figured that was that.

I got paid, grabbed my gear and left the club. When I reached the corner I saw her holding her cell phone to her ear. She was clutching herself in the morning cold and shaking her head. When I got close I could see she was blinking back tears. I guess the image of vulnerability drew me in. “Is everything OK? Do you need money for a cab?”

“They fucking left me. They invite me out to cheer me up, and then they leave. They’re probably sucking dick right now, stupid bitches.” I don’t even think she was talking to me. She snapped her phone closed and turned to walk away. “Thanks. I can take the train.”

I wasn’t going to let her go that easily. “Listen, you’re cold and dehydrated from the drinks. There is a diner right at the corner. Let me buy you some coffee so you can warm up. The trains are hardly running now anyway. There’s no point waiting on the platform alone.”

She stopped and looked over her shoulder at me for a minute, probably deciding if I was a psycho or not. She wasn’t stupid enough to walk away with a random guy, but she did feel alone and the diner was close. That might have been enough. She turned around, walked up beside me and smiled, still hugging her arms around her chest for warmth. I smiled back and walked her to the diner.

The coffee and bagels warmed her up and relaxed her. I found out she was an aspiring dancer. She just got rejected from her umpteenth audition and her boyfriend broke up with her when her ‘friends’ suggested they come to the club to let off some steam. By the time we had our third cup we were talking about music, joking and of course, flirting.

“So what kind of music does a DJ have sex to?” Her eyes flashed at me from behind her coffee cup.

“That depends on the girl. Some girls love a pounding beat. Others need something much smoother.”

“But what do YOU like?”

I smiled at her, dropped money on the table and led her out. ‘That will take a little explaining. Come on. We can split a cab.”

It was early Sunday morning, so it was easy to find a cab. She sat close to me when I turned to look into her eyes. “Have you ever heard Maxwell?” I bakırköy escort bayan casually reached across my body and slid my hand onto her bare thigh. She nodded, looking down at my hand as it slid up her skirt. “I put that on when I know she likes it smooth. His groove really gets her in the mood.”

The tip of my finger found the fabric of her panties and I pressed against it. She bit her lip and looked into my eyes. She was sober now. Her agitated, drunken gaze was replaced by a hungry one. She grabbed my elbow and held my hand in place. I traced long strokes up and down the length of her pussy.

“Yeah…that’s nice.” I couldn’t tell if she was talking about my musical taste or the movement of my hand.

I pulled at her panties with two fingers, moving them just far enough for me to reach her swollen lips. She rocked her head against my shoulder, rolling her hips to pull my fingers in deeper. I glanced toward the cab driver to see if he was looking, but he was weaving through traffic and talking on the phone in Korean. “If I know she’s a freak, I make sure I put on some Prince. He’s got so many songs that can turn a girl on.”

“That’s just what I need…” she was whispering into my ear, licking the lobe and moaning. I knew she was close to the edge.

My fingers were wet with her juices. I pushed them in as far as I could reach and then curled them up to stroke her special place. Her breath came in short gasps now and her nails were digging into my arm. I tapped her spot quickly, letting the vibrations take over. “When it’s all over, I put on some Sade so she can soak in that good sex and get ready for some more.”

“Oh I like that. Don’t stop. Oh shit.”

Before she could cry out, I slid my tongue into her mouth and kissed her. She opened those lips for me too, sucking in my mouth at the same time she let out the soft scream.

The cab stopped and I reached in my pocket with my dry hand to pay the driver. When I joined her, she was leaning against the banister. I stepped up to her and she pulled me in close for another kiss.

“I am so fucking wet right now. I wish I could take you upstairs and fuck you, but I can’t.”


“My roommates are asleep upstairs. Unlike my so called friends, they never go out. I can’t bring you up there. We won’t have any privacy.”

I smiled and looked at my watch. “What floor do you live on?”

“The third floor, why?”

“Are there any early morning joggers in your building?”

“I don’t know. Why are you asking me that?”

I leaned in close to her again. “Open the door. I’ll show you when we get inside.”

“But they’re upstairs…”

“Open escort bayan bakırköy the door.”

She reached into her purse with a confused look on her face and pulled out the keys. She led me into her hallway, holding her finger over her mouth in a comical signal to be quiet. I followed behind her up the first two flights. Halfway up the staircase to the third floor, I wrapped my hands around her waist and pressed my hips against her round ass. She cried out a little, but reached her hand back to stroke my head. My other hand reached under her skirt and cupped her pussy again. It was wet and throbbing in my hand. Her ass was grinding against my hard on and I knew she was ready. ‘Fuck me right here.”

She let out a little laugh and glanced at me over her shoulder. “In the hallway?” She was skeptical but she didn’t pull away.

“We have all the privacy we need.” I reached in my pocket and pulled out a condom.

She gave me that analyzing look again and something inside her accepted it. Without taking her eyes off me she bent over, arched her back and raised that delicious ass into the air. With one hand resting on the top step, the other hand lifted up her skirt and gave me a full view of her plump ass and her swollen lips. “You think I’m a slut, don’t you?”

I grabbed her hips and smiled back at her as I moved in close. “Not at all, I just think you need a good fuck.” And then I was inside her. All at once, I buried the length of my cock deep into that wet space. She rose up on her toes, straining to hold back her scream. I pounded into her again and her legs shook. I pumped faster and harder, holding her hips in my hands and pulling her down into me. She grabbed at the banister and the steps, flailing around for something to hold onto. Suddenly she reached back and grabbed my wrist, looking back over her shoulder with her tongue rolling across her lips. Our eyes met again as she danced for me just like she did in the club, only this time I kept up with her. “Oh take it. Take that pussy that he gave up. Take it. I don’t need that motherfucker. I got me some good new dick right here…Fuck this pussy. Yeah. Show him what he’s missing…Oh shit…”

Her hand slammed down on the steps. I was afraid that she was making too much noise, but I wasn’t stopping. I couldn’t stop. Then her body locked up and tightened around my dick. I saw thick, creamy come cover my length and collect around her lips. Her body went limp and I pulled out. She collapsed onto the steps with a sigh.

I led her up to her door and kissed her cheek softly before I walked away. “Get some sleep. Sorry there wasn’t any music.”

She giggled and pulled out her keys again. “No worries. We’ll use the music next time.”

I stopped. “Next time? Are you planning to sleep in the DJ booth again?

She opened her door with a smile and stepped inside. “I’ll be doing something in the DJ booth, but it won’t be sleeping.”

Have fun.


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