Life With Miss Ida Ch. 04


As mentioned in Part 1, all Mistress and I had been waiting on was for the lease to run out on my place, so I could sort everything out and finally move into her place for good — I had practically been living over the past few months anyway, so it really wasn’t as big a move when it all came down to it.

The entry way to our home, which was on the ground floor, opened to a hallway proceeding straight ahead to two spare bedrooms — one of which belonged to Georgia. While I never slept in this room, it is more for all things Georgia; my entire wardrobe is there along with an ensuite and all my femme accessories — everything I need to prepare myself for Mistress and whoever should come into the lives of Mistress and Georgia. I do have a some femme things in the main bedroom — like nightwear and some underwear etc., but as the design of this house never really factored in two women living here full-time, along with all their clothes and items, the spare accommodates my femme life very nicely.

To the left, just as you come in the front door, is a carpeted stairway leading up to the main part of the house — there are a few steps to the a small landing and then a 90 degree turn all the way to the top.

I run my own consultancy business from a home office and if I have to go out to meet a client or, depending on the weather, I am always ‘dressed’ some degree — if I’m home for the day, completely enfemme. If I’m meeting a client, I get to enjoy lovely lingerie beneath my drab, male-clothes — and often, if I’m meeting with a woman, my mind will always wander to thinking about just who might have on the sexiest underwear or cami, or nylons — I can guarantee that not many women would have stockings and suspenders on! Although, my penchant is more for pantyhose or tights, especially if it’s cold — sometimes it’s nice to be just a little more naughty! And, over the years I have managed to find more and more unisex style clothing that lean just slightly towards the feminine side of things, and teaming female tops with other clothing, it really doesn’t get that noticed all that much — even down to lower heeled boots for instance when it comes to footwear.

But, as all things in life with a Mistress, it’s what pleases her first and foremost, so for me pantyhose are definitely called for. As Mistress states, it provides for; concealment and confinement, along with the constant sensation of a ‘nylon-hug’. Whether they’re sheer, opaque or (my favourite), control-tops. Mistress demands that I be tucked at all times — requiring pantie when my pantyhose are sheer, or pantie-less when earing heavy control-tops, or thicker, darker opaque tights. Mistress is fully aware that I am constantly turned on whenever I’m dressed, with my girlie-cock hovering between semi-hard and throbbing, depending on circumstances throughout the day.

It it’s warm, Mistress will allow stockings and suspenders with matching panties and bra of course. Or, thigh-highs or stay-ups, depending on her mood. As far as bras and camisoles etc., are concerned, Mistress is also aware that if I have to see clients, it’s just not practical to wear a bra under a thinner shirt if it’s warm, and which could put me in a very embarrassing situation with clients or colleagues, and ultimately could affect whether I get new or extra work. So she will leave it up to me on those occasions as to how I wish to dress for the upper body. Of course, at home, it’s whatever Mistress desires or orders.

Don’t get me wrong, Mistress does love to humiliate and sissify me at home or in the company of her girlfriends — never in a degrading or painful way — just to the point where I understand my role in our relationship and wishing to encourage more from me.

My nails, (toes are always painted bright, deep red or sissy pink — never anything else) are always manicured and perfect, with a nice clear-coat (unless we’re having company or it’s a special occasion!). My eyebrows are trimmed, my body hair non-existent (I’ve been using natural hormone-style supplements for some years now which helps in keeping the hair growth to a minimum, so it’s not too much work on a weekly basis), and my hair has been growing out for years now, which means a ponytail is normal for me now when out for work or with those who don’t know about Georgia. But at home, it’s always brushed out. Sometimes Mistress requires me to have lovely, ‘big hair’ — lots of curls and blow-dryed to the fullest extent of body. And there are times when cute little pigtails are needed — if this is Mistress’ fancy.

Shoes are a different matter — while I’m required to wear heels at all times in the house, it’s a little harder when going out to meetings — as I mentioned earlier I have been able to find some styles that are not obviously women’s, like flats, runners, winter boots etc., so it isn’t all bad. If I find a type of shoe or footwear that I think might work, I usually wear them if we go out to a bar or restaurant and see how much notice Ataşehir Yabancı Escort they might get from a ‘guy wearing women’s shoes’ point of view and honestly, 9 times out of 10, hardly anyone notices. The other requirement Mistress has is NO SOCKS! Over my pantyhose or stockings that is. At first it was a little daunting, but like the shoes, you would be surprised by how many people just don’t notice or aren’t paying attention to details like this. As for my heels — nothing under a 3″ heel is allowed, and many are into the 5″ and 6″ range — with matching pairs for Mistress. I don’t get a pair of sexy heels if she doesn’t!

