Letter #2


Dear _______ –

I didn’t know you considered your life “hedonistic.” Perhaps you need to tell me more and I can offer up my opinion.

In the meantime, I have been thinking about another recurring fantasy of mine – watching a woman masturbate to completion. I have had women who loved to touch themselves while we were having sex, and even some who inserted their fingers inside themselves while I was in there. That felt pretty damned good, and had an element of excitement about it. But I had never just sat and watched while a woman took care of herself and didn’t let me do anything to help. I imagine the whole thing would go something like this….

After a night out on the town the two of us return to her apartment. She knows of my fantasy, for I had mentioned it to her just a couple weekends ago. We have a nightcap and head off to the bedroom. I am given no reason to suspect anything different is in store for me, till we’re undressed and getting ready to climb into bed. She looks at me with mischievous eyes and tells me to get into bed. I do, and she asks me to lie in the center. She asks me to move a little closer to the head of the bed, and puts several pillows behind me, so I’m almost sitting up. Then she asks me to put my arms out. I follow her instructions, wondering what’s going on when she takes out the soft straps from the nightstand and ties my wrists to the headboard. I feel the blood starting to drain from my brain and flood my other “head.” Then she spreads my legs and uses the ankle cuffs to tie those to the footboard. She gathers the rest of the other pillows and places them against the footboard right between my legs. Still not sure of what’s to follow, I watch her reach into her nightstand and pull something out. She’s careful not to let me see yet what it is, but there are only so many things in her nightstand and I have an idea of what’s about to transpire. My cock starts throbbing, the head bouncing off my lower belly.

She climbs onto the bed, not even looking at me ataşehir escort till she turns and settles back against the pillows. She spreads her legs, placing them over mine so they look like two open scissors facing each other. Then she pulls her knees up slightly, giving me a completely unobstructed view of her pussy. Her outer lips glisten slightly in the low light. I now know for sure what’s going to happen. Slowly she takes one of her fingers, puts just the tip into her mouth, gives a little suck, and takes more of her finger in. She rolls it around inside her mouth, then pulls it out, looks at it for a second, and traces a line from her neck down the center of her chest and over her breast to her small, dark nipple. Still wet, she circles her nipple, which starts reaching upward. With her thumb and forefinger she tweaks it till it’s fully erect. With her other hand she reaches between her legs and gathers some of the moisture from there. Very slowly she raises her fingers to her mouth and tastes herself. At that, she sighs and settles back into the pillows some more, her other hand continuing to play with her nipple. I am not without reaction, wide-eyed, my breathing heavy and my heart pounding in my chest. My saliva glands are working overtime in anticipation of what I am going to witness.

As she again dips her fingers into her pussy to moisten them, I realize that she has almost forgotten I am there. She is beginning to get lost in herself – one of the most intimate acts people can have by themselves. This time she uses her juices to moisten her other nipple, which by this time had grown hard on its own. As the warm wetness starts to evaporate in the coolness of the room, her nipple becomes even harder. Sitting there, with both hands she rubs herself down her belly and up the inside of her thighs, reaching her knees and then sliding her hands up the outside of her thighs, under her buttocks and around to her front. Slowly, she moves her hands up and down the inside of her thighs, her kadıköy escort thumbs outstretched and coming closer and closer to the partially open folds of her outer pussy lips. With each thumb she caresses up and down the space between her thighs and her lips, pushing them closer together, then reaching with her other fingers and spreading them apart. As she parts her lips she strokes up the entire length of her crack to the top of her pubic hair, and on the return parts herself even more. Her eyes are closed. She is breathing heavier now, and it is apparent that the show for me has turned as much into a show for herself. With her thumb she starts rubbing the exposed button of her clit as she inserts two fingers into herself, fucking with them for a couple minutes before taking them out and bringing them to her mouth to suck the glistening moisture from them. With her other hand open, she starts pressing down her mons, and rubs her entire pussy with her open hand.

She finishes sucking on her fingers, reaches behind her pillow and pulls out her vibrator. She uses the tip of it to spread her labia open, and as she does a glistening trickle dribbles down her crack to her ass. She probes her opening with the tip for a few seconds before slowly guiding it in – a little bit in, a little less out, till she’s taken the whole thing inside of her. Then she turns it on and starts sliding it in and out. With her other hand she starts circling her clitoris, occasionally tweaking the hard little nubbin between her fingers. Now her hips start bucking up and down, and her breathing is very rapid. I watch a droplet of sweat form at her temple, run down the curve of her jaw and drop onto her chest. It gathers momentum as it runs between her heaving breasts. Using one hand, she alternates between her clit and her nipples, thrusting the vibrator in and out with her other. I can hear the buzz on each outstroke, but her panting overwhelms the sound when it disappears back inside her hole. Both her inner and outer lips bostancı escort bayan are puffy and turned out, glistening and holding the toy in place. Now concentrating on her clit, her face grimaces – the same look I’ve seen so many times just before she comes. Pumping and rubbing furiously, she draws in a deep breath, arches her back and slams the vibrator all the way in. Her contractions push it out again, she lets out a loud moan and pushes it back in. Slowly she comes back to earth, the vibrator still inside and humming away. She reaches inside her to pull it out. It makes a sucking sound as she does. She turns it off, puts it to her lips and licks all the way around it, from the base to the top and then takes as much as she can into her mouth. Only then does she look up at me.

My cock is aching for release. The head is purplish-red, and the vein is sticking out so far you can faintly see the pulse of my pounding heart. Once she gets her breath, she crawls on top of me, leaving me tied to the bed. She braces herself with her arms near my chest, and straddles my hips. She looks down at my raging cock, and lowers her pelvis toward it. As she gets close she pulls back a bit, and makes contact with her clit at the base of my penis. Leaning down, she takes my nipple in her teeth, and as she presses her clit against my cock and starts to slide up toward the head. She’s licking me from my chest toward my neck and as she does so, she nestles a little lower, so her pussy lips envelope me. I can hold out no longer. The anticipation and the heat and wetness enveloping my cock are too much for me to take and I let loose a large load that ends up mostly on my belly. She wriggles down, pressing the whole of her sex against mine, trying to squeeze the last of the come out of me. Once she sees I’m done, she lowers her head to my stomach and licks the come off. She takes the head of my still semi-hard cock in her mouth and cleans that off, then reaches up to untie the wrist straps. She undoes the ankle straps, pulls back the covers and climbs in next to me, pulling them over both of us as she does. “Thank you,” I say. “Sleep tight,” she says.

You haven’t convinced me of your hedonism. Care to try again? Looking forward to your next letter.


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