Letters to Nicole 08


Dear Nicole,

Yes, you’re right! That first time with C.J. made me realize that I definitely prefer men over women, but not by much…giggle! If you ever want to try it with a girl though, you really need to try it with someone like Felecia. She prefers girls over guys and it really makes a difference I think!

Watching her with Teddy though was such a turn-on for me. I loved how uninhibited she was and having a guy fuck me was a turning point in my life in more ways than one. I wanted to be just as free and uninhibited as she was. Yet I was going to be careful; being known around school as a “slut” was not what I had in mind. But I definitely decided that if I wanted to have sex with someone, I was going to do it and get as much fun out of it as I could!

C.J. was very attentive for that whole next week. He never missed talking to me between classes but he was really cool about it. He didn’t drape himself all over me and I respected that; I even told him so. I really surprised him under the stairwell one time, Nicole! I pulled him hard against me and held the back of his head with both hands. It was such a hot kiss, and he was stiff almost immediately, pushing his cock into my tummy and clutching at my tits.

We kissed like that for a bit and then I said, “Cee…I wanted to tell you once more how much fun I had the other night!”

“Shit, Nance…it was awesome! I wanted to thank you better, but I’m not sure how.”

“You just be you,” I replied with another peck on his cheek. “and C.J.?”


“I definitely want to do it again sometime!”

He grinned the biggest grin possible and said, “Oh, Nance…you know how to make a guy feel…like…” He was so tongue-tied!

“You’re welcome!” I laughed as he fumbled for the words. We talked about it and I told him that I wasn’t interested right now in seeing anyone exclusively and he said he understood.

I thanked him for not being possessive and he laughed, “Nance, I know you and Felecia have a thing, like…I better not get possessive, right?”

We both laughed and headed for our next class. I barely got to english in time, just avoiding a detention, and settled down in my seat next to Megan. She looked at me with this mischievous look in her eye.

“So…” the cute little red-head began, “are you and C.J. becoming a ‘thing’?”

I feigned astonishment when replying, “Whatever do you mean, little Miss Megan?”

“Ohh…you know what I mean, like are you gonna be tied up for a while, or do other people get a chance?”

We both giggled as Ms. Armstrong started the lesson. She asked to see how much progress we had made with our term papers and Megan and I laid ours out on the desk. We were both pretty much finished and Ms. Armstrong complimented us on it. But after having glanced at Megan’s she red-lettered her and said, “Megan, you really should proofread this again. I see two errors in the first paragraph.”

“Yes, Ms. Armstrong.” Megan groaned! Turning to me she whispered, “I’ve been over this twice already, like what do I do now?

“Did you use Spellcheck on it?”

“Yeah…” she handed me her paper. “I thought I had everything corrected.”

I looked carefully at her paper. “Here’s the first problem, you used ‘their’ instead of ‘there’. Spellcheck won’t always catch that.” Reading a little more I said, “And here you used ‘laying’ instead of ‘lying’, it might not catch that either.”

“Oh, my gosh, I’m so shitty at this! What am I gonna do? Help me, Nance! Like… can you come over after school and read this over once?” Megan was in funk, and I couldn’t help but giggle at the helpless look on her face.

“Sure, don’t panic, do you have it on a disk or on your harddrive?”


“Okay…I’ll come over right after school and we’ll read it over in like two seconds.”

Megan breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks, I’ll owe you one!”

“Well, like I rode in today with Felecia…you’re gonna have to give me a ride, and then take me home.”

“That’s it? No problem,” replied Megan, just as Ms. Armstrong was finishing the review.

The rest of the day went by smoothly. All of us girls met in the parking lot after school. Even Nikki was there and the other three spent about fifteen minutes trying to get Felecia and me to tell what we did on our date with C.J. and Teddy. I laughed so hard because all Felecia would do was roll her eyes and lick her lips, driving the girls insane with curiosity. When they pushed me for the answers all I would do is shrug and tell them to ask Felecia. Then she and I would laugh even more. Finally we gave in by telling them we would describe the night’s activities at the next sleepover, and that seemed to pacify them.

Megan and I took off for her house and in no time we had her paper pulled up on the computer. Since I was pretty good at composition, we didn’t have too much trouble finding her mistakes. With one page to go, Megan laid her hand on my knee and said, “God, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri this, Nance, you’re saving my life!”

“Oh, Megs, it’s no trouble,” I said as I placed my hand over the top of hers. “Maybe sometime I could show you my way of proofreading?” Her hand moved a little higher up my thigh and she scraped the nail of her forefinger along the curve of the fleshy part.

