Life with a Lump Between My Legs Pt. 08


– 28 –

“Do you think you will be able to stay dry all day tomorrow?” She asked feeding me a spoonful of baby food. “Do you think just wearing the training panties will be enough?” I nodded. As she talked about the importance of listening to my body and getting to the potty on time she scooped spoonful after spoonful of baby food into my mouth. Soon she was scraping the last remnants of the mush from the jar and giving it to me. Once done, she stood up and looked down at me. “Now, lay down on the couch.” I stretched out on my back taking up the entire couch. She knelt beside me and lightly rubbed my stomach. “How’s your tummy doing?” she asked.

Her touch became more firm as she massaged my lower abdomen. She smiled as my bowels rumbled. Despite her obvious intent to make me mess myself I was enjoying the attention. She slowly moved her way down to the point her hands were just touching my pubic area. My bowels were responding and I could feel them moving. It had been a while and I could feel the pressure building. I looked up at her and said, “I have to go poop.” She gave me a big smile and stopped her massage.

“Well, let’s get you to the potty then.” And she quickly led me to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet for what seemed like a long time with my wife looming over me expectantly. It was a no go. I just could let it out. My wife seemed a bit disappointed but kindly encouraged me to keep trying. I gave one last push and gave up.

“I just can’t,” I whined. She gave me a kiss on the forehead, “I guess I was expecting too much too soon. I’m sure you’ll go poopy when you need to.” I felt bad for disappointing her but didn’t know what I could do different.

We returned to the living room where she picked a movie she thought would be more appropriate for us both. She positioned me leaning against her, facing away so she could continue to massage my belly. This proved very distracting to me but surprisingly I never got aroused.

By the end of the movie my wife had both her hands in my diaper focusing her massage on my pubic area. I found myself pressing my hips against her hands, but penis didn’t seem to take notice of the foreplay. My mind was horny, but my cock was limp. Even after she turned off the TV our encounter continued.

She began pressing her hips against me from behind. Her hand now groping at my flaccid member. I so wanted to get hard but just like releasing my bowels, I couldn’t. Her breath was hot my neck and rhythm of her thrusts were getting stronger.

Abruptly she pulled me to the floor, stripped herself naked and straddled me. I lay below her as she ground her hot pussy into my diaper clad limp dick. Her breast swayed wildly as she worked her way to orgasm. My participation was minimal, but I liked seeing her get sexual satisfaction using me to rub on.

The combination of the lengthy massage and her aggressive pressure caused my bowels to finally give way. It was extremely uncomfortable at first as my anus was spread incredibly to allow the passage of the previous blockage. A little cry came from my lips and this only encouraged her. As she pushed down on me, it felt like she was literally pushing the crap out.

As if the knowledge of her control over me heightened her pleasure she renewed her sexual efforts. My poor little dick was getting smashed and my asshole was getting stretched. A moment of relief came for me when the mass of poop finally passed my sphincter. I shuttered as the feeling passed. My wife’s sexual onslaught subsided with her clasping down on top of me.

It didn’t take long before the wretched smell overtook both of us. She was the first to laugh. I couldn’t help laughing at the absurdity of what just happened and neither could she. We laid there for a moment before she got up and pull her clothes back on. “Come on, let’s get that off of you,” she said helping me up.

Walking with a diaper full of shit is a unique experience, one that I wanted to avoid in the future. My wife laughed at the way I waddled after her with my full load. Because I was so backed up for so long the mess wasn’t soupy which made it easier to clean up. My wife filled the tub and insisted on giving me a bath to clean up. The density and size of the crap left my tender hole sore, my wife put some cream on it to help make it feel better. As she applied the cream, my thumb went to my mouth. Within seconds I had a raging hardon.

“Oh, do you like that?” My wife commented taking notice of my situation. She paused and examined my member. “Don’t take muğla escort this wrong, but I think you are smaller than you were before.” If I hadn’t just crapped myself wearing a diaper, been feed baby food and pissed my pants in front of the neighbor lady I might have taken that the wrong way.

With my thumb in my mouth and my dick stiff as a board, I started jerking off. My wife sat back and watched with only a slight interest. Just before I was about to cum she reached over and stopped me.

“I was thinking about tomorrow,” she said as if she was just having a regular conversation with me. “I’m going to pack you a lunch and I want you to eat it all up. Okay?”

My mind was focused on only one thing at that point and it wasn’t what I was going to eat tomorrow. I reached back to my still aching cock, but she intercepted my hand and held it in hers.

“Since I will be making your lunch for a while,” she continued paying little attention to my situation, “maybe I’ll get you a nice lunch box that you can take your lunch in.”

I tried to move our hands into position, but I got the impression that we were done and I wasn’t going to get to cum. I stood up, still sucking my thumb as we walked hand in hand to the bedroom. My member demanded attention but neither of my hands seemed at liberty to assist. Finally, desperate enough, I took my thumb out of my mouth and reached for my dick.

