Lexxy Baby Pt. 07


Monique, a Personal Trainer and YouTube personality, walked in on her fiancé of three years in bed with another woman. She took Trey’s betrayal hard and went on an unplanned hiatus from men.

Eight months later, she met an Uber driver named Alexander after a night out with her best friend. Monique was still recovering from heartbreak but felt a strange connection to this man who made her smile. Nothing romantic, just an appreciation for him.

Their second encounter wasn’t as pleasant. He showed up at the gym she worked at, looking for a personal trainer. Because his original trainer quit, she was the replacement.

But he didn’t want to work out with a woman. He requested a man for a reason.

She was offended by what she perceived as sexism, and the two had a falling out. He left the gym in a huff, with her dismissing him from her life as another loser.

Yet, after talking with her big brother, she realized that she was presumptuous.

After finding his phone number, she disguised herself as a random representative of the gym to find out why he was quitting. She found out the real reason he wanted a male trainer, and it had nothing to do with sexism. He was just insecure about his body.

She apologized, and the two of them talked it out. She even convinced him to give her a chance as his trainer.

That was the beginning of their friendship. Monique looked forward to their workout sessions together. They made each other laugh, and their personalities complemented one another.

Monique eventually got over her ex. She even had a random one-night stand with a guy she met at a club. His name was Craig. It felt great to be liberated from Trey’s grasp on her heart. It was a celebration of that liberty.

The next day, however, reality set in. She had a massive hangover and was drained of energy to do anything with her day. After realizing there was nothing to do, she called Alex. The two hung out outside the gym for the first time while watching Star Wars.

That became a thing for them over the course of the next few months. They watched everything Star Wars related. In that time, they got to know each other a little more.

As much as Alex wanted to deny the growing attraction he had for Monique, he couldn’t. His best friend Greg had a feeling that she was attracted to Alex too, but he was too jilted over a past experience to take the leap.

Summer Fitzgerald was that experience; the ghost that kept haunting him from high school. She repeatedly broke his heart by keeping him in the background while she pursued “the bad boys”. She even used him as a bait and switch to trick her mom into letting her stay out late. That was the last straw for Alex, and he hadn’t tried to pursue another woman since.

But now, his heart — and Greg — was telling him to carpe diem. So, he leaned in for kiss.

Unfortunately, he was rejected yet again. Monique wasn’t ready for that, at least not with him. Right now, she just wanted his friendship. Nothing more.

Alex took that pretty hard. He renewed his vow to stay clear of romantic relationships and to keep Monique at a distance.

This hurt Monique, and the two had a long discussion about it. Fortunately, they were able to re-emerge from that discussion as friends.

However, things took a turn the day before Monique’s birthday. The two celebrated it with an incredibly thoughtful gift from Alex, but there was an even bigger surprise waiting for her. Alex had met someone new; a girl. He was going out on a date with Cameron, a girl from his high school days.

Monique had to come to grips with this. It was then that she realized that her feelings for Alex weren’t just about friendship. She wanted to date him.

So, she told him how she felt. His reaction wasn’t what she’d hoped for. You see, Alex took everything into account. His question was, why now? What changed?

He wasn’t willing to take that risk. He’d become comfortable with the idea that MoLex was nothing more than a strong friendship.

They had a fight about that, and eventually fell out. But the two of them found their way back to each other.

Monique offered Alex a surprising choice; one she would never offer anyone else. “Date both of us.” She said to him. She was willing to share him.

Alex, being who he was, couldn’t do that. It wouldn’t be fair to either woman. Unlike Trey, he wasn’t a guy who could date multiple women.

And so, they were back where they started: just friends.

But were they really, or were they just deluding themselves?


Monique and Alex sat on her couch, each on either end. Betturkey In front of them, credits were rolling on the final episode of Game of Thrones.

“Well, that sucked.” Monique said, not hiding her disappointment.

With a chuckle, Alex said, “I warned you.”

“I mean…really?” she ranted. “It’s like they got bored with their own show and said fuck it. After such a great build up, why would they just drive it off a cliff like that?”

“I think they were…uh…s-supposed to…umm…”

Alex’s sentence trailed off into nothingness as his train of thought drove off the same cliff GOT season 8 did. The reason he was so distracted was because during his response Monique stood up and began cleaning up the coffee table, which was littered with bits of potato chips, cookie crumbs, and errant popcorn. In order to do this, she had to bend down to brush messy remnants of their movie time snacks with her hand.

In front of him, not even a couple of feet away from his face, was her ass. Those teeny, tiny shorts she always wore when she was just lounging around the house were severely inadequate in covering such a deliciously copious surface area; an area which only widened when she bent over. The roundness of her brown buttocks was peeking out from the bottom hem of either side.

She might as well have been wearing underwear. Ironically, judging by the lucky wedgie that was disappearing between her cheeks, it would appear she wasn’t.

As she absentmindedly gave Alex the view of a lifetime, something came over him. It could best be described as a sense of bravery that had never existed in him before now, and probably would never exist again. It was completely isolated to this moment in time. A voice inside of him gave him permission to — for once — do what he’d been wanting to do all along.