Our relationship has gone from strength to strength with Miss Ida completely accepting and embracing me as Georgia; to the point where I honestly can’t remember the last time she actually spoke my male name. Even in public she will call me ‘Sweetie’ or ‘Baby’ or she will say something like, “Be a dear and fetch that for me?” And I know full well that she’s talking to Georgia and not the male me, which only serves to reinforce within me who I really am.

Miss Ida is very particular, and somewhat proper, in how we live our lives day-to-day. She insists that we dress for most meals and breakfast is no different — so no matter what we wore to bed or what we wake up in, we both slip into a long or short (depending on weather) satin and lace nightgown with a matching robe — topped off with a nice low-heeled slipper. As always, I’m expected to be in pantyhose –and under this attire they are always ultra-sheer-to-waist (colour of my choice, but usually a light tan), along with no panties! Miss Ida knows exactly what this does to me — all that sexy satin and sheer nylon rubbing together, keeping me semi-aroused and on the edge, while we sit and chat about our upcoming day.

As Miss Ida heads for the shower, my first task of the day is to pick an outfit for her and then wait until she has finished and then help her get dressed. Mistress believes the practice of me selecting her clothing, as well as dressing her, can only strengthen my thinking of who I really am and what my role in our lives is — to serve and please Mistress at all times — simple as that. And to be honest, I really can’t argue with this as I derive serious pleasure from the process as well. If, through this process, I become the best sissy I could possibly be, along with transitioning more and more to becoming Georgia full-time, (my ultimate dream!) then my desires and wishes will be fulfilled as well.

As Miss Ida steps into the bedroom and takes a look at what I have chosen, she smiles and offers, “very nice Georgia, although with it being a little cooler today, I think I’d prefer the black tights over those sheer ones.” While not an admonishment, it is a reminder that I still have more to learn about Mistress — sometimes I think she makes a change just to test or tease me — I’m ok with that.

Miss Ida waits as I take her panties — lovely black, lace today and slip them onto her, leg-by-leg and pull them up neatly, smoothing out the elastic edges and finishing with a soft kiss of “thanks” against her sexy mound. Next I hold the matching bra out as she slips her arms through the straps, fastening it snugly — then I make sure that he breasts are seated nicely in the cups and again kiss each nipple, in gratitude, light through the sexy material.

I then unfold her black tights and kneeling before her, bunch up one foot and ask her to place it her first leg in — slowly drawing the sexy material up one leg and then the other. I need to be extremely careful when dressing Mistress in pantyhose or nylons, that I don’t place a run in them — to do so would mean no physical contact with Mistress for 24 hours and usually no cumming for at least a week! Once I have her dressed in her tights, I place a light kiss on her butt and again on her mound, completing that task.

Miss Ida is very partial to slips and camisoles and wears them almost daily, unless it’s really warm. Today I’ve chosen a shortish, full-slip in matching black with very cute lace edgings and stretch, lace straps. Mistress raises her arms as I slip it over her head and smooth it down across her body. To top all this off, I’ve chosen a cute, button-up, mid-sleeve dress in black with white polka-dots (almost a fifties style dress and very cute). I help her as she slips it on and proceed to button it up from the neck down to the hem. Mistress then sits and taking each shoe (a very cute, contrasting red Mary-Jane with a 3″ heel), I slip them onto her stockinged feet. I bend a place a loving kiss on each foot.

Miss Ida stands and checks herself in the mirror, “lovely Georgia! I definitely like the red shoes — a nice touch. Now get my brush and do my hair one last time please?” She sits at our dress as I brush her hair, making sure to do it slowly and softly. As I’m brushing Mistress says, “you’re working from home today right?”

“Yes Miss,” I answer.

“What do you Ataşehir Yeni Escort think you’ll wear today Sissy?” she asks — always curious I think to see where my mind is at, or what kind of sissy-mood I may be in.

“To be honest Miss, I haven’t really decided yet,” I offer.