In just a few strokes my penis started to deflate. I desperately pumped away but all life seemed to be draining way. My wife looked at me with simple curiosity, “Are you done?” Looking at the shriveled penis in my hand I responded, “I guess I am, but I didn’t get to-”

She interrupted, “…then let’s get you ready for bed. “

– 29 –

Driving to work the next morning I tried hard not to reflect on the event of the weekend and focused my energy on how I was going to get through the day. Wearing only training underwear, I worried that I might have an accident if I didn’t keep track of getting to the bathroom.

My co-workers, Jessica and Julie, were waiting for me when I arrived at my desk. Jessica gave me a big hug and started gushing, “I’m so sorry. I really feel bad about last week. I didn’t mean to be rude. Can you forgive me?” Embarrassed by her friends over emoting, Julie pulled her off me, “Would you leave him alone?” she scolded. “We just wanted you to know that we’re both here for you if you need anything.”

I signed, remembering the incident by my car Friday afternoon. “I’m not dying or anything,” I said. “Just have some problems.” Both women nodded knowingly. “Now if you two don’t mind, I’ve got work to do.”

Most of the morning I spent focused on my work trying to remind myself to get to the bathroom. As my work routine kicked in the found it harder to remember to take breaks. I jumped when Julie lightly touched my shoulder. “Whoa, there.” she exclaimed.

“What?” I managed still startled by the break in my concentration. “Well, your leg there was bouncing quite a bit and I thought… well…” she lowered her voice, “that you may need to get to the bathroom.” I had nearly forgotten, and I then realized was feeling a bit desperate.

“Thanks! I nearly forgot that I had to go potty.” with that, I jump up and hurried to the bathroom. I was sure glad she said something because I had dribbled in the trainer. A few more minutes and I didn’t know what I would have done. Relieved, I returned to my desk.

Julie had an odd expression on her face when she asked, “Did you make it to the potty on time?”

I completely missed the discomfort in her voice, but I replied, “Sure did and good thing too because I almost wet my …” my mind had just caught up to my mouth. There was a look of astonishment mixed with terror on her face. I quickly sat down and turned away. A moment later I heard her talking on the phone in hushed tones. I couldn’t hear what she was saying but I was pretty sure she was relaying the incident to Jessica.

Come lunch time I opened my lunch sack to find four little jars of baby food, a spoon and a note from my wife. “Hi Sweetie, don’t forget to stay dry and eat all your food. I love you.” I stuffed the note in my pocket and quickly closed the sack. Holding my lunch, frozen in my seat I hadn’t really thought about where I was going to have lunch. I couldn’t just sit in the lunchroom with all my co-workers while I ate baby food from little jars. Jessica strolled over and looked me up and down.

“You brought your lunch today? How about muş escort you join Julie and me, we normally eat our lunch at a park up the street.” There was something about how Jessica was talking to me that made it feel like a trap but in the absence of having a better plan I agreed.

Julie and Jessica had both brought salads in cute pink plastic containers. After a moment of setting up on a picnic table, they looked at me wondering why I didn’t pull my lunch from the sack. “Well, what did you bring for lunch.” Jessica asked as she started to eat her food.

“I’m on a diet,” I said still not wanting to take out my lunch. “Aren’t we all,” joked Julie and both women laughed. “What did you bring for lunch.” Julie inquired. Slowly I took out the four jars of food. Jessica dropped her fork and Julie choked a bit on her salad.

“What…” Jessica tried to compose herself. “What kind of diet are you on?” Julie wasn’t having much luck stifling her laughter. “I’m sorry.” She managed between laughs. Jessica looked straight at me and in a serious tone asked, “What exactly is going on.”

I took a deep breath before speaking, “You really want to know?” Both women leaned forward. Deciding to trust them I began, “I haven’t been completely honest.”

“We knew that,” interjected Jessica which prompted Julie to hit her. Julie rephrased her friend’s comment, “We figured there was more to the story.”

“Maybe it would be better if we just went back to work.” I said standing up.

“NO!” Both women exclaimed in unison. Grabbing my arms, they pulled me back down to my seat. Resigned to my fate I started at the beginning. Telling Jessica and Julie about the things that had happened to me over the last few weeks was both liberating and terrifying. I left out some details to avoid complete embarrassment, but they got the gist of the what had happened. When I finished both women were silent. I looked down and realized that I hadn’t eaten any of my lunch.

Julie said softly, “You better eat your food.” I looked up and saw a kind look on her face. Jessica on the other hand and a different look. I couldn’t tell if it was disgust or dismay.

“So, you DO have a real medical problem.” Jessica said trying to sort through everything.


“And you have problems with incontinence?” Julie added.


They watched me as I eat the baby food. Glancing at each other from time to time.

“And your wife actually spanked you.” Jessica said

“Yes.” I finished the last of the food.

“Maybe I should try that with my husband.” Julie said jokingly. Jessica looked at her watch and said, “We need to get back to work, but one last question. Do you like being treated like a little kid?” The two women pause waiting for my response.

I looked down at the empty jars, “I don’t know.”

