Letter to my Master


Your gaze arouses me.

Your touch inflames me.

Yours words excite me.

From the tiny, feather light butterflies, that I can barely feel. Is it real? To the solid, “thwack” of your belt across my thighs, or the stinging of the crop on my arse cheeks.

I am, as always, in total awe of your self-control. Myself, as usual, I am nothing. I am at the mercy of my desires. Consumed with need. As I writhe in my bonds, silently hoping, you remain calm, watching. As I cry out for release, you laugh, its hopeless. As I yell with pain, you remain, hard faced, cool.

You watch me, detached; evaluating each touch you honour me with. Whereas I am wriggling, squirming, pleasure or pain. Your slut. Waiting for the moment you might want to enter me, or might grant me release.

My Master.

My body is yours. My cunt is yours. This whore is yours.

Take me when you will. Abuse me at your will. I take what you give, willingly, pleadingly. Knowing that the pain heightens the pleasure when it comes. If it comes. If you think that I deserve it. I try so hard to please. Oh God, I try! But I’m imperfect. Too slow. Too Clumsy. Too consumed with my need for you; and I deserve my punishments. Deserve the belt which licks, lazily, at my pussy. Or burns, so expertly, on my delicate arse hole. Deserve the crop against my legs, but relish the light strokes across my clit. The tickle of the leather being dragged slowly across my belly. Down… Down…

Oh God. Once again my body will give me away. Arching up towards that light stoke. A gentle moan escapes my lips. You open me, and I feel the hard, rounded handle of your crop enter me, slowly. All so deliciously Starzbet slowly. My already dripping cunt allows this to slip in easily.

“oh! You dirty little bitch. Your cunt is so greedy! Do you think you deserve any more pleasure?”

“No Master” I moan, helpless, as I squirm, the crop handle moving slowly in, and out, in, and out. Out. Out. “Oh!” I gasp as I am left empty again. It wasn’t much to fill me, but it had been pleasure. And the pain is forgotten. You raise the crop to my lips. I kiss it and thank you for the stripes that still glow bright against my thighs.

“Think my greedy slut needs to learn some restraint.”

And you are gone. For a moment. Leaving me, bound, wrists and ankles spread wide open, for you to play with. Your collar, marking me as yours, rubbing my neck.

A glow as you approach tells me what you have in store for me. I can’t stop a tiny moan of fear escaping. You know that this is tough for me.

“Kara, you know how I love this. Be good for me.”

I know you love it. I bite my lip. The burning candle held before my eyes, which widen with fear. I can see it slowly tipping. Slow motion. A drip falls toward my nipple. It hits. Mild warmth at first, pleasant, fooling me. Then burning. White hot. I buck, cry out. It cools and skin tightens beneath the wax. You smile – “Shhhhhhh”

Repeated. Slowly, then faster. Drips and splashes, groaning. My body straining against its restraints. My futile efforts to escape the bonds.

“God kara, you look so beautiful”

My Masters voice. His praise. My insides melt. The pain is nothing. I am nothing, just a thing to please you. All sensation is yours Starzbet Giriş to give, to remove. I feel my pulse in my excited pussy. Can feel the moisture soaking my legs, and running down to my arse. The candle is put away. Your hand calms me. My ragged breathing slows.

“Think I might take you now.” Matter of fact, casually, no rush.

Oh god yes, this is what I want, what I need.

“Or maybe not”

My hopes dashed. Releasing one of my hands, you tell me “Do yourself first”

My face colours, but I am so desperate for release, nothing can shame me now.

My hand is between my legs in an instant.

“Slowly baby, one finger first”

I take a deep breath, and slowly push a finger between the slick, wet lips. It slides in without resistance. Your face is so close to my pussy I can feel the sigh that escapes. One finger is just teasing, nowhere near enough.

“How’s it taste sweetie?”

“Good,” I reply

I lick and suck my own juices off my finger until you guide my hand back down. I brush my clit as I push back inside.

Oh that’s nice.

Two fingers now, three. Pushing into me. I look at you, my Master, silently imploring.

“Not yet” you order.

Fucking myself now. Alternating rubbing my clit, with burying my fingers. Your breath ragged against my thigh.

“Kara don’t you dare cum”

I keep rubbing, shifting my fingers slightly, just off that sensitive spot. I’m not going to cum. Not until you say.

I can feel it, so close, almost there. Stop. Almost there, stop. I keep this rhythm. Knowing you are enjoying my torture all the more for making me do it to myself. Waiting Starzbet Güncel Giriş for the OK to go over the edge.

Building, my clit swollen and hard. My juices dribbling. You push a finger in next to my own, just to wet it. Then slide it oh so slowly, into my arse. You know this will tip me over. I can’t bare it. It’s too much. I need release.

“No kara”

My breath is desperate and uneven. I concentrate for all I’m worth on not cumming. I can’t keep doing this to myself. I try to stop but you take over. The pleasure is constant now. No escape. Just that burning, building between my legs. Fingering my arse and teasing my aching clit.

I can’t stop, I cant hold it, I cant! Its going to happen, and I know you will be so angry, so disappointed in me.

“Nooooooooooooo” I cry. Clenching my tummy, grinding my teeth, fighting it. I won’t cum, I won’t. I…


Everything stops. Fingers withdrawn. Empty. Cold.

Tears of frustration well in my eyes.

You’re pushing my legs up, oh yes! At last. I feel your cock, hot, stiff, huge, you glide into me, slipping in so easily despite your size.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” I moan, and the weight of your body against my swollen clit is the final ecstasy.

But its OK, because your voice in my ear says “Cum now baby,” harshly, breathlessly.

And Oh my GOD! Do I cum! An explosion. Everything I held back for so long erupts.

I scream.

You fuck. Hard.

My legs up over your shoulders, I feel the full length of you, deep, deep inside me. So powerful. You grip my collar with one hand, as you slam into me.

Still screaming, still cumming.

Satisfaction at last. So good. Soooooooo good.

Shaking, twitching, by body wracked with the tremors that you have brought me. You hold me. Tears drying on my cheeks. You stroke my hair gently

“Master,” I breathe.

“Good girl,” you whisper.


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