“Hmmmm,” she mutters, “don’t get changed just yet — let me have a think and I’ll text you something a little later,” she added.

Not that I really minded staying in my nightgown, robe, pantyhose and heels for a while longer — dressing for breakfast is always pleasant! But on hearing this my girlie-cock gave a little twitch and I shuddered a little as I know Mistress can be a little cheeky and teasing sometimes — surprising me with a new outfit or item — and exciting me just little more.

“Oh and if you don’t have what I suggest, you best head out and see if you can buy whatever it is I want you dressed in okay?” she ordered.

“Yes Mistress — absolutely – but what if it’s not available in any of the stores?” I asked not wanting to disappoint.

“Then jump on the internet and order it from somewhere! I know you know a bunch of online sissy-stores that you could shop at for the stuff you like, so I’m sure you could find whatever I can think of.” She came back with.

“Yes Mistress, of course Mistress,” I answered dutifully — she knows me all too well!

Once Miss Ida is ready, she grabs her bag and keys and heads downstairs — as always, I follow her and wait, with her standing a few steps below me on the stairs. She turns and gives me ‘that look’, I lift the hem of my nightgown to expose my pantyhose-covered girlie-cock as Mistress kneels down and plants a long, hot, smothering kiss all over my girlie-cock, while reaching behind me and pressing her fingers up against my girlie, arsecunt. It is all I can do to stop myself from grabbing her head and hump her sexy, red lips until I cum! She stops abruptly and with her hand still on my throbbing girliecock says, ”

Whose girliecock is this Sissy?”

“Yours Miss Ida,” I answer.

“And who is allowed to play with it and make it cum — unless I order otherwise?” she also asks.

“Only you Miss Ida,” I offer again.

“Good girl Georgia – and whose pathetic little pantyhose-sissy are you?” she asks finally.

“Yours and only yours Miss Ida,” I offer obediently.

“Perfect, Sissy! Now have a lovely day and watch for my text…bye!” And off to work she goes.

This ritual happens every day — irrespective of who leaves first — and it still thrills me every time. The sexiness of Miss Ida on her knees before me, that sensation as her lips and mouth kiss, licks or engulfs my girliecock (depending on her mood) and finally the re-affirmation of me as her dutiful sissy with my undivided attention to nothing and no-one but her. And it always makes me smile knowing that her persona and role as my Mistress is completely unknown and unfathomable to her colleagues at the rather religious, all-girl school at which she teaches!

A small thrill runs through my girliecock when I think about her standing there in front of so many girls and fellow teachers, dressed as sexily as she is underneath — knowing that I dressed her that way and that she has traces of my lipstick on her panties, bra and tights. Demure on the outside, damn sexy on the inside — I love that about Miss Ida!

With Miss Ida gone to work, it’s my time to get ready — I shower and if really necessary, shave or apply hair remover. I’ve been on some herbal HRT ‘vitamins’ for some time now and this has provided the benefit of my body and facial hair decreasing quite a bit, which is a lovely feeling. I then take the time to do my makeup, which is always full makeup — Miss Ida insists — and brush out my hair.

Because I had to wait on Mistress’ text about my outfit, I decided to slip into my ‘default’ outfit while just being around home — and outfit that Mistress decided on very early in our relationship. It consists of control-top pantyhose — the kind with the heavy control pantie — which I pull up nice and tight, making sure my girliecock is tucked back nice and secure.

Over this I am to wear opaque pantyhose or tights — the colour depends on the colour of the leotard or bodysuit I will wear — today I choose lovely, smooth white opaque tights. Next I slip into a pink sleeveless, lycra/spandex leotard — with snap-crotch to make bathroom breaks and access for Miss Ida a lot easier — the leotard has a built in sports bra for a little lift, and lastly, I put on a long, length, jersey cotton, long-sleeve overshirt. I add a pair of pink, 3″ pumps to match my leotard and I’m ready for the day.

As I mentioned earlier, our relationship has strengthened nicely, and grown considerably in a short space of time — the point where Miss Ida knows all of my desires and fantasies, what turns me on, turns me off and how I would like to grow as her Sissy-Georgia. Over a few drinks one Ataşehir Masaj Salonu night she made me tell her EVERYTHING I’ve ever looked at online and whether it made my girliecock twitch, or whether I had ever had the thought of “hmmm…that would be nice to try.” Or, “I wonder what that would feel like?” Everything…I was not to leave a thing out — talk about opening one’s self up to another! But, it was liberating and I have to admit, any discussion around sex or things we might like to try are very easy to have now. And Mistress has, in my opinion, advanced my transition to Georgia, more so than I would have expected. And her fetishes and desires, along lesbian lines are becoming more permanent also, as our relationship grows.