– 30 –

For the rest of the day I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I couldn’t help feeling like I had said too much to my co-workers. Julie quietly worked without saying anything more to me about our lunchtime conversation. Jessica didn’t come by to pester me or even to talk to Julie. At the end of the day I left a couple of minutes early to get out before the end of day rush. The drive home was nerve wracking as I went over what happened. I made myself positively sick with worry over what Julie and Jessica thought of me now.

My wife met me at the door with big smile that quickly faded when she saw my demeanor. “Are you alright?” she asked concerned.

“I’m not feeling very good.” I didn’t want to admit that I told anyone about what was going on.

“Why don’t you change into something more comfortable and lie down on the couch.”

She hurried off to the kitchen. I stood for a moment not sure what to do. I really wasn’t feeling good but that was because I was worried about what Julie and Jessica thought about me now. My stomach did hurt but it wasn’t because I was sick. Technically I didn’t lie to my wife, so I decide to keep letting my wife think I was sick

My wife returned with a warm glass of milk, “Sweetie. You haven’t moved. Come on, let’s get you changed.” She set the milk down on an end table and began undressing me right there. I soon was down to just the training panties. My wife felt my forehead then the back of my neck, then the small of my back.

“You don’t feel like you have a fever but lay down on the couch and we’ll take your temperature just in case.”

While I laid down on the couch my wife retrieved the thermometer from nevşehir escort the bathroom. “Now keep this under your tongue until it beeps.” she said placing the thermometer in my mouth. Her gaze found its way to my crotch. She squinted then touched the front panel of my trainers.

“Looks like you did pretty good today but didn’t stay completely dry. Did you go poopy at work?”

I shook my head and mumbled around the object in my mouth. “Don’t talk until it’s done,” she scolded. “If I can’t get a good reading this way we’ll have to use the rectal thermometer. But maybe you would prefer that,” she said winking at me. I just blushed in response.

It didn’t take long before the thermometer beeped, and she was examining it. “Just as I thought, you don’t have a fever. Maybe your tummy is just upset from not going poopy. Do you need to go now?”

“Not just now,” I was getting nervous. “Maybe I could just rest for a bit and see how I feel later.”

She had an odd expression on her face like she was trying to translate a different language. “Okay, I’ll bring your food in here, so you can eat while you rest. Did you finish all your lunch today?”

At the mention of lunch all the color went out of my face. My wife noticed immediately. “Did something happen at lunch today?” she probed. I just shook my head. She looked at me for just a moment then went to the kitchen.

I knew she didn’t believe me, but I just didn’t want to tell her about Julie and Jessica. My wife returned with several jars of food for me, a sippy cup and a wooden spoon. She sat the cup and the jars on the coffee table and stood next to me with the wooden spoon in her hand.

“Please sit up,” she said to me in a very direct voice. “Sweetie, I really want to believe you when you tell me that nothing happened at lunch, but your behavior is making me suspicious. I’m going to give you an opportunity to come clean. Did something happen at lunch today?”

I looked up at her and was too afraid to answer. She sighed and said disappointedly, “Oh Sweetie. Stand up and put your hands flat on the couch. I don’t know why you don’t want to talk but lying to me is unacceptable. I’m going to give you five swats and I’m hoping that you will feel more inclined to be honest with me after that.”

Quivering I stood and bent over with my hands flat on the couch seat. She didn’t start right away. I had butterflies in my stomach from nervous anticipation. I could hear her standing behind me but didn’t know why she hadn’t started. I awkwardly glanced back to see her dabbing a tear away from her eyes. My heart broke and I felt even worse.

Once she composed herself the spanking began. When the first swat landed on my covered bottom the jolt to my system made me pee just a bit in my trainers. With each subsequent blow the wet patch grew so that by the fifth and final swat was complete I had a sizeable wet spot on my crotch.

I wish I could say that I took it well, but the truth was that I was bawling like a kid and begging all the way. When she was done I stood the best I could on my shaky legs. “Please sit down.” My wife said sternly. I winced as my sore butt felt the weight of my body. She noticed the wet spot and said, “We’ll deal with that in a moment but first please tell me what happened.”

Sniffing back the last of my tears I explained about Julie and Jessica. I told her about how they found out about me wearing panties to work and about how Julie felt bad about my condition and how I told them all about what had been happening with me.

My wife stood there and listened with a growing smile on her face. By the time I was done she was nearly laughing. “Now don’t you feel better for telling the truth? I know I feel better for knowing the truth. How did they react?”

“I’m not sure. They didn’t say anything to me the rest of the day. I guess that’s why I’m feeling sick because I worried about what will happen with them.” I said.

“It’s not good to be telling private family business but I can understand how you wanted to open up to your friends. Next time please ask me before you say something so I can help you know what is appropriate to share with others.”

My ass still hurt but I was glad she wasn’t mad at me anymore. “I’m sorry for lying to you and for pretending to be sick.” I said. “Can I get changed before we eat dinner?” The wet spot on my trainers was now cold and irritating my skin.

She smiled at me and said, “No, I think you can wait until after I’m done feeding you.” She spoon-fed me all the baby food like she did the day before. While she fed me, she told me about her day and how much she was enjoying working at the daycare. In between jars she would encourage me to drink from the sippy cup and praised me for doing so well.

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