“Oohhh…would you, I….” Just then there was a knock on the door, she pulled her hand away quickly just as her mom poked her head inside.

“Megan, I have to pick up Jordan and then stop at the store. Could you turn the oven on at 5:30?”

“Sure, Mom.”

“Okay, 325 degrees and set the timer for 45 minutes. I set the timer for you right now, so you won’t forget.”

“Got it…see ya’ ” Megan moved to the bedroom door and stood outside it, watching for her mom’s departure. When the front door clicked shut, she came back to my chair and stood behind it. Her hands were on my shoulders; her chin was close to my ear. I could hear her breathing. It began to dawn on me what she wanted and when I realized it a wave of sexual heat broke over my whole body.

I turned and looked into her eyes. My God, Nicole, they were so fuckin’ burning with desire. “Uh…Megs, is this more than just a proofreading session?”

Megan began to rub my shoulders. Her lips kissed the back of my ear and I felt my pussy begin to throb with excitement. She licked around the ear, then sucked the lobe gently into her mouth while her right hand moved off my shoulder and down my chest, slipping around my left breast and cupping it outside my blouse. Her fingers pinched through the blouse and bra, searching for my nipple and making me moan with pleasure. “It can be, Nance…I want it to be! Do you?” she whispered, kissing inside my ear.

I shivered as her breath tickled me, and when I turned my head, she kept her lips right there and they dragged across mine. Her left hand cradled my head and pulled my face to her, but I didn’t need that. I was already reaching for her myself and when our lips came together for the first time ever, we both moaned deeply…our lips parting… giving each other’s tongue permission to enter our mouths.

“Oh, Megan….” I managed to groan, “Oh, God!” Her hand was clutching at my boob, but that wasn’t enough. So she yanked my shirt and bra up causing my left tit to fall out of the cup with a quiver, and she covered it immediately with her hand.

She was already over-heated, I could tell. She was crying out in those urgent little girl moans which I’ve told you about, “mmm…uhhh…ahhh…mmm,” each one causing my blood to boil a little hotter. I knew that my panties were soaked by now because my pussy was throbbing with an incredible need. Megan pulled off my lips to hiss into my mouth, “Fuck me Nance…oh, fuck me, please!”

We kissed hungrily for perhaps ten minutes. I let her play with my tits, rolling and pinching my nipples just the way I like. We moved over to the bed and fell on it. Our legs tangled together and I forced my left hand down between us to cup her mound right through her jeans. I pushed at her pussy through the material, marvelling at how she trembled each time I rubbed her. Then suddenly we got up, pulling at each other’s clothes, getting naked as quickly as we could.

As Megan was kicking off her panties, I pushed her playfully back onto the bed. She caressed herself as I watched, grasping her small tits and squeezing them erotically so that her nipples popped even more erect. I groaned looking at them; they were bigger than mine and her areola covered a a lot of her breast. I knelt next to her and she pushed her tit flesh at me invitingly…as if to ask me to suck her. When I lowered my head to her nipple she held it out and fed it into my mouth and I sucked the rock hard teat deep between my lips.

“Oh, Nancy…” she cried, “oh, yesss…mmm, suck my tit, mmm…oh, yeah…suck it!”

I sucked it hard, flicking the tip with my tongue and she squealed with delight, her hips arching off the bed a little. My right hand was running around her tummy, getting lower and lower toward her pussy. When I switched nipples and started to lick her other tit, my fingers touched her slit for the first time. Oh, my God, Nicole…she was so wet, and so smooth! My fingers slid easily into her hole and I began finger-fucking her hard and frantic.

“Oh, my God! Nance…Ohhhh!….Mmmm, yes…oh, fuck! Yess!!!

I started circling her clit with my palm for several minutes as my fingers worked on her. Her hips arched higher and higher off the bed and her hands cupped her own ass and held her up so that she could balance herself against the fucking of my hand.

All of a sudden I sensed that she was close and tearing my lips off her tit, I looked in her eyes as I stroked her. Smiling I said, “You’re gonna cum for me aren’t you? Do it, Megs…cum hard for me!”

“Ohh, I’m going to…I can’t help it, I’m gonna cum soon! Awww…Uhh…Mmm….Shit! Oh, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Shit! Here it comes!” Megan froze for a second as the climax gripped her, then she shuddered through a hard cum, her body twisting in my hands as the spasms wracked her. I tried to hold her tight against me, my hands gripping her ass as she shook. I was so fucking turned on, Nicole!