As an example, one particular evening, a few weeks ago, we had had a lovely candle-lit dinner, just the two of us, and the wine had flowed freely — but not too much to stifle any fun. Miss Ida had suggested simple, long shift-dresses for dinner with sheer pantyhose, (no panties tonight), bras, nice heels and lightweight overtops – mine in a subtle grey with sheer grey pantyhose, lacy girlie bra and dark grey pumps – Miss Ida in her favourite colour, red, although her pantyhose and bra were the same as mine, but with red shoes.

We were slow-dancing in the living-room, as we often do and Mistress was of course teasing the hell out of me by pressing her legs between mine and muttering about how sexy it was, feeling my girliecock getting hard under my pantyhose. She moved her hand from my butt and grabbed my girliecock, smiling as she did so and out of the blue she asked, “Georgia, what would you think if I had a nice hard girliecock too?” I couldn’t believe what I just heard and just stood still for a moment — her had was on my girliecock still and slowly rubbing it up and down, and I know she felt it twitch as she said that.

“Well?” She pressed, “what would you think? Would that turn you on? Or would it be a little too gay for you?” she asked again.

Miss Ida knows I’ve got folders of saved shemale and tranny pics on some hard-drives — she’s seen them too and thought some of them quite sexy. And she also knows that a hard girliecock on someone who looks for all intents and purposes, like a woman until she drops her panties, is also a turn on for me. She also knows full well that along with my growth as Georgia, a rather sexy fetish of mine has yet to come true — the desire to make love to a woman with a beautiful girliecock. She knows I’m not into men — while in male drab or while femme — that doesn’t turn me on at all — but she does know that I would love to be a lesbian lover to another woman or girliecock-toting woman!

So when Miss Ida asked this, everything felt as though that one final piece of the dream had fallen into place — so I decided to be honest, just like I’ve been every time leading up to this. With a pounding heart, I said, “Mistress, I think you know the answer to that.”

“I do Sissy,” she replied, “but I want to hear you say it.”

“I think it would be one of the sexiest things ever Miss!” I offered.

“Well, be careful what you wish for my dear Sissy,” she came back with, and continued to rub and jerk my hard girliecock through my dress and pantyhose.

Then looking up into my eyes, Mistress said, “You know Georgia, while it might be nice to have a sexy girliecock to fuck you with, that reminds me, you haven’t actually fucked me in such a long time have you?”

Mistress knew all too well that I haven’t been allowed to fuck her in ages — in fact, I don’t recall the last time we actually fucked. My role is totally consumed with pleasuring Miss Ida and anyone she desires to include in our life. If anything enters her sexy cunt from my point-of-view, it’s either my fingers, my tongue, a big, vibrating dildo, or a strap-on girliecock, which I have to wear over my own — because my sissy-girliecock just isn’t big enough according to Mistress.

As Mistress asked this she was thrusting her hips heard up against me and straddling one of my legs while pulling herself in tightly in, rubbing her sexily covered mound back and forth along my thighs.

“Georgia, I need to feel some sticky girliejuices spurting into my cunt tonight…it’s been too long!” she gasped.

Her hands went up to my shoulders and pressed down, forcing me to my knees while she laid back against the back of the sofa and parted her legs nice and wide. As I started to slide her dress up her smooth, sheer legs, Mistress looked down and ordered, “Lick my cunt Georgia! Get it nice and wet you little bitch!”

I did not need to be told twice — as Mistress humped her nylon-covered cunt against my face, I made sure to tongue-fuck as best I could. Telling me to get her all nice and wet was a bit of a late demand as her cunt was already sopping wet! Her pantyhose and crotch were slick with her juices which made my job as sissy, cunt-licker so much easier. Mistress was moaning and writhing against my face and then grabbed my head and basically face-fucked me as hard as she could — it was a little difficult to breath as my mouth and nose were pressed so hard into her however, this was my role and I relished in making sure she orgasmed whenever and however she liked!

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