It whispered to him, “Do it.”

Without realizing it, his hand had reached out and swatted her ass.

The loud SMACK as his hand made contact seemed to vibrate across the silent room. All other sound just ceased. Neither of them moved, as if they were both frozen in time as they tried to figure out what just happened.

“Did he just…”

Slowly, without even standing up, she turned her head and looked back at him. Her eyes were narrowed into a glare; her forehead furrowed.

“Did you just…smack my ass?”

He sat there, looking just as stunned as she was. She wondered what his response would be. Would he lie, apologize, or say it was an accident?

He did neither. He simply answered, “Yes.”

She nodded, as if taking this information in. Still in the same position, she asked, “Why?”



Alex noticed three things; three things that emboldened him even further.

She didn’t sound angry. She hadn’t kicked his ass. And she was still bending over.

He stood up and just stood there looking down at the crescent moon in small sweat shorts.

Suddenly, he wasn’t her shy Alex anymore. It was still him — his voice, his face, his body, his presence — but he was someone more confident. More assertive and dominating.

“Because…you’ve been bad.” He said.

The way he spoke…it was like Monique had no choice but to obey him. All she could do was gulp, submissively turn away, and in a small voice say, “Th-then…I should be punished, Lexxy.”

With that, another stinging SMACK made her cheek ripple. She yelped but didn’t move.

SMACK! On the other cheek.

Her body seemed to react on its own. Only, it didn’t run from the pain. In fact, she subconsciously arched her back and stuck her ass out even more. It was like she was inviting the punishment.

She felt his hands on her hips. Then he grabbed the waistband of her shorts. There was a pause, as if he were waiting for her to protest.

She didn’t. She just stood there…waiting; anticipating his next move. Finally, he slowly and carefully inched her shorts down, past her gorgeous butt and thighs. They fell in a heap at her feet.

He was right. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

Submissively, she stepped out of her shorts, ignoring the wrongness of the air on her now exposed, naked ass. Her brown flesh stood vulnerable to his gaze.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! Three quick ones on her bare bottom; no pause. Each time alternating a cheek.

Her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth opened. A stuttered breath escaped her lips. The sting that accompanied each smack was so…deliciously painful.

She could feel butterflies in her stomach. She was drenched between her legs. Her hands, which were planted firmly in front of her on the coffee Betturkey Giriş table, curled up into fists.

He leaned down until his mouth was close to her ear. Unexpectedly, he pulled her hair, yanking her head back. She let out a surprised gasp, but still dared not move.

In a low voice, just above a whisper, he said, “I didn’t hear you correctly. What did you call me?”

“I called you Lexx…”


What can only be described as a cry mixed with a moan escaped her parted lips. With her head at this angle, her airway was restricted. Not enough to stop her breathing, but just enough to let her know that she was at his disposal.

“We’re not at the gym. You’re not in charge right now. I am.” SMACK! “What’s my name?”


He nodded with a smile of satisfaction on his face. Now, instead of the swats, he lovingly rewarded her by caressing the spots he punished. His fingers inadvertently slipped between the valley and grazed her lips as he did so.

Or maybe, it wasn’t so inadvertent. After that first gentle brush, he paid closer attention to her vulva, making sure to slide his finger between the folds. Once he found her clit, and felt the piercing there, her cries became wails of pleasure.

Once again, in that low, cool voice, he asked, “And what do you want Daddy to do?”

Her orgasm was right there. She needed his fingers to keep rubbing her clit, just like it was doing. That, mixed with the sensation of him still possessively pulling her head back, had her on the cliff of bliss.

“What do you want Daddy to do?” he repeated, his modulations moving faster.

“I WANT DADDY TO FUCK ME!” She cried out.

Both hands, the one pulling her hair and the one that was playing with her, left her. She dropped her head and breathed a little easier. From behind, she heard a zipper, followed by the jingling of a belt being loosened.

She stood ready, anticipating the moment of penetration. Suddenly and inexplicably, he started licking her face…


Monique snapped awake. Alex was gone, but in his place was her other best friend. Mr. Pugsly greeted her good morning, just as he did every other day; with loving kisses.

Never before had his love been so irritating.

“Stop Pugs.” She said. She went to swat him away but realized she couldn’t. Looking down, it was only then that she saw where her hand was.

It was stuffed down inside of her shorts. Her fingers were soaked with her juices.

What the hell? Was I playing with myself in my sleep again? Why do I keep having these sex dreams?

It’d been a few weeks since that night on the bridge. That was the first time she made peace with her feelings involving him. Even after he said he wouldn’t date her, she felt closer to him than she ever did before.

Confronting the nature of their relationship was something that was a long time coming. She’d ducked, dodged, and hidden from the reality of what was happening until it was almost too late.

In that moment, even though he ultimately turned her down, she felt a weight being lifted from her. She’d finally owned up to her feelings, threw the middle finger to her fears and doubts, and took control.