When Megan finally relaxed, she purred like a cat and snuggled against my boobs. She kissed my neck softly, burying her face against it while I ran my fingers up and down her ass crack. “Now are you going to lick my nipples, little girl? My tits need some attention too you know?” I was giggling, but my body was squirming with desire. I needed to get off badly and Megan giggled into my neck because she knew it too.

“Here, Baby…stick your titties in my mouth,” she shispered, “I’ll give you what you want!” Megan’s voice was crackling with emotion and she sighed heavily as she sucked one of my hard nipples between her lips.

Oh, did that ever feel good! She cradled and massaged my breast so erotically, tickling the soft underside and pulling hard on the teat with her lips. Her tongue would flick at it three or four times very fast, then slow down and caress it a few more. By the time she switched to the other nipple, I was pretty much going crazy. I started frigging my clit and her other hand moved down past the small of my back to the top of my ass. She started to gently scrape her nails over the top of my ass cheeks and seconds after that I exploded with my first orgasm, shaking hard with each convulsion and holding that sweet, little red-head tight against me.

“God…that was so good, thanks, Megan!” I murmured into her mouth as we kissed softly.

Megan smiled and kissed me again, “Eat me Nance, eat my pussy, Baby, please… I’m not even near finished yet! I need to cum again!”

I was so glad to hear her say that. I wasn’t finished either. “Awww….poor Baby, okay,” I said with a giggle. “Let’s see…how do I want to do this?”

Megan giggled too and I got up, pulling her by the legs to the side of the bed. She draped them over the edge and I knelt between them, reaching up to play with her tits some more. She cooed and spread her legs farther apart as her nipples hardened under my hands. I strummed them repeatedly with my middle fingers and watched her face. She was in heaven, I could tell. So I kept flicking at her nips with my right hand but moved my left down between her legs and started caressing her thighs near her vulva. Her pussy was glistening with her juices and the sight stirred me unbearably.

I couldn’t help but tease her by saying, “You want me to lick this cute little pussy? You want me tongue-fuck you, you little slut?”

Megan grinned and ran her hands up and down her tummy, pausing at the top of her slit to pull her lips apart a bit. “Oh yes, lick my pussy…show me how good girls can do it, Nance!”

Her words inflamed me, Nicole. I was going to show her. I leaned down and, using the tip of my tongue, gave her five little butterfly light licks right down the middle of her slit, each one barely grazing her clit as I passed. “How’s that?” I said to her with a wicked smile.

“Mmm…that felt so good! More, please!”

I groaned and slid my tongue a little deeper between her labia. She tasted so sweet and I lapped at her whole gash with the flat of my tongue. She gasped repeatedly and grabbed at my hair pulling me tighter and tighter against her pussy. “Oh, my God…right there Nance, that’s it…right there!” she squealed as my tongue rimmed around her asshole. I stayed at her anus, tonguing the puckered little hole and then began thumbing her clit with quick little flicks. It didn’t take long. Megan screamed with pleasure and ground her ass hard into my mouth as she came, her juices oozing out onto my nose and cheek. Her chest was heaving, trying to catch her breath, and she squeezed one of her tits, pinching at her nipple.

“Oh, God…Nancy, that was so good, Mmmm!”

I crawled up next to her again and slid my tongue into her mouth. We kissed for several long minutes, our hands playing with each other’s tits. Megan draped a leg over me and as we kissed she eventually rolled over on top of me. She was sort of on her knees, but she pushed her hips down as low as she could, trying to rub her pussy against mine. Our pubic bones began to bump together as she drove her tongue repeatedly into my mouth. This little bitch was on fire, Nicole, and I was beside myself with lust.

Finally I whispered in her ear, “Megs, let me clit fuck you!”

“What? she said, kissing me on the neck behind my ear. “What’s that?”

“You’ll see,” I said, rolling out from under her. “Here, lie down.” I spread her legs and climbed into the scissors position, hunching my dripping pussy towards hers.

When Megan realized what I was about to do she cried out loudly, “Oh fuck…Nancy, Oh, my…fuck yess….”

Our pussies slid together causing both of us to güvenilir bahis şirketleri shiver, “Oh shit! Oh Megan, yesss, Baby…Mmmm, I’m gonna fuck you so good!”

