Lights, Camera, Action! Ch. 1


Our script has been reworked until finally I knew it would be a pleasure to film, and perhaps even a success. We need to cast two girls for the first scenes to be filmed. We want fresh faces, innocent girls who are more than eager to please. Of course we rent a limo and dress to impress. We talk of going to Hollywood or LA, but decide that we would find more of the freshness we desire at the nearby beach. The first couple of stops were teeming with energy and plenty of gorgeous young things to choose from, yet we searched on. I feel aroused the moment we step into Jewel’s. Hot music, an excited crowd, we gyrate onto the dance floor.

Don is an extremely fun dancer. He always pays plenty of attention to me, while still managing to give me plenty of space. With the awesome music and incredible vibe, we were hotter than usual on the dance floor. We were having so much fun I nearly forget we are on a mission. Then this vibrant young pussy began showing an intense interest in Don. She watches as I give him a kiss, telling him I will be back soon. I dance towards the bar to order a few drinks, pleased to see her dancing closer to him.

I was about to order from the bartender when the cutest little server brushes her barely covered nipple against my arm. We lock eyes and apologize as one. We laugh and introduce ourselves. I ask her if there was a slightly less crowded area where I could watch the dance floor. “Sure” she replies ” what are you ordering?” She places twelve Purple Hooters and four ice waters on her tray, tells the bartender what else she needs and that she will pick them up in a minute.

I follow her towards backstage, where she leads me up a private staircase. Escort What an amazing ass! I am practically hypnotized as I follow her. She tells me to make myself comfortable and she will return in a few minutes. “Gwen, please join me in a shot” I hand her a shot “did you think these were all for me?” She says “Thanks”

We throw back our hooters. I hand her an ice water and watch intently as she lets it cool her inside and out. I doubt that she knows how sexy it is watching her. She lets the glass leave her lips before bringing it upright, so that he icy water streams down her chest. Her moist nipples seem to strain towards me.

She sets the glass down and it takes a moment before I realize she is leaving. I ask her to bring Don a few shots, so that he can share them with his new friends. “No problem” Gwen giggles “I know who he is, because I saw him come in with you”

“See you soon, Gwen” I am in heaven watching her bounce back down the stairs. I spot Don and it is no time before rubs against him and whispers in his ear. She grabs him by the hand and leads them to a speaker. Handing them the shots, she glances up at me and winks.

On the way to the shoot, I have both of them sign contracts. When we arrive I tell Don to get the items from the counter in the bathroom, and do not forget to put warm water in the bowl. Next I take the video camera and ask each girl their name, age and if they are being coerced into filming this. Next I tell them they are free to leave and ask if they wish to now. Both refuse to leave so I take Gwen over to a padded stool and ask her to lean over it for me. I set the camcorder on a tripod. Then I take several long scarves and bind her securely to the stool, then spank her lightly a few times.

Next I take a cushion from the sofa and lay it at the edge of the bed. I cover it with a large trash bag and a towel. I give Tia and give a very soft romantic kiss, as I lead her gently towards the bed. When I have her back to the foot of the bed, I shove her down roughly and quickly tie her up. Her wrists are tied together and then to the canopy above the bed. I am securing her ankles to the foot of the bed when Don returns and sets down a tray. He immediately stuffs many pillows behind Tia’s back, since she is hanging by her wrists. He makes sure she is comfortable and tells her to relax.

Her skirt has a slit up one thigh and I grab both sides tearing the fabric apart to her waist. Her tiny g-string is barely in the way. Don slices it with the razor and places a warm wet washcloth over her pussy. He squirts some shaving cream in his palm, lifts the cloth and thoroughly rubs cream all over her. Then I take a razor and ask him to lift her up a bit. He straddles her chest and reaches under her grabbing a cheek in each hand and lifting, so that I can bare her tiny asshole. He gently pulls her cheeks apart, enabling me to get every hair.

We work together me shaving upwards as he holds her thighs wide open. She is soon making tiny mewing sounds, as if trying to keep from moaning aloud. I stop for a moment to look in Tia’s eyes and ask if she needs a gag. It is no surprise when she says she can control herself. I return to my work and Don knowingly inches back towards her face. Soon I have finished with both outer lips. I tell Don to present the clit to me and he rubs the cream across it as he brushes his cock over her lips. I tell her to be a good girl. I am going to shave her most sensitive spot and she needs his hard on in her mouth to keep still. She starts to resist. I slap her tight ass a few times so that she understands who is in control. He is teasing her now as she tries to take his entire length in her mouth.

Just as I finish up, Don begins pumping his raging cock. It almost disappears. Then he teasingly pulls the entire length out, until the very tip is about to part from her moist lips. Just as she stretches her neck trying not to let his prick escape, he thrusts it powerfully back down her throat only to be taken away again. I wipe the last traces of shaving cream away and rinse Tia’s naked snatch completely. I dry her twat as she thrashes about like an animal. I finish then take a closer look. I notice juices seeping from within her pussy. I tell Don to pull out, as she as not earned a load of his cum yet.

I slap Gwen’s ass a few times as I watch him calm down. I love the way he continues to tease her, so that she is begging for him to shoot his load deep down her anxious throat. I slide a finger along Gwen’s slit, finding her extremely slick. He finally pulls all the way out of her and rubs his dripping wet cock across her face a few times. I ask him to untie one of her ankles, have her stand facing the end of the bed and bind her wrists to the canopy above her. Then place her free foot upon the bed and secure it to the bedpost once more.

I slide Gwen forward and let her taste Tia’s smooth snatch, only for a moment though as I pull Gwen up and move her to the bed. While Don secures her to the bedposts, I give Tia a few lashes with a thin strip of suede.

Look for Chapter 2 to see what happens next.

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