For someone like her, the small feat of telling a guy she liked him was a herculean task. Even before Trey’s cheating ass ripped her heart apart, she was taught to be coy and stand-offish with guys. You know; play hard to get; make ’em chase you. Being a beautiful, brown-skinned woman with a slim-thick body came with the benefits of not having to look for male attention. It was thrown at her on a daily basis.

Chris Rock put it best. Almost every time a guy was nice to her, no matter how innocuous the conversation, it was just an invitation for dick.

Can I get that for you? Can I get you some dick?

Do you need any help with that? Can I help you with some dick?

To her, dick invites were as common as daddy issues were on a porn set. Men flocked to her, spreading their beautiful feathers in hopes of impressing her.

At a glance, she was always the one in control.

But was she really? Yes, she could easily pull a tall, good-looking guy with a decent job. That guy, though, would only see what he could see. He wouldn’t care about her ambitions, her feelings, her secret fears. After all, he couldn’t cum inside of those aspects. When he was done wetting his dick with her juices, he would turn into an asshole, just as the rest of them did.

In the course of dating, Monique had come to an unfortunate conclusion. Men just aren’t loyal. They aren’t trustworthy. If a girl happens to find one who is, it’s because he doesn’t have many other options.

That theory held up for so long she started to believe it with biblical faith. And then, over a year ago, she caught an Uber that started to change her perspective on men.

Alex was the antithesis of everything she thought she knew about men. Every time she peeled back a Lexxy-layer, she found more layers yet to be discovered.

On the surface, he wasn’t overly attractive, didn’t have a lot of money, and wasn’t very confident and suave. Life had taught him that he wasn’t worth a second glance.

Alex was just a skinny, white-boy nerd; average in every way.

Simplifying Lexxy with such a reductive sentence was like minimizing the impact of the sun by saying it was hot and bright. One would have to begin researching dwarf stars, calculating its magnetism, and seeking answers about radiation to even scratch the surface.

There was more there than meets the eye.

Lexxy was honest with everything. That’s not to say that he was incapable of lying like any other human. That’s just an observation about his core character. Even amidst his insecurities, he exhibited more integrity than most men Monique had encountered. If he did something, it was genuine and real.

He was charming without meaning to be. His humor wasn’t him trying to be funny; he just was. When he did a thoughtful gesture, it was because he was thinking about you, not because he wanted anything in return. His sensitivity to people around him made him silently observe what they needed, and then form a plan to give it to them with no strings. He wasn’t some world class karate expert, but he’d damn sure challenge you if you threatened someone he cared about.

On top of that, he was loyal; arguably to a fault.

Monique knew her feelings for Lexxy were reciprocated. She felt it in the way he looked at her. Thinking back, she could pinpoint when things started to change between them because of how his eyes fell on her. From the first day the two of them began watching Luke Skywalker’s journey to becoming a Jedi, she knew how he felt, even if she pretended she didn’t.

And yet, he refused to date her now. Even when she offered to share him with that other chick, he declined.

That threw her. After all, guys were only as loyal as their options, and here she was offering to play second fiddle. According to her theory, Alex should have jumped at the opportunity.

Yet, he didn’t. Instead, he displayed the flaw in her line of thinking by saying he wasn’t the type of guy that could date multiple women. It had nothing to do with his feelings, or who he thought was prettier. It was about timing. By the time Monique got around to choosing him, he’d already chosen someone else. His loyalty was duty bound to see it through because it was fair.

It was at that realization that her feelings surpassed mere liking. His looks no longer mattered to her (although he was quite toned now underneath his baggy, drab clothing). All the superficial shit that she once looked for seemed so small and petty now. Watching him bloom over the past year taught her more about men than all the players of her past combined.

Despite being just a skinny, white-boy nerd, he was what she was looking for in a man. He was what her mom found in her dad.

The question was, what was she going to do about it?


With the start of the sex dreams, Monique’s outlook towards Lexxy changed dramatically. Everything he did or said now held a different meaning to her. She was analyzing him; looking for all the things she missed over the past year and some change.

A part of her automatically expected everything to change. After all, she humbled herself and declared her feelings. There would most likely be some awkwardness as they navigated these new waters.

What she wasn’t expecting, however, was for nothing to change. At least, nothing on Alex’s part. There was no awkwardness; no shy glances or trouble looking her in the eye. He was as comfortable around her as he’d always been.

That in itself seemed strange. It was as if that night on the bridge never happened for him.

Alex showed up to their next session after that night, punctual as always. He greeted her with a friendly head-nod and a “Sup Mo. What’s on the agenda for today?”

She wanted to talk about things a little more, but they were on the clock (not that that small factor had ever stopped them before). The two of them went through his routines with the normal ease.

Same jokes. Same playfulness. Same everything.

She called him later that day, hoping to broach the subject. Speaking with him was eerily ordinary, considering the major shift in their dynamic. Every time she tried to steer conversation in the direction of where they stood, the conversation would shift to something else familiar and safe.

It wasn’t even like he was dodging the subject. It just didn’t exist.

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