It took us a few seconds to find a smooth rhythm, but when we did Megan gasped. Our pussies were mated perfectly together, our clits sliding across each other’s, our juices lubing our cunts so slip-sloppy. I held on to Megan’s knees and pushed into her, crying out with pleasure. I couldn’t help it. The feelings were overwhelming me with an electricity that raced up and down my body like lightning. I tried to watch her face; her mouth was open and her eyes were squeezed tight shut as if she were in pain. But the heat of it all soon blinded me and I came with a shuddering groan.

“Oh, God…Megan, FUCK…oh Fuck with me…fuck me, ohhh….ooooooo,” I came again, and then again and still couldn’t stop!

From somewhere I heard Megan, “Uuhhh…ohhh…uhh…mmm…ahhh, I’m cumming, ohh, Nancy…I’m CUMMING!”

I came yet again, Nicole! Four times…so explosive, so incredible…and then it was over. We both fell back on the bed…totally spent, our legs still intertwined; just laying there trying to absorb what had just happened. My eyes were brimming with tears and I heard Megan murmuring, “Oh, my God, Oh, my God…” over and over.

Finally, I moved over next to her and we held each other for a good while. “Like that was kinda fun!” I said with a giggle.

Megan giggled too and hugged me harder, “I’ve never felt like that in my whole life,” she said smiling. “Clit-fucking…I love it!”

We both burst out laughing, and then the timer on the stove went off.

That night, Felecia called.

“So…how was it?” She asked immediately.

“How was what?” I replied.

“The sex with Megan, how was it?”

“How did you know?”

“Oh, c’mon Nance…you know me better than that now! How was it?”

“Pretty amazing; she’s a quick learner, she must have had a good teacher!”

Felecia laughed, “Like, I’m sure you taught her a few things too!”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure I did; but I learned them from you, ya’ know. So what did you do today without me?”

“Oh…you know, this and that!”

Nicole, I do know Felecia so well by now. It wasn’t that she said, “this and that”, it was the way she said it! She had her hand in the cookie jar and I caught her. “Okay, you little slut,” I said laughing, “What did you do?”

Her voice was tinged with mischief as she replied, “Me? A slut? Nahhh, I’m a good girl, you know that, Nancy!”

“Then tell me what happened,” I said, half pleading, half laughing.

“Well…” she began, “I was just wrapping up my research in the library, and Ricky walked in.”

“Oh-oh, I can see what’s coming like a mile away!”

Felecia giggled. “You can, huh? Do you want me to finish the story…or not?”

“Ooops! No…finish please! I won’t interrupt again.”

“Okay…well…Ricky walks in and he says…..”

“Hey Felecia!”

“Hi, Rick!”

“What are you doing here,” he asked, “same as me?”

“That depends…I’m finished for now, I think I have all I need for my term project.”

“Yeah, me too…but I think I need one more source.”

“Okay…” I replied, “maybe I can help. What’s your topic?”

“Crustaceans,” he said. “I could use something on the life-cycle of a shrimp.”

“Oh, shit…I think you could use the same source as one of mine. I have a book by Jeffrey Frost that would be perfect for you. This one here!”

I showed him the book and we looked through it briefly…sure enough, it looked like something he could use.

“Well, I’m gonna need it tonight; tomorrow’s our deadline for showing our bibliographies and the first part of our outlines.”

“Hhmmm,” I said, “I guess you could come over for a bit. Like…while I’m doing one of my other sources you could copy this down.”

“Great,” he said flashing that cute smile of his. “Let’s get out of here!”

He followed me home and in no time we were digging through the books. Once we got started it didn’t take too long. I got done and when he was almost finished, I looked at the clock. It was still pretty early, only 8:00 pm. “Are you thirsty, Ricky?”

“God yes…a coke would be great!”

I went to the kitchen. Nance, It didn’t seem like anyone was home. There was a note on the table. My mom and dad had gone to the movies. I had forgotten it was their “date” night. I took the cokes back to my room and set one down on the desk for Ricky.

“This was nice, Felecia,” he said, taking a sip. “It was lucky I ran into you!”

I was drinking my soda, Nance, but my eyes were looking at him. My thoughts were drifting back to that night with the five of us. I had a very clear picture of when I had Ricky’s beautiful cock in my mouth, sucking him off…and this huge surge of desire raced through me. Ricky’s jeans were stretched tight across his thighs and my mouth watered looking at the bulge between his legs. All of a sudden this incredible itch hit me right between my legs. I wanted him to fuck me, and I wanted it bad!

“Felecia?” I heard this voice calling me.


“Huh?” I realized it was him, talking to me.

“Did you hear me?” Rick was laughing…”I said it was lucky we ran into each other!”

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